Boost Your GRE Score: Analytical Essay Mastery | Ashley Keenan | Skillshare

Boost Your GRE Score: Analytical Essay Mastery

Ashley Keenan

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5 Videos (20m)
    • GRE Intro

    • Using The 5 20 5 Method

    • GRE Vocabulary

    • Argument Essay Template

    • GRE Final Thoughts and Tips


About This Class


This course is designed to help you boost your GRE Analytical Essay score by 1-2 points. As a teacher and writer I've helped hundreds of students improve their writing. I've compiled some of my best tips and tricks into this course to give you a quick and easy way to improve your score. This course covers:

  • Time Management
  • Analytical Vocabulary
  • Outlining
  • Building Analytical Templates
  • Includes Sample Prompts

I hope you enjoy this course! Comment below if you have any questions.





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Ashley is a writer, performer, and teacher based in Chicago. She has produced hundreds of live-lit and comedy shows drawing in crowds of 250+ people.

In 2015 she started two recurring shows: Strange Hour and BYOD (bring your own diary). Each show works to cultivate vulnerability, encourage collaboration, and push both performers and audience members to take chances. She has performed at The Annoyance, iO, The Second City Training Center, and The Playground Theater. She has also been a...

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