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Botanical Line Drawing Floral Illustration: Learn to draw flowers

teacher avatar Catalina Navarrete G, Industrial Designer / Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Pen Uses

    • 4. Create Guidelines I

    • 5. Create Guidelines II

    • 6. Break the Flower Down I

    • 7. Break the Flower Down II

    • 8. Shading

    • 9. Project Time

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About This Class

2 Easy Ways To Achieve A Botanical Line Drawing Illustration For Beginners

Everyone in life has different ways to approach tasks depending on the abilities or ways to think and learn, in the same way in botanical line drawing illustration there are different ways to approach a result. The idea is to review two different ways to achieve a botanical illustration so at the end of the practice you will discover which of the ways you are feeling comfortable or maybe you will find that you prefer the combination of both methods.

1.    The first way is to break the flower down to have a better understanding of its parts and then draw it completely

2.    The second one is to create general guidelines first and then follow those to get the great proportions and balance in you flower

Throw the course I will be bringing some practice sheets (PDF format to print in resources) that I design to guide you in the steps to approach the drawing from different ways.

1.    Practice sheet: A practical step by step to understand what exactly means to break down a flower.


2.    Practice Sheet: with this template, you will have the first try to draw a flower following a guideline then you will learn how to do it by yourself.


3.    Practice Sheet: This is a template to practice 3 kind of shading (Stepping, hatching y cross Hatching) before try to shade your drawings you can practice an feel what is the option that works more for your style or for your flower.



 I hope you enjoy this class :D

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Catalina Navarrete G

Industrial Designer / Illustrator



I'm Catalina Navarrete from Bogota, Colombia, currently traveling around Asia.


I'm an industrial designer, and I have always loved drawing and traveling. For that reason, I decided to make my passions part of my lifestyle. Now, I'm living in China, a place where I opened my eyes to a new world, and a new way to live; a country where I discovered new inspirations for my illustrations.

I fill my life with adventures and travels, not things. Every illustration has a story to tell. 

I 26 countries and counting I

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1. Introduction: hair. Catalina, I'm here to present evil Tanika Plus You to Waste Fellowship of Botanical Line Drawn illustration for bitchiness. From the beginning off, our life issue fast has faced lemon. Definitely. It's just kill. We want acquire, doesn't have a single part aerated. It has multiple ways to do it. So I designed this class to show you two of the waste illustrate a flower through simple template that I especially designed to practice a step by. Step along with me in this class for this class, and to start illustrating, you will find easier practice looking like a reference or their illustrations of drawings. Because this is for beginner or people with some knowledge, I always recommend at the beginning, try to learn from other illustrations. Then you can continue your practice with photos, and finally, you can achieve your riel life. Drawing in this class, we will make no scientific illustration but an interpretation that is close to the real one , not a cartoonish flower. We will do our interpretation, but trying to keep the shapes and proportions the closer we can. You can give your artistic interpretation along this process. Remember, there isn't a single right answer it. It's up to you to the 10 Wishes style Do you want to use? Welcome to this class and enjoy it. 2. Materials : the along with the lessons we will using different templates that I designed especially for this class. Their tree kinds off templates, each one for one different less you condone on them in the resource is down below. The first temperate our for our first lesson off, create guidelines. The second pack off templates. It is for Brady flower down in these when you have a darker option. If you prefer to use the tracing paper above, I reused these templates many times or a lighter option. If you want to draw directly on the paper, the last one he for our basic shading list, where you can use it for experiment and try different styles through the course. We will be using any sensitivity for ish, toe HB or mechanical pin or any plans you have. It is okay. Try to use a lighter one a pencil, sharpen it if necessary, on also an eraser and some throwing pen. The important is to have two different bigness to create a very result. Here I will show you how I separate them into three categories. The 1st 1 is a sketch category that we will use pencil. The 2nd 1 is the shading category that we will use throwing pain from Syria. 10.52 syrup on one on the last one is a counter line category that I use syrup 10.3 to 0 point A, depending on the effect that they want to see. If you know that the secret is not the brands or a specific material, the magic is in the actual act off using them for some exercise we will use tracing paper or thinner. Regular paper is okay. A ruler on finally did RW in paper could be from a sketchbook or newspaper with any specification. Anything you have in your house will do for the scores. I were using some resources from books and the New Year Botanical Garden Post calculation pieces. You are also welcome to throw from Yuri much, and you can use other books, painters or Google like a source of reference for your extra practice. 3. Pen Uses: Asim agent we're going to use first depend too scarce at the beginning. If you want, you can start using other a wimp in It's up to you. I recommend using H pencil because we will resolve with Azra wimping with a pencil. You can't practice roaming consistent lines. You don't need to draw a lot off lines to show one shape. It is better to do a confident struck. Then we will using Athena Throwing bank for practice. Different kind of basic shading, like hashing course hurting on stupid. We're not going to delve much into this topic, but we will do some first practice to learn a bit about the shading and find the disservice type. The last tool is a thicker throwing pain that could be in a big range off bigness. It is up to you with all the options you can do the consistent and complete line or the line that goes from thicker to thinner, creating other. Because this is not a scientific method, you can draw the way you feel more comfortable unhappier with the result. For these, you can train drawing simple shapes like circles, ovals or any organic a stroke again and again, and you will find the speed on pressure that is comfortable to you. Lead that the most. Off the movements come from your arm and elbow, not for your wrist. If you only use your wrist, you will limit your drawing abilities. 4. Create Guidelines I: playing the basis off these way to draw using guidelines. We will take a knee much from these flowers as an example to show you, you need to take the time to really appreciate the flour. And if you want, you can shake more photos and reverence to understand more of the same flower. I will use a tracing paper to throw the guidelines. The first thing to define is the proportion of the flower with the rather flower it is. This is way to understand and they start practicing. You can see I start with the largest outline part. I start always with the bare basics. Shape off the flour and go over and redefine into the actual shape off the parts. When you finish the largest shape, I recommend you to get into the smaller parts. You make the circle, finding the proportion. Then you need to find the center of the flower and finally, humor the guideline to know exactly. Space is better needs. I try to mark eat with ABC or one to treat. This is a basic way to see a flower. Know that I showed this simple step for your reference. We're going to use the templates to see more examples and put in practices. We have the same flower in fourth different templates. Template A is an example with the same discard line that I show you. So I will use the template be to see another way to use the guidelines in the same kind of flower. The template see shows how to use a guidance in the same flower with a different perspective. Okay, I will take the template Be if you see the guidelines are no between the petals are marking the center off the piton. This is another way to guide you. So here you simply stop throwing the petals in the proportion undulation that show the guidelines the way his way to start practicing thes is draw exactly where you see a lot of time. We draw what is in our mind as a reference for a flower. So this is a common mistake at the beginning, because when you draw what is in your mind and know what your eyes are looking at, the result is to stiffing the shapes and then draw them less dynamic than they actually are . At first, we need to get the basic a sketch stone to lie down the basic outlines. The basic outlines is probably the most important part off the throne process, because we need to get all the proportion right I need might be very tricky in the 2nd 1 You can continue with a pencil, but if you prefer, I want to try. You can take a thick pants he's throwing to draw the control wine. Your commander, when I continue to stroke, So one life for one at the end of this road you can set the similar things with reference on the left side. Uncle Rick, eat in the next try Here I start from the pedals. But I will show you that you really gonna start from any part. You will find the way the results more comfortable to you. The first mistake which might be crucial for the world rowing. When your beginner is starting for the deaths, it is not impossible to get right. But it might be other off harder for you at the beginning. - In the small one, I will show you that you can start from the d taste because the order or the factors doesn't alter the result I will start from the days finally drove the bet. You can try only to see How do you feel about this here we need under thunder organic basis off measure. In the beginning, there are shared that in our head and weak. But when you finally see the result, you will find sense in the union off those strokes. When you start throwing us a beginner, it is important to create guidelines to draw the right proportions on placement of the flower parts. Then, with time, you will be able to draw freehand flowers perfectly without using guidelines. - Now it is time to practice. You can take the template a to practice first on Finally, 30 use are always like a guideline for each petal only god you with the does it lies and at some more if you feel it is necessary. But then forget to draw a circle where you see there they stopped the beating. When it's finished, you can continue with these billions. Okay, now we can continue with template E. It is the same flower from a different perspective. You can shake, which does it guideline half as you can see. The principal idea is to find Guide for the Contour line on, then at some key points inside, to guide you in the direction of position off the elements. I will use a ruler on offense in all the templates. I always draw it in pence in the 1st 1 on the others. To enjoy impact. It takes some practice before you get everything into your heart. It is much easier on most faster using guidelines for it. There are many Thailand's you can use, and it is totally up to you what feeds you the most in my case, your resume. The proportion guidelines on the guide for litigation on placement off the patterns off or leaves. - The last practice for the lesson is with the template for the crow in Paris. Make this template before you continue with the next lesson. 5. Create Guidelines II: for this lesson. We will continue with the guidelines. But here I will show you how to do it by yourself. When you don't know how to start, I recommend using tracing paper off him. Paper on our reverence will read a temporary with the cream. Some passionflower. You're going to start with a circle to mark the proportion and size of the flower were practicing these because idea is to draw the guidelines on Lee seeing the flower, No tracing on it. But here we will do these to understand in practice. So when you finish the circle, you can mark the center and start throwing the petals guide like I am marking here, it is not necessary to always marked the complete line. You can only mark the reference for the top office petal. If you find helpful, you can name each one, finally start throwing the floor with reverence. One mistake is to throw a dart and thick line. I am marking and our card line only for your reference. But the idea for using for age to age or HB pencil is toe have a lighter Guidant that will not affect the result. It is recommendable no to push the pencil against the papers to heart because a heart pains it can damage the paper here . Were you mark the same Their star grow in the central details. The shapes are a little bit weird but as always, I tell you draw exactly where you see you will see the end degree result off this, - as we can see here is the inter made adoption in which the drawing is no trace it but the seal . It is not made from the beginner either Triangles of all honest straight lines are much easier to interpret for our brain to replicate the shapes. And then is that drawing the seal it on more complex shapes. Oh, - For the next example, I will take the reference from a book off the greatest Maria Sibylla Maria. If you don't know Harry Story an illustration, please check it out. She was an amazing moment. Her work was focusing more on insects about him. Botanical illustration are astonished. I am going to use tracing paper on her work on phrase thes flower directly without throwing . When I need to identify the principal lines, you can look for a referee, administration or fourth on the offer. A book here. It's not important to have the same E must that I have, because the idea is top priorities with any flower that you want to practice. - It is important to do this exercise to learn to identify the characteristic lines off the flowers. Throw the same flower, but it the most minimal way this is the base when you are going to drop from a reference photo are really life. You need to identify and simply fight a flower in your head to start throwing the key allies in his flower. When you finish, take only your tracing paper, and I started doing the same process than before. This time we identified the silence. You will take a blank paper Always skate Book on brought the Kaitlyn's without any reference only looking at the drawing you eat. This is the step where we're practicing. Drove the government from sue. The process that I am drawing here is the way that people use to drop from a photo or really life on Lee. Look at the photo on insta, drawing the guidelines in the blank paper. With this practice, we're understanding structure from the beginning from the beginning. It is recommendable to always use of reference for throwing with the time you will get there. But for now we can try Eat with a reference put. The important part is to observe before you try to regret any image. While I am throwing the flower inside the silence, I pay attention to the liberation that the pittle travel. You need to be careful to Louis stiffing while you're drawing, Try to capture some off the roof. When ships way always try to stabilize the image on, create their fix images. We need to be aware that natural has infinite variety off morphology is we're not taking this patient care to have a perfect and detailing registration for the second power, we will take again our tracing paper with our reference on drawing the order guideline with a different color to know, be confused. Repeat the same process. You will see that at the end you will achieve the same result. But you start discovering which of those options and shit over for your way to understand the shape you can repeat the test, but drawing they always that you reference finally practice time. You will take a photo illustration or from the template, like a reference on Do the same process look great and they start from the beginning. Then you can practice only look of reverence and it starts growing the guidance directly in the black sheep of paper. Are you know the practice is the only way to achieve a great result? It takes time, but it's totally worth it. Oh! 6. Break the Flower Down I: for these lesson, we will use the template. Call breakdown the flower with some tracing paper. If you shoot the darker one dancing on a week throwing, take the Crown Imperial template. I will take the lighter one if you prefer to do it in a tracing paper. Tory's the template as much as you want. It is perfectly I started to read or withdrawn weapons with fluid and consistent lines. This is an excellent way to train your muscle memory on one. I'm a shaving more natural lines. When you brought this for a certain amount of time. Your muscle they used to having so movements and gestures with the time were easy to learn . New shapes gave you here with these templates is to familiarize with the shapes off different kind of flowers and understand the way to break down the flower before yourself. Throwing the complete one. Here, you are not really sketching the entire front. This is a way to break down botanical wrong here. Before you attempt to draw the entire plant, you will look at all those days and then attempting to sketch one by one. These will have you in the roses to draw the entire flower. Now that you understand the shapes on warm up, it is time to do all the process for yourself From the beginning. Take the blanket off paper on. It starts throwing all the purse by yourself. I think to start practicing it is important to take us a reverend. Simple English. I will start from the bottom, drawing all the parts off these flower with h pencil. With the time you can try to throw withdrawing pain. For now, we will use both a secular you. Botanical illustration is really all about looking on what's in front of you and capture its essence. Here I am usually focus on the shape off what I am escaping now. Thinking in the same I am doing is the shape off a flower according to my mental image. Yeah, And don't forget to say they must You are creating because we're going to use these at the end of the shading less. And when you finish this, when you can take the future template and repeat the same exercise that we did with the crown in Paris, you have the option to use tracing paper on. Remember, first understand the parts and shapes on draw them completely, and here the most important is to warm up on. Get familiar with the shape. Always use one life for its shape. You want me to rush, but don't go toe a slow or your life will be regular breath is finding a comfortable speed on pressure off your pen or pansy. You can repeat this practice from time to time. You will realize that the result is all received. - So finally we will start with the queen some passion flower. For this time, I will use a paper to trade the image, but this time I am trying to practice or her kind off outlined a stroke. This is more irregular store where you will release the pressure gravel and then apply pressure game. These give a little bit off deaths movement. You can experiment with different lines to find which is suitable for the style. You want a shift. This plan has some dynamic and annotate. These shapes were really practices flower in the guideline section, so it is time to draw with the second way. Try your best to know I stabilize the flower so takes are safe for thes One is to finish these by yourself in a new sheet of paper. You will draw it in order to feel more comfortable. Don't forget to save. You're going for the next list. 7. Break the Flower Down II: for our last practice. We will use our reference. And don't forget to shake more than one. Name us off the same flower illustration and photos to help you capture the essence. It is always most bearers to get to know them, at least, how they look like you don't have to copy the Reverend's, but they will serve you as a guy. To learn more about shapes and proportions at the beginning is easier to understand. Two D shape because the strokes are easy to identify. These can be helpful for practicing on for the dogs off time that we don't have any real flower within our reach. If you little plants again and again, you won't need any Kydland to get the proportion off futures, you will just draw them. This is the way to get your hind used to draw. I recommend quickly sketch color to get the most important or significant part off the object. We need to feel the movement off the plant, focus your attention on how they form what is the tiniest petal only flu like just try to capture the delicate natural off a flower or plant. - You will capture what you see in front of, you know, current too much attention to the general idea. You will focus part by part, and they start rolling exactly what you see. Uh, for the next one, I will use the Heidi's whose flower and they started doing the same process that the last one you will capture what you see in front of, you know, carrying too much attention to the general idea. You will focus part by part and they start growing exactly what you see. With the time I practice you get this into your memory. You can jump to try draw without pilots and even with reference keeping in mind that is nothing wrong if you keep using them. If you want the sheaf of botanical illustration artistically or scientifically a recommend practicing every day. It is a great idea to have a schedule where you throw everything you like, but a sketchbook that you don't feel the pressure for creating an amazing drawing on has casebook to feel to practice in practice. You can continue with the second part. I remember that now that you know about the guidance in these last exercise, you can combine the two ways of throwing one to get to know the plan, and it's part well on the order to get an idea off its proportion on distribution. 8. Shading: Now we're in the last steps for the less we will be using the drawing pain syrup 0.5 or 0.1 on the saving template. Also, we will use all the flower that we create through the close for showing you some examples. I will use the creams and shaving template and start using different ways to shape. Both are the same flower, but I would throw different saving for each one. Always have released the pressure gradually to the end. You can practice in a difference shit off paper toe warm up. So it's helped to train the consul off your hand, especially the movement Pressure. - Use steeply for a contrast at the beginning off the petal and that darkness in the part where the petals overlap depend of the gold. You have said you can be very picky about wrong in every single detail, or you can only capture the general idea off the flower. - I don't used to stippling on the top off the pistol to show to change off texture and create conflicts. Finally used the core of hatching to create the illusion off are wrong check. - I don't Then in the 2nd 1 I am drawn with the main bank for the petals on it. Small shaving, releasing pressure gradually to the end again here uses stabling on the top off the pasty to show the change off picture. And finally you, the court catching to create the illusion off wrong shape on cross hatching to show the Papacy. - I don't more practice. I will use the break the flower down template. I am going to start drawing in the procession. All the shady you will replicate in the flowers in the left side. Experiment with all the templates. You can start with a pencil, but then don't be a skirt to take your throwing paint to draw. The result doesn't need to be perfect. You need to practice. And if you don't like the result, you can start over with the time you will find your Estyle on comfortable tools and techniques. - I don't He's shading house on A and B mark. You only need to shake it out and replicate suddenly the same kind of flies in each one. - Okay , you're ready now to start shaving your crimson flower on the left. Don't be afraid to experiment, to have more and more practice. You can use the shading temple toe practice more flowers with different techniques for this practice, recommend that you shake a different kind off line drawing illustration on. Look how they are retail. Finally, you can take all the flowers you drew in this class, and experiments are wrong with them at texture and detail to the plants. 9. Project Time: Okay, guys, we're in the final part of this class. We're going to put everything we learnt into practice. The idea is to shoot a flower that you would like to draw or you can draw with me. They are shit. I have chosen large grade diesel. You have the option to shoes in What? Why do you want to draw it? Or if you prefer, you can combine both on create any stunning plans. I will choose to break the flower down. It is a way that is more comfortable for me right now. - I start drawing with a pen. Simple. The details that I feel well, one in my job. It is total okay to use tracing paper to capture these cities. Don't forget to shaped different image to understand your flower completely for the recent their time. That is important to know the name off the flower so you can find more image. - Once you get the separatist cases, you are ready to draw it together. You will start looking back. Are you growing? And these will help you to feel more confident because you have a study. Some off the tapes in all the ways to draw plan. The most common recommendation I always gave is to try and Noto over drawing for me. There is a way to see if my drawer witness to draw always a subtle what they see. I repeat this a lot because there was a way to love my brain to create my drawings while I am growing has been around 60% of the time looking on 40% of the time drone for the outline, I am doing the line that shows the pressure From time to time. You can choose any of the fickle growing pains. Feel free to shoes, if you should. Different illustrations. Everyone has different kinds of strokes. This is how a person started loping on Earth, STD style, experiment and shape What works with your style? Because we're in the first stations off our shading process. We are not focusing on these socks Source. Off light. We're focusing more on the textual on there on the kind of lines we can use. For example, For me and my personality, it is so difficult to keep throwing detail it. I'm not so picky with every single thing I do more free and quickly stroke to capture the sense. But it is up to you the way that you want your final illustration. Look finally remember that you can combine these two techniques years for this class. I'm going to separate them for you to understand, Burr. But feel free to decide you're growing process something that helps you to indicate the look is to draw around off the more detail from my small Corlett line. So this is the way to capture the look off the flower with a warrant. Too much about every little detail Keeping lose. I'm free now you can finish your flower and I love to see you Project resolved down belong. I want to shake all the amazing flowers. Don't forget that practice is the most important. Feel free to use a templates to continue practicing on If you have any questions you can ask me. I will. Happy to answer Thank you so much for washing this class. I am so happy to have you here