Bouncing Back From Setbacks: Building Resilience | Catrinel Girbovan | Skillshare

Bouncing Back From Setbacks: Building Resilience

Catrinel Girbovan, Life and Business Coach

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7 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Setback

    • 3. The Aftermath

    • 4. Accepting Change

    • 5. Positivity, Gratitude & Compassion

    • 6. What's Next?

    • 7. Conclusion & Class Project


About This Class


This class is all about learning how to build RESILIENCE!

Would you like to learn more about what it takes to build resilience? How about how to bounce back from setbacks and personal failures?

This class will attempt to break down what is meant by resilience, and how one can go about building more of it.

We’ll discuss what it feels like when we’re faced with a personal failure or life setback and talk about the first course of action to be taken at that time.

We’ll then focus on the importance of developing a new mindset characterized by a positive and optimistic outlook of the future. Armed with an understanding that whatever you're going through, you should always aim to find a silver lining in your situation and you'll learn to see just how much your mindset matters when faced with a difficult situation.

Most importantly, you will be armed with the best tool of all in building resilience: the understanding that reframing your outlook on life with an attitude that accepts setbacks and failures as opportunities for learning and growth will become your best asset.

See you in class,

Additional Resources / Book Recommendations

Rising Strong by Brené Brown

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcom Gladwell

The Happiness Track by Emma Seppälä

* Curious where you stand on the resiliency scale? Take Al Siebert’s Resiliency Quiz!

* Once you’ve completed this class, you may find yourself in the described situation where you are ready to take on a new challenge, reinvent yourself or alter the course your life has taken but feel stuck on how to achieve that. I then encourage you to have a look at my class on Creating Habits That Stick and Turning Procrastination Into Productivity, as both will provide you with great tools to get started.





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Catrinel Girbovan

Life and Business Coach

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I am a self-made entrepreneur and online coach. Having first earned a PhD in Experimental Psychology, I rely on scientific evidence to bring you emerging trends, methods that work and resources that can help you create and live your dream life.

As a life and business coach, I currently help my clients create more balance in their lives by making positive ch...

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