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Boost your Social Skills and Confidence Create an Amazing Social Lifestyle

teacher avatar Miguel Angelo, Become a Person of Value

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction & Overview

    • 2. Preparing at Home with your Story

    • 3. Preparing at Home with Visualizations

    • 4. Very Simple Conversation Starters

    • 5. Engage People in Coversation

    • 6. Keep Conversations Going

    • 7. Create Rapport

    • 8. Connect and Greet Key People

    • 9. Change your Agenda

    • 10. Go out often

    • 11. Exchange Details with Contacts

    • 12. Filter Contacts

    • 13. Invite People to Your life

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About This Class

Boost your social skills and confidence and create an amazing social lifestyle

It provides a step-by-step guide that includes inner work, where to meet people, how to approach and start conversations, what to do, and say in social situations, and much more. This course will help anyone from novice to advanced.

It helps you build massive social capital, rapport, and relationships that matter. It's your blueprint for building a great social life.

This course will teach how to become super social in your city to create an amazing social life. With conversation skills and confidence skills to be able to meet anyone anywhere.

Learn how to:

  •  Boost your confidence
  •  Improve your social and communication skills
  •  Learn how to create rapport and connect with people
  •  Learn how to eliminate anxiety and fear of rejection

In this course, I will cover everything on building an amazing social life and take you through all of the steps on to even inviting people into your life.

Meet Your Teacher

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Miguel Angelo

Become a Person of Value


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1. Introduction & Overview: welcome to this course on how to be more connected in your city in 30 days or less. So this course what I want to cover it's gonna be more concepts and techniques for you to actually connect with people and build up a social life your city that bring us connection socially and professionally. In this corner. We're gonna be covering concepts like how to prepare before leaving your house. How prepared. Before you walk into a social gathering or before leaving your house, when these realizations we're gonna we're gonna be covered. 100 changes, social life, reality. Meaning that we're gonna be covering how to tell you a story about your social life so that you project that more or more powerful, more powerful. When you go out with recovering the Knicks with the conversational starters, I don't get the conversation going, how to engage people in the conversation and how you always have something to say and to ask more importantly, how Bill report with people have connect with them so that you become a well known within your city and you have all these connections we're gonna cover how to follow up after you connect with people exchange details and, more importantly, how invite people to you like to actually get together in order for you to keep all these connections around you. So stay tuned, and we'll steal the first lesson. 2. Preparing at Home with your Story: guys walk up to this section of the course of this quarter. But I want to cover is how to get you ready for you. Leave your house prepare and how you give pumped up and confidence before you go there to any social gathering or before you leave your house with you. You are projecting this confident energy before you even leave your house and the first thing I want to cover. It's actually your story. I want you to really look into it and see what what reality is your social life. But what I want you to do is to actually grab a piece of paper and start writing down. What is your reality over social life? What is it really detail, right? Things like my my social life socks because of this and that is very minimal. My social life. I don't connect with people I don't know a lot of people on. I always feel up where we're talking to people so I won't get to write. All this thing is down a piece of paper cause it's gonna be a historic This is your reality right now, so we want to get it out and really explore it and switched up for you. So if you could take a few minutes and really concentrate, just get all these details out. Although, because we want to really get your all backtrack shelf that is really creating that social reality that you have a woman so that later on you will be easier for you to take action on the actual practical stuff that we're gonna be covering. Well, so when you finish right now, this is the story of their social and what it's like and all these negative things that are limiting you. What I want you to do is flip toe another piece of paper and write down the opposite of what you wrote in a positive way. And he was already happening now for a temple. My social life is amazing. People just are waiting for me to talkto every time I come and talk to somebody that so interested on actually talking to me because this is gonna happen when you actually stop believing in you really limit his new story is gonna happen. So all of these things I want you to write it as a positive Wait. So going from the past or the negative part of your story would probably want, like, people are not really interested in conversation with me. I don't have something to say. You pass onto that people are sold, engaging what I have to say. And my questions are amazing that every time I ask a question, they're so happy that I ask and they have always a great answer. We keep always a great conversation, but more importantly, I connect with people. So this is gonna be your news stories. And when I want you to do when you finish with this story, I want to actually get the old one. Rip it traded. Throw it away, trash. Get rid of it. That is your past. And now we're living on your precedent for your future reality. So I hope you do this. And after you finish doing this, when I want you to do is to put that story close to your bed. The story because I wanted to do is every morning you get up, read your story before going to bed, read your story and do it in and out and put the other James really feeling feel that I see this as if it's happening already and and you will change your life. So this is about your story, this lesson and recovering more visually stations on the next story, which is gonna help you also with your story that bl people is actually more Speakman that I wouldn't call her as well. We'll see over the next lesson. 3. Preparing at Home with Visualizations: it was the right guy. Welcome to this lesson on this lesson. Cover another part of preparing, bumping up, getting confident before you out of your health, really getting really projecting that confident energy. So on this lesson what I want to cover these organizations which are very important to get you pumped up, Really cop it. Aside from the story, is there gonna be more statements of weighing one things to happen of their single statement off things? You want that to happen for some book? I always attract the right people that benefit my career or my business. Or I would get us for my number by women track this kind of woman into my life. Women always approached me and they engagement conversations. Or every time I talk to people, I always build a report and always exchange numbers with this arm or single statements or specific things that you want that to happen depending on your interests of social life. Because what biggest to actually expand your social life and the other thing is to be focused off. How help you see your life in general to actually travel this connection so that you don't have all these connections that might be beneficial for you to make your life even easier. Better because everybody sells their trip to help you. Everybody gets out there to help you and give you if you come from the right place so disconnected already out there So the marrow defected, like you need to book it. I want you to grab 5 to 10 statements, things that are happening in your right now. But you do like for them to happen. Like I have tracked this kind of woman every time I go out. Think you work out for me professionally. Exact practice connections benefit my business. My career. It would be very detailed, depending on your you're under career on your business, give me details on wall Way. They actually come into play in your in your life figure and your social life. So just write them down on a piece of paper and you write down the negative ones that are happening now and then passing positive they are happening about and you get rid of all the old ones as well. You just paper away and keep the new ones. You keep this lack of 10 states and the really rough you can write more about to keep booking and for the things. Of course, statement will be the best deal. Thanks for useful overwhelm you with so many things and so many exercises before going out . And when I want you to know what you exercises that I also wanted to read him in the morning and 94 months. But same thing with your story gets after your story. Because this well, but more importantly, to actually read them before you go out. What were you gonna read? This one. If you're gonna sit down, please. Quiet for you. You're not gonna be interrupted. And you read them aloud when I wanted to. Just close your eyes. Visualized statement happening in your life. Really See it, Feel it. And he's living inside of you. Us It is happening as it happens every time you go out and this stay with it alone. You nieto just really feel it. Each statement. I want to do this for 5 to 10 minutes. You can actually just, um, a vigil ate it and feel it a company so that when you're ready to Well, you have already projected that. But importantly, you already lived inside. So everything outside kind of be protected us if it's already happened to you. So I hope this house, and I'll see you on the next lecture. 4. Very Simple Conversation Starters: Hey, guys, welcome to this lecture or lesson on this lecture when I want to cover its more compositional started something that it's simple, especially if you're shy or if you suffer from the kind of social inciting and you have a hard time actually engaging people or you had a hard time engaging. People could already story, and we've already come to the realization. But this ticket is more practical little things that you can use in order to actually start living that kind of social life that to get engaged into taking practical action. So this things have ever simple star. Very simple, because nothing they are used in the daily basis. But a lot of people don't use him. It's just grating that you greet people in order to get you out of your mind and get rolling. It's American Express enough. You leave your house, people feel on the streets. A How you doing today? Good afternoon. Just simple things. But you wish people on their greetings that will get you out of your head and get your conversational Ah, lot of people don't see how important this is, but because we build up on it this our little, little tiny steps that eventually build up people conversations and when partly it gets your mind and your injured and yourself into actually having those conversations, because when we go out and we start loving ourselves by not saying anything, then we stop awarded that don't kill mentality. So by the time we really want to have a full conversation, he gets harder because you're not used to it and you haven't done. You haven't found a little baby steps to actually make it easier for you. So when you got there, you got toe venue, toe, coffee shop or whatever it is, and you haven't really been out of your mind just thinking in your head. You get up there and then some. You want to talk to somebody. All of this pressure is on you, and it's like old craft and you just block yourself. Polish stuff comes into your head. All of this conversation self talk conversation constantly ahead with Shell. It doesn't help, but if you have done the things right and you left your home started reading people, especially in the coffee shop, you have older workers there. We're gonna talk more about this later on. But just a good afternoon. Have a good day. It was going about your day. Eventually, we're gonna get those questions. But we're not just greeting small little greeting that doesn't take two away from your conference sort, but gets here in the half off actually being more conversational. So when I want you to do is to actually just go out. And if you have heart from our conversation would be both depending on the level would around your social confidence. Then you start reading people helping your first couple days for a week, a week off that and then we're gonna build up on the next to me. But you've created people, get your dominance ality or meeting people and makes it easier. So I hope this health, and I'll see you on the next lesson. 5. Engage People in Coversation: Hey, guys, what's going on? Welcome to this lesson and the lesson. What I want to cover war. It's to actually having a gentle conversations. How to get people warning The conversation on the last lesson would cover more confessional starters, where I would call it more of ingredients because they're short things where I just to get you moving and to get you out there before your life. But this one, what I want, covers more engaging in conversation. And the easiest way to do it is to actually ask questions, questionable people and really need them be sincere upon you wanting to know about people and more important of the world. Yes, in general, Farsi goes 100 they go. And Howard, you and you can keep moving in that direction because I dedicate your starting the conversation, especially when you go to places that you working out. They use that you go to coffee shops, bars. The first thing that you want to do is to actually get to know the people on the value because certainly bringing that you may not know this is a venue that you want to meet people. So my advice to you is to start with questions and maybe more more general questions and moving into more personal questions. Questions like 100 A going Just a general question like that. Well, could put. So you'd be working here long. Where you from? Do you live around here? How do you like a job? He started working for the conversational stuff. And later we're gonna come. We're gonna cover more about how to spice it up. But for now, what I want you to do is to actually just initiating engaging people in the conversation, which is very practical because not a lot of people do it. You go there, you feel people in a coffee shop the biggest go mind their own business. You go with specific venues and work for you to actually grow your social environment in your city. He has to start with the places you cannot, because once that benefit unit and you see all these people yourself there, nobody asked the waiter or waitress with the bartender. Other doing so. No. Everybody is lining their own bedroom in your mind there or mine. So just giving you extra effort for you to actually get to know people in this way is engaged to the whole conversation because now it's not only have a good dating with buying more how you doing and that can engage people to reply to you, and that's gonna get you're going to come infection, which eventually people are appreciative of it. If you come from the right from the right place, people appreciate you actually asking be insincere apart. And then you move along through your values to places you hang out. You're gonna be doing the same thing with random people. Maybe they went to the bathroom by the bathroom. You see, people worth about going hunting, drink what you're drinking, and you're gonna be engaging people to this simple questions and eventually didn't carry on a conversation like this and just start meeting people out. So I hope this helps you see the vision off actually engaging people conversation to questions and I'll feel the next list 6. Keep Conversations Going: Hey, guys, welcome to this lesson It is. That's what I want to cover more, to keep the conversation going to go a little bit more into that. A lot of people have a lot of people have issues keeping the conversation going. They run out of things to save a nervous. Especially when you try to expand social laughing about something steak. We get nervous, we wouldn't block ourselves. We don't know what to say or weak conviction or if you're not used to it. So the place to start is to actually left us the first simple questions. They're going to give you answers and you can actually find question with both senses. This is simple. So when people ask you if you ask them a question for example, how did you drink? People are gonna tell us. Good. What, you drinking coffee and get people asking about that or going to a different direction? Well, yeah. Copy is that you ordered this one over or or will you recommended? I'm just looking to get a drink for myself. I'm trying to change a little bit if your coffee or whatever and just going to die just playing with those questions because in every answer that people give you, they sit on a question you can ask. It said that we love our minds from it, but it is there. You don't know what when you meet a person, you like where you throw? Oh, yeah, I'm from Mexico. Yeah. Who? What's What's Mexico known for? You know, you just get into it is that I heard the food is really good. What, What? The top food in Mexico. What's what's the culture like all these questions about that. So every time somebody after a question, you have more questions to ask about that the city Ages way to keep the conversation boys. Obviously, you can also start your own topics and redirect the conversation. Two different scenarios because we want you to do, is to actually get information out of people and start creating a connection with the people that eventually will do not report. But we're gonna want to report later on, and this is gonna get you that information or who they are. And with that comes out, you can actually be a lot on the report itself in order to connect with people. So I hope this health and I'll see you in the next lecture 7. Create Rapport: Hey, guys, Welcome to this lecture. This lecture. What? I've talked about how to create report with people like with people in general because it is part of report. How really build up on that? Because it's very important for you to after the buildup, this connection and one of the things that I want to talk about it. Actually, if you can find a common things with this person are you talking about? You carry on a conversation? What do you do? What you like to do? Things are gonna come out that you might have in coming and going to the subject because people really want to talk about what they're passionate about. It kind of sporting coming. We don't want your favorite teams. Well, what he liked to play. What's your favorite position of the team or in the sport? All these things people want to talk about. So when they talking about it, they feel like you're listening, and obviously you're gonna be listening. All of these things are building up report because you're building this connection with them, even though you mind my be into sport, but it will build a report. But if you can find this common things with the other person will make it easier. But you can also go from the perspective of respecting the fact that they they want to talk about this passion, that they haven't listened and they wanted actually pictures of well, so if you're not into this sport or you don't know much about it, these people will teach you about that. People want to talk about it because it brings and joy makes them feel good. And when you make them feel good, they trust you and they're struggling up this report with you. So if they're talking about football of a boxing about something that you might not be into , just listen and let them really get to it. It is a respect apart, admired apart and really ask questions about be interested in that person telling you about it, even if you're not interested in the sport itself. If your interest in a person sharing with you, their passion that brings report will together. So when you doing this, you are just listening and interesting conversation. People started to like yours and they're starting to open up to you, and when they do That's what the report really built up. The third thing I want to talk about in this building report. It's also about coming from the right perspective, not only from the being interested in learning, but also in the conversation what you bring into the conversation rather than taking. What are you bringing into this conversation? Are you bringing fund to a share with people? Are you? Are you sharing your good energy, your carefree vibe with people? Are you bringing something to the table that actually, no, that people feel that whatever it is you might be one of those people are what I meet different people to introduce people to people, benefit them in turn away. You met somebody and they have uninterested on sport and state Support us another person, your man out of the book, introducing to each other, bringing together and you build up their conventions, and in return, you give it to them, so they even trust you even more. And this report keeps escalating with this person because now they know you have no agenda . They know you're coming from it from the right place, and they know and they feel that you actually benefited them rather than taking for yourself. So this is very important for the Three Steps Oblivion report is to actually find something common with a person, or this lesson teach you and tell you about what they like just getting to be interested in it, or they're just bringing to the table, give them connected with other people, share the fun with them, making smile, making how good they are. Good night. Depending on the venue where you're at, they just create that atmosphere for them and they will feel it. You benefit from it a lot because people are gonna be grateful to be around you. And this is part of the report. Because now every time they see you, they're going to storm. I use they want to be around you. They say hi for you because that's exactly what you created the report. So I hope this helps, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 8. Connect and Greet Key People: I want to cover is how to greet people. How to make those connections now with just lesson, actually, with specific people in the venues when you go to. So you hanging up venues with cover a lot of the techniques and a lot of different things that are gonna help me run on people in Vegas and anywhere that, actually. But in this case, when I want to do is going to moral the key people. You want me in your you in places getting out because you want to have connections that you want to build upon connection there. Because if the places that you're gonna be going to specifically for your own for your benefit hanging out somewhere. So people that worked there are very important for your social life style and for actually engaging, creating the social life in your city people that work there are very important because in it, any time that you might be feeling down and you might be, then you might be in a coffee shop. You know how many times, you know, tell your story really quick for a big you? Two more? There's many kinds work. I go out and sometimes I end up feeling better. I could have been abused or or just get for some unknown reason. I'm feeling bad. I always help the fact that I always have something back to fall into. And that is the people that work there because they already know me, and they're already very positive about me being there. So when I walked to when I feel bad, I go back to those people that are there already in the Great Buddha buildup on this time, it could be the bartender, the waiter of Waitress. They could be the cook, whether it is that you will always fall back into that because they're gonna spring, you back up from whatever move your building and you're going to me and talking to the bartender again, and it will build you up on your positive attitude and you're confident will bring you out off that feeling. Bad state. So the week previous people is to actually always acknowledge them when you want to this very well. People off. Nobody knowledge of people. Everybody out there and everybody wants to complain. Everybody sits on a table, and this people is dirty. They haven't bring my food now we might drank. Oh, my God, I Everything is about complaining and you build a better relations with these people. Is that some states that happened along the way? It's except that if you accept that I have a tow for work from that people live in a picture, you more and that little victory better because you did not created a reaction to whatever happened, whether it was intentional or unintentional. But you you're cool. Goal here is to build up positive connections with people of work of the video you pay now . So whatever it is that happened, always looking and their perspective for how do I keep this positive? If I complain, you will have a reaction that is gonna separate from my bowl. So always, even if it is you accepting whatever happened and being okay with it just come from that perspective, this eventually they're gonna notice that they're gonna actually be even mawr given to you because you did not complain about what happened. So the wake of Greek than a week on knowledge, that is when somebody was doing the job. Or now they're still there doing a job so just be grateful for thank you. Thank you for bringing me this. Thank you for the food was great. Say, tell me, Put that it was great that I really liked it or suggestions of what you build up. Are you being suggested to people who have a better way? But most importantly, you have knowledge. You greet them. You always make them smile. If you can make you smile. Is their jobs because a lot of people are very measures on their jobs, especially in a coffee shop in venues like that. If they're miserable and you're going to bring a smile next time, you can already be like receiving you with a big smile again. So you want to connect with the people that work in those videos, whatever it is you're going that you hang out. If it's if it's sports place internally, a a soccer field where you have you have a brilliant their fuel. The referee Lee. Whatever all these people are involved in creating or working there is connect with them, make the effort, connecting with them, and you will always have that connection every time you go back. So this is willing crazy social environment. And more specifically, if you ever bring people to those venues to those activities to whatever it is that you're doing, yeah, you can look really good on the people already know you, and they're receiving you so well. But more importantly, you're gonna be easier because you're at your home you made this place is your home because all these people are there to greet you. Now, all the effort you put in from the beginning, you build up. By now, you come to this place is and everybody knows your name. Everybody knows who you are. And they know Benoit in a positive way. So whoever you bring along, if you if you get in a business meeting, if you bring a growth, Frank, if you bring a friend that kind of service you're gonna receive and the kind of energy you're gonna receive is completely different than anything they didn't know you are, or if you have a connection with them. So I hope this helps, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 9. Change your Agenda: it was, but I got Welcome to this lecture. Lecture. What I want to cover it's actually changing from having an agenda. Walks giving when with Surely from technique, way have surely for once from people's conversations and your story, your statement visualization cover is more of changing from having an agenda with you. Well, having an agenda, whole kind of social life. What does this mean? We always have a focus off. How are people gonna benefit? And I know sensible discourse, and I will keep sharing about how people are gonna win it, figuring your social life, which is true. But I want you to come from the right place when you meet people. So in this lecture, the whole concept off having an agenda, meaning that you're not trying to get something, Whether it happens for now, it doesn't matter. You have a focus that things are gonna be coming your way for to help your business, your your profession, your sort of light. But stay away from really having the pressure off getting that from people. When people feel that you're trying to get something from them. No. Well, that from you they will move away from it. They will push you away from them because they can feel it. It's like a self metal. Somebody tripped selling something. And you come across this creepy self person that is just trying to get something for himself or herself. So in this game where I wanted to do it 100 James upto actually giving and spoken to different lectures about giving about always having that initiative to give off to people not only to which they're left with the rituals long wait in the wake of the reason why I say that because when you come from a perspective of giving people can feel it, people will actually appreciate you more. Then we'll actually open up to you even easier. You will get rid of a whole bunch off insecurity that you might have about meeting people because I'm trying to help them. Now you bring into the table. Now you're giving to all these people one way or another. So go from having an agenda, focusing on giving to people one way, or you can have somebody do it. If you're just sharing your good energy and carefree personality, do it. If you can make people that do it because they would risk their life and in trouble in which doors all the people are gonna trust you. And this is gonna what's gonna really skyrocket your social life except attempting? Well, people will remember you for the things that you have done for them. But don't expect that as well. If somebody will be the exception where somebody doesn't really care, you don't. Some people that don't expect thank you or anything just keep being the same kind of personal giving, and you'll see that the majority of people and even that person, eventually will fall into it. Would you do for you, so I hope this helps. 10. Go out often: all right. I woke up to this lesson on this list of what I want to cover. It's more about to get you out there to your favorite venues. You know, sometimes we're feeling now not doing much, and we stayed at home. But this lesson, whatever covers to actually get you out both star visiting the venue that you like star visited the activity that you like to start actually hanging out in the places that actually are bringing for your lifestyle. Whatever it is that you like, you might like basking our jazz part. You might like sports. You might like hiking. Start hiking, buildup on hiking with groups in general, be industy marriage where you want to build up your social circle. But more importantly, where you want to actually have a bigger social circle within your city, your town wherever they lived. Whatever is your entrance. Build up on that because it's going to make it easier for you. You're in the environment that you enjoy your finger. Brown's. It's a lot easier going drill for you. They want to places that you might not like meeting people that I have not the same enter this it makes it easier for you. But whatever it is that you're you're trying to build on, whether you like your city and start thinking out of those places, starting out. If you like nightclubs, you conclude, Michael, if you like Latin dancing, you might want to goto left investing club or what they bring or where they haven't using inspectors building up on the values that you enjoy. So what I want you to do start making the effort going out out of your house for five days per week and that is starting to a nightclub every night, members running through a bark every day. But in general, open your interests that you have because it's gonna build up on social circles wherever it is from hiking, too. Whatever sport you have, maybe boxing, being football, whatever you build up on it and it's gonna make you region because they're already groups in there that are socializing and you might just want you might just fall into place and just completely in one being beautiful country people rather than meeting one person at a time. So oh, this is gonna help you to actually get more connected in your city. Why? Because aside from the fact that you already building report, you're going to the things that you really enjoy. A You're able to have a common thing with other people of wealth that makes it easier. So just getting out of your house, start getting out there and really, uh, push yourself to get out of the house specially we don't feel like going out and don't necessarily get drunk to lose yourself in a nightclub every night to whatever it is just fine things that you enjoy doing and start doing. Keep doing it and just go from there. Carry on the legs that we share that I've shared here with you on conversation on your story, how to get from felt. And that's just gonna old come together for you. And you're gonna start meeting people in every field report with a lot of people, especially if you're happy where you're out on a few big best you and your daughter. So I hope you got 11. Exchange Details with Contacts: guys, welcome to this lesson. I did. Listen. What? I want to cooperate with all the people. You mean exchanged information? Details? Were they gonna make juice of it or not? It doesn't matter. You're gonna filter a filter later off. But it didn't stink. Information. You have that open gate to talk to people to see how you can help him. How can they help How they can help you in your life? You don't know. Sometimes we don't get to talk a lot, especially in value with Mike Love for different things. So you don't know who they are completely and what they do, disagree? Opportunity. They always have that door open to finding out what they do and who they are. So if you exchange details for members email, whatever it ISS in order to have the door open, what would make that effort? But not much more importantly, because it's gonna give you a habit off. Always, naturally, has changed deep filled with people. So whenever there's somebody really important that you get a little bit nervous about and you really want to remember is gonna come on naturally because this is already watching. Do we have it. You build up on this habit and naturally you will request their member. Or you will give him remember or email or or business card, whatever it is in order to follow up later to actually find out who they are, what they do. If you haven't, if you already done it, you will feel some how later on might be beneficial for you to have. Remember, because off this point you might see something that you kept cannot help with or that they cannot bring it into your social life or to your profession. So this will also keep you connected because it's people that might be also hanging up, picking out sorry on this venue where you hang out. So what does this mean? That this is building up. Your social going keeps creating. It's all a cycle. So maybe two weeks from now you hanging out this place and there's a whole bunch of new people, or there's a situation that you can handle some how, but this person might be able to help us. All these connections might be able to help you, or you will be able to help that happen through a way or another, Thank you. Build up on this and eventually allow this sort of circle all the people that you know, whether you follow up on them or not. But they still know you and seen you in a positive way. So they always creature in a positive way, brother Having a negative reaction or negative greeting or not at all. So it is a matter of having both details, always candy. So that later on, you can you can actually make a cautious additional one of direct this connection with this person because we're gonna cover that a little bit leader on a block. So just have a habit of changing details. So it makes it all natural. I hope it's up and I'll see you in the next lecture. 12. Filter Contacts: Hey, guys, welcome to this lecture on this lecture. What I want calmer. It's filtering your context. So no way. Meet some people that we connect with or the big connect with us, but we don't connect with them. But there is something that you need to fill. Drill over lying for where you want to place people. You might meet people that well you connect with, but they're probably another right kind of people you want to be hanging out with or if you want, you want to hang out with them in specific situations. So there's the better off you finding out consciously. How do you want to deal with people that you're meeting with some people? You might want to go with them again. You might want to really create really strong friendships with Bring him along your social lifestyle. Knowing people is one thing and creating building people in order to buy. Now where have you want to bring it to your life? That's another thing, so you can actually feel there by who they are and what they do and see how each person fits into your life because maybe you just want to help this person, but maybe you don't want a person around the whole time. Maybe you want this person to be your friend because there were recording. Connect with them if you both have very similar interest and you connect really well, or maybe depression that can better your business or your or your social life or whatever it is. So you keep more of the distance, state and millions still in Iraq with them in certain ways, especially when you see them, or when you meet with. So you might not want one thing on this person and engaged them into into biting them to hang up on a specific venue to get to know this person even more. This perfume I want to just keep us in the quietness thing. It's always say hi and always have a conversation with every time you see them. So this is where all the details coming to play because now you've been had built their all these people you connect with connecting with not only for your business interests, for a personal interest for social interest, careful whoever you can help with well or whether you can help, but also who you wanted you like to hang out with make your life even Richard in energy and and socially. So you might want to have organized activities now for you and the people you're meeting. So who do you want? Part of your life So you can start reaching out to people that you want to build up relationships with friendships, um, or social relationships even deeper. So you start reaching out to people and fighting to a different coffee shop for white in the coffee shop, invited for your activities that you're doing and biting Teoh. Whatever it is that you're doing and you're enjoying, you're gonna like them to be part of your life in order to actually have that trust even farther go further for you, us in a friendship level. And eventually you're gonna build upon groups and you're gonna have selected groups of people who have really close to you who are really there for you and enrich your life in a personal and pressure level. And they're gonna have told me that points is that you can always reach out to whenever you need something but also to greet them, to say hi, Christine. Hollering during and to also be able to give to them because they're important for you to realize that when you actually do something for someone, you also are not only rich in your life for you not only reaching their life, doing rich in your own life less well, because now you're actually keeping the balance going. A circle warned of life you cannot always be taking. People will offer to you, especially when you always about giving. So I hope this helps and I'll see you in the next election. 13. Invite People to Your life: welcome to this lecture and let your clothes that pours. What I want to talk about is to actually invite people to be part of your life and really open up to people as well. Sometimes we end up getting to proving ourselves, and that also puts people on guard and they close himself work. But also, when you have all of this connection, when you have all these people they can reach out to, and you've already got the whole selected a filtering process off where you want people in your life and your building up your relationships what they were. Someday you might be feeling better. Wall don't have pain are reaching up people I trust, because not only will he help you, but it will strong relationship also. Oh, we'll give that person the trust or helping you are building up their relationship to really build up on relationships. So it's not always about being social happy and all that, but it will give people the opportunity to actually get to know you, especially when you're feeling bad. Let's let that really be part of your life because it will visible and rich your social life will refuse trust with this people. A lot of the time we tried to be strong and were never returned. We feel bad and we don't want to go out. We want to reach out to people, but we're not given the opportunity to really get to know us. Oh, of course, you can always be in that mentality. But this is the chance for people to actually see you. You're vulnerable state and this gifts and trust of well, so this buildup on different relationships that people are always gonna be there for you. So now you being there for them as well, but also giving them the opportunity to be there for you because this is all true mutual thing. So if you give him that chance and also when they have a mission like that who used to be that for that that builds up on this and do but trust all the pressure just keeps building up with all these people, creating a very rich social circle for yourself. So I hope this course has help you with your with your social life and has really get you the perspective that you need it in order to really go out there and really take over your city. Really connect with people who really built up on your socialist because he just lose all of the steps that I've that I've shown with you. I promise you that you're gonna brilliant rich to social life in a positive way. Everywhere you go. So I'll see you soon.