Boost Your Skills in Watercolor Food Illustration Painting: Expressive & Detailed methods | Anna Koliadych | Skillshare

Boost Your Skills in Watercolor Food Illustration Painting: Expressive & Detailed methods

Anna Koliadych, Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

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10 Videos (27m)
    • Introduction

    • Supplies

    • Choosing Colors

    • Techniques

    • Reference: Internet or real avocado?

    • Method 1: Expressive painting

    • Method 2: Detailed painting

    • Comparison of 2 methods

    • Tips & Advices

    • Conclusion & Class Project


About This Class


Painting with watercolors is very fun and creative activity.

Food painting is a great way to explore watercolors, moreover, food illustrations were painted with watercolor look impressive, colorful and inspired. Also, you can find an object you wish to paint in your fridge ;) 

If you are a beginner in watercolors you may find a lot of techniques and tips on the internet about how to paint.

What to choose in this ocean of information? How to start and step by step grow your own portfolio? How to feel confident? If you have these questions then this class is perfect for you :)

In this class, we will do some exercises and I will share with you my experience in food painting. I‘ll take you through my steps and will show you how to paint an avocado in 2 different ways with watercolors:

  1. Quick expressive style of painting
  2. Detailed, realistic painting

After my class you will be able to paint your own project and grow your own portfolio.

Let's paint and have a fun :)

Pinterest board for your inspiration:


Share your paintings on Instagram with us by using the class hashtag #dearannart_avocado





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Anna Koliadych

Illustrator & Watercolor Artist

Hello, I am Anna :) I am an illustrator and watercolor artist based in London. I love creativity and Art. I have been painting since my childhood and want to share my passion, skills, and experience with you!

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