Botanical Illustration: Paint a Colorful Garden with Watercolor and Gouache | Sara Boccaccini Meadows | Skillshare

Botanical Illustration: Paint a Colorful Garden with Watercolor and Gouache

Sara Boccaccini Meadows, Print Designer & Illustrator

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9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Using Sketchbooks to Find Inspiration

    • 3. Tools and Materials

    • 4. Sketching Your Garden

    • 5. Mixing and Painting Base Tones

    • 6. Adding Details with Paint

    • 7. Finishing with Pen and Highlights

    • 8. Experimenting with More Techniques

    • 9. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Love illustrating detailed, lush botanicals? Learn how to combine watercolor and gouache to paint a colorful garden!

In this 35-minute class, illustrator Sara Boccaccini Meadows invites you into her studio to learn how to hand-paint whimsical botanical scenes inspired by the real world. From initial sketch through final polish, you’ll learn how to create a garden that combines the soft fluidity of watercolor with the vibrant chalkiness of gouache.

Packed with examples from Sara’s sketchbooks, key lessons will cover:

  • Creating loose sketches in the moment
  • Mixing colors inspired by your surroundings
  • Layering paints to create depth and texture
  • Adding detail with pen and gouache

Plus, join Sara at the botanical garden for a lesson in finding inspiration anywhere you go, from a local park to your own backyard.  

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing creative outlet or an unexpected new technique, this class will help you make the most of your materials. Follow along to expand your painting repertoire, develop your personal style, and discover beauty in the world around you!





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Sara Boccaccini Meadows

Print Designer & Illustrator

Sara Boccaccini Meadows is a print designer and illustrator living in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from the rolling hills of the Peak District, England, she graduated from Leeds Collage of Art with a first class honors in Textiles and Surface Pattern. 

Sara takes inspiration from nature and the tiny details in her everyday surroundings to create unique and quirky print illustrations. Her work has been featured in Refinery 29, Pantone, Flow Magazine, Design Sponge, Freelance ...

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