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Boutique Bootcamp: Back to Basics

Jennifer Morgan, Don't just survive- thrive!

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15 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Introduction Project

    • 3. Welcome!

    • 4. Family Ties

    • 5. Family Ties Project

    • 6. Family Ties Project Gallery

    • 7. Can't Buy Me Love

    • 8. Can't Buy Me Love Project

    • 9. Can't Buy Me Love Project Gallery

    • 10. Pretty in Pink

    • 11. Pretty in Pink Project

    • 12. Pretty in Pink Project Gallery

    • 13. Back to the Future

    • 14. Back to the Future Project

    • 15. Final Thoughts


About This Class

If you're stuck in survival mode running your shop and you're ready to uplevel your business- and your life- then it's time for Boutique Bootcamp! Throughout this course, you will rediscover how to serve your customers so you can grow your business with raving, loyal fans. Cultivated for brick & mortar boutique owners and managers, Boutique Bootcamp is the essential foundation in redefining how you will make an impact in this world with your work. Don't just survive- thrive!


1. Introduction: my friends, Are you stuck in survival mode running your shop? Are you ready? Toe up level your business and your life in the process. Then you come to the right place. My name is Jennifer Morgan, and I'm using decades of retail experience to teach shop owners and managers How did not just survive but thrive in the brick and mortar boutique world. Throughout this course, you will rediscover how to serve your customers so you couldn't grow or business with raving loyal fans. This course has been cultivated for boutique owners and managers. Whether you just open the doors or you've been in business since the Reagan administration , you're going to learn valuable insight on how to redefine the way you are making an impact in this world with your work. While our course topic may seem basic, it is the essential foundation for your shop. These building blocks will influence the decisions you make going forward. Let's devote a little bit of time to it. By the end of this course, you will have gained clarity on how you make your mark on the world with a thriving business 2. Introduction Project: Your first assignment in our skill share class project is to tell me a little bit about you . Your name, the name of your shop and where you are located. I just don't want you to tell me what you expect to learn from this course. Tell me how I can help you turn things around and get you excited about your business again . 3. Welcome!: way we're going to delve into the reason you started your business and why that is so important. So why did you decide to open your own store? I know there's an answer right off the top, like I inherited the family business for I've always loved clothes or home decor and thought, This is what I need to be doing. Maybe you noticed a gap in the market and new was up to you to fill that void. Or maybe you worked in an established shop, and as time went on, you realized you didn't like the way things were done info. You could do it better. Why is it important that you really know and embrace what motivated you? Because this is how you're going to connect with your customers and serve that three idea behind your Why is what will drive your passion, keep you excited about your business and attract loyal, raving customers, which is what we all want, right when we unlock the door in the morning, we want a line of people beating down the door to get in right, even if you feel like some of the wide reasons I'm going to cover don't apply to you. I still invite you to watch those modules and complete the projects because I promise you are going to learn something. So let's take a deeper dive into the first of our four Major why categories? 4. Family Ties: did you inherit the family business? Was it just kind of known that this is what you do? You don't dislike it, but it definitely doesn't light a fire under you every day. Maybe you're even starting to feel trapped and that you don't have a choice. It's difficult to be excited when it feels forced on you, but this family business obligation this is the key to serving your customers. Treat your customers like family. I feel like this phrase gets thrown around too casually. If you are a family owned business, chances are that's one of the main reasons why your customers started shopping with you. Maybe they know your family. Maybe they live in the neighborhood. Maybe they wanted to shop in a store owned by a local family instead of a corporate chain. All of these people want to be treated like family. It's almost like you are an exclusive club, and they've been granted membership to you. It's just your crazy relatives and store that's been around since watch Sesame Street. But to your customers, your shop is a place a frequent because they want to be part of something special. This is the cheers Do you know your customers by name? Do you genuinely introduce yourself when you are helping them? Do you pull back the curtain and give them a class in tow? How the store and your family operates. Your customers want to feel like they are in on the family secret. They want to know the story behind why you picked a particular item. They want to know if your sister hates it on, loves it, and they wanna have a good laugh about it with you, like they're in the backyard with you at your dysfunctional family barbecue. Now the important point I also want to make. It's not always all about the customer. O M G. Did I just say that I did? I went there. Do you want to know the easiest way to have happy customers that feel like family? Make sure your employees are happy with the work that they get to do every day. It's a lot of factors to consider. When you're running a family shop, you're worried about running your faith. Please legacy into the ground the big weight on your shoulders. You have relatives counting on you to sign the paychecks, provide them with a place to work that could be draining and make you feel like you're tracked. You've got to make a living, and all these things can pile up and overwhelm you and leave. You say, I just want to go stop chills that target and drink coffee and pet puppies and only have to worry about I get your family members and employees want to feel like they belong to. They want to be part of the exclusive club that they are important part of something special. Do you allow them the freedom to do that? Are you a little bit of a control freak? Do you feel like you have to do everything because you're the only one who can do it right ? You are my current manager. Well, you're wrong. In order to cultivate that family environment that your customers love, you have to treat your employees like family also, whether they're related to you or not, get them responsibility, give them expectations, give them accountability, reward the gratitude and appreciation discipline them, yet equipped with the skills to be able to fix their mistakes. When your employees who may or may not be family members feel valued and that they're special. They will treat your customers the exact same way. If you're constantly undermining them and you don't give them anything to care about in their work, then they aren't going to care about your customers. They'll show up. They'll do the bare minimum. They'll go home. They'll be friendly to your customers, but they don't build relationships. I'll dive more into this than our course about cultivating employees. But from now, bottom line customers and employees want to feel like they are important to you and that they are part of the family. I want to give you a real life example of how great family business operates. It's not a retail boutique, but the concept is universal. In my early twenties, I got a job at a locally owned pizza pup. This family had local pizza pubs for the last 30 years. Everyone in town who they were, not just because their dad was a former and I'll be baseball player. It was because they had been a staple in the community for decades. They treated me like family. They knew me. They knew that they played the 80 station. I would dance behind the bar and being a great middle day. They knew that if the cook accidentally burned the bacon for a BLT, I think that birth bacon. If I have an idea, they would listen if I wasn't doing something right, they let me know and give me the opportunity to correct myself. They treated me like family and in return. That's how I treated their customers. I knew everyone that sat in my bar. I knew what they like to drink if they liked extra range dressing with their salad, if they wanted their Supreme pizza without any black holds. I knew where they like to go on vacation. What they hated about their jobs, what cartoon their kid was currently obsessed with. And they couldn't stop singing the song. I treated my customers like family because that's how I was treated. So after only a couple of months of working there, I had built a steady, loyal following. Going to work every day was fun for me because I felt like I mattered, and I truly found joy in making my customers note that they matter toe our family. So are you truly embracing your customers as family Are you treating your employees like family? And are you treating your family like valued employees? When they are in your shop, they aren't your niece or your sister in law or your grandma's neighbors. Cousins, dogs, brother. They are part of the team, and they have valuable skills that need to be cultivated and utilized, not undermined for my for match. 5. Family Ties Project: your project for this module is to print out your family ties worksheet and write down the ways you currently treat your customers and employees like family. Once you have written these down, I want you to think about the ways you can improve in both of these categories. How can you make your employees feel more included? How will you interact with your customers to make them feel like important members of the family? Add those to the list. Keep it where you can see it every day. This is your initial guide to transforming the way you run your store. Now, even if family ties aren't the why behind your boutique, I still want you to do this project. Did it give you any new inside on things you want to improve? Just because something isn't your initial inspiration doesn't mean that it can impact your business 6. Family Ties Project Gallery: I'd love for you to share what you know and what you learned with your classmates. Upload a photo of your completed family ties, work sheep into your skill share project gallery, or you can just list them up, Then check out what other duties have been doing to cultivate got family environment and hopefully you'll also learn new ways to improve. I may be facilitating this class, but you are actually teaching each other. 7. Can't Buy Me Love: there was a gap in the market, a k. There was nowhere to buy all the awesome things. It could mean that you live in a small town and the only place to buy clothing is a tractor supply company. Or maybe in your cart of the city. There were only big box furniture stores that looked like somebody's basement rec room from 1996. Whatever it waas, there was something missing. You knew it was up to you to bring the magic. Now, how will you use that to truly serve your customers? Your customers are so thankful that you brought your shot to the community. You provide something unique that wasn't there before. When they come into your shop, they want to feel transported. They want to forget that they're in a tiny farm town that doesn't even have stopped like or they want to forget that they gave up the bright lights in the Bay City and are now sequestered in the base suburbs. Their experience in your shop should leave them transformed not just in the way they look or their household look, but also in the way that they feel. How are you your staff in your merchandise, creating this feeling for your customer again. They want to feel like they matter that they are important. They want to be treated like celebrities. That they're a step ahead of what everyone else is doing. Make him feel like trendsetters and v eyepiece. They will be walking taller and strutting, prouder every time they leave you and singing your praises to everyone they need along the way. Let me give you some examples of what there is a fashion beauty where I love to shop that is horrifically inconvenient. To get to its 25 minutes away, you have to get on two different highways. It's not close to anything else. I want to patronise, but it's my number one stuff when I need to find the outfit. Why? Because I'm treated like a celebrity. From the moment I walk in, they want to know what perfect thing they can help me find. They look up the city. I'm going to for a wedding to double check the weather so they recommend the right type of outfit. They recommend things to go with it that I haven't bought up like the right foundation garments they recommend things I never would have picked, like my favorite pair of shoes. Never. What? I have even picked these shoes up. But she brought them to my dressing room, braved at how they matched everything. They were unbelievably comfortable. They're super cute. I mean, they were cute. I just didn't think they were necessarily my stuff. But they looked so good on my feet and over their comfortable, even though they have a hell. And they do match everything, every color, every style, outfit. Every season. When I walk in those shoes, I feel like Carrie Bradshaw. They knew they knew I needed those shoes in my life. I smile every time I put them on. And, you know, when I left there with my perfect outfit and amazing shoes, close the perfect hearings, I immediately texted pretty much everyone I knew and told them what a great time I had and that they should call go there a set. I just did all their marketing for them, doped on your customers. They will dote on you and return again and again, even if you're located in the middle of nowhere. Another example of this is my local coffee shop. There were no coffee shops on my end of town. Your choices were the gas station or the other gas station. So when this coffee shop opened, everyone was ecstatic. They were busy all the time in a national chain broke around 50 yards away. But guess what? It didn't affect our coffee shop one little bit. Why? Because our shop treated every customer that walks through the door like they were the sole reason they woke up to make coffee that day. You were immediately greeted by the Arista's behind the counter, all of them. And it's genuine, not your typical candy greeting there, truly happy that you walked through their door. They take the time to connect with every customer. What's your day look like? Or where you headed today? Not the overused How are you today, in which everyone matters? Five. And let's be honest, we're not. We need coffee. So this competition that did these things from Day one wasn't impacted by the other chain coffee shop that opened. They knew that their customers were royalty, treated them accordingly and let the peasants drink the swill across the street 8. Can't Buy Me Love Project: our project for this lesson is to print out. They can't buy me love worksheet and write down the ways you currently make your customers feel like V I p seats. Then I want you to think of some new ways to make them feel transformed as soon as they walk into your store. It could be a simple as a new greeting or as elaborate as tweaking the merchandise you carry come up with solutions that could be implemented immediately and something that will take time and planning. And don't forget to take suggestions from your employees on how they want to treat customers like the high peaks at your new V I p ideas to your existing strategies and hang it where everyone on the team can see it and keep act to it. 9. Can't Buy Me Love Project Gallery: upload a photo of your completed can't buy me love worksheet into your still share project gallery. Be sure to visit your classmates. Assignments encourage their ideas. If you run across something phenomenal, let them know it's also a great way to gain new insight and ideas for your own shop. 10. Pretty in Pink: you have always been obsessed with stationary or fashion or home decor or beauty products, or get a 10 food, etcetera, etcetera. You always knew that this is what you wanted to do. Do you know why your customers come to you? Because you are the expert. You have a keen eye for design. You can take one glance at someone and know what. We'll look amazing on them. You know what accessories will transform the look of their room there. Outfit their three year old's birthday table. Your customers come to you for your expertise. They don't want to browse around your store. I mean, sometimes they like, but don't get overwhelmed. They'll start sweating and get frustrated and run out of panic. Seriously, I've done us. They want you to tell them what to do. They trust your eye, your style, and they want you to direct them on what they should purchase. Thes customers typically have more money than time, where they really valued the expertise someone has in an area that they don't have the time or energy to think about. Let me give you some examples. I can go to target and wander around looking for something to wear and then get stuck in it in the dressing room because it doesn't fit. And then I'm sweating by the time I get out of it. And then I hate the 10 other things that I try on because they're not right for my body type. And then I finally do find the one thing that's a maybe if I could just find the perfect parachutes, of course, I don't know what that's so that's it. And then what accessories are supposed to wear with this outfit that I don't even really like and shoes that are already cutting off circulation on my pinky toes. And now I've run out of time and I have to get a gift for my mother in law. So I just get her Elaine gift card and generic greeting car. Now late, I'm overwhelmed, sweaty hang greed, and I need a drink. And to think I could have just come to your store and none of that would have happened because you're the expert. You know what would look good on? You know how to dress it up with the right accessories. You have a gift. Items toe Adam to sales for customers just like me. Frazzled and in a hurry. I have a friend that owns an utterly unique gift shop. This is where I go when I need to buy a gift for the person that has everything. Usually my mother. She has two houses full of things. She has the money to buy whatever she wants. What could I possibly get hurt that she doesn't already have or couldn't get her stuff? That's where the shop always comes through. Their expertise in curating unique gifts makes it so easy. Not to mention fun to go shop for her because I know she will love everything in there. Plus, they do adorable gift wrapping. Have fun you cards, and I can even sign us up to take a water color painting class. They are excellent at providing gifts and services for women that have everything 11. Pretty in Pink Project: your project for this lesson is to print out your pretty in pink worksheet and list the ways that you and your employees are experts in your shop. Think outside the expert in fashion or expert in home decor because obviously immigrated. Those a great way to break back down is to ask yourself, have How are you an expert in fashion? If your answer is I'm addicted to fashion magazines, you are an expert and what is trending you probably excel addressing twentysomethings and quirky ensembles. If you're addicted to Pinterest, then I bet you're an expert of building a capsule wardrobe. Give shops. How are you, expert Get givers. What's the reason your customers come to you for the perfect thing instead of ordering it off? Amazon home furnishings Are you an expert in some capacity, or you just filling your store with the stuff that people love? Now we're going to put in their garage with three years Challenger employees to brainstorm with you about new ways you can add areas of expertise in your store. New services, classes at on values, memberships, etcetera, be the experts. Don't just be a store where they can buy stuff 12. Pretty in Pink Project Gallery: it's time to help each other out again. Post a pic of your pretty in pink brainstorming worksheet in your still share project. Or just let us know how you are experts and how you plan on expert ing even more. Just think of all the amazing ideas you're going to get from each other. 13. Back to the Future: you came up with a completely new idea. And even though everyone thought you were insane, you pushed forward because you knew it was up to you to bring change to the world or you worked in an existing store. You like a, B and C, but you didn't like X, y and Z. Maybe you made suggestions of how prove it and was met with resistance or, worse, distinct. Maybe you were even too scared to bring up making changes because of a toxic culture. You you're the innovate. Your customers appreciate you because you are always striving to do a better, faster, newer, kinder. You have the latest technology. You carry merchandise made by local makers. You're socially conscious. You carry products that have a give back. You have unique events. You think outside the box and you pick products that do the same. You don't want to do it like everyone else. You bootstrap, make it work for your rebel. You're definitely a trendsetter and influencer. Your customers are cutting edge and the movers and the shakers of the world. They trust you to take them on an adventure. You were brave enough to color outside the lines and they want you to show them how to do the same. Your employees are creative. They work for you because you work open to their ideas. Since you know what it is like to constantly be demoralized, shut down and the little you wanted to just be your own boss. Because you really don't like it. When people tell you what to do, I get it. I've been told by numerous people that I'm extremely uncoachable, but make sure that you are not perpetuating the cycle. I know you have an amazing ideas, ways of doing things. But are you really fostering an environment where your employees No, that their ideas are always encouraged, heard and implemented? Are you truly listening to your customers and carrying what they want conveniently providing that with expert products and services that are truly enhancing their lives? Dr. Amazon Fat tired. Whole foods Can va skill share? Tom's squarespace uber lived. Shall I go on? I bet there isn't one thing I just listed that you haven't used at some point in the last decade. Innovators keep pushing the world forward and they demand that the industry catches up 14. Back to the Future Project: for this project on your back to the future. Now, I want you to write down all the ways that you are different from the stores in your area. The ones that are supposedly similar to the ones that are in your niche. Yes, I know you're the best, but just work with me on this. Take a look at your list. Are these reasons really setting you apart? Really? What other things can you do differently to set yourself apart from the competition? Encourage employees to add their ideas. Always stay, Curis. Always be learning, and you'll always be innovating. 15. Final Thoughts: What did I miss? Is there a reason why your store exists that we didn't cover? I want to know if there is so we can add it to the curriculum. I also want to know other things in other sections that you didn't think would apply to you . That inspired you to do something like Are you in an innovator? But you were inspired by the family business objectives. I want to know about that too. I also have some recommended resource is if you'd like to dive deeper into this subject and define how your business will serve your customers. First of all, Simon cynic has two books that inspired this. Why mentality of operating a small business? Find your wife will help those of you still struggling to find meeting and the true purpose of your business. His book Start with Why will inspire you and your team and how you think act and communicate with your customers. My second resource for you is Rainsy personality Christie. Right, per book Business boutique is a step by step guide and equipping you to make money doing what you love. The book was written for women who want to start their business, but it is invaluable, even if you are already knee deep in the trenches. I can't live without her business boutique podcasts, and I start listening to it the minute I get the notification that it is downloaded. I am so thankful for all of my students who have taken the time to work on their business, and I can't wait to watch you thrive.