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Boost your productivity and complete all your to-dos on time!

teacher avatar Irina Kinchi, Educational project manager

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. 2. Class requirements

    • 3. 3. What is GTD?

    • 4. 4. Creating a Trello Board

    • 5. 5. Column 1 "Collector"

    • 6. 6. Your board

    • 7. 7. Categories

    • 8. 8. Priorities

    • 9. 9. Individual tasks

    • 10. 10. Projects

    • 11. 11. Team work

    • 12. 12. Daily activity

    • 13. 13. Weekly activity

    • 14. 14. You made it!

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About This Class

This class will teach you how to boost your productivity by applying the methodology "Getting Things Done" in Trello. A simple and effective way to be productive and efficient, and track and check out all your to-dos on time.  

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Irina Kinchi

Educational project manager


Hi everyone. I am Irina and I am here to learn and teach. I am an online teacher, I've been doing it for over three years now. Having this job allows me to travel and do what I want. 

My mission is to help millions of people one day. Teaching here is one way to do it :)

I am obsessed with productivity, goal setting, and personal development. I am working on becoming a project manager while creating my own educational projects, so if you need a hand in your projects, I'd be happy to help and learn from you.


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1. 1. Introduction to the class: Hello. My name is Arena, and this is a class on how to get things done using Tre. By then, of course, you will clearly see the scope of work in your professional and personal life. You will know how to get things done and most importantly, where to start. For the cross project, you'll be creating your own trail aboard, which is in fact, the only way to learn the tips and tricks off the class. The glasses for everyone who looks for new ways to be more productive and no previous knowledge of trailer or the methodology off getting things done is required. I will walk you through each step of the process so you can follow alone, even if you are new with this software, so see you in class. 2. 2. Class requirements : you don't need much in order to succeed in the scores and boost your productivity. You don't need to have any previous knowledge off the mythology of getting things done nor experience using trailer. All you need for this class is your computer and the trail account. If you still know, have one, I will show you how to set one up. I'll send you to have the phone app of trail, and if you don't know how to use it, it's not a problem, because I also will show you how to use it to be more productive. Also, you will need to use a planner. Does matter if it's on your phone or soft version of it. Just remember that the planner is an essential part for this course. If you still don't have any, it's not a problem. Just go buy one, and later you can choose the best application for you. And finally, last but not least, you need your calendar. Of course, I will show you how we will use it in our system. I will explain the difference between the planner and the calendar, and later, after finishing the course, you can decide whether you want to use the calendar and the planner or only calendar only Flanner. It will be absolutely up to you. So that's all you need to successfully finished the glass. Good luck. 3. 3. What is GTD?: the methodology Getting things done was created by David Alan, a productivity consultant from the United States, and he wrote a successful book called Getting Things Done. I definitely recommended for reading. So after you finish this class, feel free to read the book. The way I used the system is slightly different from what the author recommends us. And the reason is just because this simplified version works, and also because this is a great way for everybody to start using the system without over complicating it without trying to figure out how exactly, to apply all the elements. So let's have a look at how the diagram looks. First of all, you need to find something that needs to be done. I call it it to do. And what do you need to do with this studio? And you need to understand if it's actionable or not. If it's not actionable, then you have the options. You can respond it for the future. You can save the information, or you can believe this action and never think of this again. If the to do is actionable, then again, you need to answer. One question is how many steps does it require to complete? If it's just one step, you have several options. What you can do with it? You can do it right now. And this is one of the key tips that Mr Recommences is this two minute rule and I will tell about it in detail in the course. Also taken. Delegate it or you can schedule it. The difference between all of those. We will also discussed your in the class. If your to do requires more than one step, then you need to send it to projects. And when you find you to doing the projects, you need to define the next step. Basically, this is what their G T demand apology is about to simplify. This diagram basically a Judit E is a combination off four steps. You need to collect your information, then sort it out, then plan what you actually going to do with this and finally get it done. So the class is created for you to know what exactly to do in each of these steps. So by then off the class, you will have all of your things collected, sorted out land and ready to get done. 4. 4. Creating a Trello Board: Let's start from the beginning. And we need Teoh. Have a trailer account if you don't have one yet, so you need to sign up. You can't stand up with your Google account. I have one already. So I put love in and enter in my travel with my email and password. Here we have our travel boards. Right. If you already used it, you know, if not, you will have everything clean. So we're going to do is just create in you work. You need to obviously add aboard title in, um, Oncologist G t D board. And now we have it right? Duty board. And if you don't like the the image that religion chose If we're bored, you can easily change it. Go here to background image photos and there are so many of them. You can just actually look for a picture that you like and choose one. For example. I would like something with the beach, and here we have it. Right. So this picture will be great for me, right? So you can choose whatever you want Now. Actually, this is one is not good. Right this way. Yeah. So now we have the board. We have, um, everything absolutely empty. And it's time to start with the first least that we're gonna add and will be our first column, and we will call it a collector. And it's called the Collector because we're gonna collect here all the ideas, all the plans, dreams, things to do that you have. 5. 5. Column 1 "Collector": the main objective off this first column will be to collect your thoughts. And the idea is that after we finish, you feel like your head is empty. You don't need to worry about anything, because everything is gonna be here in this first column. And what exactly you can put that. Let's start with everything that you have in your head. Yes, something that you already know that you need to do because it's very fresh. So, for example, you know that you are meeting with a friend. So meeting with Kate tomorrow. You also remember that that work you need to finish a project. Then your parents haven't anniversary soon, so you need to buy a present for your parents. You might, uh Then you can add something like a business meeting with your partners. Whatever things that you already have thought through, you can put it here. It's a business. Maintain. We've partners. So take a time, just post the video and write everything down here that, you know, you remember, and you have kind off under control. All right, so now when you collected all of your things from your head, it's time to check all your resources and there are so many of them. Let's start from your planner. All right? So open your planner if you have one. And in your planner, you for sure have some things that don't have an exact date, right? Eso all of those things I'd like It's who write down right here in the collector. It can be something. Like, for example, you are reading a book, right? And you have in your planner for every single day off your week. You have a plan off reading 20 pages off the book. Also, you can say, um what, Jim? New skill share every week, right? You do it. Skill share class. You check your planner for those things that do not have an exact date. And now you do the same with the calendar. So I'd like you to open your calendar and see if you have some things just there because you decided that. Okay, It would be great next week, sometime in the beginning of the week. Do these have that right? But you don't have an exact date. So in my calendar, as you can see here, I don't have anything that doesn't have an exact time, but in yours it might be right. So take all of those things that don't have a next in exact date and put them here also in the collector. So, for example, you can find something that and next week you wanted to do some research so bright here something like Do the research, all the marketing research, whatever research that Hugo planning on doing now, when everything is collected from your planner from your calendar and you are sure that there's nothing there that does not have an exact date or time. Now it's time to look around and see if you have any stickers and notes that are other to remind you about things that you have to do. If some stickers don't have any importance anymore, just throw them away. If they do. For the information right here, remember that go with the collector is to collect all off your things to do right so one of your stickers can say coal Gene. Another can say Concord congratulate Mike, his birthday, right, attached rotator that they can be very important. They can be less important, but if you want to remember those things, then put them all here in the collector. Okay, so now when all the stickers, all the notes that you can see around you are collected, open your drovers, make sure that their their clothes and no notes or seekers that you want to keep an eye on . Right? So when it's old on with all the stickers and dolls, you can move to your email. And in our email, we have many, many different types of information, and some emails are there Just because you didn't delete them. Some are because you want toe. Remember the information. So what? You need to dio iss to do the inbox. Zero thing, right? So you go through all your emails, you see what information you have there and some you open it. Yeah, and you see a presentation from somebody. And you know what you need to do with this presentation, right? So, for example, this presentation gives me they're a reminder that I need to send a presentation to the hotels. Okay, so this way you go through all your emails and see here Something needs to be done. If not, think off deleting those emails from your email This So then you don't get destructed every time you open your email, right? So when you finish with the email, you can go through the screenshots that you collected in your phone. Some screen shows are there just for some fun information. Some because you wanted to do something, right? It and some screenshots can remind you all the things that you wanted to do. You plan to do you dream off doing yes. So plans dreams. Everything goes to your collector. For example, you found a screenshot off a treat to Brazil. Right in here. I want to go to travel to Brazil. This That's my plan. It doesn't matter of when you're gonna do this, but if it's your plan a goal or dream, it should be here. Another screenshot is like a quote from a book that your bread and you wanted to recommend the book? Teoh Your sister? Yes. So all this does matter If it's made smaller big, you need to put it all here for you to remember what you want to do. So you went through your screen shirts, your emails, your stickers, your plan Are you calendar? Now think off your goals and all the things that you have plant for yourself or dreamed off and you don't have any screen shows. But you have it in, like, way be one day I'll do that. Also the place for these in the collector, right? So you go through their goals for your health for some, right? Lose weight. Another one. I don't know, write a book. Yeah, that's your long term goal. Another one can be by house for travel the world so does matter again. Does matter if its peak or small you just put it there. And, um, for now, that's all you need to do some other things that you can think of some physical actions that you need to do. For example, you need to buy something, right? So buy a new phone because this what works back, well, you need to repair a jacket. Or maybe you need to sell desk or you need to clean up the attic, whatever so you can think off Actually, physical actions that you need to do and all can be found in your collector 6. 6. Your board: now, when you finished to collect all of the plans, girls, two DUIs from your life from your planner from your calendar. It's time to sort things out. The goal off. The next step will be Teoh. Get rid of all of the items that we just add it to the collector. And to do so, we need to create three more counts. The 1st 1 we will call projects. The second is individual tasks. And the last one we will call someday. And now I'll tell you guys, what the difference. I'm on all of those columns, first of all, and the projects here, you're gonna collect everything that requires more than one step. For example, if you need to meet with Kate, right, we have this first item in the collector. What do you need to dio to made with Kate? So, for example, if you already plant everything and you know when and where your meeting, then the only thing you need to do is to actually go and meet her, right? So then it will not be a project, because it will be only one step that you need to take. But what if you just think off meeting with gate. Right? So in this case, you need to call here. You need to set up a date and the place you need to find what you're gonna wear and said, Resident depends on off course, the type of the meeting. Right? So if this meeting is something that you need to organize, then it will be a project. If it's already organized, it's individual task and individual task. Probably It is because we already have this tomorrow. Then it means that we already organized it. Yeah, I finish a project probably to finish the project. You need to do various things, so it will definitely be in the project business me a meeting with the partner. The same as with the Kate, right? Depends on if he organized it or not by the present for parents, you need to think right. You need to check shops unit to check prices unit. Teoh, go and buy it. So these thing also is a project, right? So you see, a project is not just something huge that you need to initiate plan. Manage control, etcetera. No, it's just a word for everything that requires more than once that and then individual task . They call him number three, obviously something that requires just one step. And for example, here we have something like coal Jim, and this is definitely an individual does because you just need to call Jim and talk whatever you're talking about, right? And, uh, that's what the difference between a project and in the individual desk iss one step instead of many steps. And we have one more column. Here is some day we will put here all the tasks that now you don't want to or don't need to take any actions, right. For example, if Vine House is just one of your long term goals and something that you are going to do when I don't know in 20 years from now, when you save enough or when you find a place where you want to leave, right, so something that now you actually cannot do much about, so then buying a house will go to someday travel. The world probably will be there, right? Or for some people, it can be a project because you will now work online and can afford yourself troubling. Right? So then you decide right for me travel the world would be a project because now I'm traveling and I am in the middle off choosing the next country. I'm I'm gonna go to so project individual desks someday. Now, I would like you to work through all the things in the collector and just move the items from the collector toe one off those three columns, okay? And that requires you to stop the video now. So now your board needs to look more Leslie like mine. Right? So you need to have an empty collector and projects individual tasks and someday need to have some information inside of it. Yes. So remember that you're at renaming anything. You're not thinking off how you're gonna do now. At this moment, you just need to move the items. And also remember that these individual task column is actually a temporary one, because we're going to get rid of the column. And later when you use your board, you don't need to have this individual task. It is here just for us to learn the difference between projects and individual desks. So, for later, you would know sugar, the inside of the projects or just individual desk 7. 7. Categories: no. When we have all the projects inside the project column, it's time to do something to help ourselves work on them. And here it will depend on Harmony Project's you have in the car. If, after sorting everything out, you find that you have on Lee several projects, let's say from 5 to 10 projects, then you don't need to critical rise them because it's easy. You will see them all. Like, for example, now in my world, I see them all. So maybe I don't need to categorise them because I will always see all of them and I can just grow through the race. Didn't see what I'm working on, but normally we all have more than just 5 10 project. That's why it's important to make the categories and the categories can be different. And it depends on your individual plan. Go on. I'm gonna show you several ideas on how you can categorize the project and you choose the one that you like the most. I chose to divide all my projects into categories by the spheres of life. So, for example, I can find some war project right and I have some personal development projects Something about my health travel in right. So, like fun. Let's pull it. I have something about my family. So you will see how many, uh, spheres of life you actually have projects about. Now what I also normally do is I choose a color for each category, so that will make it more beautiful and also easier for me to find. Ah, a different category, the least of purchase. Yes, it's very easy to Dio you go to edit labels and here you choose one of the colors will just go from from up to down e o what I need to do. I need to put projects inside the categories Case of First of all, I need to move this card work on top. So then I can see finish a project? Yes, it's work. Present travel business meeting its work. So I move it up that I have markets and research also work and I have some center presentation. It will also be work. Now I have personal development, So I move it after the last point off the working category. You see, I have repaired jacket and sell all my desk, and it doesn't go to any of the categories, so I just create one in a college. Other e have a beautiful projects column with different categories with different colors. And I know how many things I need to do for each category, and that's how it's done that now we have projects categorized. 8. 8. Priorities: you can skip this video if you decided to divide all your projects by the priorities. But if you didn't divide your project into the categories by the priority then this video is for you. Prioritizing the tasks is always very important. This way you will know what is the most important thing that you need to dio. And especially if you have very many projects in this column to prioritize units to divide all your projects into four groups for different priorities. Priority number one will be something that you need to do right now something that you cannot delegate. You cannot give other people to do You need to do it and you need to do right now. Today, this week. Go through your list of the project. Find all of those that need to be done right now and put number one before the name of the project, for example. For me, it will be the presentation to the hotels. This is the number one priority for me. I need to do it today and I need to do it myself. Okay, so I put it like this one. You see? Number one, send the presentation to the hotels later. I see that also today is Thursday and I have a plan of watching one skill share class a week. So it's also quite a priority because tomorrow's Friday and maybe I will not have time to do so. So it will be also the number one priority. So now it's time to motor the priority number two and it will be everything that is not important but urgent. Right? So you need to have something done and going through my least, I find that I need the oldest to be sold, so I don't necessarily do it myself because it's not that important how it's gonna be sold . So that's how it gets the priority number to go through all the elites and find everything that belongs to the priority. Number two. Not important, but urgent. Now let's go to the priority number three. Here we are talking about everything that is important but not urgent. It can wait, right, so we don't need to do it right now and we can do it later when we have time. So and we're not talking about this someday here, right? Because this is not urgent and not important at the moment. So we're not looking at this car. We're looking at the projects and maybe individual tasks so important, but not urgent. So for me, it will be the trouble to Brazil because it will be my trip. And I wanted to be excellent, right? But I'm not gonna go to Brazil until the next months. So I have time and I can schedule it, right? I can put it somewhere in my calendar, and it makes it the priority Number three. Okay, now I can look at the market in research. Yes, it is important. And I wanted to be done in an excellent way. But it's not urgent because I need it for the same product that well, uh, go to market on day next year. So I have time. And also it takes him priority number three. Okay, So go through all of the items in your projects and define everything that belongs to their number three priority. Priority Number four will be something that is not important and not urgent. And we already did it by putting some items in the someday calm. But now go through all of the projects that you have and see. Maybe you still have something that does not need to be done right now, and it's absolutely not important. You just want it to happen. But not necessarily right now. Well, me, for example, I'm taking I'm chicken Chicken. I see that Yes, travel to Brazil now, but traveled in the world will be actually sometime in the future. So we'll put it into someday. And it actually means that it's the priority. Number four. Every item in your list needs to be prioritized to stop the video now into the job. 9. 9. Individual tasks: Let's forget for a second about the project column and go to the individual tasks. Remember that it's a temporary column, and the goal of this video is to clean it and then delete the column because we just needed to know the difference between individual tasks and projects. And now we know it, and we know that all the individual dust doesn't require many steps to be done. First of all, you need to understand how much time it requires, so get it done. And if you find that you need less than two minutes to do this item, do it right now, you can just post the video and do the items. So, for example, if you need to call James, just check up on him. Do it right now. Do it. Of course, it may take more than two minutes, but you will get it down and you will delete this item. If the call eyes more than just a check up and you need to discuss something important, Jim, schedule of these item, and you do it either in your calendar or your planner. The difference is that if you have an exact date to do this item date, You put it in your planner. But if you have exact time when you need to do it, then you go and put it in your calendar. And so, for example, meeting its gate tomorrow well happen at the exact moment, right? At 7 p.m. Let's say so. I know it and I put it into my calendar, and now I can actually delete it from here because I have it in my calendar. I don't need to remember about it. The calendar will remind me about this. So I go and archived item Mike on his birthday, right? I need to Congress late Mike. And when's my My experts see Well, it's the six off June and it's not exact moment, right? It's just date. So that's how I opened my planner and I pulled here. If a task like I need to call my can and congratulate him on his birthday, Okay, so and now I go through all of the items and I put them either in my planner or in my calendar and archive all the items. Okay, and when it's all clean, I can eliminate the column. I don't need it anymore and for the future. When you have more things in the collector and you know that it's just an individual dance , you don't need to put them into the individual Task column. You can go straight to your calendar or your planner and pulled the item there, okay, and then that's how you will have only projects and someday items. 10. 10. Projects: So now we're back to Project column and what we're going to do now is very, very important. Because it's something that actually will assure you that you get things done and you get the results that you want. Okay, so we are going to define the next step for each project that you have in your least and to do so, we need to go from project to project and work on it. Okay, so let's start with the the projects that they have the number one priority for me. It's this center presentation to the hotel. So you opened the first project and you see here that you need to send a presentation to the hotels. The position is not ready yet and I need to work on it. So to do so, I need to create a checklist. Here, check please. We will be actually things that you need to dio. And for now you need to just define the next step. So for me it will be Teoh. Let's say to create a presentation. Yes, but look, here is the tricky part. Creating representation is also a project. It requires several steps to be done right So then it means that I will not have Just check , please. I will have created presentation. Yes. And inside of these checklist of greater representation I need to. For example, the 1st 1st of Steph will be defining. It'll be right. So now if you know what else you need to do to create the presentation police it right now , for example, I need to find a designer who will do the presentation for me will create this. Make it beautiful. So find a designer. I also need Teoh. Get the images. I need to write texts at least everything. If you have it now in your mind, because it's your first priority. So you probably thought that about this A little bit right toe put all the least right here . And remember that what matters the most is the shore step. Yes. So defining the topic will be the first thing that you will do when you start working on this presentation. So for now we define it. The 1st 1 You can close it and go to the next project in your least right. And for example, we have here the priority number 1 20 pages of the book, and here it's a great example for you to know that it may not be the best title for Project , right? Read 20 pages. It seems like it's not a project with some kind of a routine that you do every day, right? So in this case, a project will be read the book? Yes. And here you put the name of the book and for me. Now I'm reading one of the Tony Robbins spoke. So I put it here, right, So that's that's my project now, and it's my number one priority. So how I do this checklist will be actually read. It went Avengers write 20 pages every day. For some people, it can be the only step they take in when you're ready to finish this project. But also, for example, for me. After reading the book, I worked through all of the highlighted moments, right. I write them down, I analyzed them so the next step can be right down all they interesting parts. Discuss the book, read my friends or whatever, right? So I'm creating stuff here. You can think off how you are making the projects that require every day off routine activities in order to achieve it. Right? For me, it's like this. So every day when I opened the project and I see the look, I have to Tony Robbins book that I haven't finished yet. So I have to read it and 20 pages a day is my minimum. Yeah, so that's how you work on this project and that the example Look for you here. Lose weight, for example. It is a super weight definition over project because it's it's not a goal, right? It's just a dream. So what we need to make here is a clear understanding of how you are going to lose weight on losing weight, normally require several steps, and one of them he's make a list of gyms where you can go. So the first step there really first step that you can do to. In order to lose weight, ISS make at least all James a round your house right when the list of James will be ready, then you can call and chap the gyms and choose the best one right? And then, you know you need to go and sign off that, said Richard Writer. You need to go through each and every project that you have in your project least and and defined this next step If you have in mind what else you can Dio also listed the first thing you need todo is to define the next step gay for each and every project that you have in your lease, No matter what priority they have, Please stop the video. Define next steps for every project that you have in your leaves and when you're done, see you in the next video. 11. 11. Team work: now everything that you do kind of the second priority can be delegated to somebody else, right? Because it's something that is important to do fast but not important toe as a result, you know, So it means that you need the result, but you don't necessarily need to do it yourself right to force uncle. In my case, finished projects will be the second priority, and I can delegate it to somebody, right? They have some things that needs to be done, and I have a person who can added my videos and can designed to cover, right? So what can I do? I can send this card to that person, and it's easy. And that person doesn't need to have travel yet, right, because they will receive the notification anyway. So what do I do? I open these members, and I put here the email of the person who I need to do this job for me. And let's say it's just an example of the Senate to my email. The second email, right that, uh, is not registered control you. So let's see. Now the mail will come to my inbox. I open it and I see that somebody invited me to the board, right? And if I click to see the board, I will find myself as a part off the project. You see, I am in the least of members for this project, and I know that this is what I need to dio remember that this person who you send the invitation to if they don't have the trailer county it, it's fine. They still can see what they need to do. And they don't even need Teoh have the account. But they can because Charlie is truly awesome toe to get things down, so you will really do them a favor by introducing Detroit about. 12. 12. Daily activity: now, when all of your projects are sorted out, delegated, prioritized, divided into categories and all of the next steps are defined, it's time to finally get things done. So how do I do it? In the morning before I started working on anything, I open my GDD board and I go through all the projects that they have. Starting this off course with the priority number one. I open it and I see that they send the presentation to the hotel. So I need to define a topic. So I take these tasks and I write down into my to do list for the day, right? It's in my thinner and I write it exactly. These define its orbit for the presentation. So I go through all the project and I write down all the first next steps that I have in each of them. Off course. If you have 2030 50 projects, you will not right to 80 30 to those for you. Today you will stop after five items that you write down s 05 first priority items. We will be India to the list and it will be your success list. Right? So this is the minimum that you need to do during the day. And when you finish those five star items, then you can go again through the projects and find what else you can do if you still have time, power for your things to get done. All right. So remember, five items is what successful people recommend that you need to do every day to actually see the progress and see that things get done. And remember, if some tasks take less than two minutes to accomplish, do it right now. Don't need to write them down into your planner because it will take space. And then you will see that Oh, my God. They have so many things to do and your head can explode. But don't. You don't need to do this, so the task takes less than two minutes. Do it right now. Don't write it down anywhere. Not to your calendar, not you, planner. Do it right now and you will see that it feels great. One last thing that I would like Teoh comment about how to color things in the collector and your daily basis when you don't have your computer next yield and you are on a meeting or something, and some idea came to your head. It's natural to take a piece of paper and write down or right in your planner or something . In this way, you will make it more difficult for yourself to take control over your actions in over your things to do. I need you, Teoh have a new habit, and the habit is instead of taking this little note open in your planner or calendar or whatever, you need to open your trail aboard. And I do it by having the trail obligation on my phone and their region that this application cats and there are several looks that this region has. I'm gonna show you all that are there for my phone. So you see, I have three by three and by one, and for me personally looks better than to buy one region. And that's how it looks in real life, you see, so this little line that I have on the background on my phone spring and it is very simple to use it, because if I decided to add a card, I press it and you see it goes directly to the GT de board to the collector, so I don't need to choose it every time. I just need to write down the task for the idea that I came up with and I write it right here. It can be just a note. If I don't have much time, I just put here, um, coal market and the toll I don't need Teoh right there. You know, I just need to remember I would create. And then if I want to open the trailer application on the duty board You see, I have this old Martha and when I have time later, I can open it. I can edit it, for example. I can say that cold Martha, to talk about the meeting, anything that you have, and when it's done, I can put it in one of the project stretch, for example. I told it to the work project that they have. And of course I don't get about the priorities. And I put the priority number one as this call is very important, okay. And safe. And you see, now the collector is empty again on their call is in the fortunes so and every time when something comes up, I know that they have a very short but so air. The new idea to my collector 13. 13. Weekly activity: weekly check is very important as it helps you. Teoh, keep an eye on everything that you're working on. Make sure that things get done and, most importantly, controlled the progress on H Project and see the board clean. Right? So that's something that, you know that is up to date and actually serves you in your life, According to the author of the book. Get Things Done, Mr Allen. He recommends to do this weekly check on Friday. Right, he says that it's a great time to do it before lunch. This way, you still how clear understanding of everything that you need to do. You have fresh memory off everything that you've done and ideas that you have for the next steps. And also you have this half a day left to finish something urgent that you didn't have a chance to finish. Yet Another idea is to do it on Sunday if you don't work from Monday to Friday from 9 to 5 . But then it also is a great idea to do this weekly check on Sunday morning. If you go to a coffee shop for nobody is destructing you and in a beautiful place with their planner with the calendar. With your trail aboard with the coffee, you sit and you enjoy seeing how your life is in order and that you have things done it. So you choose. You find the best moment for yourself when you want to do this weekly chip, what it needs to be done. First step that you take is you Look at your collector and you see that it it needs to be empty by the end of the week. You need to have it empty during the week. You can put things here, but at the end of the week, it needs to be empty 100%. If not, do what we did before, put it into projects in someday or in your calendar. In your planner with There needs to be done. Now go through your planner and make sure that everything that you wrote there along the week in meetings, in your moments, off creativity everything needs to be put here in the city board and all the ideas, plans, questions they all need to be here. Nothing. Your planner here if they don't have any days, they don't have any special big time we need to be here. When you finish with the planner, go through each project that you have an open them and see what you have already done. You're in the week, right? So let's say you're in this week. I define the topic. I found a designer. I got the images and now I know that for the next week would any to the first It's the right texts, right? So on Monday, when I come toe work, I will know that what I need to do is to write checks for my presentation. So you go through all the projects, all the projects that you house in your least and take all the things that you have them during the week. Then you go through individual tasks. Yes, if you still have that column. And you didn't delete it because you think that it sold you, then also do it, go through individual tasks and archive everything that is done already. And also don't forget to look at some day. Maybe at some point, something that you thought is in the far future. Maybe it's already in the present. And maybe now writing a book is your priority Maybe you have the idea off doing it now, So if it happens, then take this item from someday and put it into your project and remember to put it in and category that you defined right for me. It will be work, Let's say Okay, so go through each and every column on your travel board and make sure that everything is up to date. 14. 14. You made it!: Congratulations. You finished it. Thank you so much for learning with me. It's been a great pressure teaching you guys if you followed all the steps now, you should have your own GDD board. And please feel free to share it with us in the project section. Thank you so much. And I'll see you in the next class.