Botanical Brushes: Grow a Plant Pattern in Adobe Illustrator | Sue Gibbins | Skillshare

Botanical Brushes: Grow a Plant Pattern in Adobe Illustrator

Sue Gibbins, Pattern Designer & Teacher

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13 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Research & Drawing

    • 3. Colour Palette

    • 4. Building Motifs

    • 5. Creating Brushes

    • 6. Botanical Brush Set

    • 7. Growing an Illustration

    • 8. Adding Depth

    • 9. Repeat Pattern

    • 10. Re-Colouring

    • 11. Expanding Brush Strokes

    • 12. Your Project

    • 13. Wrapping Up


About This Class

Hi! In this class I’ll show you how to use the power of Adobe Illustrator custom brushes. We’ll make leaves, petals and stems that can be painted on and curled into position. Using botanical brushes in layers, we’ll see the design literally grow and flourish into a beautiful plant. Plus I’ll show this for both a placement illustration and then for a repeat pattern.

This Botanical Brushes class is geared towards designers with some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator already who want to learn additional techniques. For those wanting introductory lessons or a refresher first, please check out my earlier class called ‘Making Motifs in Adobe Illustrator – find your unique vector style’.

For class you will need the Illustrator software. If like me you wish to start your project by drawing traditionally, then you’ll also need some very basic materials like plain paper, pencil and black pen, plus smart phone, scanner or other method of getting your work into the computer.

I’m excited to show you how to grow plant designs with botanical brushes, so let’s get started!





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Sue Gibbins

Pattern Designer & Teacher

I’m Sue Gibbins, a British surface pattern designer inspired by my surroundings, travel and nature. 

I particularly enjoy drawing animals and plants, especially edible plants! My vector-based artwork style mixes graphic shape with hand-drawn line and inky detail, often using bold colour palettes. 

I design under my studio banner Rocket & Indigo, a name born from my love of botanicals and colou...

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