Boost Your Creativity: The Random Word Doodle Workout | Rich Armstrong | Skillshare

Boost Your Creativity: The Random Word Doodle Workout

Rich Armstrong, Product Designer

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12 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. The Introduction

    • 2. Day 1: rules and guidelines

    • 3. Day 2: the inner child

    • 4. Day 3: routine

    • 5. Day 4: mistakes and fun

    • 6. Day 5: rejection, failure and sharing

    • 7. Day 6: the blank canvas

    • 8. Day 7: a stream of ideas

    • 9. Day 8: sharpen your mind and solve your problems

    • 10. Day 9: becoming a prolific creator

    • 11. Day 10: forth and onwards!

    • 12. The end!

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About This Class


It’s crazy. We live in an era where the grey squishy thing in our skull plays a major role in all aspects of our lives – in work, our personal lives, our decision making, in productivity, in efficacy, and especially in our creativity. Yet rarely do we give it the workout it needs. I believe everyone has the capacity to be creative, come up with brilliant ideas, think differently and have super-productive and effective days. We just need to give our number one tool a consistent daily workout!

This class explores one really fun and effective method of increasing the quality and quantity of your creations, boosting the number of ideas you come up with, and sharpening your mind to take on life’s challenges. Join the class to learn how to become a prolific creator, and take on the day with your brain in overdrive mode.

You don’t have to work in a ‘creative’ field to take the class, nor do you need to know how to draw. All you need is pen and paper, 15 minutes everyday, and the ability to have fun and try new things.

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