Brand Identity Design: Create Retro-Themed Coasters in Adobe InDesign | Angelo Montilla | Skillshare

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Brand Identity Design: Create Retro-Themed Coasters in Adobe InDesign

teacher avatar Angelo Montilla

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Document Setup

    • 3. Type on a Path

    • 4. Logo Placement

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About This Class

In this tutorial, I go over how to set up a document and create a retro-themed coaster in #Adobe InDesign. Topics covered in this lesson include using the Type on a Path Tool, how to add a vector icon and proper placement of a logo in the middle of the coaster.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello! I'm Angelo.

I am a visual design instructor and freelance graphic designer based in Windsor, Ontario.

I have more than 15 years experience in the print and editorial design space. However, I also specialize in branding design.

I am eager to build an online learning platform here and share everything I have learned over my life with you.

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1. Intro: everyone. Angelo, Here. Welcome to another design tutorial. Today we're gonna be discussing how to create your own custom coaster in adobe in design. But more specifically, I'm gonna show you how to use the type on a path tool this tool allow you type on circular shapes, much like you see here on my screen. It also allows you to type on paths or lines. Or if you were using the pen tool to create a custom shape wave, you could type on that as well. But today we're gonna focus mainly on creating a retro themed coaster much like you see here on my screen. So let's get started. 2. Document Setup: Before we go any further, I want to show you the documents set up. So I didn't download a template with all the measurements. As you can see here, let me just turn these layers off. So this is the template I'm working off. If you were actually printing this, this is what you would want to work off of just as a safety net. In terms of not going outside of certain boundaries for printing purposes, I will link this template where you can download it in my blawg in this tutorial. So keep an eye on that, but before we go any further, you can. Once you download this template, you can just work right off that same template. You don't have to you create another document in the copy and paste this information over. So it's if I go to file and document set up. This document specifically is 3.88 inches by 3.88 inches and I've created three pages here and margins. I've turned them off. You don't really need emergence when you're designing the coaster, so I'm just gonna hit, cancel and we can get started. So just going back to these layers here and turning off that template measurements. That is the finished product. And that's what we're going to accomplish today. So I've set up 1/3 page here, and let's go ahead and get started. I think we'll do the black version I've created to hear Black and red. And so the first thing I do want to do is put my this layer back on and I want to work off the coaster layer. So I have that clicked, and we're gonna draw out a an ellipse shape that will become essentially the shape of our coaster. Okay, so I'm going to click on the Ellipse. So if you're by default, it'll be on the rectangle frame to also just click, hold and select the Ellipse. And instead of dragging out a shape, just click on the the age and we're gonna put in these dimensions right here. 3.6209 by three 0.6, uh, 20 night. Okay. And if I hit OK, I'll just give that a color, fill black there, and I'm going to use my alignment options up here in my control panel, and I'm gonna line it to the page. Horizontal and vertical centers. And what you see, I've done there is I've created and lips that goes right around. What is the safety zone of this template? Anything outside. Or once you start getting into this red area, chances are it's gonna be removed. It'll be cut off in the printing process. Okay, so I'm going to go back to my layers and let's hide the template and locked the coaster so I can't move that coaster now, and we can start building our type in our elements on the coaster. So let's do that. I'm gonna click type who to my lips to again. And while holding shift, I'm gonna draw out this time a box, and for reference point, I'm just gonna give it a stroke of white stroke. For now, that is maybe half in it. Okay? For half a point, this will be our reference point when we're typing our text. OK, so I'm going to you again, uh, make it centered, lined, and let's just make that a little bit bigger and do the same thing. Okay, so something like that is fine. 3. Type on a Path: And this is where we're going to start using the type on a path tool. OK, so as you could see here, I've already have my I have my access, but a default it's gonna it's gonna default to the regular type tool. Go ahead and click and hold and select Type on a path or shifty as a short cut and I'm gonna hover. Zoom in here. I'm gonna hover over this area here where my path is and see that little plus sign there once you see that, Plus I go ahead and click and now I can type in my tax here. So as a reference as the same up top say, let's do all the greatest world's greatest root beer Greatest groups here. I'll zoom back out here just to show you where we're at. So obviously that's not centered, right? And you wouldn't want Teoh have text aligned that way. So I'm just gonna click, double, click and then select the text and I want to align it essentially Okay, like align the tight And still, that's not that doesn't help us. So what I want to do now is go back to my selection tool and I have some candles here, some anchors, and the first thing I want to do See these to appear. There's two now. They're very finicky. So you want to make sure that once you see that, see that icon with the arrow with the lying there. Once you see that, go ahead and click one and drag it to the left Handle. Drag this one to the this handle and there you go. Now it's completely centered on our coaster. Now, I don't like the type here. I've created a accredited custom paragraph style. So I'm gonna select my text here, and I'm gonna go to basic paragraphs and this is gonna be amusing, Brothers O t old. It's a very cool, retro looking font something, boy. And click that now. Right now, this this type is sitting on the baseline of that path, Okay? And I want to change that. So, with your text still selected, go up to object. I'm sorry. Go to type, type on a path and let's click Options Way Want the fact to still be rainbow. But instead of baseline alignment, let's change it to a sender. Okay? You could see now the type is under. It's under my path. And that's okay. That white border that we have there were just using that as a guide. I'm gonna remove that once we're done here. Okay, So I'm gonna hit, okay? And what I want to do now, Actually, I can remove that now, so I'm gonna click, because now I know how it looks. Something to click that on. Let's take the stroke. Let's take a stroke off. Okay, so I'm gonna click this text frame. Okay, so that's that's good. I'm gonna do command, see, or go up to edit copy, and then go edit paste in place. And what that does is just creates another copy of it placed right on the original. What I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna hold shift, go up to the top right hand corner of my text frame, and rotated 101 180 degrees. So you have a perfect circular shape there with your text. Only promise Text is now upside down on the bottom. So let's go ahead and click that double click Select and let's go back to type and type on a path and options. And now instead of Ascender. We want the sender way. Want Teoh Flip this text, Okay, Because we don't want to be upside down. So now what I've done is I've changed the Theis alignment to descend er and I flipped it. So to see that little check there, make sure that you check that, flip the text and make sure your preview button is on to see the changes that you're making it really times go ahead and hit. OK, And there you go. That's a cool way of setting up a circular badge looking retro coaster using the type on a path tool. Now what I've done here is I created another one underneath, So let's go ahead and try that out now. So let's create another ellipse frame. Hold your shift key while dragging out a box again. I'm just gonna put a stroke on this for a temporary moment. Change it to okay, and let's go ahead line that vertically and horizontal centers. Let's let's hold shift and bring it in just a little bit more or something like that, You know, maybe tries way can always adjust that after. Okay, so maybe a little bit last Same thing. Let's go to type on a path and click on your path once you see that plus sign and go ahead . And this time I said, Brewed in the hearts of each right. Highlight the tax. So select it and go up to your text alignments, your type alignments. And right now it's it's left justified. So let's just make it centered. Go to your selection tool and remember that handles here. So let's go ahead and bring that out. Actually, spring this one to the top, okay? And just bring these guys to the left and bring this one to the right. Now I know. Look at it now. It's perfectly centered on this circular Ah, lip shape that I've created again. Select the text. I'm gonna go back to my paragraph styles, and this one I've created is also brothers. But instead of bold, it's regular and it's a little bit smaller. So I'm gonna click that and let's go back to the pipe on a path Options and let's make it instead of Baseline Ascender. Okay? And you don't have to flip this cause that's good. So hit. OK, now I just want to see let's take that guide off. Okay, So I'm just gonna make this to make this box a little bit bigger and line it that way. I'm just gonna update this so it's back to the regular size there. That's much better. OK, so I'm going Teoh, click this command. See and then paste in place. Hold your shift key and wrote, Pete, that box 180 degrees, we're gonna double click, select the text there, go back to tight type on a path options instead of a sender. We want the sender, and we want to flip that text. So it's reading normally. And instead of being upside down orientation Okay, so go ahead and hit, OK? And there you go. Now, you might have to maneuver some of this tight because it looks like there's more space up here. So you just have to play around with that, maybe click on it, maybe move the box up one, or even better, click this and play with the shift. The baseline shows a shift option and then the up arrow and do the same thing here. Something like that. Okay, so play around and see what works best. But there is a good starting point 4. Logo Placement: um Now, let's go ahead and put that mean logo inside our coaster. Okay? So I'm gonna put my guides on, go to my regular type tool, drag out a box, and let's bring it somewhere in here. This is called CASS CASS route here. A play on words for there's a road in Detroit called Cast Avenue. So that's where I kind of made gonna go back to my paragraph styles. And this is called main logo. So you could see it with type I'm using is Casey. And it's 80 point, so let's go ahead. Click that and one thing I like to do one thing I really like to do is I make a copy of this. I hold option and drag out another copy and just leave it on my pay sport. Reason being is when I am aligning this into my my coaster, I like doing it. Uh, has a create outline. So a non creditable text and I'll show you why in a second. So I'm gonna go toe objects, um, don't type and then create outlines. Okay. What that does is I can't go in here and edit this texting, but it makes the It does make the X frame nice and snug, right to my word cast. So if I'm editing this and I want you make it, um, exactly center to my coaster or my page, it does it in a better way than if it was not in creating outlines. Because sometimes the text frame is a little bit off, and it'll center it with the text frame rather than word, if you know what I mean. Okay, so now I know for sure this is definitely centered in this coaster. Okay, so I did click on it. Let's go click on that and then just rotate it maybe, like 10 degrees or so on, move it up a bit. And then if you go up to here, I also made a cool, uh, X box like So let's go down here and do the same thing, and I'm going Teoh, just root beer, all in caps. Revere two words and go back to my paragraph styles. And this one is brothers again, going back. The brothers. I really do like this typeface, and it's super slant, so it's a little bit. It's a little bit slanted, which gives it a cool look. A swell double click on one of the corners of the text frame. And what that does is it makes it snug around your type is well again. I'm just gonna make another copy and then do create lines, Which a shortcut for that. A shift command. Oh, bring it on to my page here and you just don't put this in arbitrarily. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna maybe grab a guide and snap it to the A here and do the same thing and bring it to the maybe right there, the side of the s. And then I'm gonna rotate this also 10 degrees and then I'm just gonna use my right and left arrow key to line up that are to the guy that I made. Let's do that. It's gonna hold shift and drag it a little bit. There we go. And I'm just going to you, maybe Old shift and then drag this one. So it's on that guide as well, something like that. Maybe Then I'll bring it up one Good. So that's a good package. Now what I do is I click on the cast, hold shift and click on root beer Command G. And if I'm ever moving this around, I'm moving them together and not separately. Okay, So if I wanted to rotate them, I could just wrote them a little bit more together. OK, we bring that down a bit. And now let's let's just bring in our last piece here, which is, uh, this icon of the root beer and that, uh, ray of light, so to speak. So I'm gonna go to my C C libraries, and I've added both of them here. So let's go ahead and start with B uh, root beer, shake, drag man on make a little box. And what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna pull shifting option and shrink that down just a bit For now, I'm gonna center it right in our coaster. I'm gonna bring in raise and I'm gonna drop that in. Might be huge that See this drug and make a little version of that. And let's make that smaller. Send it to the back. So I'm gonna hold command in the square bracket to push it back. That's a short cut for objects and back or send backwards is hold your command or control key on the PC and use your square brackets. If there's multiple layers, just keep hitting, hitting the square brackets and I'll just keep going back in order. So maybe something like that, I'm gonna bring it up, maybe make this a little bit bigger. I'm gonna cheat this. That equal that space is that do you close to the types of click that hold shift click that bring it down something like that. And then you can play around with this and see what looks best. But what we've done there is basically create a coaster, Um, using the type on a path tool, which is great for mobile, designed to mostly in in thes same technique can be used in illustrator, But just know that you have the option to create things like this and in design, it's well, so if I was exporting this, I would just go up to file export, and then I would export it as a PNG with the background removed. Or you can save it as a print. PdF. And that's what essentially you would send to the printer if you were printing. Okay, so that is it for today's tutorial. I hope you enjoyed it again. Look for the link to that template in the blogged that will be released with this tutorial . Subscribe to my YouTube channel and look for my work in the next coming weeks. More tutorials that comes. So I hope you enjoyed it. Take care of my cocky assume by now.