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Brainstorming - How to Find Killer Ideas for Kindle eBooks, Blogs & Website Articles

Steve McDonald, Author, Instructor, Digital Entrepreneur

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction to Brainstorming eBook, Blog Post or Web Articles

    • 2. How to Brainstorming Killer Ideas

    • 3. Live Brainstorming Session


About This Class

Kindle eBook Ideas - Brainstorming - How to Find Great eBook Subjects/Topics to Write About

Brainstorming is a powerful way to come up with great ideas, whether it's eBook ideas, blog post ideas or ideas for articles on a website. It can also help you develop additional subject ideas for new chapters within a book, or related posts and articles.

This course gives you an overview of the brainstorming process as well as some of my personal strategies for getting the most out of any brainstorming session.

I've also attached my brainstorming checklist in the first project. I follow this checklist whenever I start a brainstorming session.





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Steve McDonald

Author, Instructor, Digital Entrepreneur

I believe that learning can be easy if you are given the right tools and instruction. In every one of my courses I take my students step-by-step through the tools and knowledge they need to accomplish their goals.

Whether I am teaching How I Retired Early Publishing Kindle eBooks or How to Create Killer Content for the Web I always share an inside view of my knowledge about the subject. You get access to all of my secrets.

For over 10 years I have studied strategies to create pa...

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