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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 18m)
    • 1. OVERVIEW

    • 2. Keyword Research 101

    • 3. Brief History of Keyword Research

    • 4. How to Use Google Suggestions

    • 5. YouTube Suggestions

    • 6. Use Reddit for Inspiration

    • 7. Quora for Keywords

    • 8. Learn to use Forums

    • 9. Keyword Research Tools

    • 10. Where to use keywords for SEO

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About This Class

There is no denial that if we don't have grip over proper keyword analysis and keyword research than our success in this online world is next to impossible. Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases (aka “keywords”) that people use in search engines in order to optimise content around and rank for those terms in search engines. Whether you are planning to start a blog or a youtube channel or you are simply looking SEO/ search engine optimization then knowledge on keyword research is a must.

Keyword research and keyword analysis impacts every other SEO task that you perform, including finding content topics, on page SEO, email outreach, content promotion, new youtube channel, new blog, personal website etc.

Therefore, if you are planning for a step in the digital world or if you are already in the digital world but not finding the desired results, then keyword analysis and keyword research is the area that you need to focus on.

This class will teach you the following things:

1. The importance of keywords

2. Brief history of keywords

3. How to find Keywords for your niche

    >> Google

    >> Youtube

    >> Amazon

    >> Reddit

    >> Quora

4. Learn to use keywords tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, etc

5. How to use keywords in SEO

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Abhi Haz

Life is a journey, not a destination


Hello, I'm Abhilash. Would love to spread knowledge to the world.

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1. OVERVIEW: but this keyword research why is it important how to do keywords? Research steps involved in your research like needs selection, making a list of relevant topics. Goals Studying the search, Clinton A brief history off keyword research. How to use Google YouTube. Ready for a different forums to find keywords or to find inspirations on your meat. How to use keyword research tools like Google keyword banner civilly or stream, and were such ist and where to use keywords for search engine optimization. 2. Keyword Research 101: he would research 11 he would. Research is the first and most important part affairs your strategy. Before I start writing content for your website, you will need to identify suitable high volume search terms. The CEO keywords will inform the direction off your country, ensuring that the content produced will be relevant and easily searchable on Google. And that is, in summary what keyword research is all about. It usually are pretty tangled, dooming us and involves a lot of before to board for details, numbers and comparing longest of yours. But it's incredibly important to do it well in total keyboard research through the foundation off your S e o Strategy and Gun Ben Development. What is keeping research? He would Resource is defined as the activity off analyzing and finding a list of fellow keyboards or the purpose off S e o copyrighting the keywords or search some often from a guide, 40 direction off your country and marketing strategy give. It can consist of a single word, but more often then not it's made out of several words. For example, search systems is a keyboard and this best keyword search student. So why ski would research important. Finding high volume sorts term itself is not enough. You need to ensure that the eso keywords used in your content matches with your friend or that service, so that he would that your customer use. And that is where keyboard resource happens. Once you have perform adequate and horror research Onley, then you will be looked after visible and seo strategy with a good strategy. You can then create a detailed plan. Action toe 80 your clothes. So what is it? Just an example. Suppose you have made it source for vacation home and found 6 57 unit keywords and see is a vacation home vacation. Home rentals Rent a vacation home vacation home ran on vacation homes for rent. So vacation home you type vacation home and nougat keywords. Other keywords like vacation home rental, rented vacation, home vacation, home grand and vacation homes for rent on vacation. Home came first and see the search volume is This Hurts volume. See, for example, if you're in the business off losing our vacation homes, the content means certain the focus vacation home. But we don't proper. He would research the keyboard used might be fication, although it's still are technically character. There may be mismatch what your potential customers are searching for. On Google, the words that you choose who used should be that your target audience is searching Onley. Then we did make the effort off. Optimize in your speech work way. Let me give you an example. I suppose you are. You have a block and you're writing on chocolate chip cookies and in Seedorf's chocolate chip cookies. If you're right, Jacko chip on Lee, then the audience will not be able to reach your flock to their potential. For that, you need to use the correct Hubert. Therefore, give or research is important, and the later classes. I will show you how to make the evil research and how to find the correct set off keyboard . So then you can reach your audience, but more importantly to similar keyboard, often have before search volumes. Yes, friends and competition levels. Choosing a more relevant higher problem, he would would give you better results. Compared with cement are related rewards. So how to do Cuban visas? There are many ways to do it either manually are using a keyword research do like who will keyword banner. It's just an example. There are other. He would be just too says Well, so I'll be showing you how to use them also. But whichever way you choose, there are double for important steps that you need to take from outlining your goals to executing a your plan. Follow these details there by step guide to performing a proper and thorough He were research, so your step No. One should be. Study your mish before you figure out what best keyboard optimize your base are the best giver that will be using for your age or the top e. It's based that you start by def diving deep to learn more about your copy or meat. It can give you out of the box, I guess, on how discover angles do your marketing and as your strategy that you might not have hard about before. There are a few ideas on how to study your knish. Talk with your existing customer and get to know them Better. Find out determines that they use when describing your brand company. Productive service writer tring from D perspective Off your potential customers. If you were to share the brands offering to a friend. How will you talk about? Get involved in your topic or knishes online communities like forums or social media networks Raped a discussion and find out anything I mean, ones that are mentioned regarding units. For example, Suppose you won't end up nish off health, law, health and fitness, weight loss and what we can do it is that you can visit the online communities and forums and social media networks and just check out what it's our even our. So what is the current grand and what is going on? What people are discussing, what are the key words that people are looking for? Step through. Define your goals. Planets to always begin by defining the goal. But before that, you should ask important and introspective questions like Who are you? What is a brand about what makes you special? What is your website ever? What promises do you make on your website? Once it effectively answered these questions, then you need to specify what is a transmission. Do you want to increase the number of subscribers, or do you say target by a certain date? It is important to define your gold because it will provide a direction for your Seo strategy and man, the third stumps that will eventually use should be aligned to your goals. Ideally segmented into different hunted marking funnels. Goal will also in from the purpose off your cooperating and content write down your goals. Drop charts Documentum. This will provide the frame, road and direction needed for your top level content and online marketing strategy. Make a list off relevant topics based on your main category off a brand and the coal into achy. Break it down to smaller topic pocket. Make a list of all the topics relieving to your friend and that you want to rank on Google . For example, if you are FMC de Brands specializing in men's personal care products, some topics that are related to your brand can be man's facial waas and 2% the order and male pattern baldness. They need to be topics that are important to your business and ready to your buyer personas think ever whatever tropics, will your target audience search on Google? This topic buckets can later be broken down toe keywords better related to those opiates. Get a list of seat viewers now that you have broken down your main category two different pockets off sub topics. You can start creating a list of seat keywords. This key words need to be related to your various topics and, more importantly, our terms that your target audience might be searching on Google. Seat givers are focused. Givers are important s. They will become the foundation off your keyword research. And if I know, niche and identify your competitors. If you're wondering how to find the seed or focus givers off your brand of product, it's actually a lot easier than you think. All you need to do is describe your offering as simple as possible and brainstem how other people might assert. Or don't Google use a good? He would research tools, you might assume, shouldn't give a research begin with using a He worked. You're no right or wrong answer there, to be honest. But there is an obvious advantage to researching search stumps from a brand our business perspective worse than for most. It avoids you from getting to book down with wars and helps to gain a wider perspective story of content and as your strategy. Once you've identified your goals, topics and least of seat givers. It's time to use your research tool. Reporter really find your sort stones. One option is to use Google keyword planner. Unfortunately, Google on the keeps approximated search volume and said you can use a tool like you were cool on their several tools, like uber surges. I'd like with this also, it's a free tune. It will give you a loan or details and help you narrow down on the right direction or your sorts thumbs on double. It can also give additional ideas on lived diverse. All you need to do is to type in a topic. Seek your into the search box, and it will give you a list off alternative words and redos that contain proportions and questions I'll show you ever done in Kansas, Study Asserts. India Look in High Bullen Keyboard The bumper ranking for page views worked pretty easily, but it starts so simple anymore. These these we're a global mission. Learning search algorithms come for asserts them with user queries to learn about search in . Then First Indian is defined as the intent or reason behind why people source for a specific term, there are many driving factors behind people's sorts have its access. Why are the searching are deserting because they have a question wanted. Answer to that question. Are you searching for a specific website? Are deserting because they want to buy something? Try to put yourself in your target audience shoes. Why would be sorts for your topic? How would be he disowns? Are you looking to buy something, or are they looking for a service to solve a specific problem? Once you have a good idea off the source intent behind potential readers or customers, you will be able to use it to find junior your pieces. Getting a list of high volume he words related to your friend or topic is great, but finding evils that directly match target audiences source intent is even better. I didn't if I long being feuds, See peoples are often shorter. Sort stone, better closely related to your France's main topic or category Long till he was, on the other hand, are more descriptive and often related to your bands. Smaller pockets off sub topics. Matching your target audiences source in then long bill givers is far is their competency cures. For example, if you're upset about this content about golf equipment, refused. Using long tail keywords like What is the best nine Iron wealth club will attract more relevant audience compared to receive your type golf club. It's not it long. Very keywords usually get pure clicks, but since they're focused on a specific topic or product, the often get a higher conversion rate. So that's all with this. Listen, see, we next listen. 3. Brief History of Keyword Research: a brief history off even research the way people look. Evil research has evolved over time in the protons. The whole process was often reduced to visiting Google keyword planner, finding yours with the highest search volume and stuffing them into the website next as many people misuse it, we responded with several algorithm updates over the years. The goal off these updates was to understand what users want and served them with the best possible results. The most important algorithm updates that influence the way we do your research. Banda update. We depend on it. It has penalized in low quality content and text after the Penguin update. It has penalized unnatural uses off key words with a hummingbird update improve. Symone exerted focus on certain see the evolution of Cuba, a research in the two thousands more focuses and he were stuffing focus on. So it's volume in Canton was adequate or sufficient, but with a good band up did in the total of 11 being jeans a little and I already we will penguin a bit in the very next year. Again, he just penalised on with the hummingbird update, thinks jeans drastically and see what Rudy we do focus on quality content, reoccur visas, importance off. So it's Indon. It is much more than finding the right yours and putting them in the right places. Google is becoming better and better and understanding what people are looking for. Its main goal is to afford the content that satisfies their needs Best. Google Rank Green Greg Brain is a component of Google's algorithm based on artificial intelligence. It had been around for a couple of years, but it took some time until it was fully implemented. In 2015 Google announced that rank brain is the third most important ranking signal Hank. So rank bring Google has understand shootings. How users interact with the ordering search weasels. What is the search intent behind the query? In other words, he would Resource is becoming more and more topical. It is no longer ever finding one ideal keyword. It is about understanding the audience and covering the topic in a complex way. To put it simply, If that topic is well covered, you can rank for keywords you did not even use into text. You don't believe me, you'll find it yourself. This doesn't mean that keyword research is no longer important. Quite the contrary. It just looks a little different than in the past. So that's already are brief history of the keyboard research. See what next? Listen, thank you so much. 4. How to Use Google Suggestions: hi. In this lesson, I'll show you how to use Google traditions to find out the right set of keywords. Google offers ministrations directly in the search to help people get the most relevant results. Let's take a look at the tree features you can leverage to discover new keywords. Ideas order complete. You probably noticed that the search Indian price to service related search Where is directly in the source form as these air, based on riel searches by people bacon served in the source of inspiration for you. For example. Here, uh, someone start being email marketing. See the options below email marketing software, automatic doors, email, marketing services, strategy pamphlets, examples campaign. So you can also use be auto complete options that Google is showing toe. See, it means that people are also interested in the marketing software. People are also looking for email marketing tools. People are also searching for the strategy services damp. It's examples on so one start by typing, you see terms into the search bar and add letters or numbers toe. See the traditions email marketing. I heard it just and uh, to see after it. You'll get a new set off opens a new set off wars. Are people leave for the questi agency after typing a or after ending in a an index. Information. Bulls Advanta Years Articles When you started when you added B best practices benefits been smokes, put on 18 C when you had it. See and being company schools on Princess, actually everything. Then you when you added the deformation designed database by people ought to us. One of the features you see in the search results is the so called people, also us stupid. It appears mostly for question queries on such as under realistic questions. Suppose you have access to a bit, too. People wants us. Search is really too. This feature is very similar to order complete, but decisions are the bottom are off the Result Beach. Let me show you, I suppose. Er well researched Jocketty who keeps oversea We're getting options like chocolate chip price chocolate chips online. Kick our history recipe. I screaming. Now we just add Nancy. Now we're having new options like java chips at home. Chocolate chip Amazon Chocolate Air Only Now we let it be Joeckel biscuit Chocolate chips bungled chocolate chips by online big basket he gave me this big price double. You are more chocolatey. Project Dark D I y eggless cake recipe. Now who made her? She's held the cookies to the list is it could go on and on and on so easily. You can use this method to find out the he was better relieving your copy certain right now going to school chocolate chips only and see we have a beautiful, delicious space right in front of us. If I scroll down and see, I find out that people also asked to to understand the search intent rd what people are looking for. You can also use this thing, what people are looking for whenever if we like chocolate chip people are also people. How do you make homemade chocolate chips, or can I use cocoa powder instead of chocolate chips? Chocolate chips Who Bad but chocolate chips are best for peace. If you scroll down to the bottom of the beach, fine, sir, it's ready to carry on with chocolate chips. Chocolate chips. One surprise jumper chips singer So the chocolate chip recipe so you can also use these things. Also, that's take another example. Milk shake, milk shake see Mississippians Music Chocolate milkshake near Me, Melted Mission Recipe Powder and 11 A. We'll check it a whole military and go at home with her ice cream bottled banana brands brands in India chocolate galleries so it can easily look for topics stepper, even to your leash. See people also looking for again. We have delicious speech, obviously, bait with some legacy is for Mitt you. How do you make me ships from scratch? What can I and my my mission Harmony six. Hilly If it's cool down to the bottom of the page will find See, people are also people are searches related milkshake, many that milkshake recipe shit, chocolate music ingredients. And so what is how you can use Google Solutions to find words for your So let's see what next bus? Hopefully, this lesson has 5. YouTube Suggestions: hi. In this lesson, I'll show you how to use you. Tube stations. YouTube is the second night of search engine in the world. There are thousands of searches behind the most popular topics. There is a high chance that popular search terms from YouTube will have high search volumes in general. Do that's taken. Example. If we sorts for water filter on YouTube, you can find an obvious given ideas in the title off. One off the video results D I Y. Water filter. If you like water filter, you'll find this option and also see you'll find the I R filters. That is, so you can use you tube stations. You get the idea he worked that are also relevant in Utah because you took is the second now just searching and let me show you in school. Suppose again. Let's stick cookies. You protect your foot on the search bar. You see people are looking for chocolate chip recipe. Chocolate chips, Chocolate chips at home. Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate chip. Okay, recipe with our dark chocolate. Okay, he's a relevant topics, or these are also keywords. Step you can you could be using. Our people are searching for working if we press enter now having chocolate now we have used at least of videos. But you can also use the names yet a fair idea off yours that people are using our people. What, mainly what people are looking for to get to the top or who understand you were research or metal or you did have, we knew need to understand psychology. Are the search in then what people are looking for? So one a night chocolatey See here many people are looking for how to make chocolate chip. Did someone see how to make chocolate chips? Homemade chocolate chips, homemade taco chips? How to make chocolate? So people are mainly interested in learning chocolate chips, beating team bandits out on Victor Political. That's hilarious. Any richer? Let's get back to the topic. So just beautiful with so from this, we have understood it very well. People are mainly interested in making him trying how to make chocolate chip at home so you can easily use that term as your keeper. That's the kind of example how to wear clothes fast. How to lose weight, hard to lose weight for teenagers. See, great, please, if you keep on adding alphabets, it will show you more results. But spender, how do not died? And those with government in turn 26. Simple ways to lose. Lose a little weight. I am to act on obesity. How does X us in big weight loss Science in excess 24 step will help you lose weight. What? Losing with us to your body and brain. How to lose weight according to your party time so you can also use these kids. Don't pick idea A very good idea or delicate. A very good idea the US that people are using in their videos so you can use the idea so that you can also meet you. Contend skin higher, so hopefully it on the soup. How to use you do suggestions. You're Keyport Research. Thank you so much. 6. Use Reddit for Inspiration: in this lesson will try to learn how to use. Ready to find out keyboards Ready is one of the biggest moment communities that cover almost any topic. You can imagine that such it can be a great place to meet people interested in your nation and discovered or topics they discuss. What's the sorts for celebrities related to you? News, As you can see, even a specify meat such as ECU escaping has thousands of followers in various subregions 34 or 30 14.4 give Following subscribers, you can select a specific separated and look at the most popular force. Alternatively, you can search for question time. Polls separated thirds terms you can use Question. How can I? How do you sedition peeps? We'll find various questions related to your niche. They can be an inspiration for your next piece of front. And based on what people discuss online this week to back a new large aquarium, how should I place my CEO diffuser? An indicator in my aquarium? Where do I buy and reference? See organise is how to do more than one thing so you can easily use these as your inspiration for next topic is right. A piece of content. Let me show you how to do it. So let's go. Let's chocolate. Okay, Results. Cupcakes with frosting Children, music jet and cooking 1918 Baking and dissing eggless chocolate chip cookies Me and my girlfriend Victor. Chocolate chip for seven anniversary. Okay, so they had their memories is you can also go toe a celebrated and support of football. So wait a foot born right now on we look for portal so you can look for you're right years That's Corporon under, um, fitness in fitness we have tremendous, like fitness and seven million members. Your creature nine for 90 members Body weight fitness 1.6 million members in the girls are on view more. You can take inspiration from this topic. C Hughes engagement 61 Trick out force 4.4 5000 foods seven for 94 fitness. Fix them in the sun. Really big school. What if you consider did hot hot pigs and one for your opinions We can do for your next piece of inspiration from the topic. Sorry. Can insulate goto a separated. This is rapid loss of built into garden. Roman. What should read before failure will feel like. Is it okay to job or slats? Run at the same day as exercising, getting bored with worker. What next? So we can easily take inspiration Or write a piece of content on these topics Also on using these wars s keywords. So this is how we can use ready inspiration are used. These people. So that's all. Thank you so much. 7. Quora for Keywords: high riser report from focusing questions off any kind. As I mentioned before, every treatment question can be treated as a long tail keywords. Here's how to find the most popular questions for a specific mission. Let's see your delicious email marketing for assuming to find a topic Page and flora This type in your main key phrase and appropriate result. After going, you need to create some sort on dare. Just you get to the topic page Over 70 gave for us in the email marketing Michael in the right channel. You'll see a list off related topics which might be useful to export its border. No, it's not possible to rang. Be questioned by popularly Ancora. You can click on three dot and like all questions after going to the topic, you just need to click on this three dots on regional questions. All the question within the topic will appear. Now you can browse for them and look for the ones with the highest number of follower or answers in the example below our next life way. See that question? What are the best practices for sending whole emails as through 46 followers I just found quite popular topic within your means for over 2 46 people, 1 40 answers off course. You don't have to focus on the books for questions only. What is Margaret Funnel is a great example off query that serve as a question, and he worked at the same time, hundreds of where it's like this. Just tidy decor and start discovering them. Be sure that's Cora Google. Yes, okay, I have new acceptable. Sorry about the daily. There's a search, unity, email, marketing or anything like that. See, it is rose to 81 creep on one K for us politically on mystery dots. If jeans the answer. Look for questions all over one. The's are also port engine Yours. You can use Oregon inspiration for next. Stop it. So how readily Forward of images and given it's quite popular. Coffee and doctors prescription for you. These are all injured. You just need to know if it is possible. And if you've got time, you need to look for the questions that have followed for many people like you. How can I get what is the email I d off The Times of India. That's quite hot. Topic in India. How do we get talking immunity for him in marketing? What is the best offense source? Sweet editor To be used even design this hard ones from things is quite peculiar, so you can take inspiration from these questions, brush for them and, if possible, look for questions followed by many people. So let's get back. Chocolate junk Chief questions. So what is the best way to store chocolate chocolate chip cookies at home? How do I get home? The best subsided for all purpose or self rising for you. I'm tryingto red velvet cake and chocolate chip cookies so you can out off right here, out of ideas, and nothing is clicking on the minor. What So what? She'll be your next You can go to Gorda are. As I have shown in the previous lesson, you can go to read it and taking inspiration and used in this. You are sold and write a beautiful, nice piece of on this topic easily. You can go after coming down the pike and very like stopping on. How are chocolate chips made? Homos. Homos. Chocolate chips Should you used in cooking and cooking recipe? All right, uh, we close you can go toe. I can click on the topic and select weight loss. So out where you stand face fall over for about 73 people. Um, what do you do when you don't feel like working out? We cannot sort of wanting while because the step and why it's not going toe direct questions. So what is the best way close? I see for a 1.5 people, What are some great before slash after work? Oh, sorry. After we've lost four. Does what should everyone know about weight loss? What? It's the best type of exercise for weight loss, these air for many people. So we can also use this. Questions are see inspirations for next piece of London different Quito's. So this is how you can use for a thank you so much 8. Learn to use Forums: Miss forums. Although forms are not as popular as they were in the bus, various forms of narrow oriented means forms of survive. You can use this search queries to find for us related to your copy. He worked for a keyword that's Fordham, or he worked for our means. Suppose your leashes. Fitness Fitness Forum, Fitness Plus four embrace. It could be a weakness for plus forums and show you in this example. Board games burst for him, so they have got some for us. Based on board games. Elected for having a board against. It's hard for us to look like dividing diving into a specific category. You'll discover a lot of credits and ideas based on the topics people activities comes. Let me show you this. This forms. There are many reasons picked owner figures, for there are many traits. As we can see on the screen, we'll come home under. Let's go to this trade. Work out. What did you do? Agree Houston. Every place, low impact ideas lose excess body weight for us. Expect died while working out. What are some collectors you can do while your leg is broken? The state in form see what you can also be using these forums. Are these topics as your your next See inspiration. You can easily be using her using a topic Query can be using words like What kind of access should you be doing or should I be doing? And again, let's go down under for him No fitness Rebuild checking your brother before accessing the fitness. Okay, I think Check on C we just restraint training mill prep advice stuck at 20% Body fat can really visit two months. How much? And I lose. I'm hungry fit, but the 1% fair Where am I going wrong with losing those last few pounds so you can brought there Plantier forms available online for almost every night. You can browse toe thes thes, get ideas off good givers that people are actively discussing online, mainly diving with us, because let's whatever with those or fitness. He has got huge portends. I have seen this forum is not good as I could see on the screen. It's Your last form was good, Quite good. Let's take another forum. 80 forums. Okay, let's check every first Let's right through for some inspiration. Come on, Jim mistakes and simple solutions to them. Yes. Nice topic. Do you drink? Too much alcohol. Extreme pathetic. Off her training or over 18. It was fancy adjustable dumbbells. This forum in school, the first form was good. The second was not that good. But this for me. School again. So you can easily using these four. Also, if you're into waiters, a fitness. But I will try to say they're browse through 24 hours and go for you. See, I'm not getting the war story for inspiration are a few hours so they can be using in your content. The benefits of back stretching against morals are trying to find a way to far for cable machine weight gain. We're lifting body building. Pull up, Gina Bar for home. This one is good. Yes. This is how you gonna be using for him to look for Pixar ideas. This is why I wanted to show you. So that's all. Thank you so much. 9. Keyword Research Tools: in this lesson will try toe. Learn about few keyboard research tools that are available online for for your first, so those tools are worse streams. Keyword to certainly uber surges and keyword planner. So let's start with your family. So after signing in which a Google account company speech and see discover new keepers, just click here on Let's I been our favorite Chuck cheap after you can see that language on the country. Also, if you want, you can enter told me to use it as a filter. But as our niece is very peculiar chocolate chip. Okay, I won't be entering any dominant Andi. That's India. Us. Also. Let me the United States in the United States see on get results, right? No see, we have 14 90 year old. I just available average Monday monthly searches that in India and US, it's 10,000 to 100,000 and the competition is very high. If you want to forges it on you can you need to pay this amount base of any 1.25 B Florence . That's not required. We need many shootings every month. Researchers and competition. If you're a beginner or a new the field off keywords and try to look for he was to compare . The competition is slow. For example, this Jewish 110 to 100 It's completely daughters, a big piece. Also Mom's Matic Chocolate chip. It's good. It will be easier to rank where the competition is if you're new and you don't know how to write conventional properly. Joeckel Gypsy in 1000 attended high ranking way have understood wanting the chocolate. It is a very competitive niche. It's a joke which, if we can also type in C benda and as a cute let's dependency yeah, crystals way have 100 key. But I D is available right now in front of us. The average monthly searches for a banner one million to 10 million. The company in a slow and see Red Panda 100 K 1,000,000,100 Cato 1,000,200 1000 baby Banda Press Spend 310,000. This is the way you can easily useful work your penner. It's available online and free of cost, and you need to mainly focus on two things are every response, resurgence and competition. This is uber Penner as a gift from Google so you can rely on it Next swing. Sylvie certainly is a very peculiar say. Actually, it makes work very easily instead of going for solutions in a different website. What you can do is that this particular bar this particular bar belongs to on Google Search Google search on whenever it after typing in the keyword our Denise minutely conceivably, it will show you big results in other websites. Also like Wikipedia answers you do over start by eBay, Yahoo, Amazon. Let me show you how it does go. Just look at a screen sort of typing chocolate chip so this it belongs to this result belongs to Wikipedia. Answers has no results. You do best. Chocolate chip recipe. Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate joke. Which of muffins on being, Yes, chocolate chip chocolate chip online. Chocolate chip Amazon. Who has a recipe? Ondas Chocolate chip. Stop taking cookies and all, and you can use the use civilly from You have to get the keyboard ideas off all the sides all at once. So very is Freddie. Actually, it saves a lot of name. That's the main 40. It is simply, and let's goto war stream, he work better. Four stream dot com on and he wants. That's seeing lasting, Just been. And now it's Tiger Jews, an industry that's keep it all industries find Make yours can elder. Enter location also, if you want. He was for a particular country, our particular pace or I'm not going for any particular race or country. Repeating more spin search volume You're CPC companies in the S U. S. C s Tiger picture is tiger return in India I grew animal information about tigers. It has also mentioned social bottom. See, he searches. They have put out this data from Google Google Edwards is a CPC great and they have also mentioned the competition you can You can also use this free eating also because it is also would be. And they have pulled data from Google Edwards so very much free level This sport hunters peculiar tiger My cut through buying for means 2020 to 40. The competition is also high, has a very company. With Mitch, we have understood the competition level is all high all stick example. For example, Indio result ceasefires volumes and another 100 c p. 0.1 That's business competition is Norma Cuba's can. Also given all the all the keywords to your email. I d. Uh, chocolate chip recipe based off bookies. I just wanted to give you a rough idea about How do you use these are about the keywords that you could be using on the competition level? So let's switch toe Wilbur Suggest worth of This is a lot of my person favorite. Let me show you working, working, working from, Let's say, mobile before. But there's his processes. Don't belong Sunil Patel and is also Frito See. So the problem is, when left 10,000. It's high acidity, people. The 70 to be difficult. 82 Horse Perfect is 7.62 You're the search for you on See these Arctic You What ideas? Onley Mobile holidays toward mobile phone has won like 10,000 ideas on as a means search in difficulty is 72 as they've been searching. Difficulty. If you want to rank in a particular niche, are in a particle Soria in a particle keyboard. Try to look for certain str certain in difficulty of work below 40. So here we have only one keep moving forms shop really as Theis could be. Let me introduce you to another cool feature off over searches. See if they have also these two meters keyboard is right on mobile phones and see. See, this green person shows how many people are clicking on the S. Your result off mobile phones out of 1 10,000 23,375 Clicking on the S. Your results on this portion it event having people are picking on feed results and is being a big chunk. 75,000 people are not looking at all on the keyboard off mobile phones. It also tells you, dear, each range off the people who are looking for mobile phone. Yours is a very cool feature. And do remember that if you want to ring for something and if you're quite new, try to look for que words where the search Indian difficulty is below 40. It should be green here that stick under example to the sea. 11 last last week. So we used your system abusing any fence. So it's volume is 5 50,000 Bring begin high. That's your difficult 62 babies. Five. See these stories Volume on see 569 People are clicking on s your results. Hardly people click bait results and 44 legged. Sorry for that. 47,000 people are taking it. And is the Adrian's off people who are looking for elephants and it's the fewer on see as is not even a single evil is below or so. It is quite competitive. Let's click on your on your ideas. Yes. We have got rid of elephant seal and drawing Mitchell on. Huh? This is over. So this has many features Can easily courtroom go to it and estes on every free. You can look for all lyrical features. Also, that really helpful. It has many s you and how s your features? Also, I would be going a little right now because wear mainly focused on cures. Soon I'll be showing you this. See is a key work on these accusations and see, just if you click on related station, it will show you a trick. Yours also, and see these speeches are look our ranking on top off Google when we in defense see, these are the questions very much really been to the he would elephant like how much elephant in the world how and even reproduced when a living walks Dog work How elephant You can be also covering the stopping if you're writing a proverb So this we had this portion This question person will also help you find new inspiration or I P s preparation is her people in different accounting for lex on 30 from prisons Elephant, tiger, livinlike, dinosaur, elephant or rhino You can also you click on this export to see Israel. You can also export to see as we were excel file it So this is a brief introduction toe uber to the student again Please do visit all before websites that I have shown you It will be very helpful Very, very helpful for you find givers for your leash I understood how to use these four free tools that are available online. That's already Thank you so much 10. Where to use keywords for SEO: Where do you skewers for a series? Base metals optimizing base that is part of acting unless you have a good starting point when using keywords for S u Bates title describes the main subject off your page and shows up as the first line inserts results. I agree to let both Google and soldiers know exactly what the pages about the best practice is When writing based out of this, Use your target. A. Seo Keywords are keyboard phrase at the start off weight struggle that will make sure that it's seen as more relevant. Also, more practically, your paid status wound get cut off in mobile serves, which can happen on small screen. See is an example. Sherlund, Hurley Hall, professional freelance writer and Roman So thesis the beach title. So just by way, just for reading this, you get a fair idea that he's a professional freelance writer and the broker Meta Descriptions Next important area for the use of keyboard for S U is the meta description. This shows up as the second part off search and diesel entry. The meta description is no longer a direct ranking factor. It can help Google determine how relevant your content is what people are searching for. The meta description also helps searches decide whether to click through from Sir Surreal to see the full content on your website. That's why it's so important to use the right keywords. See you by right We mean relevant content that searchers will find when they true. This is the title of the How to run a successful email back to camp. And so it is the title on This is the meta description. Run a successful campaign ting about what you want to achieve goals for an email marketing campaign in welcoming new subscribers, stealing their motivations and values so that start to build a relationship with them. So this part is the meta description. This is also important because he whenever we're searching or looking for something on the Internet after reading the main title, we haven't invented in hand just gold Trudy Meta description or this portion okay, just to get a fair idea about the website. So this is also very important to use of keyboards. Sub headings subheadings help make your content scandal. Giving readers I somewhere proposed subheadings may help visitors decide about the relevance of content to their needs. They may also appear as part off a feature stupid or answer box. Chris practice is to use keywords in at least a couple of subheading. So whenever you will be using subheadings, don't forget to use that is full of givers. Maintain. Okay. One. The most important places to optimize the use off s your keywords is in your content. That's because content is one off the top s your ranking factor. Yes, content is king, but it's still essential. Get it right? War keyboard. You just can actually hurt your search shrinking. Please do Remember that four keyboard you just can't hurt us are shrinking. For example it's crucial to ever he were stuffing. If you have got keywords in your in every other sentence, the chances are you containable in Google penalties. Proven has an excellent example of the kind off into a vote. So it should be natural. Afro should be nestle of whenever you'll be put in keyboards in your article or in your floor in New London any content the flow off the key, what should be natural? It shouldn't be our each and be I'll keeping example. It is an example, we sell custom cigar humidors. Our custom cigar emitters are handmade if you're thinking of buying custom cigar humidor. So this is the Is the this contract something especially him interest example. See highly presentence on. Just just look at that. You were stuffing how they have over utilised the keyboard so your readers won't like it much, either. Ask your stuff can be pretty hard to read, So here's how you use a few hours effectively user mean keyboard in the first couple of sentences, off content or face within the force paragraph. Next used and variations off it. Florida content. Sure, this is another example. It's a good example. Last one was Entity, So military proven Growth. Hacking examples. You can still begin traction in this by sharing Hurley Hall. It's just the example. Growing your business is the dream and goal of every in criminal. Yet sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas to propel you to the next level. Stuck for ideas on how to grow fast, take a look at the success off. Others for inspiration. Help you get inspired. We have collected the most effective broad hacking examples are businesses. You have successfully used locals promotion techniques of incredible. So here, growing your business, how to grow fast on crime. Incredibly good. See how, actually they have used in keywords on look at discussed. Um, cigar humidors is the main example. Thief flow should be natural. The best practice is to include Let's like yours or live in 73 words. I'll cover in some other flus other than the executes every time. Bottom line. Right for humans for us. Do you use to keep in mind right for humans first and make them readable and understandable images when considering how to use the words in a website in majors probably are not the first sight of you, but you've got afford to ignore them. A couple of reasons why. First of all, images are indexed to reading under the way that people find 102nd images can help you handle content. It can help you to handle content accessibility, which is useful for the billions of sources wall right who experience a disability. So oh, and you should use your keywords for S U in images. First, make sure any image that you use should be relevant next you finally name should heavenly, and it should reflect the relevance. Support their hunt. There's an image of a pizza, and you can leave me a biker or abandon. You can include keywords or an inside Garcia. If it makes sense, I suppose there's a picture of a by second so we can, instead of by second verse by a man idea by second. So if the meat is about a man riding a bicycle, you can also your name. It is how to write it by second by second keywords in image titles with her little pieces off text that pop up when you hover over your mouse over an image. Finally, use a Suki was in alternate decks. This is the part that helps with excessive. Indeed, the best practice for using all text with image is to make it descriptive. Don't just use the Keeper you are ever seen. Does us that are just strings of numbers and weird characterise. Those can be big turn for visitors. The best evil give visitors and gotten through what's on debate, so you want to make them descriptive. This practice is to keep your girls short on, include no more than one or two years in a way that makes the world makes sense. People were visiting. So whenever people will be going to the world, so it should be readable and understandable at this, people should have get a fair idea about what they're clicking or where they're clicking after clicking on the your what they'll get to see. So don't keeping my social media. Although Social Media is that Directors in search ranking factor research into social media and ASIO shows that there is a strong link between social shares and visibility in Serbs, that's enough reason to optimize. He would use his in social media bits for better s you. It's also worth noting. There you've indexes, Twitter updates. So using keywords, there can be people to your Twitter profile and from there to the content on your website. He works are also useful as hashtags in social media updates, especially crew on Twitter, very using the right hash tax and make it easier for people to find something on the site. Other social media sites use has tax do but be attention toe how you use yours as has sex, because hair stag used varies from site to site whenever it comes has think it is most operating. So example Jenny for murder. Very good living. But we're This is an example. Email marketing hashtag marketing. So even marketing email marketing is also a fever, and see is also using the email banking cured. As a pastor, you can also use gears in your social profile for branding. For example, if your business covers 40 grand, is it a keyboard? Is a quick way to signal this disc in your bio on Twitter and Instagram in the category and description for your Facebook page is a provided and see aspect. Brand has done Juma's. Can you see directories on external listens? Finally, external business Next inks can also be a great place to include keywords. For example, if you're setting up Google my business listing, it makes sense to into a Suki. Worse in the business description that will improve the chances that your business will show up. One searches, I believe, in the words into the search box on that will improve your online or 30 and click through rate. So that's all the class. Thank you so much. Have a nice day