Brain Foods, Nootropics and their Impact on Your Brain | Sarah A.D. Summers | Skillshare

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Brain Foods, Nootropics and their Impact on Your Brain

teacher avatar Sarah A.D. Summers, Passionate Health Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Brainy Foods Intro

    • 2. Brain Superfoods and How They Influence your Brain

    • 3. Nootropics Powerful Brainboosters or Cognitive Enhancers

    • 4. Foods that Delay the Cognitive Decline

    • 5. Brainy Foods Conclusion and Follow Up

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About This Class

Your brain is always “on”. It needs a constant supply of fuel, which comes from the foods you eat. And most importantly, it needs quality fuel to perform at its best.  Like a car performs at its best with quality gasoline, so does your mind function best with brain foods. More research supports this fact – that what you eat influences your brain’s function, structure and also affects how you feel.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

  • What are the brain superfoods and how they influence your brain
  • What are nootropics - also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers
  • Eating to remember - foods that delay the cognitive decline
  • And in the end, we’ll draw a conclusion: what helps the brain perform at its best, what keeps it healthy and happy.

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from this course as much as I do!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah A.D. Summers

Passionate Health Entrepreneur



Hello, I am Sarah and I want to help you, busy people, maximize your nutritional intake while minimizing your efforts. Design a lifestyle with The Diet of Common Sense!


I am a passionate healthy living coach coming from the business world and designer of The Diet of Common Sense - a healthy living approach for entrepreneurs, busy professionals and people with active lifestyles.


Over the years I looked into evidence-based research and natural approaches to healthy living, experimented and simplified them to match my ideal lifestyle. I understood the importance to fuel our bodies right for good performance, energy, and mental power, and I encourage like-minded individuals to be the healthiest version of themselves.

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1. Brainy Foods Intro: your brain is always on. It needs a cause of supply fuel which comes from the food it. And most importantly, he needs quality fueled before with its best like car performer. The best quality Goessling. So does your mind functions best brain foods? More research support this fact is that what you're inferences, advance function structure also affect how we feel. By the end of this course, you will. Er what is the brain superfoods? How they influence your brain? What are the tropics also called? Smart drugs committed enhancers. Eating too. Remember, through the deal is a cognitive decline. Imedi an withdrawal conclusion. What helps the brain before its best? What keeps it healthy and happy? I hope you will enjoy this course if much as I do. 2. Brain Superfoods and How They Influence your Brain : brainy people. Here is your food for thought. We'll talk about the Super foods for brain health, memory booths and mental performance. The correlation between high levels of mental performance and nutrition was proved. Various studies suggesting benefits for both cognitive function and, well, big. They're superfood that are particularly good for your brain. Having benefits are just memory, both alertness, impregnation, creativity and the overall brain function. Research shows that our brain's ability to change can be influenced by our diet and lifestyle choices. The brainy superfoods are greeny. Leaves such as spinach offers brain protection. You trace nutrients with for the brain like Foley, Iran Calcium invited means being and cake broccoli. So for offing the main active compound. The broccoli is antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, promoting the growth a repair off the brain tissue. Broccoli is proud to have even more power for ingredients. Buries one in particular. Blueberries have powerful antioxidants that help us oxidative stress slow down the aging process, and I loaded his vitamins and minerals benefit for the brain health. Blueberries also found three verse memory loss. Also res veritable. The main compound, the red grapes red wine can improve memory inoperable brain function. Offer cardiovascular support and anti aging protection. Healthy oils found in avocado, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds. Fatty fish. Such a Selman can also benefit the brain. Avocado is a 30 fruit having more protesters than bananas. The fatty acids have been associating with the decreasing inflammation on protection, but cellular love coconut oil. The brain is largely made of fat, and the brand cell membrane integrity depends mostly on the quality of the fat. You eat coconut oil. Protect the brain against aging, can reduce inflammation, combat stress and anxiety, and protect against more serious cognitive decline. Take 23 tablespoons of coconut oil daming for general brain benefits well, that's are known for their brain boosting powers having nutrients such as omega three fatty acids in vitamin B. A handful of four nuts the day can help protect memory. Selon is reaching omega three fatty acids essential for brains, function cognition and overall neurological health. Kia seeds packed with omega three fatty acids, which have been shown to use efficient electrical signalling between our cells, reduce inflammation and improve mental concentration. Beans, lentils, black beans. Red beans can also benefit brain health fermented foods like yogurt your fear. Kombucha. The populates have got with good bacteria the influence for good digestion and how strengthen the immune system. There's a tremendous Siris of communication between the gut and the brain influencing the body's immunity. Incoming the inflammation, including frequently in your eating habits, especially for breakfast to start the day right. 3. Nootropics Powerful Brainboosters or Cognitive Enhancers: tropics for brain boosters. Also called smart drugs or cognitive enhancers, they're substances believed to enhance the month of functions ranging from nutritional supplements. Toe synthetic drugs. The term smart drugs may suggest that these substances improve our I Q or make us market. But is it a case? In a way, yes, there is promising evidence that someone tropics provide competition has the tropics world by increasing the production, signaling off now mattress makers to both the brain functions like improve concentration memory a longer attention span. The tropics are also believed to improve the flow of oxygen nutrients, blood to the brain, improving its plasticity and helping get performed better. Caffeine is the most widely used, the dropping with even if the fame boost energy and improves focus on mental connections, does it actually make us MARTA? The common sense says of probably not. Other tropic supplements include fish oil, omega three fatty acids, gingko biloba, chocolate or tea. None of these make us model ***. However, Promising evidence shows improvement in cognitive functions such as more mental energy. More focus on alertness, which is definitely a plus. They cannot raise a Q, but they can still improve for the brain works by improving Zand. No Ronald path. They can be particularly helpful of the novel strategy. Too many stress. You're very active periods of time. The tropics can be over the counter supplements or prescription substances your in your most trusted times because either supple months reaching Oh my God! 35 acids and flavonoids. Guarana fear. Mean Marc Museum Lion's Mane Guardiola. More research is needed to support the claims related to tropics, but as long as their natural coffee or can based like gingko biloba, fish or coconut oil. Chocolate tea Jin sang taken do not harm on moderation. If you have any concerns really of your particular condition, remember to always talk your doctor first, so check housing work for yourself. The next time you go shopping, put them on your shopping list or, more conveniently, follow the link in the poker description on order online 4. Foods that Delay the Cognitive Decline: and moving a bit further in this area from what keeps the brain healthy and happy in healthy individuals for more sensitive topic eating, too. Remember foods that delay cognitive decline? Mental disorders affect one in four people yearly. Around 450 million people currently suffer from such conditions, placing mental disorders among the leading causes of ill health and disability. And the disorders are a mix of genetics and the environment. Genetics is a complex mechanistic cannot influence, but you can control, to some extent to slow down the aging process to put us in a better mood When really press release symptoms associated with Brenda generation such as Alzheimer's disease antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables prevent cell damage from three radicals. Omega three fatty acids found in nuts and seeds. Oily fish. Such a cell, one other healthy, always found in coconut or avocado Olive boy. Also feed on protects the brain cells. The four that keeper bring healthy that we talked about in the previous stopping can also relieve mental health symptoms. Slowing down the aging process, delaying or mild in English symptoms off some brain dysfunctions. The right foods can preserve your brains. Help for a longer run. The Alzheimer's Association advises toe provide the Bells diet with a variety of foods offered vegetables, fruits, whole grains, low fat diary products on being protein foods. An article from the Maya Clinic explores the relationship between food and never heard the generative delay. The observational studies suggest that diet can reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease by up to 53% as well a slow down cognitive decline. An improved bourbon memory. The foods that offers the most benefits in dementia prevention include vegetables, especially leafy greens, Berries, fish, nuts, beans, whole grains. All the adults who included the most brainy foods in their diets had brains, the sharpest people 78 years younger. That's a substantial difference, since delaying dementia by just five years has been suggesting to cut the cost on prevalence of the disease in half. Even the adults who included a moderate amount of brainy foods either diet still characterised by over 1/3 5. Brainy Foods Conclusion and Follow Up: and the conclusion getting high or moderate amounts of brainy foods is key for the brain. Health benefits ranging from memory, boost, alertness, impregnation, creativity they protect relieves symptoms off disorders such as anxiety eating his orders, personality disorders, post traumatic stress disorders. Another long term off her brain protection and delay, or either symptoms off. Some more serious conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, the key to brain happiness develop a better relationship with brainy foods. Green leaves, Berries, healthy oils such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, walnuts, kier seeds. 30 fish reaching omega three Selman beings are lentils. Some fermented foods. Such a scare. Fear yogurt on computer. Important note. This information is for educational and awareness purpose only. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition related to mental health, which is a very sensitive topic. If you consider that you or someone you know may experience a mental disorder, seek or kindly advise them to seek professional medical help. India Just a quick reminder off Bad of common sense course over. You've nutrition for busy people, entrepreneurs on active individuals like time, but value there will be we'll focus on the fundamentals that could give you busy people. The shirkers go help here. You the other course by following the link in the description below.