Boost Your Self Confidence & Self-esteem: Build unbreakable confidence - Module 1 | Felipe Yanez | Skillshare

Boost Your Self Confidence & Self-esteem: Build unbreakable confidence - Module 1

Felipe Yanez, Confidence & Social Skills Coach

Boost Your Self Confidence & Self-esteem: Build unbreakable confidence - Module 1

Felipe Yanez, Confidence & Social Skills Coach

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16 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Welcome & Course Overview

    • 2. 80/20 Rule with Mindset

    • 3. Improving Your Mindset VS Improving Your Skills

    • 4. Self-Discovery: Uncover Your Authentic Empowered Self

    • 5. Discover Your Mental Blocks

    • 6. Recreate Your Story (Self-talk)

    • 7. Learn the Power of Changing Your Story

    • 8. KEY STEPS to Gain Massive Confidence

    • 9. Make Your NEW Story a Daily Habit

    • 10. Gain Confidence Through Gratitude

    • 11. Gain Self-Worth: Reasons Why Your Valuable Exercise

    • 12. Solidify Your Confidence with the Magic Moments List

    • 13. Establish Your Empowering Daily Ritual

    • 14. Thank you!

    • 15. Bonus: Recap to BOOST Your Confidence & Self Esteem 8 tips on how to be more confident

    • 16. Bonus: 7 Things To Let Go Of To Build Confidence and Self Esteem

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About This Class

What you'll learn:

  • How to hack your mindset and bring your confidence effect into your business/professional, social and dating life!
  • Turn your weaknesses into strengths
  • Be More Carefree and Detached from the Outcome of Situations or Interactions
  • Eliminate Social Anxiety and Become a More Social Person
  • Improve Your Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • Gain Valuable Tools and Methods to Rewire Your Mind for Success
  • How a Boost in Confidence Helps Attract People
  • Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin
  • Radiate a Natural Charismatic Confidence that Naturally Attracts People
  • Create an Empowering Story and Eliminate your Negative Self-talk
  • Develop a Powerful Mindset and Vibe 

Ever notice how some people exude a charisma that effortlessly attracts others and creates luck everywhere they go?

What creates this presence that I like to call “the confidence effect” is a set of concepts, belief systems, and habits.

This course was made for anyone who wishes to improve their levels of confidence and self-esteem. The course is unique in how it’s presented in both a seminar format and in a one to one teaching style.

There are a number of different exercises throughout this course so a flexible mindset and a commitment to changing yourself are necessary.

Get ready to live a bolder life, with more appreciation, joy, and confidence as you take on new opportunities every day!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felipe Yanez

Confidence & Social Skills Coach


Hi, I'm Felipe. Welcome to my SkillShare profile! 

I've been in the self-development path for nearly 20 years. I focus on helping you improve your confidence and create abundance in your social, dating, financial & overall life.

My Mission is to help you find love, significance, purpose, self-confidence, and discover your limitless potential through inner transformation.

My goal is to produce the absolute best courses and help you level up your confidence. I'm very excited to show you how to hack your mindset, self-image, and habits to live a life true to you, and beyond your imagination! ;)

Thank you for taking the time to check out my profile. Check out my courses which I have created ... See full profile

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1. Welcome & Course Overview: First of all, I want to welcome you to this course on how to be more confident how to empower yourself, increase your self esteem, be more social and attract the partner of your dreams. Now I want to first of all, introduce myself and tell you a little bit about how I ended up creating this course and becoming this passionate about this area off my life. First of all, my name is believing Young s and I am part of Social Buddha on. And you know, I first got interested in this topic because I was I grew up very insecure, especially my teenage years. I couldn't talk to people. I couldn't talk to women. I couldn't really socialize. I felt awkward whenever I would try to initiate conversations or whenever I wanted to meet new people or even as someone on a date. Aziz. Well, it's in networking events, and I figured I had to get this handled eso Everything started with learning body language learning techniques. So I ended up going on a path of self discovery, spirituality, meditation. You don't affirmations, working with the law of attraction body language for empowering myself and different things like that. And eventually it led me to, you know, kind of creating and embodying a system off mindsets, a specific social habits as well as, um, just a life stone that I created from, you know, again from being completely, you know, socially awkward to begin to create even events, charity events, having, you know, thousands so friends all over the world creating these events that were like, you know, 809 100 people masquerade parties on all everything in between, including the dating, getting my dating life together, getting my social life together. My business, Aziz Well, as other areas of my life that came as a by product of learning how to manage my money and how to create really great confidence, a swell, a self esteem and how to create also very stable mindset that empowered me to keep moving forward day by day, as well as being more courageous, to go after what I wanted and pursuing ultimately my purpose, which is which is this teaching you how to become more confident, more self empowered, and moving you forward in your life? So I'm excited. Teoh, talk to you about all of this and If you have any questions, feel free to submit him to me, and I'll be happy to enter them as much as I can. And other than that again, excited to have me here and we'll see you on the next video. 2. 80/20 Rule with Mindset: All right, guys will welcome to the first video of this incredible program that will help you change your life, increase your confidence in your self esteem as well as change survive and again for me. I'm a firm believer in vice. In my definition of Ivan energy, not only does it introduce you, but it actually gets there before you is kind like your ambassador. It shows up at the event that you go into it shows up before you get to the date that you're going to a shows up before you even, you know, making appearance. So it's incredibly important. And there are methods mindsets to help you not only increase your energy and amplify it and reached new new heights new levels of energy in regards to attracting, you know, your partner of your dreams, attracting better clients or, you know, professional opportunities. A swell as France and incredibly high quality network and so forth. So that is, first of all, my take on energy. Second of all, I believe, just like with energy, that 80% of what you say is not only nonverbal, but it's actually communicated with your energy. Here's what I mean you can actually be sitting down at a bar. Let's say you're having a drink and actually have people approaching you just because of your energy. Now there's nothing specific that you're doing in regards to your body language or your or anything specific that you're saying or doing or anything like that. It's just simple, your energy and what's going on in your subconscious that attract people to you on DSO. That's one of the things that will be talking as we go through this program in terms of how do you create the right mindset so that you attract the men or woman of your dreams as well as create MAWR more opportunities in your life in general. So that's what I have to say about the 80 20 mindset rule and to compare two techniques and things to say and so forth, because I know that many times we get cut up with what should I say to this? This person that I'm attracted? Teoh. How do we keep the conversation going? How do I start a conversation and so forth? So we'll be going through basically all the other stuff that goes along with each one of those things that I mentioned, but also will be going as well into the outer aspect of this how to start conversations but in, ah future video through this course. And so stay tuned and let's talk about mindset. 3. Improving Your Mindset VS Improving Your Skills: I want to talk a little bit about more about what I do and what I've done in terms of coaching. Um, this whole journey started with helping men, and they're dating lives, and it completely transformed, I would say about 45 months ago into actually helping mostly women, actually in terms of their confidence in, um, transformation. So when I talk about the seminar what it's about, I know that there's different reasons why everyone is here. Some people are married. Some people are wanting to maybe attract better partner or better dating options or dating options in general. If that's the case, here's what I have to say about mindset and would have to say about energy. Um, for a long, long time, I thought it was all about what I you know, what I learned and the skills that I had. But many times we have skills already that are innate in us that we don't really uncover until we get rid of all the trash is going on trash meaning past experiences limiting believes, past dramas and different pains. So when you scrape all that off, you're left with more of an authentic self in amore empowered itself 4. Self-Discovery: Uncover Your Authentic Empowered Self: so self discovery. First of all, you want to learn, buy yourself one of the biggest one of the best ways and most motivational ways To do so and to really dive deep is to figure out what is your vision. What is your vision for the seminar today? What is your vision for your dating life? What is your vision for your business life? I would suggest focusing on maybe one or two areas today that you want to work on. And so we did a little of meditation. The recent meditation I've found has been incredible is because not only does it give you relax ation and it gets you in the moment and more focused, and it's a great, great way to start the day or star a seminar, but it also gives you clarity. Sometimes you'll be meditating, and you have these epiphanies that you never had before. These creativity comes to you and all that kinda stuff. Another method that we're gonna be doing today's journaling. Um, there is a specific way that I have gone on to do everything from the travel that I've done the businesses of dating where I literally go into my subconscious and rewire it completely . And I'm gonna be showing you how to do that with different elements in a specific story that will be creating for you guys. Ah, and so that will be that the first step will be journaling. And so this is what we're gonna do next? Um, one thing that I do want to talk about is reality and the illusion of self, because many times we take ourselves too seriously. So it's hard for us to reinvent ourselves or to reinvent our reality. For me, the epiphany came from doing so much lucid dreaming, basically waking up in your dreams and being able to control them and then having that be so similar to reality that I was like, Wow, it might living in a dream. What's going on? Is this like the matrix step a thing. And so for me, that was a very direct experience. But what I want you guys to get out of this seminar, most of all, is Do not take yourself so seriously your identity, your reality that you can recreate yourselves and you can't live whatever life you choose as you begin to heal and let go of any fears that might be holding you back in terms of whatever your goals may be, There's so much stuff, so much noise that comes up whenever we think about something that we that we want or something that we fear and all this kind of stuff. And I am going to be talking about those things which is fear, pain, grieve all these different things that you want to let go because they will block your will power. They will block. You know your intention and they will block. As Dave would say, you're authentic self rain. So, uh, so let's get started. Eso as faras journaling. I want you guys to get clear on what area you want to work on. And I'm gonna give you, um, I would say maybe 10 minutes or so to write down everything that comes up when it comes to that specific area, that specific relationship, that specific situation that you want to work on so it might be dating. So, for example, in dating, I'll give you my examples. I used to have, you know, limiting beliefs of like, Oh, I can't go on approach this girl because she is busy or I'm not attractive enough for her or different things like that, as well as maybe for business. It's something else. If you're here for business, whatever it is, or it might be a relationship that you're working on, whether it's someone a family member or significant other, whatever it is that you want to work on, I like you in the next 10 15 minutes to write down everything that comes up in regards to that. Here are some questions to help you get to that. So how would you describe this area of your life currently? And what is the biggest frustration or challenge with this area of your life or situation or relationship? What comes up emotionally when you think about this area or situation, and then the final one is, um, what would be the your ideal scenario, ideal day or go ideal lifestyle in terms of this area of your life? What would you like to have? Those are just some questions that could help you, you know, kind of get clear on your intention 5. Discover Your Mental Blocks: the recent way we did that. This exercise, it's really to figure out your relationships. And I think relationships are very important when it comes to this. And I don't mean a just in terms of, you know, uh, your family or significant others. But I mean it in terms of how are you relating to reality? How are you relating to the world? How are you relating to situations and people what you have going on in that piece of paper ? It's a story, and you've told yourself that story enough times to believe it. And so it is simply that when we say something like, Oh, you know, my life is like this or whatever it is, it is true. In that moment, it may. It might have been true because of who you were in the past, but it is simply that it's simply a stories of perception is. So it's Ah, um, it's a perspective is where I meant to say, Um so when it comes to stories, they can be recreated, and that's where the power lies, not only in recreating this story, but in doing the thing that you're already doing right now, which is telling you that story to yourself without even you knowing it over and over and over again. The negative self talk, but there but it's comprised of emotions is comprised of past visuals pretty much all this kind of stuff. And so what I'm gonna be teaching you is how to rewire that story and eventually also had a Lego off those anchors. Those emotional anchors that keep that story in place and not wanting to let it go might be the fear that you're gonna fail. Or what is it going to mean to you about you? If you know you don't have this certain outcome, Does that mean that there's something wrong with you? This would mean that you're not good enough. So all those things that come in the form of emotion will be letting them go. Aziz. Well, 6. Recreate Your Story (Self-talk): Now in this video, I want to talk to you about recreating your story about recreating some of these belief systems and thoughts. And to really empower your life, empower your actions as well as your habits and yourself. More importantly, So this is just to be clear, this is all about who you're being, not about what you're doing and what you're saying. And what that means is that everything your facial expressions, the way you look at people, the way the people, whatever people seeing your eyes now is gonna be this new story. In fact, that is how you create attraction with the opposite sex or whoever you're trying to attract as well as that helps in any scenario, in regards to business or whatever hours you want to use these things method for. So here is what you're gonna do. Now you've ran down everything that's going on in your head in this specific area. Now, I recommend you only focus on one area at a time, maybe two of the most that you want to work on, or maybe two or three issues maximum, because it will become too overwhelming. So now that you've created again a sheet of paper that has all your limit and believes, Hey, I always get rejected by women or hang. I always attract this kind of guy that is unfaithful. I truck this kind of guy that, you know, perhaps Onley one sex and so forth, or whatever it is that your issue is in regards to dating or socializing confidence and so forth. Or I feel like to shore after Tom. Too skinny to fat. Whatever these issues are, you've written them down that you want to work on. And now, on another piece of paper, you are going to write down the opposite. All right, so he are the elements. So you have your story in front of you. Usually we would take, you know, I whenever I'm doing something new. When I started doing the coaching thing, I wrote down all my limit and believes so. My doubts. And it takes an hour. Two hours. We took only 15 30 minutes. So you're talking about going into the reasons why you're doing perhaps past traumas, perhaps something that happened in all the reasons that you want this goal and everything like that. The reason why is because the deeper that you go into your into what motivates you when you were actually rewire it, it will have a more profound effect on DSO. When it comes to the story, it has to be in the present tense. I'm sure you've heard of that with affirmations has to be all positive. It can be like I don't attract this kind of guys or these kind of women or these kind of situations at work. We're never or that stuff. It also This is a very important one, and I don't think it's talked about a lot in in regards Teoh affirmations and all this kind of stuff. But you want to let go of wanting in. The best way to do that is to stop chasing it and having it be chasing you in your mind. It sounds crazy, but you want to be specific. So if you're like trying to attract a specific kind of guy, you will get that kind of guy over and over. If you visualize it specifically, so that's very important. But also I'll give an example. When I was trying to be more social, I started doing it just like talking to people and forcing myself and that was that was miserable. And so then I began to simply visualize people coming up to me as if I was a celebrity. Yeah, you've been doing. It's not about in my mind, at least, right? So the recent wise because we have so much negative shit that we've been telling ourselves for so many years that we need something extreme to jolt us out of there. And what ends up happening is happening is that you manifest it. So not only is a confident but people do start coming up to you. People begin to approach you the kind of guys that you want or the kind of women that you want or the kind of situations that you want begins to happen. For example, I tell myself that I get stuff for free everywhere I go and it happens all the time. It was just an exaggeration to feel more comfortable when I show up to a place that's an exaggeration to feel more confident when I'm going to start a conversation with a stranger to say that they come up to me and say, Hey, can I take a picture with you. That's never happened. But maybe actually has happened. Yeah, kind of. But anyway, so that kind of stuff. So you want to exaggerate it to a point where it is strong enough and powerful enough to come back Years of negative self talk in whatever era you're working on gratitude. So within, Let's say you're saying, um, I'm attracting this kind of person or I'm attracting this kind of situation. Or maybe you healing the relationship. You want to be grateful you wanna put I'm great for Thank you for this on also an element of giving. This is almost just as powerful as the having to change you. So as you're having this situation really coming after you for because you're so valuable and then you're so whatever it is that you are that you will adopt, you also want to have a new element of giving that whatever action you do take is not coming from wanting to get money or want to get attention or wanting to get a relationship or wanting to get sex or wanted to get whatever it iss you're simply doing in action to do it and to maybe inspire for example, when Im Social, What I tell myself is that I am just going out to be social spread to get energy and inspire people to connect with each other. And that's it. And so the energy that you project, it's a very powerful one because not only are you powerful as you know this thing that you wanted, it's chasing you. But you're also your actions are empowered by an element of giving. And so, yeah, that goes along with the actions in terms of, um, if you've been procrastinating and doing certain actions, um, you want to work on that? Another thing that I want to talk about is worthiness in your story. So many times we feel unworthy and that kind of stuff you might be talking about yourself and about, um, you might have insecurities, for example. And this goes back to exaggerating stuff in your story. So if you say hey, I have kind of a weird knows that knows is what's the hottest thing about you, or I have this thing where I can't really remember things, so it's gonna hurt me in business. You want to make whatever your weakness is your perceived weakness, a strength, and that is all perspective 7. Learn the Power of Changing Your Story: the reasons why you wanna rewire story, so it'll increase your confidence, your courage. We tend to be afraid of changing who we are. We tend to be afraid of changing what we do travel, for example, or even just new relationships and different things like that. And it's because of the story that we're telling ourselves and because it's so rigid when you can accept that you can create whatever story you want to have in your head and really embody that reality, then you can really have a lot more courage to take action into manifest different things. It will also improve your life. I am a huge believer. Invite. I've been experimenting with this for maybe 10 to 15 years, so there's been time, especially since I've been experimenting socially and dating and everything where, you know, I might be wearing just sweat pants and, you know, dirty shirt or something. And the reactions that I get from people are very, very good sometimes compared to when I'm dressed up and I was like, What the hell is going on that applies to that as well as many times I used to think that Oh, I had to have a great social life or had to be rich or had to be really tall and good looking and all that kind of stuff. Bullshit. It is the energy people can read energy through your eyes. So one of the most important reasons why even photos? Actually, when someone is doing online dating, You know, many times we feel that we're attracting the wrong people are now attracting people at home . And you're like, Well, I need better photos. Perhaps, but I've experimented with this enough to know that it's the state of mind that you're in the kind of people that you're gonna be attracting had nothing to do with just the description or the photos and all that kind of stuff. So Vibe is for me, it's It's absolutely everything when it comes to, um, how effective you are and how effective your actions are. When you do take action, um, you manifest more easily and you become more indifference towards what happens in the outcome. The reason for this is because you're jumping over, jumping over the feeling that you want to get from that thing. In other words, the reason why you do your story and that I'm gonna be talking about in a minute is not to manifest. Otherwise you're back in the same freakin boat you're attached. It is simply to be this kind of person to show up powerful, to show up confident and to show up attractive, whether that's with money or whether that's with ah, guy or a girl. That's why that is the only recent way you do it. And when you come from that, um, you begin to feel successful, you begin to feel powerful. You begin to feel attractive, so you don't actually need something outside of yourself to validate you. 8. KEY STEPS to Gain Massive Confidence: when you're doing your story, I would recommend that you visualize, you know, visualize yourself being in the situation. Visualize yourself being very, very social and people responding very well to you guys or women being attracted to you. The type of again, the type exact type of guy or girl that you're looking to attract. Imagine, and visualize that because the brain cannot tell the difference between what is happening actually in real life and what is being imagined. So that's powerful. Now the third thing you want to do is you might want to say this in front of the mirror, like you know, I'm incredible, extraordinary and this type of person I'm always attracting these kind of women or those kind of guys and and also I'm super social. Everywhere I go, I'm like a celebrity. Everyone's just kind of coming over to me and, you know, wanting to socialize with me and so forth and so forth again you create your own story. Now I want to talk about also when to do it and other tips on how to do it. So you want to do it every morning, preferably every single day, if possible, twice a day when you wake up before you go to sleep because you wanna wake up with that mindset before you know the world happens to you. And if they were thinking of all the problems that you have or and securities or even creeps up on you, you want to create that story on also before you go to sleep so that you sleep and kind of your subconscious works in it. So now, after you've created your story and that you're integrating it into your day, you also want to get excited about it. So you're saying and allow your visualizing in and you're saying in front of the mirror, you also want to get super excited about it. So as you can tell, like if I'm saying my story, I'm like, I'm incredible, I'm extraordinary, And I'm telling all these great things about myself as well as how much I love my life and who I'm attracting assed partners as well as socially and business, and so forth. Whatever areas you're focusing on, you want to do it that way again. We're talking about confidence, empowerment and just creating courage within you, and this is what's gonna take you to the next level off those things and also attract a lot of these things. So you want to really incorporate it in this way, and you want to get excited, So that is gonna build your your courage and build your self esteem, and it's gonna build your momentum off emotion, confidence and so forth. So again, get excited about it. And just tell yourself that story every single day in the morning and at night before you go to sleep. So try it and I'll see you in the next video. 9. Make Your NEW Story a Daily Habit: what is going on? So in this video, I want to talk to you about the importance of consistency. So I've mentioned that you want to do your story every single day. And the reason for that is because it takes, they say, 30 to 90 days to develop and you have it. So you want to give yourself that much time where you are doing it every single day without film. So that's why you want to focus on this completely and so that it becomes who you are and you begin to see the all the different things being created manifested as well as your new ways of being because of the story. So again, I want to emphasize this, that you want to do this every day, preferably twice a day. So do that. And I'll see you in the next video. 10. Gain Confidence Through Gratitude: In the beginning, we talked about the story. The story can be also kind of a part of healing, beginning to stop repeating the old patterns as well as the other stuff that I went through in empowerment. I like to think of it more as, really, I guess, beginning to shift into a more positive, empowered perspective. Many times we don't know if you've heard of the whole thing about thinking positive and how it doesn't work. The reason it doesn't work is because you're putting it on top of all this other knows you have underneath and you never deal with that. So think of it like a ship. If there's a sunken ship, it has a ton of weights weighing it down and you start putting these many air balloons trying to lift it up. The momentum is only gonna be so much because the way it's gonna pull it down. So with these methods and with story and different things like that and you healing and letting go, you began Teoh really let go of these anchors. And when you put some of this stuff together like gratitude, it'll be more more genuine because you have let go of so much pain. So I'm sure everyone has heard about doing gratitude in the morning. Every single day, you don't be grateful for something, but again, it's more powerful when you have really gone through the journaling. When you've gone through meditation, when you've rewired your story and all that kind of stuff, so that's gratitude. 11. Gain Self-Worth: Reasons Why Your Valuable Exercise: this one is very important. Um, so let's say you're trying to start something new or you're trying to bring, um, something into your life and there is maybe an imposter syndrome. Have you heard of that? You feel like you're not worth the You feel like you don't deserve it. Hey, it's the first time you're doing something or its You've never had this kind of person in your life. This exercise I do want you guys to do, um, from time to time, I do it almost almost every day, or I think about it. So this is how you increase your value. You want to write down um, the recent why I was shoot for 25 for me. I'm gonna go where I want to shoot for 1000. I do three every day for a year. And so when you do that, let's say it's for your career. What makes you valuable? Because that's what you're gonna communicate when you're with that next employer or with that special someone, or you're trying to attract a specific kind of person. What makes you an incredible person to be with? Let's challenge ourselves to think of 25 recent Why? Um, whatever area of your life, someone would be lucky to have you there 12. Solidify Your Confidence with the Magic Moments List: the next thing? Yes, a friend of Mary Kate, right. The beauty product Know that the owner of Of Mary Kay. Whenever she would hit a right, she would she would always think back to all the successes that he had had in her life. And not only what I have found from this is that not only doesn't put you in a good mood, but you begin to actually manifest these things again. So one of the things that I do to empower my I've I've, if you will or in terms of, um just my every day is that I actually have a list of all my successes in different areas of my life. And I go through them very quickly every single day. It is powerful. You don't have to go through the whole situation and that gonna stop. But you want to bring back that feeling of success or that feeling off fulfillment, that feeling of joy, that feeling of being worthy. So right now, take a few minutes in right down maybe five or 10 moments magic moments in your life have. Really, um I don't really created a big impact in your life where you made you feel really empowered and like you could do anything 13. Establish Your Empowering Daily Ritual: And here's how disciplined looks like. I know some of you already have, like a discipline in the routine and everything personally what I do. And again, you wanna integrate whatever routine you want to have. One of the most powerful things that I've found in life is dreams. They are just, ah, huge reflection off what's really going on underneath the surface and their truth. Tellers, whatever you might tell me right now or you tell yourself more than likely sometimes is like we were masters of self deception. Even when we say we're getting our shit together, we are often times lying to ourselves. The dreams don't like them. Whatever pops up there is was going on. Meditation, gratitude. I go into this kind of stuff for me personally. My whole routine last about an hour to two hours. But the difference in my action is, you know, light years away from from just simply taking action without having ah strong Foundation Internal Foundation 14. Thank you!: hi and thank you for being part of this course. My name is Philip, and I'm a professional confidence coach. I specialized in helping people improve their social skills, their networking skills, Aziz well as leadership skills. When it comes to business and even dating skills, since they're all related, they're all related to conference, and they're all related to mindset. So if you like this course, definitely let me know what your feedback is. Also followed me on skill share and check out some of the other courses I have on here. I'm adding a new course every single month, so stay tuned, and I would be very honored to have you continue your development for my courses. And I sincerely hope you enjoyed the course, and I would really appreciate a nice review. It would really help me reach a lot more students here on skill share. So I look forward to hearing about any feedback. You have a swell as continuing to help you with your development. Thank you again. A particular course 15. Bonus: Recap to BOOST Your Confidence & Self Esteem 8 tips on how to be more confident: have you always wondered how some people could have incredible charisma, attract anyone into their life and just have amazing confidence and self esteem? Well, in today's video, I'm gonna show you eight ways to Bush or confidence your self esteem and create incredible energy to attract anyone into your live with her. That's significant, other or whether that's just new friends or creating an incredible social life and boost your skills interested. All right, check this out. Hey, it's Philippe A. Young is founder of the Social Buddha Method, and in today's video, I'm gonna show you eight ways to boost your self confidence, your self esteem and get everything out alive, as well as how to create courage to take massive action to change your life. All right, step number one is Get to know yourself, know what kind of negative self talk you might be having at this moment. It might have to do with a specific area that you're trying to work on, whether it's, you know, dating social skills, whatever it ISS. For instance, if it is social skills, you want to figure out what you were thinking about when you are in a social situation, perhaps at an event. Perhaps you are simply out and about at a bar or a coffee shop or something, and you always feel anxiety. Or it's hard for you to start conversations with people, whatever it is, right down when you're thinking about in your head as well as what always happens to you. What is your negative situation? Currently, I always talk to people, but they always reject me or I talk to women. If you're a guy and I always get rejected, whatever that is, that's negative. Write it down on tip number seven. That's coming up Later in the video. I'm gonna be showing you how to flip this whole story and empower yourself to have incredible confidence and project a vial that just naturally attracts the man or woman of your dreams. Aziz. Well, it's just simply on an energy that simply it's about inspiring others and creating the positive reactions you want from people from life. All right, Tip number two is detachment. Now, this is a big, big concept in regards to how impactful I can be on your life. The recent way it's so powerful and so incredibly important is because When you begin to be attached to something it creates, it creates negativity. Caray aids a scarcity and that creates need in its with you. And so when you start wanting something, you're communicating to the universe that you don't have it as well as your actions and your habits and your body language and everything. You communicate eyes a little bit low self esteem in regards to needing something, needing validation, back and stuff. So, for example, in the area of socializing or dating when you go up to people, when you start a conversation, if you're coming from a place of meetings validation, sex, a relationship, marriage, whatever it is that you're wanting and becoming from that place, you're gonna come in from a very low point of low status point. And also, people were likely not gonna react the best to you. They're gonna feel your energy that you want something, Aziz. Well, as you're inside, he's gonna be higher. So what do you do? You want to realize what things were attached to when you are in certain situations. Eso, for example. Let's say when you go out, you go out to a guy, perhaps you go out to get laid or you got to beat someone for a relationship, whatever it ISS or even simply to get a good reaction from people. These are things that you're still wanting. And so you let go of it and change the reason why you go. You go out simply to have a good time, and so that should be the purpose. And this will alleviate Ah, lot of your anxiety, a lot of you that you have has to do with getting rejected, a k a. Not getting validated. So that's very important. When you are actually taking action and and when you are being this confident guy let go the outcome. Another thing I do want to mention in regards to this is that it doesn't mean you don't go after your goals and means that you are now shifting things from being attached and not taking action like many people do. Maybe bore completely, you know, emotional about a goal in there. They wanna have it. They wanna have it immediately. But instead off Ginger and their story and like, I'm gonna teach you later and having it already feeling you have it already and going after massively and commit in a committed way. They are not committed. They're not taking action and they're completely attached to it, the opposite of what works. So who you want to be is a person who's completely committed taking massive action towards your goals towards your vision of reality in your life. But I could care less if it happens, completely detached from the outcome. Here's one final point in regards to detachment that I think it's very important to mention let go of identifying or attaching the value of who you are to how much money you have in your bank account, uh, your sex life for your dating life or your relationships or what kind of partner you have over. If you have a partner, you don't have a partner that you feel that you haven't been having achieved something. So let go of those expectations and start focusing simply on living live, being in the moment, having fun and just doing things for the hell of it and again being committed to those goals completely, but not attaching your value as a person to those goals or to those results. All right, Tip number three tip number three has to do with body language. So what is your body language saying about you now? You probably have for that body language is like, what, 80 90% of communication and that everything old nonverbal rather is communicated through non verbal signs and everything, not what you're actually saying. So even more importantly, is how your body language communicates and your body communicates to your mind. So here's the point. I know you've heard of that. That communication is mostly communication is nonverbal, but it's also the same for your mind. So you can actually begin to change your mind and your emotions, depending on how you use your body. So, for example, if you're a little bit more closed, closed off in your adopting, that kind of posture or that, um, body language or you're frowning or whatever it is supposed to just being excited and that kind of stuff. And I'm gonna talk about this, by the way, when I talk about in terms of changing her story and doing affirmations, you want to use your body to get excited. And so let's say, Let's say you have an interview. Maybe you have a job coming up job interview coming up. And you know, you might not be doing this in the interview, but you want to do it before you get to the interview. You wanna pump yourself up with your body and or you have any been, for example, you're gonna go on and date. You want to bring the best energy there. So how do you do it? U. N Khoury, With your body, you begin to really shift your energy and your vibe in your mindset as well as your mood. With your body begins, Miley more begin to get excited and that kind of stuff. And so this is a way to shift not only your your mood, but your mindset, especially if you're doing this on a regular basis, which is what I'm gonna be talking about in the later on the later part of this video about creating a powerful routine to grade empowering confidence. Another tipped worth mentioning in regards to body language is a visualization off someone that you admire. I've done this in the past where I visualize someone that I admire for their confidence, their social skills or how powerfully they show up or perhaps do presentations in front of people. Different things like that. And I begin to close my eyes and envision them how they move, how they speak, how they stare, how fast they move out, slowly moved in different things like that. And then and then I begin to imagine them, using into my own being on begin to embody their body language in the way they present themselves as well as the way they are. So it'll shift your mind sentinel, ship your mood. It'll shift. Your confidence level is very, very fast if you do that as well, and you will be in to adopt a new body language in a new way of being as well, All right, The fourth tip on building incredible confidence and self esteem is stepping outside your comfort zone and living there. It's basically courage, so it's great to have some great affirmations that's great. To begin to shift, your limited believes as well as to begin to let go of attachments mentally. Uh, however, you also want to test this new reality and begin to solidify, um, your character and your confidence by taking massive action in things that you're perhaps currently or in the past have been afraid to do, for example, for social skills. One of the best things that you can start doing that will improve your confidence. But also open up so many doors is beginning speaking to strangers. Maybe you have a number of strangers that you want to talk to every day. Let's say it's to let states five. Whatever it is, you simply begin saying hello to a or if you're in a coffee shop, starting a conversation. How's your name? Those kind of most steps are gigantic. In regards to your confidence as well as that. You you never know who you're gonna meet. You don't know if that person that you're gonna meet is, you know, is gonna lead to everything you've always wanted in your life. You know, social capital. And this is very important by the way, Beyond the social confidence aspect is I first so many stories from people that have coach from friends as well as things that I experienced myself, where you begin to meet new people and they end up being the solution to a problem they end up being a year later, two years later. The reason why you went to study abroad for free, for example, That's a story that I have from from a friend of mine told it to me from just talking to strangers. So it's super powerful to do that again. It's stepping outside your comfort zone. It's up to you, depending on what your what it means to you is what I'm saying. So it could be if you just had a break up. It could be going on dates. It could be doing presentations. If you want to focus on improving your confidence professionally, whatever it is, begin to do that on a freakin daily basis and stick to it. You might have some initial bumps along the road, but keep going. Keep going because this is not above the results again, detachment to outcome. This is about building character and who you're being because of this the transformation. Because because not only do people react to you, but live reacts to you and you attract not just what you're thinking but who you are being . So keep that in mind. All right, Point number five is focused on giving on helping. That is your sole purpose you begin to align your actions and everything that you're thinking about when it comes to your goals and everything in terms of what kind of an impact you can have on people. So let's say with confidence, with confidence when you're building confidence, think about it that you're building confidence to inspire others to be confident as well. Think about it when you're building social skills that you're building social skills so you can, you know, have an impact on people when you show up and you give them a smile, basically improve their day, improve their lives, maybe, and that sort of thing to spread the good energy in the good advice. That is the reason when you begin to become more confident and improve your social skills and you want to let go. Those agendas put in the back burner in terms of like, That's a guy. Maybe you're going on your like what? I want to get laid. Remove that. That's that should be in the bag bird and just go out to have a great time and help people connect. Maybe introduce people to each other. Help people brink of their shell again, improve their day. Give them, you know, give them a smile. Give them a good laugh, maybe throwing some jokes or even the gift of listening. So these are the being the things that you want to switch from getting to giving. And so that is incredibly important. Not only because it will alleviate Conley the detachment part, a lot of your anxiety. But also, um, you can't be rejected. You are just there to give. And so someone has, you know, reacts a little bit weird. Not your deal. Also, the level that you will show up at would be so much freaking higher that people will feel compelled to treat you incredibly well many times and just give you free shit all the time . You show up at a coffee shop or you show up at a bar, and people would just give you stuff because you have this energy off giving positivity and confidence. So again, the reactions are gonna be affected. But you beginning to shift your focus from getting to giving. Nick says, All right. All right. Point number six, this is a quick one. Simply create an environment of positivity. What does that mean? This a manger's creating you affirmations. And you know that kind of stuff. Yeah, but more importantly, began to really Onley spend time with people that are enriching your life in terms of energy. I don't mean just in terms of, like, business opportunities or dating opportunities. I mean people that are generally I have your back and generally are interested in your success as well as that. They're there to contribute into your to your energy, basically so positive people, any other negative people with her that's family or friends. Limit that time or cut up some friendships. Limited time with family. You have some negative family members begin to bring in mentors and coaches into your life . That could help you, you know, shift focus, shift mindset right away and move forward faster. A swell as begin reading more books on how to improve yourself. So again, this is about environment, creating an empowering in a positive environment. I realize this. I'm sure you've heard that thoughts become things, and it's absolutely true. Not only are you creating for your thoughts, but you're also beginning to you take action in regarding what you're thinking and your habits and everything. Your emotional state is based on your thoughts. Definitely true, but also your thoughts also get projected onto other people, so people begin to treat you how you think you should be treated many times. That's not conscious. Many tents that Subconscious Limited believes that you have a by yourself, whether it's low self esteem or little confidence. Or maybe you have some issues around. I don't know your height, your weight, the way you look, your personality, whatever that is. Those things get projected onto people, and that's how people begin to treat you. So when you begin to really recognize a lot of these negative beliefs and stories realize that they are true for you at this moment because you've convinced yourself of this story. In addition, realize that you have complete control, a k a responsibility in regards to this power that you have a creation off transformation and projecting this incredible energy. So once you know that we can, you know you can move forward, and in Crete and you story created a new way of being that I'll be teaching you in this video later on on its step number seven. All right, point number seven is the one that I'm most excited about in regards to your mindset. I love the idea of giving ah and detachment as well as taking massive action. But in regards to your mindset, this is the thing that is gonna have the biggest impact and in the way is actually going to encompass all the other tips, if you will. So, with this tip is, uh, this is about is you're gonna write down basically in a piece of paper, you're gonna write down your negative story, your situation. I know it's a little bit bright, but hopefully you can see it. You're gonna write down, you know, for example, I always get rejected when I approach women or I can't keep a guy or I always attract this kind of guy. Or perhaps it's like I can't start conversations. I get shy. I have social inside your have insight in general, whatever issues you're you're looking to solve or that you want to overcome, you want write them down here. Any thoughts that come up any negative thoughts like Oh, you know, I also you know what? Your I feel bad. I feel like I'm feeling secure because I'm sure I feel insecure because I have that weird laugh or whatever it is anything negative that you wanna begin to overcome or in whatever area. Maybe you start with the dating aspect. Maybe you start with your confidence and about yourself or both. You right on down over here and then on the other side, you don't write down the complete opposite. So, for example, if you say I can't start conversations with strangers, uh and I don't know what to say next or things like that, You would just say I'm always starting conversations with strangers, and I always know what to say next. Basically the opposite. Now, if you want to take it a step further, you know you are First of all, I'm gonna rip this up, and then the left part, you're gonna burn it. You just store it away and or burn it. It has a psychological effect on you that it tells you your mind basically, that you're done with that story and you're done with that situation. So anyway, you are. You burn that you throw it away and you keep the other side and the other side you could be right it. But shoot for this fence, give you well in terms of how ridiculous you want to put in your story. So, for example, I can talk to strangers. Could be I love talking to strangers and in fact, I'm having to end the interactions first because they won't. They won't stop talking and they're always approaching me. I feel like a celebrity. That stuff. You've had years and years of practicing negative self talk. And so you need something that's really is gonna join you Some very extreme positive self talk that will get you a toe. Ah, a point where you're just comfortable and confident everywhere you go. So it might sound arrogant going in, but again, it's the energy and the vibe that you're in a project that's gonna feel just comfortable in abundant a supposed to arrogant. So just keep that in mind. Other than that, when it comes to your story, when it comes to this once you ran it were in that the positive you want out begin to say it every day in front of the mirror again. You want to use your body behind it, get excited, maybe visualize it together or you don't say your story and then visualize that whatever works best. But you want to see it and do it every single day for at least 30 days. But, you know, I've been doing this for years, and I still do it every single day. I don't miss a date. Preferably do it twice a day. But if you do it once a day, it's gonna have some incredible impacts on your life, your confidence, social skills. You're dating experience. And so, yeah, try that. And let's go on to the next step. All right? Tip number eight. This is an incredible one, because it has to do with gratitude now, gratitude. I'm sure you've heard of this in regards to you get a self help and all that kind of stuff . And so I said, routine you want to do, um, you want to be your, um perhaps amenity in the morning and then, you know, do your affirmations of your story and then go into ah, what you're grateful for begin to appreciate the things that you're taking for granted, perhaps things that you didn't have a healthy family food, shelter. Very simple, yet essential things that if you didn't have them, they would create a big negative impact in your life. So appreciate that a swell us other things that are going well for you in your life and for yourself appreciate things about yourself. You know, I love the way I look. I love this I'm grateful for, um, you know, for the fact that I'm that I'm smart, whatever it is that you would be great before, begin to be grateful about your life, the people in your life yourself and so on. So again, that is a way Teoh to really improve your confidence. And other than that, I gave you eight tips that ship your mindset all the way to your body all the way to your actions on. So I hope this helps If you have any questions again, put him down below. If you like, this video again thumps up and as well as subscribe and hit the bell bones so you could get notifications when we put out these videos which will be every week as well as share it with a friend if you think they can benefit from this. All right, we'll see you in the next video. 16. Bonus: 7 Things To Let Go Of To Build Confidence and Self Esteem: There are some very deep rooted emotions that you may not even be aware of. That air ruling your life, your habits, your belief systems on just your emotional state all the freaking time. You might have already been working on yourself doing a lot of self help work and that stuff doing affirmations visualizations. And you're like, Why is why isn't this working? So the reason why is because you're probably working with very surface level emotions and very surface level believe systems and so on. Now, in this video, I'm gonna be talking about things to let go at a very deep level of the tectonic plates of your mind. At that level, where your subconscious where, you know, perhaps traumas are located at, perhaps, resentment, guilt, shame and all this stuff might be rooted out. So if this interest you check this out in this video, I will be going over the motions and different belief systems that you want to let go off So you can begin not only shifting your mindset, your self confidence or cool, of course self confidence, but also raise your vibration and really affect not only how you know how you show up in life, but also how life and situations and people react to you. So let's get started. The first emotion you want to let go of is fear. Now there's nothing wrong with being cautious about life in general and simply being, you know, keeping yourself safe. But the actually motion of fear is not something that's going to empower you. So the biggest fear that I can come up with when it comes to really become an empowered is the fear of death. The fear of, you know, getting heard, all these different fears that you might have some of these spears might even manifest in fear of being, you know, I don't know mud or any Syrian circumstance circumstance that comes up in your mind. So whatever the fear is, specific situation is you want to let go of that? The reason why is because it will hold you back from not only given in your full is when it comes to your goals and different things like that. But it will hold you back when it comes to living life, really on also, when it comes to your vibrational frequency and creation, so you wanna let go any type of fear. And that's an ongoing thing that you want to keep doing, just like the other things that I'm gonna be talking about. You want to do this for at least 30 days in practice, letting go of this All right, the second thing you want to let go of is guilt. Uh, now, guilt can take many forms that could be self hate or just feeling regret for something that you did wrong or that you run someone. We old make mistakes, and many times we do out of our own pain. Or just we simply don't know where you are operating unconsciously out of conditioning, that sort of thing. So understand that you don't know everything and be kind to yourself. So forgive yourself for anything that you are regretting your life and really practice self love. Let go of those resentments that you might have towards yourself. All right, so the third thing you want to let go of is shame. So now, shame is similar to the previous one of self hate. Except that it morphs into a fear of what will people think of another word? Your thinking, Um, you're trying to come up with thoughts that other people may be thinking of. User, you're projecting thoughts onto other people that may or may not be true. So you want to let go of this as being the absolute truth, Aziz. Well, as you want to let go of carrying on what people think of you so simply begin to turn your whatever insecurities you may have. Whatever, um, whatever you might be a shame of into a positive and to something that you feel empowered by whether it's something that you're physically ashamed up or maybe has to do with, You know, your financial situation ever has to do with how you present yourself socially, whatever it is, let go of the feeling of shame. There's will cripple you when it comes to achieving your goals, as well as simply socially socializing or connecting with people. So that is the 3rd 1 to let go. All right, so the fourth emotion and thing you wanna let go off is the emotion of grief and loss. Now, many times we come into a situation where we are in a relationship or something's not working out with a relationship. For many attempts. Just someone is not part of our lives anymore. You want to let go of the emotion over the emptiness of loneliness in the grieve and really begin to appreciate the love that you have already in your life? A swell as the space, that boat that opens up for new love in your life. So, you know, this is one of the ways that again you will be raising our vibration frequency as you begin to appreciate the love that you already have in your life whether it's that you maybe you're not in a relationship anymore or something happened when you feel grief, begin to notice the love that you already have been appreciated. Be grateful for it and again recognize how also, there is new love coming into your life that is going to feel whatever before you were feeling so let go green Lego on that feeling of Boston and that is gonna be money, mental tours, your court confidence, self esteem and five. All right, So the fifth thing you want to let go of and this is more of a practice rather than just letting open emotion but let go off self deception and this is easier said than done because we oftentimes fool ourselves and into believing things that are not really true. So in this case, the way that I'm referring to this is, for example, knowing who you are and what you're about and saying boundaries around that Aziz, Well, as you know, being honest with yourself with who you are, not what people want you to be or you know what your parents told you to be, or society and so on. And so once of being true to yourself and owning that, true owning that truth. So that is one of the things. Another thing in regards to truth and letting go of self deception is acknowledging the truth about reality and who you are, how connected your to everyone and everything around you. So this is more of a higher level in terms of energy and spirituality. But it is also important to notice, because as you begin to see yourself in other people, your self esteem and your confidence increases because you no longer have that fear of others or in lessons more you wake up, the more you realize that these kind of truths spiritually universal truth. Um, more, more love you feel and the more connected you feel. So the less fear you're gonna be feeling around people, situations and so on. Okay, so the 61 is incredibly important, and it's something that we often don't really address, and that is letting go off resentment and forgiving others. So the reason why this is so important and how it can cripple your confidence is because when we become resentful of others, it builds in a ah, toxicity that just really lower so vibration and lowers our ability to love and that sort of thing. So when you forgive a great way to really forgive is to begin to be empathetic and to really begin to understand that whatever another person might have done to you, um, you know, understand that they might have been hurt themselves, understand that might have not known half begin to have more compassion for the other person, that they might have not done it out of spite, but rather because, as they say, her people, her others so begin to really build that ability for compassion and empathy for those that you feel have hurt you and this is something that you want to really practice A Z other ones as well every day to let go of, as you know, as you encounter things that pop up in your life from, you know, someone that cuts you off in traffic all the way to. Maybe past traumas and people toe have had a significant impact in a negative way in to yourself or to your life. So begins to forgive others on as you do that you open yourself up more for higher levels of self esteem, love and core confidence. So again, those air, the six things that you want to let go of to increase your self esteem, your core confidence and all that, and these are things you want to practice daily for at least 30 days, it will make a huge impact, and they will shift your energy dramatically. And in fact, it will shift at a level that is much deeper than the surface emotions that you normally feel. So even if you have stress, even Eve, you have fear, you know, in your everyday life that pops up since you've been letting go of so many deep rooted things in motion cell and so on. These things not only won't bother you as much, but you will still get the same results when it comes to their socializing, whether it's dating or whether it's, you know, just your goals in business, career and so on. So just you know, as you probably have seen when you're in a bad mood, Sometimes things keep getting worse and worse. As you address this deep level emotions and thoughts, then you will be shifting your life completely. All right, so here is number seven, um, one that I almost forgot, actually. So number seven is let go of desire and let go of attachment. This is very important because whether it is that you're socializing or you're trying to better your dating life or simply business or any type off goal that you have or experience that you wanna live in life or whatever it is that you're trying to do, attachment and desire will keep you from it or will delay the process of actually creating it. You really will come off Ah, lot more more confident. Naturally when it comes to you being in those situations because you won't have so much at stake and so much skin in the game, if you will in regards to, uh, you know, you know, if it happens, it's the end goal, and it's gonna define how you feel about yourself and how your life goes and all this kind of stuff that we make up in our head. If you let go of that, then you will be a lot more carefree and more confident. So I hope this helps. If you have any questions, put him down below. If you like this video, give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the Channel and click B on the bell bun, and we'll see you all in the next video.