Bounce Letters: Adding Character to your Hand Lettering | Teela Cunningham | Skillshare

Bounce Letters: Adding Character to your Hand Lettering

Teela Cunningham, Hand Lettering + Graphic Design

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6 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Bounce Letters Trailer

    • 2. Supplies Overview

    • 3. Bounce Letter Dissection

    • 4. Look + Letter, Letter Direction

    • 5. Letter Over, Skeleton Method

    • 6. Real Time Examples + Farewell

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About This Class

Whether you’ve just started with lettering or you’ve been at it for awhile, there’s no denying that applying some ‘bounce’ to your lettering creates some seriously cool personality.

In this class, we’ll dissect adding the bounce by going over how to add bounce, the best lettering combos and opportunities to add bounce, and how much is too little or too much. We’ll go through some quick exercises to practice and develop nice letter combo muscle memory so you’ll be able to begin adding bounce to your own specific style by the end of the class!

A lightbox is great if you have it, but you’ll only need a pen (or pencil) and any kind of paper you have on hand.

Bonus practice words worksheet, letter direction cheat sheet and a lettering utensils resource list are also included with your enrollment in this class!