Botanical Drawing: Learn to Sketch Flowers, and Arrange in Adobe Illustrator | Lisa Glanz | Skillshare

Botanical Drawing: Learn to Sketch Flowers, and Arrange in Adobe Illustrator

Lisa Glanz, Illustrator & surface pattern designer

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15 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Quick Class Intro

    • 2. PART ONE: Basic Shapes for Beginners

    • 3. Finding the Centre

    • 4. Drawing Beautiful Centres

    • 5. Draw From Real Flowers

    • 6. Drawing From Memory

    • 7. Draw a Quick Washi Tape & Ribbon

    • 8. PART TWO: Scanning

    • 9. Vectorizing Your Artwork

    • 10. Cleaning up Your Artwork

    • 11. Create a Lovely Simple Art Print

    • 12. Arranging Your Flowers Into a Bouquet

    • 13. Create a Quick "Thank You" Note

    • 14. Repurpose Your Drawings!

    • 15. Class Project

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About This Class

There’s something magical about the delicate beauty of flowers, but often their intricate detail can be intimidating to draw. In this class I’ll show you how to tackle complex floral elements and breakdown botanical components into easy shapes you can follow along to.

Join me in this two-part class packed full of tips and advice. We’ll start with sketching the basics, then move onto more complex flowers where I’ll show you various ways to approach tricky elements and angles.

Then we’ll hop over to Adobe Illustrator and have fun vectorizing our drawings, create some lovely bouquets and finally use them in various design projects. 


In This Class You’ll Learn How To:

  • Find basic shapes in complex elements
  • Tackle weird angles when drawing from reference
  • Approach intricate floral centres
  • Vectorise your sketches
  • Create lovely arrangements in Adobe Illustrator
  • Work neatly in layers - a habit that’ll serve you well for years to come!
  • Repurpose your drawings in fun design projects

Additional Resources You'll Receive:

  • A free botanical sketching brush for Procreate
  • An Adobe Illustrator colour swatch file of the palette I use in class 

I view every student project and will gladly offer feedback should you request it. And of course I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have during class.

Happy creating!