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Bossa Nova For Intermediate Guitar Players

Gabriel Felix, Music Teacher

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8 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Bossa nova apresentação

    • 2. Cap tulo 1 Things you should know~1

    • 3. Cap tulo 2 Fingers exercises

    • 4. Cap tulo 3 Rhythm

    • 5. Cap tulo 4 Chords

    • 6. Cap tulo 5 Garota de Ipanema

    • 7. Cap tulo 6 O Barquinho

    • 8. Cap tulo 7 Samba de Ver o

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About This Class

 Hey guys , my name is Gabriel Felix. I'm from Brazil and today I’ll teach you how to play Bossa Nova music.

If you are a beginner or intermediate musician this lesson is for you. Every single day people from everywhere send me emails saying that they’ve been struggling with Youtube Bossa Nova tutorials.  Doubts about rhythm, scales and common chords in the style make it impossible to play and get the right sound.  For that, I’ve developed this course, very easy to understand regardless your musical level.

 Chapter 1

Things you should know before playing this style  -  Some pieces of advice I’d  like to give you before we start; equipment, fingers positions, things like these.

 Chapter 2

Finger exercises -

 3 Exercises to help you develop finger abilities.

 Chapter 3

Rhythm patterns - 3 very common rhythm patterns. I’ll teach step by step all those 3 rhythms, playing in different speeds.

  Chapter 4

Chords in Bossa Nova - You’re going to learn several chords we can play in Bossa Nova.

 Chapter 5

Beginner song - Girl From Ipanema by Tom Jobim

 Chapter 6

Intermediate song - O Barquinho by Roberto Menescal

 Chapter 7

Advance song - Samba de Verão by Marcos Valle

The entire course is organized in step-by-step easy to follow layout.

This course was made to people interesting in learning:

-Bossa Nova Music

-Latin rhythm

-Bossa Nova beginner Arrangements