Boost Your Dating Confidence In 7 Days

Aleksandr Vidzup, Dating & Confidence Coach

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27 Videos (1h 10m)
    • Introduction to the Course

    • How This Program Works

    • How To Attract Your Perfect Woman

    • How To Unleash the Confidence Inside of You

    • The Best Way To Change Yourself To Become More Confident

    • The 2 Essential Parts To Confidence

    • What Is Confidence In Dating?

    • The Most Important Thing That Affects Your Confidence In Dating

    • How To Take Yourself Less Seriously

    • Quickly Boost Your Confidence With This Fun Thing

    • How The Pickup Industry Evolutionized Dating & What This Means For You

    • Dating Myths That Have Stopped You From Attracting The Women You Want

    • The Power of Positivity & How It Boosts Your Confidence

    • Mindset Confidence Exercise: Gratitude

    • Mindset Confidence Exercise: How To Instantly Destroy Negative Thoughts

    • Mindset Confidence Exercise: Opposing a Fact

    • How To Use Eye Contact To Boost Your Dating Confidence

    • How To Have a Confident Voice To Boost Your Dating Confidence

    • How To Groom Yourself To Boost Your Dating Confidence

    • How To Boost Your Confidence When Texting Women

    • Dating Locations Exercise

    • Simple But Powerful Body Posture Exercise For More Confidence

    • Confidence Exercise: Get N...?

    • Confidence Exercise: Dance Your Pants Off

    • Final Words & Next Steps...

    • BONUS: Powerful Infield Confidence Exercise

    • BONUS: Infield Demonstration with Alex


About This Class

Do you feel like you need more confidence when approaching women, asking for their number, or even asking them on dates?

If so, then this course is for you! I was exactly at the same place where you are now... 

I used to be that guy in the corner, watching all the women pass me by, not having the balls to even go say hi, let alone get her number.

I know how you feel - it’s frustrating and that thought that passes through your mind “Why me?!”…

Look, I came to the point in my life where I had enough and decided to change. No more! I was going to get all the women I want. I started studying, experimenting, and practicing different confidence exercises and techniques and day after day my confidence grew more and more. 

Pretty soon, I didn’t even recognise my old self. Today, I can easily get any woman I want and regularly get 2-3+ dates per week and even take them home with me.

Look... I’m not special, I wasn’t born with any magical womanising abilities. You can get the exact same results as me by applying the exercises in this course. Yes, that’s right - you can boost your dating confidence in a mere 7 days by following the information I’m about to give you in these lessons.

So let me ask you a question… 

Do you want more pussy? Or are you going to stay where you are and keep watching your friends and other guys take those gorgeous women home?

Your choice! Buy this course now and I look forward to coaching you to boost your dating confidence. See you there!





Aleksandr Vidzup

Dating & Confidence Coach

Hi guys
My name is Alex and I'm a dating & confidence coach.

You're probably wondering how did I get here, well here's a short version.

Here's me, shy, no friends to go out with, dreaming about having party lifestyle but no means to get there. At times I would sit in a train and see a cute girl that would even make short eye contact with me and my mind would go "does she like me, shall I come up to her, what do I say, I don't want to look stupid, etc." Situations like that w...

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