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Boost Your English Pronunciation & Vocabulary: Beginner - Intermediate

Rance Keating, Video Editor & English Teacher

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11 Videos (1h 37m)
    • Introduction

    • 1st Paragraph: Pronunciation

    • Quick Tip!

    • 1st Paragraph: Vocabulary Study

    • "Regions" Section: Pronunciation

    • "Regions" Section: Vocabulary Study

    • "Understand" Paragraph: Pronunciation

    • "Understand" Paragraph: Vocabulary Study

    • "People" Paragraph: Pronunciation

    • "People" Paragraph: Vocabulary Study

    • Thanks For Watching This Class!


About This Class


There are two major goals for this class: The first goal is to explore and learn about a new interesting topic (Taiwan Culture for this class). The second goal is to boost your English skills along the way by looking at pronunciation and vocabulary. In the future I will create classes based on topics like business, the economy, cultures around the world, history, health & diet, travel, music & movies, career development etc etc so every time you watch one of these classes you will be exposed to new vocabulary, building a larger "general" vocabulary based on many topics.

I will focus on reading through a paragraph looking at pronunciation. And then I will explain all of the difficult vocabulary, phrasal verbs, expressions etc that we come across in that paragraph. And we will continue through the article in that style. I might briefly look at grammar as well.

Before you watch each video in full, it would be useful for you if you read through the paragraph yourself first, get an understanding of the paragraph, and then watch my video so that I can explain some of the difficult parts. 

Here is a link to the wiki article:

I won't be looking at all paragraphs. I'll only choose the most interesting paragraphs to work with. 

I hope this course helps your English and that you enjoy learning about a new topic! Make sure you check out my other course on SkillShare called "English Fluency: Vocabulary, Reading, Listening & Speaking STRATEGIES" which explains some of the best techniques & methods that you can use to improve your English fluency. The goal would be to apply some of those methods to these topic study classes so that you build your vocabulary effectively.






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Rance Keating

Video Editor & English Teacher

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