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Boost Your Real Estate Sales With Periscope

teacher avatar Kellie McRae, From Coping to Cash Flow

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction to your instructor

    • 2. Download periscope

    • 3. Safety Using Periscope

    • 4. How Periscope can change your business

    • 5. The Benefits of Private Periscope Groups

    • 6. Schedule your livestream

    • 7. Hashtags and Titles

    • 8. Class Project

    • 9. Repurpose your live stream videos

    • 10. Periscope producer preview

    • 11. Periscope producer and canva

    • 12. Periscope course sales boost conclusion

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About This Class

This course will help teach Real Estate professionals how to use Periscope or live streaming in general to boost their sales, grow an audience of raving fans and become the stand out agent in their market. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kellie McRae

From Coping to Cash Flow


Kellie spent 17 years in the Real Estate industry, after receiving a diagnosis that stopped her from working in the traditional manner, she decided to help others earn a living using the methods that helped earn her multiple awards for customer service satisfaction & high volume sales. She realized that she could not completely walk away from a career that she loved & excelled at.

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1. Introduction to your instructor: Hi there. My name is Kelly McRae. I've been in the real estate industry for 17 years and since 2008 I've leveraged the power of social media in order to build a great customer base and to reward my customers as well . I'm an award winner as faras customer service, satisfaction and sales volume is concerned. And I will tell you what social media has been a big, big part of that. So in this particular class, I am going to help you learn how to count up all your like know and trust factor to a new level into the stratosphere, the cause of using live streaming. I'm going to show you how number one to be safe via live streaming. Also, I'm going to show you how to take this and make it where your customer is suddenly getting the information that they need while you are remaining at the top of mind. Because, of course, let's face it, in real estate, we have a lot of what's considered competition. We also need to find a way to stand apart, and we also know that people no longer want to be sold, so we want to make sure that we are giving them the best part of us, so that when it is time for them to make a buying decision or a selling decisions that you are the first person that they should select. So that is what live streaming has done for my business. And that is what I'm going to teach you to have live streaming do for your business. I hope you'll join me. 2. Download periscope: so if you have not already downloaded the periscope app, you must do this on your cell phone. So if you are using an apple device, you're going to go to your iTunes store. I am using an android, so I'm going to go to the Google play store and I'm going to search for periscope and then I'm going to go ahead and install this. Now. When periscope comes up, it's going to allow you to register in one of two ways you can register with a Twitter account, or you can register with your cell phone number. I highly recommend registering with a Twitter account because it's going to give you more visibility in the fact that when you go to a live stream, it's going to actually post that one. Twitter is going to give you the opportunity to gain new followers, and they get a lot more conversation going based on being on Twitter, as opposed to using your cell phone. So as you can see here again, it gives you the opportunity to sign in with Twitter or to sign in with the phone number. I'm going to sign in with Twitter, and I already have an existing account, so I'm just going to allow it to tap into that account. So if you have not already created a Twitter account, I would recommend that before you go any further that you go ahead and you sign in and get yourself a Twitter account. 3. Safety Using Periscope: Once you start using periscope to share content, you need to be cognizant of being safe with this particular app at the very top here, you'll see that there's a little world you'll click on that. These numbers that you see on this map represent how many people are currently streaming. As you get further out, you'll see that the numbers expand and you'll occasionally see some blue dot show up. The red ones are people who are currently live. Right now, the blue ones are people who have replays available. Now, when you're streaming and you've got your location settings on, I want you to realize that you can be pinpointed. So that's why I'm expanding here, to show you that where you're located really does matter. So be very careful when you decide that you're going to use your location settings. Now, let me show you where your location setting is located. So when you get ready to go live this little circle here at the bottom of the screen, the red circle is where you're going to click. So you're going to click there to go live. You see, the Tweety bird is lit up, so as soon as you decide that you're going to go live, this will automatically post to Twitter, which is fine, you know, unless you're doing a private group and you don't want it to post a twitter. However, along the same line you'll see the little arrow this year. When you put this era on, you show up on that world map and you are able to be pinpointed. So I highly recommend that if you are doing an open house where you are alone or if you are at your home or if you are at your office and you are by yourself that this is something that you leave off now. The perk of having this on, as you can see, is that everybody is able to find you. So your topic is, you know, if someone is looking for your topic or they're looking for things that are happening in your area, that's a wonderful waiting to do that. However safety wise, you want to make sure that you are again cognizant of where you're located and what your surroundings are when you decide that you're going to put this location setting on 4. How Periscope can change your business: I want you to understand that periscope can change your business. It can actually help increase your bottom line because one when you go on the periscope, the first thing that people truly do expect if they've been around for a while, they expect you to want something from them. Now, that doesn't mean that you're going to get it right away. And that doesn't mean that you go in blatantly, bluntly asking for it right away. But just know that this is one of the few platforms where people kind of expect to be sold . It is what I call the infomercial capital of the Internet, so to speak. If you've watched a lot of the different broadcasters you'll see often they're going to ask you for an email address. Or they have a seminar that they're selling or some sort of course, that they're offering. And they're going to ask you to sign up, to sign in, to give them your email address or whatever that case. Maybe now, throughout this course, I'm also going to teach you how to give value and to suddenly ask. I mean so you don't necessarily have to be blatant, especially when you stop and consider the fact that what you are offering is a really big ticket item. You're asking for a lot because you're asking someone to allow you to sell their home, or you're asking someone to trust you to help them buy a home. So your item, if you will, is a little bit different than a lot of the other items. But their ways that you can still offer something small of value. Get those people into your on your email list and then, you know, kind of still offer them the big ticket item, if you will. So the wheat The reason that I feel that periscope can truly change your business is because one right away you are getting to know people and they're getting to know you because it is in real time. There are no edits. If I say, um and I guess what I'm and are there, you can't edit that out. So during this course I'm not going to do a lot of editing out, because the purpose and the point is to be yourself and to be comfortable in front of the camera and the know how to answer questions and just to move on beyond those mistakes. So again, periscope can truly change your business because one people are getting to know you right away. They get to see your mistakes. They get to see all of the good, the bad. If they ask you something that trips you up, they get to see the reaction that you have based on that. And it gets and learned how knowledgeable you are or how you handle the things that you don't know. So periscope is also one of the few places where again people show up and they expect you to ask them for something. But here is what? The challenges for you. You can't ask them for something if you're not willing to give them something. So your point in your purpose here is to share a wealth of your knowledge freely. It is to make sure that you are giving that customer value because if you're not giving them value of all you're doing is asking for something. Guess what? It's not gonna work. So you have to make sure that you're giving so that you can get, and that is something that periscope can close. That gap really, really quickly, and it can take months off of, uh, you know, asking and getting to know people and getting to the business. 5. The Benefits of Private Periscope Groups: Now that we've got the basics appears scope out of the way. Let's talk about how to use this to boost your business. Number one. You can use this to do virtual open houses, and you can do that with a private group, allowing yourself number one to be safe but also making them feel that this is an exclusive showing just for them. So here's how that works. You can take people who you know are interested in a particular type of home community or whatever it is that our schools, the district and you can put them into various groups. So let's say, for example, you have someone looking for a family home in a particular neighborhood for bedroom three bath with a swimming pool, you can take all of those customers, put them in a specific group and Onley scope to those particular customers. And then you've got a group of customers who are looking for two bedroom, two bath condos. You can put them in a different group and scope to them as well. You could do virtually open houses without your people having to actually be there. They can watch from the convenience of their homes from their offices from the football game if they want to. And the really cool thing about this is when you're scoping, everyone can see one another. So there's now a sense of urgency because of you got 5 10 12 people. They're all able to see that, Ted 5 10 12 people are there. And the really cool thing about it is if they're not watching it on the replay, if they're watching you live, they're able to actually ask you questions. They can ask you to show something else in the home. They can actually express some concerns if they want, and you're able to handle those right out front and enliven and in person if you will. So the other really cool thing about that that I found with Periscope is that it creates a sense of urgency for some people. So if they can see that this is a home that they're really interested in, and there five or six other people that are asking questions if they were on the fence, this may very won't get them off of the fence. This will get your phone ringing and get them wanting to come in and actually physically see these properties. So that is the perk of using a private periscope episode, and this will help you, and it will help them as well. And it is very convenient for everyone. If for whatever reason, you have customers that were invited to see the open house and they were not able to make the open house, you can then take this video and you can email it to them and they can still see the home, and then they can call you personally and find out any questions that they may have. So that is a perk of using a private scope. 6. Schedule your livestream: in the segment before this, when I asked you about your farm area, Many agents will farm in an area where they live in or they spend a lot of time in. And this is going to be very, very important for the next segment of what I'm going to tell you that you need to do so. Remember at the introduction of this course, I express to you that you were going to subtly talk to your customer about what it was that they needed so that you would stay at the top of mind. So here's where that's going to happen. First thing you're going to do is you're going to set up a schedule where you were going to livestream either daily or weekly, and you're going to broadcast exactly what time that is. So make sure it's a time that you can truly commit to, because I'm not unlike your favorite television show. If it's all over the place, chances are you won't watch it. But if you have a designated time in which you're supposed to show up, your people will show up. Aziz Well, so I'm sure you're wondering what in the world am I gonna talk about every day or every week? Well, here's what you're going to do. First of all, there's going to be an attachment to this particular segment where I'm going to give you a list of various topics suggestions in which you would know what you would discuss and always be again at the top of mind. But I'll give you a few examples here in this video. One thing for certain is if you live in the neighborhood, you shop in the neighborhood. Chances are your Children go to school in the neighborhood, you socialize in the neighborhood. So here's what you're going to dio on the days that you're going grocery shopping. If there is a coupon frenzy or a buy one, get one free or a great promotion. Because during the holidays there are often many promotions at your various grocery stores . You're gonna hop online and you're gonna share that. So people understand that Hey, my real tickles. Grocery shopping. Here's what she's buying. Here's what's important and more importantly, she's let me know that there's a great sale going on our great promotion going on. Hey, thank you for that. So that's one of the things that you can share. Another thing that you can share is if you're out walking your community. Your people now know that you believe in good health, but they're also able to see the neighborhood. They're able to see how well maintained the yards are if the neighbors air friendly. If the kids were outside playing, so you're showing them the community that they would in fact be moving into If you're at the football game for the local high school or the middle school, or even Saturday soccer for your elementary school person, here's where you're going to show them. Hey, these are the people that have team spirit here, the various activities that your Children can do in a community that I lived in and worked in. There was a wine walk every Wednesday. So guess what? I was able to share that wine walk every Wednesday. So again, you're gonna find everyday activities everyday situations that you can share that are going to be situations that your neighbors are going to participate in because again of your forming an area that you live in. These were going to be your neighbors, so help them to get to know you better 7. Hashtags and Titles: Once you start sharing the periscope, you want to make sure to attract your ideal audience. The way that you're going to do that is going to be through your titles and through your hashtags. If you are not familiar with Hashtags, where the heck of you been hashtags basically are ways to make your titles searchable so people don't necessarily have to know who you are. They just have to be interested in the type of things that you are talking about. So, for example, for me when I scope, I actually will hash tag things that I'm talking about. So if it's a business scope out to a hashtag biss cope, because people look for that, if I'm talking about real estate al hashtag real estate, if I'm talking about whatever it is that maybe a broad topic that could bring someone to you, I would hash tag that. So, as in real estate, if you are scoping your particular neighborhood or your particular city or particular school, you can always hash tag that. So for me, when I was working in the Tampa market, I actually worked in New Tampa, so I would hashtag new Tampa as opposed to Tampa as a whole. New Tampa was a smaller community, and if I were using a subdivision again using Tampa as the example, I could hash tag live oak. Or I could hash tag Grand Hampton. And then people who are living in those communities or looking for those communities would be able to find me. So I would post something like neighborhood walk off. Hashtag Grand Hampton Hashtag Tampa hashtag Florida. So people knew that if there was a Grand Hampton in South Carolina that this wasn't their Grand Hampton, it was the Grand Hampton in Tampa, Florida So, again, this helps you to narrow down your audience and actually get people who are truly targeted and actually very interested in what you're talking about. And you've let them know that all you're doing is walking the neighborhood, or you can let them know high school football game, you know, hashtag Lato high. Ah, hashtag rivalry or whatever the case may be. So there are a lot of things that you could use to be able to get people to be able to find you and again, find soon and laser tag exactly what it is that you're sharing so that you get mawr engaged followers and people that can relate, and they'll have relevant questions to what it is that you're sharing. 8. Class Project: Now that you've downloaded the periscope app and a connected it to your Twitter account, it's time to start sharing. So the first thing that you want to do because this is part of your class assignment is to figure out exactly what your introduction is going to be. So every single time you log on the periscope, you were going to introduce yourself to your audience. You are going to get some people who are going to follow you regularly. But you're always going to have new people showing up, and they have no clue who you are or why they should be listening to you. So you want to make sure that you tell them who you are, why they should be listening to you and any credentials that give you the credibility for again why they should be listening to you. So, for me, for example, I would say something along the lines of Hello, My name is Kelly McRae. I've been in the real estate industry for 17 years as an appraiser, property manager, listing agent sales agent. I've also worked for builders. I'm an award winners, forest customer service satisfaction and high volume sales. So now, within that small segment of time, they have learned my name. They've learned my credentials. They've learned that I'm an award winner. And these were reasons that they now know that they should listen to me because I know exactly what it is on the topic that I'm teaching. So now for your class assignment, what you're going to do is you're going to hop on over the periscope and you are going to create your introduction. Now again, as you're going through as you start to get accustomed to sharing on periscope, one of the things that you're going to also get accustomed to realizing is that your introduction doesn't Onley come at the beginning of your of your life stream. So what happens is, the longer you're speaking, you get more and more people that pop into what I call your chat room, and you can see them as they show up as they start to show up. After you get so many, you want to introduce yourself again. This is why you want to keep your introduction as compact as possible. So your typical elevator speech, I think, is about 30 seconds long. This one you want to try to compact in a 10 minute or 10 minutes 10 seconds if you can, because you're going to repeat this potentially in the middle of your broadcast and again at the end of your broadcast and you're going toe. Also, adopt a practice of asking people to tap on their screens, which gives you social social proof in the form of hearts. You're also going to ask them to swipe and share. You'll see if they swipe on the screen. If they swipe one way or swipe up or down. That is going to give them a menu to be able to share your content with the people that they follow them. And you get into the habit of asking them to follow you so that your list of people who are your regulars is constantly growing. So these are things that you're going to ask on a regular basis, these air things you're going to do on a regular basis, so there's always going to be your introduction. There's always going to be a call to action and asking people to swipe and share, follow you or it's happened, give you love 9. Repurpose your live stream videos: So let's talk about repurpose ing or reusing the videos that you've done as far as your life's name is concerned. So just because it's on periscope does not mean it needs to remain on periscope. Most of the time. When you do a live broadcast on periscope, it will automatically save these broadcasts. You do not have believed them out there, So if you felt like it was the most God awful thing ever, you can actually remove it. But here's what I actually will propose that you do. If you do remove it, most of what you'll find on my video stream is going to be kind of superficial in nature. If I have something that is really, really good, I actually remove that. And I put it someplace else where it's going to be more beneficial to me. For example, you as a realtor trying to get more customers, and you want them to see all of the different offerings that you have. I would take these videos and reap and re purpose them and put them on my personal block space. That way, when you go to share after the fact you're not sending them to periscope. You're sitting them to whatever your Realtor website happens to be, which is going to give them the ability to search your MLS listings. It's going to give them the ability to count to see exactly where your office is located and is going to get more hits to your blogged. They're giving you more credibility. Now, if you also want to take this video, you can share this directly with your customers, and you can upload it directly to them in a personal email. You could send them the link to periscope if you want to. However, I find that you know repurpose ing. This content really does work a lot better on DSO again. When you put it on your personal block space, you can actually go to Twitter and you can retweet it and again. Instead of sending people to periscope, you're sitting them to your own personal block space. Now, another way that you can actually repurpose this content is you can actually send it, or you can edit it yourself and use it on YouTube. Or you can add it to a Facebook fan page or Facebook group page again, giving the audience that isn't on periscope, the ability and the opportunity to benefit from whatever it was that you shared. So if you just shared a community event and you've got customers on your Facebook page that don't visit periscope, they don't miss out on that information. And you don't have to record it a second time because the event probably only happened once anyway, right, So this gives you the ability to reach more people. As faras editing is concerned, often with live streaming your greeting people, you're answering questions that may not necessarily be relevant to your topic. So if you can get those things edited out again, this would make great YouTube constant, however, don't allow the greetings and the answers to the questions toe limit you, because all you've gotta do if you decide that you don't want to edit this video on YouTube just disclosed that its repurposed from periscope so again you could get multiple uses out of this video. So I just wanted to kind of share that with you and again, get your mind working on other ways that you can use video to increase your know like and trust factor 10. Periscope producer preview: Now that you've gotten comfortable using periscope, we're going to transition you If you want Teoh over from your cell phone over to your computer, so the reason you're going to transition from your cellphones your computer is to get a higher level of production value. Now, if you're going to your computer, of course, you're going to require a webcam, and the lighting is a little bit different on your computer than it is when your cell phone , for some reason, it seems to be worse. As far as I'm concerned, however, you're going to download a couple of different programs, one of which is called Periscope Producer, and the other is called O. B s. And then you're going to actually create graphics on something called Can Va because it's free now. What that will do is it's going to give you the ability to brand your broadcasts Now. Not everyone has to do this, of course, but these are just extra. So if you're wanting to learn how to do those you absolutely can. So I'm going to show you a few screenshots of what my periscopes look like so that you can get an idea of what this will do for your brand and because you're in control. If this week you've got a newsletter that you're promoting, you can share and show the newsletter and provide the link for where people can get that. The nice thing about having periscope producer, at least for me, is I often forget to tell people what website I want them to go to. And let's face it, our entire purpose of being on periscope is to boost our sales, right. So if you brand your broadcasts, they see the link that you want them to go to the entire time. So you've got a book on real estate that you're promoting, or have you got a specific home that you're promoting? You can actually go ahead and brand that on your pair of school, and it's right there for everybody to see the entire time you're broadcasting. And the nice thing about it is while you're looking at yourself on the screen, it's a great reminder to tell people what the link is all about. 11. Periscope producer and canva: So ask stated you can actually use periscope producer to create yourself aim or production quality, Look and feel. So whenever I actually periscope, I actually have. This is an opening sequence. This is actually my closing sequence, and these graphics were made in Canada, which I mentioned to you guys as well. So when people are watching me, this is what they're seeing. So I've got my web address above. I've got the different places for you to follow me along the side here of my various social media and you can change these just simply as a click of a button. So again, you don't have to have the same look all of the time. So if you're promoting a specific home or if you're promoting something real estate related , you can actually highlight that particular house highlight whatever that situation might be as far as maybe ah, community event or whatever the case may be. And you can actually make this look exactly the way that you want to change your message, every opportunity that you get to and just really move the the look and feel of your production along and again. It's very, very professional so the other place I want to show you is can va. So here in Canada is where it created all of those backgrounds. Can va is a free service where you can create design? I actually use a paid service. If you decided that you wanted to use the pay portion off can va, then the wonderful thing about it is you can save certain things you can download with transparent background and things of that nature. So the ability to download with a transparent background is actually how I created this template here. So if you don't want to do that, you don't have to. You can always do something very similar to this year. So I just want you guys to kind of see what the production quality of Canada and pair school producer combined would bring you again. This is going to change everything about what you're doing. Imagine inviting your customer to your periscope, uh, your broadcast and having them see the home that you got listed with them here as the very highlight. And you're talking to various people all over the country about their particular home, who may be relocating to your area So this is actually a very, very powerful tool for a few reasons. One, you don't have to ask people to go to a specific link. They can see it, you know, right above your head. You don't have to ask them to follow you on your social media. They can see that again here. And you don't have, you know, specifically share with them the house or the benefit of why they're watching you again. You got that right here. And if you've got something that you're giving away for free a free guy to your community or a newsletter that you've got, you could drop that right below. So this screen really does allow for you to do a lot to deliver a lot of information that you don't actually have to verbalize. So again, periscope producer really is an amazing tool. And if you've got a webcam, when your camera, that's actually now what you're watching me on is the webcam up on the start, not a webcam on your camera. We have cam on your computer. And so that's what you're currently watching me on. So again completely changes the look and feel of things and if you've got something that you really want to make, it just a awesome awesome look with your opening sequence. Whenever I get ready to say my goodbyes to my people, I actually popped this graphic up there where they can see and say goodbye. Um, and you can move these things around and again personalized this very much so. And every time as I'm getting prepared to talk to my people, I always kind of start with an intro. So here I'm not actually talking to him. I'm actually just kind of putting my brand out there and letting them know who I am. And then I clicked that off, and then I get started delivering the information that I showed up to deliver. So hopefully this will help you guys understand a little bit more about what periscope producer looks like. I'll see you soon 12. Periscope course sales boost conclusion: so I'd like to say in conclusion, thank you very much for trusting me with your time and with your business. I hope that periscope really does assist you in boosting your sales. And I hope that the information I provided here is very, very helpful. If I can answer questions, please know that you can reach me here within the forum. And I'm always happy to help wherever I can and answer any questions that I possibly can. I know that you guys are gonna do amazing. And I look forward to hearing all about your success. Thank you again. Have a good day.