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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Before we take off

    • 2. Save time you normaly lose on Whatsapp

    • 3. Facebook will never distract you

    • 4. Get answers from the experts

    • 5. Fix your business with proper research

    • 6. The solution to newsletters

    • 7. Google for geeks

    • 8. Double your reading speed

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About This Class

In this class I'm going to show you which homepages can help you to boost your productivity into new heights. You will learn how to stay focus, how to save time, how to improve your reading speed within short time and much more.

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Philip Hofmacher

Online Marketer, #1 Skillshare Instructor in AUT


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1. Before we take off: According to the Internet life stance, there are close to one billion home pips on that right now. Many of them show you kept radiance, some other, providing with porn. But only a handful of them really helps you to increase your productivity in this. Really? Of course I'm going to show you the first part of my hand picked and proven homepage I use every day over the last months. Thes homepages really helped me to increase my level of productivity a lot. Some of them help you to get stuff done much quicker. Some others show you how to avoid destruction. I know these homepages can improve your productivity and help you achieve more as a project . I want you to try some of these homepages and tell me about your progress in your daily life work. 2. Save time you normaly lose on Whatsapp: you all know the feeling. You're sitting on your left up working and suddenly your phone wings and you got a new bottle message. Until now, you always had toe pull out your phone and answer the message on the phone. Now this time has changed. Now it's possible for you to answer and even start new. What's up? Conversations Using your left, All you have to do is go toe weap thought What still to come. And then you see a page of peers, and the first thing that comes to your mind is Oh, Justin QR code. So how can I love in? All you have to do now is take out your phone open. What's up. Hit settings on the setting doesn't point. What EP Web You open this and then that tests can quell cold. Next thing you do, it's candy coat. You see your phone. It's working. You have to wait a little bit on now, instantly locked in and you see on the left side you have all your existing Chet's also your group's you're in and you can. That message is, for example, I show you how to start a new Chet here I hit the name of a contact of mine, and, uh and I can start what I think high. Um, Using what? That but you can also do is you can attach easily. Some pictures. Example. I want to show you this picture. They had pictures were intact at a caption capture in here. Yeah, and she will get the text. Yeah, that's pretty. All of it. Oh, and one more thing before you leave. Doesn't easy step to look out. Hit this week. Parton's intense elect love out. 3. Facebook will never distract you: hi again. You might all know the feeling when you really work hard and suddenly get a Facebook message and all. You really want to do it on Leigh? Read this message. But once you read the message, you instantly take a look at the news feed so we don't articulate and see. Oh, he shared this picture. Then maybe you start commending and you really waste a lot of time, even though all you really wanted to do was answer one single message. And because of this, I can present you a perfect solution. And it's called Messenger from Messenger that come belongs to Facebook and its simply on lee the messaging tools available at Facebook. So no new news fate, no photos, nothing else. So, for example, I can use this toe send a simple message saying something like, Hi there. I'm using messenger dot com. It also includes all the other functions that normal Facebook messenger has, like sending in mochi or even the uploading a picture. And what's even more? It's also possible to use phone call here up on the right or on video. Cold. Yeah, and bouncy Finished. You can hit. I'm look off again 4. Get answers from the experts: next very useful homepage and going to show you is called Kuwata dot com. It's an online blood from where you can ask any question, and Cora is trying to provide you an answer with some expert in this field. So, for example, let's say I'm interested in how to evaluate a startle I can eat a asked the question here and top, or I can try to take a look if this question is already here, so say call to well, you, uh, the uh yeah, and then I have here. I see some questions already asked in this direction. So I picked the 1st 1 How do we value my start up there? See Sky, asking the question in top. It's not always visible. Who asked the question? Because if you are the one asking a question, you can decide if you want to ask it publicly or disclosed. So for no one to see that you are the one asking the question, he and here you see the answer from Nicola Hearts. Do you don't on? Yeah, sits, well, multiple metals. I don't want to go deep in this because, you see, there are a lot of text. Andi, I just picked this because does it feel that I'm interested in more on? But I also want you to show is that there are some experts in this case. For example, if we end the session capture, we see his profile. And here on the left we see. He asked 12 questions and also provided 41 answers. Now we take a look at one of his answers. He answered the question, but it's asking culture going to do next. And here he said that he's thinking about becoming a father and so on. And so you can see this page really, really can help you get a lot of interesting information. 5. Fix your business with proper research: the next page and going to show you is called Google Trends. You can find it under trends that google dot com this page is all about research here. Above you see the search results for Christmas and, as you see there, yearly spikes every year in December. For sure, Christmas has most Google with results found. Andi. You can also see it started in October, a little bit in November. More people in December, just a peek each and every year. So what do we can use this for? For example, let's say you want to compare two soccer teams, for example, after Barcelona and Real Madrid. Let's see what's going to happen here. You can enter the first search term. Say they are not. Then Philo, you can decide you want only people looking for Real Madrid or if they want to looking for the and moderate soccer Club. Let's pick you F the bus loner supper club. Andi. Yeah, we'll see the moment here. You see, the red one is Barcelona and the blue ones, Real Madrid. And here, you see, there s big spikes for both of them. This are mainly two big events were both teams taking blaze and you can see, um in the year 2005 Barcelona of us almost a little bit ahead off the in Madrid today, both teams are more even. This might be result because they both belonging to the best soccer teams in the world. Now I want you to use the comments. Tell me what you think you could use Google trends for. 6. The solution to newsletters: I'm sure you all know the following problem. You get much too much e mails because if signed up to about found newsletters and most of them you don't really need with anvil that meat. I found the solution to this problem. Unroll me, allows you toe check all the emails you subscribe to. And then you can decide either if you want to keep this newsletter or if you want to instantly send out off it. This homepage is really simple to use, but for some security issues. Like I don't want you to see all the newsletters and subscribe to I'm not going to show you this, but you can believe it's very simple. It only takes about two minutes to set up. And then you will be able tow unload your email subscriptions so that you will only get these emails You really like, I can tell you. I used this gun, Romy service. It's free of charge for sure since six months ago. And I'm pretty happy with it, and I will definitely flee. Continue using it. 7. Google for geeks: in this video, we're going to focus on a home page coat boy from Alfa. It's kind off like Google, but it has more often technical background. We can use it as you see here for many different things. I'm going to show you only some short explanations of football from Haifa is really able to do. We can use boyfriend iPhone to use some mathematic Exercise is just by typing in the world so and then what we want to solve example entered this little term. Now we let Wolfram Alpha proceed with Souness is finished calculating he will show us not only our solution but also how he came to the solution. Yeah, now he received with imported and he's also showing the result and in addition and graph that showing us all what we might want to know. We can use this even for more complicated things like adding see knows because he knows now still is proceeds thing and the everything imported. We see this result and also his blood solution. We can also use this for different things like, say, we want to know something about Austria, the country where I come from a tap in Austria and is going to provide us with informations that are much better than Wikipedia could put out in such a short time. Okay, at least it's my opinion here saying full name, native name, international code and showing roast was located Picture of Austria Total area Land area. Yeah. Then also some demographic information. Cultural information. One of the largest did is by population currency. How the currency can be converted Many, many more. So you see, welcome. Ifa is an awesome tour. If you want to get us some information quickly, give it a try. 8. Double your reading speed: next thing I'm going to show you is spreader that come spreader Name is a combination off speed and reader. So yeah, as you can imagine, the home pitch only focuses on speed reading. And here, in its intra text, it says with sweet times faster and be more productive. Life spreader is the reps leading destination for speed reading week. Help you read faster, comprehend more so you can save time and be more productive in life. So it sounds a little bit complicated, but it works really simple. You can pick any text on the web you want and paste it here. I'm using to standard text right now, and all I have to do is kick Street. Here you see the control panel, you have to click start and 10. It's going to show your only one world at the time, and you have to read it as fast as possible because the words are coming up really quickly . Okay, Impossible. Andi Yeah, it's working in a way like this here. Says what? I don't have to explain it to you. I can show you. It says speed reading. Is the art off silencing separate localization? Most readers have an average reading speed off 200 words per minute, which is about as fast as they can read episodes out loud. This is no coincidence. It is still in a voice. The cases through the text that keeps them from achieving higher readings beats so meaning you would be ableto weight faster. But your head always is imagining how your mouth would say the world because of this you can't read first, get used to speed up. And I promise you it will help you improve your reading speed within a week. Good luck, guys.