Bored at Work? Have a Blast with Microsoft Excel Games!

John Smith, Business Owner

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11 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Overview of This Course and How It Is Structured

    • 2. Which Version of Excel Should I Use?

    • 3. What Are Macros, How Are They Relevant to the Course and How to Enable Them?

    • 4. 2048 Game

    • 5. 2048 Looking Like Financial Statement (Your Boss Won't Know You Are Playing)

    • 6. Candy Number Crunch Saga Investing Game Explained

    • 7. Maze Explained

    • 8. Monopoly Excel Game Explained

    • 9. Arena.xlsm Role Playing Game

    • 10. Connect 4 Excel Game

    • 11. Minesweeper Role Playing Game


About This Class

Start having fun playing Excel games immediately. There are no knowledge requirements and the Excel files are downloadable, meaning you can play them on your own computer! You only need to have Excel 2007 or newer.

About this course

Have you ever been bored in the office? If yes, then this course is perfect for you, as it contains many different games that you can play in Microsoft Excel. They include games such as 2048, Monopoly, finding an exit out of a maze and more. You do not need any additional software to play, only Excel 2007 or newer. This course explains how each game works, what the objective of is and what the controls are. Most importantly you can download the Excel files, which you will use to play the games on your own computer!

This course is divided into sections for each game. At the beginning of each section I explain, what the objective is and how to play the game in Excel. The last lecture in each of the sections contains links to free downloadable material, which are the Excel files containing the games. By downloading these Excel files you will be able to play the games on your own computer.

While playing some of these games, you can pretend that you are actually working in your office. For example there is one Excel file for the game called “2048", which looks like a financial statement. This means that your boss could be fooled that you are working, while in reality you are playing the game.

Contents and overview

  • Learning about the objective of each game
  • Learning the controls of the games in each Excel file
  • Being able to download the Excel files to your own computer

Additional Benefits:

In addition to the curriculum and the things you will learn in the course, you will also get the following benefits by taking this course:

  • Have fun playing games in Excel
  • Full and lifetime access to the course
  • My help is available to you, if you get stuck or have a question