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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 5. HATCHING


    • 7. PROJECT

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About This Class

**Check this class out if you want go deep into Botanical Illustration, specially if you want to know how to draw flower.

It is a better version of this class.

Achive a Botanical Linedrawing Illustration


In the class Botanical Illustration: Tips and techniques, you are going to improve your illustrations skills through simple but very effective tips on how to illustrate a flower and leaf. This class makes you improve the way that your flowers look, given them more volume and structure. You will manage easily while drawing the way that you want your drawings to look.

Normally when you start developing your botanical illustration skills, there are times that you want to change a little bit the style or makes it look more natural… Ok, the answer is in this class! You will find tips and techniques for giving you a new way to apply an practice this in your own style.


We will focus on the small but essential details that make that everything looks different.


  • How to express fragility in the leaves and petals
  • How to Understand the volume
  • How to Suggest volume
  • How to Suggest movement
  • Have a look into the botanical illustration


  • Different kind of hatching
  • The weight of the lines
  • Strokes Uniformity
  • Length
  • Direction

Light and shadow:

  • Identify the light source / the direction
  • Understand the position and flower shape
  • Use hatching like the first resource
  • Density of light

The amazing thing is that all that you learn in this class can be applied to illustrate all kind of flowers, leaves, and branches. For that reason, the project consists of applying all the tips and techniques while drawing a flower.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Catalina Navarrete G

Industrial Designer / Illustrator



I'm Catalina Navarrete from Bogota, Colombia, currently traveling around Asia.


I'm an industrial designer, and I have always loved drawing and traveling. For that reason, I decided to make my passions part of my lifestyle. Now, I'm living in China, a place where I opened my eyes to a new world, and a new way to live; a country where I discovered new inspirations for my illustrations.

I fill my life with adventures and travels, not things. Every illustration has a story to tell. 

I 26 countries and counting I

... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCCION: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our new class for people won't know me. My name is Catalina in our money Just released a new trailer from Bogota, Colombia. Currently, I am leaving each day in China. I really hope you enjoy this class about tips and techniques to draw flowers in this'll as you're going through your illustration skills through simple but very effective tips on how to illustrate a floor and a leaf. Usually when U. S start developing your botanical illustration excuse their time that you want to change a little, be the style or make it more natural. Okay, dancer is this class you will find something needs for giving you a new way to apply and practice on your own style. This last makes you broke the way that you floors look. Given their more volume in structure, you will find us easily while growing the way that you want. You're going to look We will focus in three topics the shapes, the hashing on the light and shadow. The amazing thing is that all that you learn in this class can be applied to illustrate all kind of flowers Lease on branches. For that reason, the project consists off applying all that something needs will throw in a flower 2. BASIC FLOWER SHAPES: in this lesson, we will check the configuration behind the flowers. We usually see flowers. Branches live a self flat shapes. It is essential to see flowers. It's a three dimensional. We will start with the list as an example. Now I ensuring how lose a little off a flat shape. You will realize at this point that this is no idea that you have to are really believe. Need life on movement. We need to make it more flexible shape. Now the thing off the leaf asserted dimensional shape. This why you can fall it, wrap it and bend it as you wish for, Maybe looks more natural because I am thinking of it as having that you should make a simple shaped like a base because it is hardly to remind that I am drumming as remission or form you can do. It turns off times with different sizes of necks and shapes like here I am drawing a live with a very pronounced curve. You will see the difference. These one looks three dimensional, unnatural. You cannot any off this leaf in your drawings like here that I'm drawing of anything along leaf or a fair one that has a very Browns Corp whose calm them adjective I will show you how to be an olive on mega Lou More fragile and natural when you fall the leave Make everyone definitely think about the trig nation are safe It is a straightforward You only need to make an imaginary line and then drew under these loud Asmal shape the represent the last bar I will show you hear this tiny part Onley followed these simple steps in any shape . It is good idea to practice these with the shapes that you normally think as a leaf or petal. I'm gonna throw some example more but as you know, the possibilities can be infinite. But you can't do this only under the leave. You can make the same but over the leaf use make this same line opposite Lee draw Asmal Triangle. It will seem that they leave bends towards you there that this under life side is exactly the opposite. Okay, here we can explore more the treaty live. I will show you other lives that I usually draw. I can follow exactly why I am drawing. I'm practicing. Then you will use this technique with a thinking in every reference. I am going to leave the different shapes that we're having here. You later can save these like a forms and shapes cattle over for you. - I think this is something you should practice doing is getting better with time, you can discover massive ways to draw a leaf or petal for this class. I want to show you some example from the botanical illustration book that I formed in the Botanical Garden Library. In changing, you can see by yourself the examples that were practicing about this more fall that have to live at issue they last won. That we're throwing is a beautiful one that have lots of life. There is pretty similar to the number three body is a straight one shaking again the book. We can see a live with the same technique, but with a different shape. Go practice is to shoes one technique and repeat these one in a different type of shapes. 3. IDENTIFY SHAPES: I will show you in the rial escapes ho to blend the live on Peta Look, I am highlighting here so you can shake. In this case, you can see an example of the same kind of plan but in a different type of form. Here, if you think this is exactly the same kind of plane but in a different type of metal you can shade that almost every flower that are in the campus half at least one blamed leave or Peter for me, it is essential for many years always looks more organic. This leaf has on a small, irregular line that this another exercise you can make do the same but with a regular shapes known only a perfect and Corby line if you think every flower are different but all off them fall of the same tip that we're practicing. I usually know how I can draw floor from a simple blend. Believe you can do exactly the same Always it is very citing for me to discover the final shape that takes the flower Onley followed are very simple steps 4. LIGHT AND SHADOW: Okay, I go to showing the shore. Bdo how 25. The shallow our lives depend on the source of life Depends on the direction. Keep in mind that we're talking about pieces with volume like these basic solid like the solid alums growing here. Cube, as for on account of the first step is identified the source off life. I will draw the light and indicates the direction that these house Okay, you should identify tree parts. The total light that they were present within about one the complete shallow that I will person with the number three on the Miral session that were the light face to become a shadow. This part is going to be the number two I will mark in their example destry number So you can identify fight in the number one The light in the number three The shadow on the number two the middle when the life face to become a shudder This practice help me to understand the shape you can observe around your home and identified the stuff of light and shadow in there. Be object. - Here I am going to show some example supplying these on the leaves. I am throwing here the same leave, but with a different source of flight. So it will be easy to understand Onley with these simple steps shoes the position off your sort off life on then identify the dark and the light place then will be easy to identify the middle part. As you know, the key is a practice you can take like I am doing here. The leaf that we made in the first class on a by exactly the same missteps a D and repeat the same with the flowers You have to be Arby's. You gonna start highlighting the shadows on life on the shop. I normally use the number one to identify where never will apply any ink. It is the complete opposite to the number tree that is the dark side where these absence off light I'm finally the number two is the most difficult for me because is the part where you need to consider more the thickness of your stroke. It is when the land is more thing on delicate. - Were you identified this in a war for our supply sack? Listen with me that I told you there are many ways to explain the stop people. For me, this was the easiest explanation on my way to identify the lights and Charles in a object. 5. HATCHING: in this video. I'm going to cover some basic off Hutch. Okay, we're going to start. I'm going to use the thinner pain that I have here to show the difference. Kind of harsh going to use the syrup 0.5 pence. The 1st 1 is a single hatching that is compound for bedzyk allies that they start from big too thin. The second is making a basically strong with the same bigness from the beginning to the end is straight and continue. It is pretty simple here I am highlighting important future off each technique. Okay, the 3rd 1 day will show here I use often in my flowers. You only need to make the same them before by lay you have freed in a prisoner. All this make the line could on one next to the older and create a fantastic effect that you will see when I show how to throw the complete flower. The hunting is a technique used to create tonal shading effects By drawing the method is don't with a serial thing parallel lines that give the brilliance off shapes, light and shadows, tones or text in our era T degrees. Okay. The for this is very similar to a fair one, but doesn't Here I will cover only the hatching that I usually using my drawing ways. But you can check that there are many kinds of hatching and cross hatching on different purpose for each one. The fifth is one that I use more foot outline. I will show you how these lines create and appraise off volume the foreign. The six has the same fortune but is more consistent. The first look more natural but it's up to you on your side. The same example is the most common cross hashing. Don't forget you should try your best to be consistent with your stroke So that way they can serve the purpose that you are intended Doesn't matter if his shadow volume, texture, everything it will interpretative penned off your life. Okay, The hattie is a shift by drawing lots off line. These need to be don't carefully to be really, really useful. The early kind of Martha you can use like a step also scribbled we've covered in a different class. Hashing is the biggest step to improve your illustrations. - Um please never forget in the gross hushing main official element is the line. For that. I will show you some common mistake that I have seen that everyone, including me, sometimes made, went using cutting uncles hearty. 1st 1 is the duration. Try to keep the lines one next to the older on don't overlap. The second is the length trade to start and finish the lines at the same home. If you leave, black space needs to be on purpose, and the last one is the weight off the line. Try to keep the violence. If you combine thin and thick lines, is going to shame. The first idea that you want to bring is bigness has different purpose. Keeping all the thieves in your mind is instrumental. Finally, never forget when you are preyed. Thestrals role. You Ryan's most of fall of the shape that half every object. If you make these in our way, the people will interpret it this in a different way. 6. LIGHT AND SHADOW INK: I will show you how to you The simple hashing where you are throwing a live with your first inferences I often you spend first to get the throwing right? Okay. Here, there a tree. I'm going to go through. All of them just started lining. Okay, Here I have a very good good tip that you should make when you spend any when create bowling, the most important is the bonus On the weight off this trope, try to don't continue. This'll like uniformed time. We use religious used the same thing that some bonus all the way around. But this is wrong. If you want to create the point is using a big like that then with the same pain, transform in a very thin line. Or maybe there is no line thicker ones. Taru pours aspect off the drawing or indicate part off their form. That is a shadow or lighter. In areas where there is light for remote area, that big line is a shadow. The thing line is light Onley doing that I am suggesting body without doing anything else. You should practice the right things toe half agree result Because, for example, with a live. It is challenging to portray the sense of volume because their usual practice the right things, to have a great result because, for example, with their live is challenging to portray the same for volume because they are very Friday on skinny. Okay, now that the ice to be able to create volume by separating the arrest of shadow from their rage is off life. Here I am using a thing on parallel lines. Please remember, don't push you hard. The paper only at the beginning, and then like you have free. It is good to practice this over and over. So your hand becomes steady with the time. Because if you use a Rundle wise, it will imply something that you didn't intent. Being aware off how used them is essential. - Okay , we do example, with a complete flower, I am going to assume that this flower lives come from the bottom to the top. Notice. No pressing too hard to the paint. - Okay , Here for shady stock, you can use lines that are probably to the link off stock, but I usually use cross Contra Mayes that are going to put the from the lines that you're using. Here, it's up to you. I recommend to experiment with different shapes and cutting and see what is the result. You will notice that every line creates a different type of picture on it will shame them in purple that you have one of the most challenging things. When doing pen innings throwing his understanding went to stop. Using depend usually happens to me and this Barry Zito over Render the flower, but the worry you will manage this better with time. 7. PROJECT: Okay, lets start the bracket. You issues one floor for him from anonymous or if you are starting certain floor, you can use as a referee one illustration that you like because in that case you will understand the strokes on the purpose off each one. Are you prefer you can draw the same flower I am illustrating. First, I will start sketching in Pence's. I will try to draw a different kind of plans. Better off lead. Try to use only samples that we did Indo the Maysles. - Okay , you can shake that here I am highlighting all the petals are planted. The idea is that different types that we did in the second lesson for practice more and more obviously need to be a mix from different shapes on weight. They make your flower knows more organic. I will reply the same flower to time or a little bit smaller, these one a litle bit open and the next one almost close. - Now that you've finished it or tell escaped it this time tow line with the old point to pen the thickness off the pen. Depend a few you can choose one a little bit smaller or bigger. There are small details that depend on the wrist style. I like to use all point because then I can control motor things On my stroke I will show you how When feelings airplane, you will start with the show's Don't forget applying some of the tips in this one. I am playing the simple hunting on thick lines to feel where is getting darker. - Please use the open or five When it started the hushing or lumping Tina can depend that you use in their line. Please remember to don't press hard to the paper. This needs to be don't carefully to really affect. I will send the speed in some part because he really time is take more than one I work. Don't forget to shoes your source of flight, for example. In this case, my source off light came from the top right corner for that different floor at the end will relight her than the other because it is close to the light. I am doing the hashing that eastern Unical This is more lines gives off. The PETA looks more natural. You will reply this in a repetitive Onley will change the intensity of the black because he depends on the source off life. Because I recommend being consistent injury A stranger. If you are doing two or three ways of passing, it will be enough. Don't combine everything in one illustration for the stock. I usually do it sadly than we do here on lease row. Acting very simple line all over the space. - If you have any questions on his steak and asked me. Okay, guys, we finish here. This is the result off all these work. Please share your projects. I will. We're really happy to see each one. I hope you and your distress see you in a new class.