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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Bouquet? Okay!

    • 2. Pizzle's Picks

    • 3. Colour Palettes!

    • 4. Loose Florals and Leaves

    • 5. Bouquet 1#

    • 6. Bouquet 2#

    • 7. Thanks!

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About This Class

Welcome to my Loose Watercolour Bouquet class! I am so glad you're back. This class makes you want to go buy yourself some flowers - that is fo'sure. Interactive, creative and a world of fun. 

What you will learn:

  • My go-to materials (Prima Marketing Inc. Paper and Pallets 'Vintage Pastels and Woodlands', Silver Brushes 'Black Velvet - Sizes 4, 6 and 8') - Coupon Code: Pizzlepaints15%
  • The colour palettes I'll be using for two different bouquets (Rich and Pastel)
  • How to paint loose florals including Roses and Four Petal flowers all with 1 brush
  • How to paint loose leave/fillers all with 1 brush 
  • Brush control!
  • How to construct a bouquet using examples of previous works 
  • How to paint a bouquet (Pizzle's Tips - Statement florals first, Colour consistency & Balance)

This class was created to encourage you to explore different ways you can use your brush because brushes are underused (in my opinion). I hope you enjoy painting loose bouquets that resonate with your unique style and I cannot wait to see them. 

My thanks is endless!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pizzle Paints

Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!


Hi Pizzle People!

Welcome to my Skillshare classes. 

My name is Simela Petridis and I am a self-taught watercolour artist from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with art started at the young age of 3 but I quickly hung up my brushes until the age of 22. Pizzle Paints became my outlet from my tertiary studies, becoming a high school teacher proved to be the most challenging adventure yet. Fast forward two years, I am now qualified and work as both an artist and a school teacher and always strive to live a full, creative life. Pizzle Paints gained traction and with traction came opportunity. In 2017 I signed my first contract with Prima Marketing Inc. as a member of their Watercolour Design Team and recently signed a second contact with Viviva C... See full profile

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1. Bouquet? Okay!: Welcome back, everyone. My name is P easel paints, and this is my fourth skill share class where we're going to create a beautiful Okay, Okay. In today's video, we're going to create two different bouquets using three types of florals and three types of leaves and fillers. This entire brok is done loosely, and it's going to be really straightforward and really easy to follow. This is your journey, your brok. I'm just here to help and hang out in pain with you. I'm so thankful that you're back and I cannot wait to see your bouquets. 2. Pizzle's Picks: These are my picks for today's class. I'm going to leave a full materialised in the cloths. Description the paper over using his art spectrum 300 European rough. Alternatively, you can use Qadi paper or anything 300 GSM plus. I prefer using thicker and rougher paper, but I think that's a personal thing now for brushes, I'm using super brushes the black velvet range sizes four tight. I use them differently throughout the class. Keep in mind to look out for which brush I'm using at the time. I also have a lead pencil handy and in a Raisa, just in case you need it. I want to feel a little bit more secure. Now you're watching me reshuffle my board because I have a CD, but you also need some water in a job or a cup. Whatever you prefer. Naffa paints. I'm using Crema Marketing Inc. I have got The Woodlands, the Classic on the vintage pastors Pala Handy as well as my verve, Eva shades depending on what I'm feeling. But I think that I go for the vintage on The Woodlands throughout this class. Last of all, a little bit of tissue paper for that excess water, and you are ready to go 3. Colour Palettes!: Now, if you're familiar with my skill check losses, you know that I think color palettes are completely personal thing. I love using variations of colors, and I like being unique with my color choices. Now I'm going to be okay, so I've split them into two color palettes, the first color palette for the brok. I'm going to use more burnt tones, deeper turns, a red, a burnt orange on an emerald, green and blue. Then I'm going to use for my stems and leaves a brown on a mixed grain that I mix up. Although I don't always swatch my color palettes, I think it's a really good way to see how the colors work together. So I really would encourage you to do this now for my second okay and second color palette. I'm using the vintage colors. Things are very dusty phoenix dusty purples, and I'm gonna pair them with again the brown and the green from the first color palette that I've done. Sorry about the filming here. I completely misjudged my camera. So sorry, side note. How keeps the music really loving it. It's making me feel a little bit like samba. I like it. Don't don't don't, don't don't I don't. I forgot to mention that also, I'm going to incorporate, maybe like a darker black for some of those leaves in the second polit. Once everything is dry, I would suggest just cutting them in half and just setting them aside, ready to paint your faces. 4. Loose Florals and Leaves: Now this part might take some practice, but please be patient with yourself. We're going to start off with the low Saros. I want you to create my bracket force shop in a bracket. Then I want you to flatten your brush around your initial bracket full stop bracket and create the pedals. See how they are inconsistent. They don't need to be perfect. Just keep folding them around each other. Now, once you are happy with the amount of pedals in the inside of the rose you're going toe, wash your brush of any excess color and just with water from the outside in, you're going to attract the last pedals off the rose and watch it bleed all together. It's at this stage you can start to manipulate the shape off the roads just with border on the outside. If you would like your rose to become a little bit more richer, you can always add color. Where the wet spots are raises a really hot. So let's try it again. Bracket full stop bracket, then start to create pedals all around the initial bracket. Full stop bracket and lay them similar to how you would look at a rose and see how the pedals intertwine. Once you are happy with the amount of pedals again, wash your brush off any excess color and just with water from the outside in, attract the last pedals and watch the color disperse if it doesn't disperse. That means that the activated color in the middle of your rose is not pigmented enough or it doesn't have enough color. Practice makes perfect here, so please be patient with yourself and keep trying onto something a little bit easier to peddle. Flower. Grab some color on your brush with a good amount of water, then flat in your brush. Lack of fan You're almost creating a pick like shape, things you can do old over the place. And once she Addis TEM I look really, really fantastic. - Using the same technique, you're going to create full pedals with the points meeting in the middle. You can create up to six pedals if you like. This is just a really quick, easy way to get a full petal flower. The K Tau loose floor owes and leaves is brush control. Brush control, control the brush used. The point used the flattened pot. Use every part of it because it is there to be used. Okay, now on to assemble loose leaves. Now, just with some activated color, we're going to press down on our brush and create teardrop shapes in two lions and meeting at a pick. Is there so great to fill some space? These air so good as fatal leaves, you can use them everywhere. All you have to do is an attach a little stem using the point of the brush unto the pointed leaf. Using my boat stably technique, you're going to create a pigmented illustrated lion with paint off the leafs outline. Then you're going toe. Wash off your brush off that color and just with water, you are going to bleed that line to create this Grady in effect, in the leaf, you can say me docking up some pots of Billy just by adding drops of little brown. Pull around the edges way . We're going to create a track of water just by drawing a line of water. Then we're going to disperse little drops of brown or whatever, calling like stick to be on. We're going to see it dry, and it's going to dry like a stick. These are awesome as Fila's, now that we have on array of loose floors to choose from and loose leaves and Phyllis, we can start to paint up. Okay, it's going to be great, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Bouquet 1#: we are now ready to start our Brok compositions. I wanted to show you some examples of my original brocades. This one is heavy at the top and some of the florals drip down skinny stems. However all loose with a variation of four colors, the next one is more dispersed using loose florals as my statement flow rose and some very skinny leaves on the outside all going in different directions, peaking at the top and drooping on the sides. Skinny stems with a rope. This one is just leaves. I've lives in different directions. Oh, pointing up with one tooting down skinny stems to finish. I would like this one. Your composition is personal. Hopefully, these examples help. Another tip is to roughly mark out your brok points one of the top one in the middle on one of the bottom. I'm using a size six brush for this pace. I'm gonna put my color palette choices to my right, and then I'm going to start off with my statement floor owes. I'm gonna use the loose, full pedal florals to start off with. Then I'm going to do some roses just underneath. Always start with your statement. for us. That is my biggest tip. This is really time consuming, and florals take a lot of effort. However, if you stick to it, this is gonna look fantastic. Once you are happy with your statement florals and put them evenly where you want them around your bouquet, you can then put your accompany and feeling leaves. Okay, Statement for owes. Done. Now to put some leads all over the place and make this full on. Wonderful. The full of the better. In my opinion, just make sure that your color is consistent, its balance in terms of color, consistency and wait around the brok. And you will be sweet years old of floor owes blades on Phyllis That I told you in the previous lesson sticks a wonderful here. I'm doing a statement stick to start off my stems. I'm going to do skinny stems for this, okay? I just love skinny stems using the point of my brush. All right? No, just keep feeling until I was satisfied and happy with the look of your okay. Make sure you have fun with this and enjoy the process 100%. It's meant to be therapeutic. Okay, one is done and she is a beauty indeed. I love this. I love this color palette. I think it's beautiful. It's bowed. It's really unique. I hope you guys enjoyed broke a one. I'll see you invoke A to. 6. Bouquet 2#: Okay, two. Here we go now. Same rules apply with this book. A. However, I have chosen not to do any roses, and I'm just gonna doing different peddled loose florals. I'm going to use a variation of the color palette that I practice on before another beauty of loose floor arms is You can actually do anything with them. You can put them anywhere. You can make them big. You can make small. You can use them as fillers. You can do anything with them. This is a really good, simple way to create an effective okay statement. Florals are always and must. However, you can watch me here starting to fill space with my statement flows. Before I put my leaves on my feelings, I'm going to use a skinny stem again, and I'm gonna attach a little rope around it, just with point of my brush. One thing I did differently is I created some bell flows where I do a single pedal and I do 1/2 circle around the top of it. You can see them starting to pop up around this piece. Then once they're dry, add some black insets to make them come toe. There's a really effective on a really, really simple to achieve. Get creative. Stop mixing the colors. Do whatever you like to make it yours. Now it's time for leaves. I'm starting off with some drooping leaves to begin with, and then I'm gonna do some big ones at the top. OK, I like these drooping leaves. I think they're really dramatic on super effective. - I love watching it start to evolve as I continue to add more names and Phyllis, it's so effective. And I think the color contrast between these dock leaves on Phyllis on the vintage past owes floor owes is really, really effective. - No final details. Put some black in the centers of the flower rose and then put a rope if you like. We did. It broke. A number two is looking incredible. Well, Donna and I hope you really enjoy creating these bookcase today. 7. Thanks!: Thank you so much for taking my broke a skill share class. I really hope that you enjoyed these lessons and I would appreciate any feedback so I can improve in my next class is make sure you keep in touch and I'll speak to you very soon. Thank you.