Boost your creativity and learn to manage your time with the Pomodoro Technique! | Luisa Barbero | Skillshare

Boost your creativity and learn to manage your time with the Pomodoro Technique!

Luisa Barbero, Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

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6 Videos (11m)
    • Welcome!

    • What's the pomodoro technique?

    • Why is Pomodoro technique fundamental

    • Useful Apps and tools

    • Let's get into practice!

    • Let's share our experiences!

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About This Class

Are you struggling to finish all your daily tasks? Do you feel overwhelmed or simply are looking for some tools to improuve your productivity?

Then this is the right class for you :)

We will explore how the Pomodoro technique works and what are the benefits!

I shared some of my persona experience too, so you have a better understanding of how if works and changes your daily mindset! 

Here are the apps I mentioned: 

Tomato Timer Desktop 

Tomato Timer App

Tide App

Let me know if this class has been helpful and share your experience! :)






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Luisa Barbero

Designer. Bookworm. Professional wierdo.

Hi everybody!

I'm Luisa, i'm italian and i'm a 23 years old extremly messy human trying to figure out her exciting future!

I'm graduated in Fine Arts, currently living the craziness of Berlin, finishing my M.A. in Communication design, seeking everyday for new inspirations and adventures.

I'm an app developer and web developer, of course a cat lover.

Weirdness and curiosity are what I always strongly encourage and are the words that I love to use to describe myself...

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