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13 Videos (1h 1m)
    • Intro to Fast Track Everything with Brain-Based Goal Setting

    • 2 The Story of discovering the problems with goals

    • 3 How to Learn 10X More Right Now 5

    • 4 The Neuroscience of Success

    • 5 Taking Control with HOT Goals 5

    • 6 Everything Starts with a Goal 5

    • 7 Problem How Traditional Goals Hold You Back 5

    • 8 Problem Traditional Goals Are Not Hot 5

    • 9 MO Your MOMA Part 1

    • 10 MO Your MOMA Part 2

    • 11 How Traditional Goals Lower Your Performance and Happiness

    • 12 MA Your MOMA

    • 13 MOMA Goals Review and Mastery


About This Class

Achieve More Success at Work, School, and Life with Neuroscience-based MOMA Goals

Our knowledge of goal setting is vital to how successful we are. For many of us, there are areas of our lives where success comes to us easily, but other areas where we–and our teams–struggle to achieve what we want. Such struggles are symptomatic of our conscious and subconscious goals being at odds. 

What many of us don't know is that if we pay attention to our goal setting technique, we can align our conscious and subconscious goals and significantly improve our ability to reach even our most elusive goals. Neuroscience helps us understand how to align our subconscious and conscious goals in a way that increases both the likelihood of success and ease with which we can attain what is most important to us. 

The MOMA goal setting tool has been designed with the brains natural rhythms to enable you to align your conscious and subconscious goals in any area. A MOMA goal is a Motivating Outcome with Measurements and Appointments to review. 

In this workshop you’ll learn and practice:

  • The neuroscience of success
  • Two critical problems with traditional goal setting, and how these work against your brain's natural tendencies
  • The four-step, MOMA goal setting technique that will set you up for more success

I invite you to check out this course, create a MOMA goal for something you want, and see for yourself what happens. 

I'm personally excited to be sharing this online for the first time. 

All my best,


7 of 8 students recommendSee All

I liked this. A very different way to think about goals. I was surprised about how the brain works. That explains a lot. Looking forward to using this. Thank you
Jill did a great job pointing out the flaws of traditional goal setting while giving us the adequate ways and methods based on knowledge directly imported from neuroscience. Thank you, Jill, for this amazing content!
Thank-you Jill! Your goal setting methods have impacted my personal growth immensely! I am very grateful for the techniques which I use nearly daily in so many aspects of my life. Would recommend this process to anyone. Look forward to reading your book!





Jill McAbe

Brain-Based Business Skills

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