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Boosting a Facebook Post To Promote Your Business

teacher avatar Christopher Greenwood,

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Boosting a Facebook Post Trailer

    • 2. How To Boost Post a Post In Facebook

    • 3. How To Delete or Stop a Boosted Post

    • 4. Bonus: Facebook Insights

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About This Class

I currently have over 170,000 likes on Facebook and it has been the #1 social media marketing platform I've used to build my brand.

The ability to laser target your Facebook posts with boosts and ads allows you to put your products or servicesĀ in front of your target demographic.

This course will teach you how to effectively boost your Facebook posts to a targeted audience.

Learn what type of content works on Facebook and specifically your page by diving into the Facebook Insights to see what posts have been working with your audience.

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Christopher Greenwood


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1. Boosting a Facebook Post Trailer: Hey, guys, it's Chris Greenwood. Also known is Manifest. I'm a best selling author entrepreneur, and I've sold thousands and thousands of dollars of products and services using Facebook. Specifically boosting pokes has been very effective for me and my business, and I want to show you how to boost the right post what works on Facebook and what doesn't by taking a look into your Facebook insights. There's a lot of great information in this course and roll today. 2. How To Boost Post a Post In Facebook: I'm going to show you guys how I Busta Post. And if you haven't watched my Facebook insights lecture yet, I encourage you to do that because I'm gonna click on my insights right now right up here and click on insights. And I'm gonna organize my posts by what really worked and what didn't And I'm gonna click on reach here, Okay? I'm gonna click, actually see all post first, and then it should give me the option to click on reach. And this is gonna organize my top most best posts. That got the most reach. Okay. And this one here did. Really? Well, this fighter one did really, really well. And so I'm gonna choose one. I'm gonna choose this one right here. Never stopped praying it's and click on it first, and it shows me my audience retention. And so this is a music video that I uploaded. And so I'm going to boost this post by clicking on the right here. This button right here just click on boost post. I think it was actually this one here I wanted to do boost post. Now it's really cool. Is I can either target people who liked my page only, and I can decide what location I want to do if I want to get outside of my regular territory, because if you leave it blank, it'll just stay in the U. S. A watch. Like if I just leave it blank. If left blank, your ad will be delivered to the United States. But I don't want to just be in the United States. I wanted to be in Canada because I play a lot of shows there. I wanted to be the United States. Still, I like Germany a lot because I get a lot of fans there in Australia, Okay, and then I can set my ad budget, all right? And so say you only want to do five bucks. Actually, let's do 10. Let's do 10 bucks. Estimated people reach 972 2600 people. What happens when I boost that and change it to 30 gives me 2500 and I want you to know that once you click the total budget, you don't have to spend it all in one day, and I don't normally like to do that unless I'm in a rush or hurry for something. But if you do one day, it'll try and spend all that money and targeting these people. But I encourage always to do over seven days to kind of not spend all the money just to make sure you're getting a good value. And it's and you're getting the reaction and the return on investment. From what you spent, I can have this ad run even longer from one. I can change it. Thio Thio. Two weeks if I really wanted to. And that's the 14 days and you can have it even go longer if you want, depending on your budget. But I do know when you hit this to five bucks, right, it's just the minimum here. The minute on budget is $1 per day. So if you're gonna go for like a month and you want to spend a dollar that well, then you at least need to put at least 30 bucks here, and then I can go from today is January 6. So I could go at least till, um, you know the 31st I could go always seem to February, and then it will spend a dollar 20 per day it changed that right there. So that gives you a little bit of stuff you can do. There have obviously have to have your credit card inside here. One thing I want to show to you can change it to people who like your page in their friends . And look at this. People like your page 2500 to 6600 people. People like your page in their friends. 5400. And the reason Facebook, I think, makes this bigger is because they want to you to engage new people you know they want to get. If you're engaging new people, they want to bring new people to your page. And so that's really powerful on why they make that bigger and give you a larger audience potential because they're showing you in front of new people where these people have already liked your page. Okay, this is saying people who like your page and friends of those that had liked your page, so hopefully there's a good chance that people that like your page, their friends might like you as well, too, and I also want to note, let's go into the people you choose through targeting here. So now we can do some really cool stuff. I'm gonna click, create a new audience and you can save your audience. And these are some of the different audiences that I've saved and I'm gonna click, create new And I'm gonna call this, um Taylor Swift fans. Okay, just for instance, could say you meet your fans. Your your music is you know, it works with Taylor Swift fans. OK, so I'm gonna click there. I'm gonna keep the countries the same. I can change that. Look at this. I can narrow down what age demographic I want this to go to. So I know that most of my fans air in between 18 and 30. And so I'm not gonna waste my time and my money trying to reach people that I know aren't really my demographic. I want to focus. And to be honest, I know this won't work for Taylor Swift, right? Excel hurt Taylor Swift fans or females. But for me, personally, just to say my fans were Taylor Swift fans or what? Dodd. I know the majority of my fans are men, so I can focus all on men or I can do all, which I'm going to click both. So it'll show this ad a mix between both men and women. But again, you can focus, and I suggest you do focus and really narrow it down. So now what I'm going to do is I'm gonna delete all these bands out here, and I don't explain why I said Taylor Swift fans, because I can say Taylor Swift. And I can say I want you to show this ad people who like Taylor Swift Oh, and it's giving me some suggestions here to maybe people that like Katy Perry as well, they might like my music and it starts giving you suggestions. You can do the same thing if you're like rage against the machine. Okay, I know I'm going like super off base here, but, like, I could do the exact same thing for that type of bed rage against the machine done, and that starts giving me more suggestions. Audio Slave tool Allison Chain's Facebook is really smart. They're smarter than us, okay? They really got a lot of information on us, and they've just got it dialed like into the same thing. Coldplay fans. If your music is related to Cold Plan. I'm just trying to hit it all here just to kind of give you guys some examples here. Coldplay. So now it's giving me more examples. The killer's U two. Radiohead. This will work all day. The same thing for, like, Mumford and Sons. Um, Mumford and sons would probably start giving me some like country stuff. One direction's more pop. So again, super target. I'm just gonna click save. And so now it's gonna change this to Coldplay fans. So now I'm really targeting who this video and who this post is gonna show up in front of, and that is powerful. How else would you get in front of fans 10 20 years ago, you couldn't. You need to have toe open up for them or you'd have to have run TV ads or I don't even know it just wasn't been possible 10 years ago. And for like 30 bucks, 20 bucks, 10 bucks. I can get my music in front of a direct, very narrow, targeted audience. Okay, and this is just with boosted posts. I'm going to show you guys Facebook ads later on, and some other things you could do with the power editor, but I want to get you guys started on here and I encourage you. Try this out, see what works. Boost a few posts and I encourage you boost the ones that you know are already resonating with your audience. Because why buy what I boost? Something that I know doesn't work? You know, if it's not working, don't boost it because like, what? What's the point? So you want to make sure you're looking at your analytics here and insights and then try some boosts. 3. How To Delete or Stop a Boosted Post: Hey, guys, I'm a firm believer in testing and also stopping when things are not working. And that happens sometimes when you boost a Facebook post. And I want to show you an example here of a backpack that I was trying to sell for a back to school sale and we didn't get any sales on it. So I stopped the boost. Um, I paid, as you can see right here, 1300 people saw it, and organically 8600 people saw it. But I went and deleted the boot boost post so that it wouldn't stop it so that it would stop because I wasn't seeing any traction. And I like to see sales right off the bat when I've boosted a post and paid for. There's other items that I've boosted in events and things like that have worked great. But I want to show you something that I just boosted, and I'm gonna show you how you can delete it. It's this one right here. As you can see, it says $5 left. So I'm just going to click on that green air right there and then this will come up. And if you click on this little gear, but in here in the bottom left click on that. And then I can just click delete ad, click delete ad, and it will delete that boosted post. And so it will delete the promotion and stop. And honestly, I only spent only paid five bucks, and I deleted that before it even spent any money, so that's a great way just to delete it if it's not working. 4. Bonus: Facebook Insights: a ride. We're gonna dive into the Facebook insights. I'm just on logged in on my home page here. If you go to the top of your page just above that, your banner photo there's a button that says Insights here. So I'm gonna click on that, and this is a really powerful way to see what is going on in your channel. My total likes how many new likes this week. That's how that scheduled shows you the date from December 31st. Teoh January 6 2016. For the first week last week, I got a 490 plus likes. The amount of post reaches I got was 235,000 was up 8.4%. So that's good. Shows my engagement. So I people engaging about 313,000 or sorry, 10,303. And that was up 27.5%. So obviously I'm doing something good. But what I want to focus on is down here. And as you can see, it shows your five most recent posts, and already I can see what worked and what didn't work. Here's one that I post just today that got 7.2000 reached. That's not bad, considering that was just at 3:14 p.m. Today. It's only like a couple hours ago. This one did obviously really well, but I obviously boat boosted as well. I think I spent 20 bucks and it spent $2 of that, but already it's got 44,000. This was a lyric card that I did. And so this is a great way to learn is gonna click on See all posts. And what I want to show you is that you can really go down and see, like what's working like I talked about this post the other day and one of the other lectures, and this one just crushed it like 134,000 like that's blowing everything out of the water. This 1 44,000 Obviously, I'm doing something right there. And as I'm going down more with Click Seymour, I can see definitely what's not working as well, too. I think this was just a YouTube video, and I think that stands for a link, so that should teach you something as well to when you're just posting a link. Remember, YouTube or Facebook does not like YouTube. Okay, they can let you get away with links, but definitely they don't like YouTube links. They love videos as we can see. Here's another one. I boosted this post, but still I don't think I spent that much money and this was just a video. And I don't think I put a link or anything like that in there. I spent 13 bucks. OK, My paid reach was 19,000 out of the 141,000. My paid reaches only 19,000 kind. Like, why did I even boost that? I don't even need to. But by going through this, you can really narrow down what's working and what's not. And I really encourage you to focus on the stuff that's working like Here's one that definitely worked. Married Christmas, Just a photo of me and my wife. There was no link. It was just a photo. So again, Facebook just allowed the organic traffic to go pretty crazy. We got 43,000 likes or sorry, 43,000 reached. Okay. And I can see here if you go over to the right here. I want to go to the top so you can see what this is. This is post clicks. This is likes comments and shares, so it's really neat to see how many people clicked on it. So you got an idea of how many people may have clicked on the video and watch the video. And the thing that we don't know is they might have clicked on this video, and then they might have watched even more videos and more videos in more videos and just spent like an hour watching tons of my videos. I don't know, but that's the cool thing in the multiplication factor of, Ah, Facebook and social Media again. But you can spend a lot of time in here trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. And I suggest you do more of that. I can already tell you I know photos do really well. I know videos do great. I know. Quote cards, lyric cards do really awesome. I know Facebook does not like links. The less links I put in the least I won't do is good. But the problem is I like to put links in because I like to sell stuff like I was doing this on a December 25th year, did a Boxing Day sale and I was promoting a sale, and I put a Lincoln to my store and I sold tons of these. And this is sometimes you just gotta post stuff for people to buy, but you want to make sure you're switching it up as you're going along. But anyways, I'm kind of getting off track here. But inside of insights here, you can really narrow down your likes and take a look at how many people like your page. You can see your Net likes your unlike and what what that's like. Like let's click that and see how many, unlike so I've got. So if we go to the UN likes 49 that day 32 on December 21st 39. Unlike so, some people are unlike in my pages well, too, and it's important to know that to see what's going on right? And so if we scroll down here what your page like when your page likes happen. So it tells you the time of the day when things were going on okay, and so you can get an idea of where your peak performances and when people are engaging the most. You can do some really cool stuff. If I click on videos here and this will show you all all my video views I got in the last week, OK? And it's got organic versus Paid says. I would like to pay for stuff I like to boost post Sometimes. Like I said, when you go into your overview, the posts that are doing well, I encourage you to boost those spend five bucks spent 10 bucks, especially if if you're promoting something, it's really important. You don't always have to, but I encourage my students to do that. Now remember, 32nd views 16,244 Number of times your pages Videos were viewed for 30 seconds or MAWR. That's really important to know because, as you know, Facebook counts one view number of times. Your page videos were viewed for three seconds or more, so that's important to know. But I know they don't. They only classify a view if it was at least 12 seconds, OK, but this tells me how many views were over 30 seconds so There's a lot of details that you can go into this insights. But the page I like to really focus on is in the overview to know what's working and what's not. And you can actually organize this, which I really, really love by engagement. So watch your actual gonna click it up by reach. You can do engagement as well, but I want to click on reach. Let's click That again. Might take a second to organize. There we go. So that shows my my reach. That's by the smallest. So that only reached 565 people. Let's do it the other way. Boom! So this shows me all my top posts all my top post for the last 30 days, and you can keep scrolling down and scrolling down and looking and say, OK, this one worked. I need to post that again, And that's what I would encourage you guys. Just because you post it once doesn't mean you don't post it again. Like I've posted this thing dozens of times a year. I tried posted sometimes once a week because I know it did so well, you know, and people don't go. Oh, you're just posting that again. They're not Oh, no, I love that. Like that before, I'm gonna like it again. Okay, so there's some really cool stuff in organizing and seeing what works. I encourage you to take note of what works and what doesn't and then try and do more like that. Like I need to try and duplicate mawr lyric cards like this. I need to duplicate, you know, more personal pictures and toss that in more often more lyric cards. More videos that work. You know, this is a lyric video that just uploaded. I just uploaded a direct lyric video right to ah to, Ah, Facebook here shows the audience retention too, Which is really neat to knows. When did people start to really drop off? People dropped off pretty hard core at about after a minute. I lost the majority. Actually, after 30 seconds, I lost a ton of people. But at least a lot of people watched the beginning of it, which is good. And there's a lot of people stay till the end. At least 4% watch to the end. 50%. 6% of the people watched. Um, 50% of it so that's good to know, right? So a lot of details and really cool stuff that you can find out about your posts and then just keep working on it. Just edit and repeat, tweak it, trying things and just keep working at it.