Brainstorming, Ishikawa Diagram & the Weighted Vote: Key Tools for Solving Your Business Problems

Ali Bouzid, International Consultant, Coach, Author

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7 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction: the Basis for Solving Your Business Problems

    • 2. The Brainstorming: a Key Tool for Problem Solving- SS

    • 3. Ishikawa Diagram: a Key Tool for Problem Solving- SS

    • 4. Brainstorming & Ishikawa: Recap

    • 5. Ishikawa & the Weighted Vote Combined: the Basis for Problem Solving

    • 6. Ishikawa & Weighted Vote: Recap

    • 7. Ishikawa, Advanced: Harness The Problem


About This Class

Do you want to create and generate ideas by yourself and together with your Team Members? Do you want to be able to produce a range of Solutions to a variety of Problems, Structure them and Select the best among them, the most pertinent ones?

This task is not only for Business Analysts and Consultants. This Course will teach you some important Professional Tools to do just that: the Brainstorming, the Ishikawa Diagram (in full) and the Weighted Vote. The overall set of classes will thus enable you to solve your Problems from the small personal one to the Complex Business one, which is comes into effect in the next Class.

This Class will introduce to the Creation and Generation of Ideas and Solutions to Problems and their Management using the Brainstorming, Ishikawa and the Weighted Vote. It will enable you to develop these skills which are valuable to Decision Making, through concrete examples.

The Class is an Introduction to the wider topic of "Problem Solving; Tools, Techniques & Methods": It will help you to develop a fundamental base for yourself to learn the wider scope of Problem Solving and Decision Making. 

The Class - and the Course in general-  adopts a step-by-step approach which makes the Content accessible to all and easy to use by each and everyone.

Reach over Now, Click the button and "Take the Class". You will master the Brainstorming, the Ishikawa Diagram (and all its associated techniques) which are a set of fundamental skills that will accompany you for life.

If you like this Class, please join the Full Course on the Subject of "Problem Solving: Tools, Techniques & Method" - introduced here progressively!