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Boost Your Books or Business with Podcast Interviews

teacher avatar Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D., Powerful Fun Teaching

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Use The Power of Podcasts to Promote Your Book or Product

    • 2. Who Am I

    • 3. ITunes Basic

    • 4. 3 Important Areas to Look

    • 5. ITunes Top Podcasts

    • 6. ITunes New and Noteworthy

    • 7. ITunes What's Hot

    • 8. How to tell if a Podcast is Active

    • 9. How to tell if a Podcast Does Interviews

    • 10. Listen to the Podcast

    • 11. Finding the podcast website

    • 12. Contacting The Podcast

    • 13. Don't be afraid to contact the big podcasts

    • 14. What Happens Next?

    • 15. Bonus Keeping Track of Your Interview Pitches

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About This Class


Authors and Inventors congratulations on writing or taking the steps towards writing your book or getting your product on it not he world.  This is an amazing accomplishment for anyone.  However, the easy part is now done.  You have create a book or product based on things you love to do or speak about.  Now the world is waiting of you to share it with the.  This is were it gets a little more difficult and you have to get out of your comfort zone to market your book or product.  

One of the most underused methods of book and or product promotion is being interviewed about that book or product.  People think it is to hard to get interviewed or to speak on their subject matter and that only those with connections get that chance.  Well they are wrong.  There is an abundance of places to secure these interviews and the biggest untapped market is Podcasts.  

Podcasts are a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Podcast are basically amazing little radio shows that people can do from anywhere on any theme.  There is a wide amount of podcasts on the market.  The number one place to find podcast is iTunes : But what is iTunes?  A media player by Apple Computer that is used for playing digital music or video files. iTunes is also used to purchase digital music files or subscribe to podcasts through Apple's iTunes Music Store. The iTunes player is also an interface on the iPod and iPhone.  

The best part about podcast on iTunes is the number of available podcasts on iTunes.  At last count there were over 250,000 different podcasts on iTunes.  Of that 250,000 podcasts there are over a billion people subscribing to those podcasts.  Now don't you want to be able to tap into numbers like that?  

The secret is wading through the podcast to find just the right ones of you to get interviewed upon.  That is where this class is going to give you the power to wade through the sea of podcasts and find just the right ones to get interviewed about your book or product.  Another huge advantage to using podcast interviews to promote your book of product is that almost all of them are free to be listened to and also don't cost you anything to be interviewed upon.  So using podcasts interviews only costs your time.  Now any budget minded person loves that!  

Another big benefit is that there are more and more podcast popping up all the time.  So this marketing method isn't going away any time soon.  This class will be more than a lucky find for you it is more like tapping into a gold mine or marketing bliss. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Use The Power of Podcasts to Promote Your Book or Product: Hey, congratulations. You've got that book out or you have a product that you're excited about. Getting it out of the world is a major step in a major advancement for you. Bravo to you. However, the process is not done by meets. Now now comes to marketing efforts. This is where the most people find it very hard to promote or to get the word out about the product, you know, and this is our expertise. For most of most of you out there are inventors are authors and you're focused on creating the your mark. Well, now the higher marketing expert, it's gonna cost you a lot of it's gonna cost you a lot of money to do that. But you can do some of this on your own. No. And one of the most under used methods of marketing your products. Your bulls is, I guess now, what do you think In podcasts, What is a podcast? Many people might not even know What a podcast It's a podcast is a digital file that your download onto here devices to listen to much like a radio program or something like that. But you download, you actually have a bus now podcaster. Huge podcasts are super huge, and I'll tell you that you're just a minute about how many people are listening to podcasts . But one of the companies that is cornered the market on podcast is I took. The iTunes has the majority of the podcast listed there. Even if they podcast start somewhere else. Most people have a right, so this is the place we want, folks. Now I teens has approximately by their numbers, 250,000 podcast that they distribute to their platform. That's a lot of cats, one of the things that we're going to show you. This classes have a plate through that 250,000 podcasts and find the ones that are perfect for getting you interviews about your book, getting human abuse about your product so that you can spread that now. And more fascinating number is that of those 250,000 podcasts, there are over a 1,000,000,000 people that subscribe to podcasts. A 1,000,000,000 people. That's a few John, it's you don't need that market your product to a 1,000,000,000 people. That's it's just unbelievable. You just need to tap into that section of those people that really want to hear what? Your books about what? Your products. Now this this cloud, like said, this class is gonna give you the ability to wait through that sea of podcasts and find the one that's just right for you to get interviewed. And interviews on podcasts are great. For one, podcasts are free to listen to. As of yet, they have not started charging for podcast and number 2 99% of the podcast that you would get interviewed on don't charge. You think there are a few out there that were charge you a fee or trying to charge a fee that boost up the podcast, but we don't even have to go there. This is a totally free source of marketing for you. So podcasting to be important source that you're looking for to get interviews about look and about your product. And this class is the starting off on that process and get you rolling so that we can get you out there to those 1,000,000,000 people and those 250,000 pockets. So let's get going. I'm excited to teach guys this stuff 2. Who Am I : All right. So I know your next question is, why should we listen to you? What credentials do you? My name is Robert. Alex and I have been a podcast for since 2000. I've hosted several different shows on podcasting, from relationships to just conversations. Hit the road was our very first and my podcast have reached number three on. I took the fact that I'm very proud. That's hard to do. As any podcaster will tell you. It's hard to get into that top 10 on iTunes. So let me just say I know a thing or two about testing now. The current podcast were running, and I say we That's because I run with my general, my wonderful and talented wife. But that podcast is all theirs, and it focuses on authors of their books. So besides knowing a thing or two about outgassing, I also know quite a bit about authors, book riding and market. So with that, I'm also the co founder of Creative Authors Marketing Group on Facebook. Again, that's with my wonderful and amazing just met old night Brian life. And that's where we help authors on the market. So not only as we branch down the podcast. We have a lot of other expertise to, um we also from the website. Authors talk about it. We, uh we do the podcast. We'd share a lot of information with the others marketing and just other general tips for authors as well as running a couple of but words contests. So a lot of great information there for all others on if that were not enough, I'm also on ultimate for I work with authors personally, we actually both to do that and teach them, you know, that marketing success for their boat. So I'm very proud of that fact because they're certainly offers out there that need that assistance. And that also goes for those that you could have products you can help with that. Oh, I also run through gloss that are focused that our book related those air called authors, Village readers, village and down locals boat, uh, three very successful bulls that are right that the current top. Oh, no, no. Wait a second to I personally, along my wife have been interviewed over 125 times on podcast television shows and radio show, so I know it thing or two about being on that side of the might Also. So I think when I wrap all these things together, I am problem one of the best people to help you start to try to find podcast, to get interviews where you can promote the book, your product or whatever else that that you want to share with the world. 3. ITunes Basic: We've got our screenshot up here and you guys can follow along with me. The first thing that you need to make sure that you've done is you've signed in to your iTunes account. If you don't have an eye to account, go to Google, search for iTunes, they'll lead you through. The process is very simple. Painless. You won't have any problems doing that. Um, but the next thing we want to do is go to the iTunes store right up here. We want to make sure that we select podcast on and then we're gonna click iTune store. Now, this is bringing up us do the general podcast page. It has several different things. This is all the podcast combined, and this could get a little confusing because it will have everything from sports Teoh. Just talk shows all kinds of things on here, and it could be really confusing. But what we want to do is kind of narrow our search down. So we're gonna go over here to the right side of the page. First of all, we're gonna make sure we're on podcasts here to never always want to make sure because we could be looking at different categories. As you see here, I turned you movies. Music, But we want to make sure we're in. Podcasts will make sure that's clicked. And then the arrow down below here, this all categories. Right now we're in all categories. As I mentioned, it has runs the gamut of everything in there. But we're gonna click on that, and we're going to go to more focus categories. I'm gonna put these categories in a pdf file for you guys so that you can access them so you could have a list of them. I will also put all the sub categories underneath, and we're gonna find out that in just a second here, we're going to click on arts because this is where the book section will be. I'm gonna focus on promoting a book and looking for interviews for books, So we're gonna go to the arts section and click on it. Now we'll bring up another screen, and now we're We've narrowed our search down to podcast and in the arts now. So as you can see that now, to get into more specific categories from here, we're going to scroll on down and we're gonna have Maurin arts, these air the sub categories. As you can see, we have design, fashion and beauty, food, literature, performing arts and visual arts. So we want to make sure that we're gonna click on the literature cause we're gonna be focused on our books. So this is a good one to come in to, um Now it's gonna bring up just book related podcasts or literature regulated podcast so that we know that the podcast that we're looking for are specifically designed for books. Now, there's a lot of interviews on these podcasts, However, depending on what your books about, you might want to look at other categories. For example, you know, if your books is the Children's book, you might want to go to kids and family. And also look, um, if you're books about something to do with sports, you might want to go down to sports and recreation and look there. And as you can see, there's very different ones. So don't just get stuff in the mentality of we're gonna go into the literature category, and that's where we're gonna find everything branch out If your if your book is has a little paranormal field to it. You might want to go into religion and spirituality. That might have some different podcast about the paranormal in there. So don't be afraid to branch out and look in there. So But with that said, we're gonna move on here. Um, you know, again, make sure you're checking out all those categories to make sure you find the best one for your book. Um, you can do this on your phone, but I wouldn't suggest it. It's a little hard to follow. Um, everything. But I would suggest doing this on a computer, a desktop or laptop to make sure that you get the good widescreen. You're gonna be able to see very little of this on your phone. So I'm again. As I said, I'm gonna show you. I'm gonna put a pdf attached to this section of the course listing all those categories in the subcategory so you can kind of map out where you want to go before that. Now we're going to get ready to move on into the next section, and we're gonna be talking about the moat. Three more stool, most important places. Toe. Look on this page. So we will be right back with that section 4. 3 Important Areas to Look: So now we found the specific category When I want and again we're in the podcast we are in . I'll just go back through it. We're in the arts category, We're going to scroll down, and we're gonna get into the literature section of that. There's three areas that I want you to take note of and these air we're going to go into more detail on those in the next three videos. But one of those is the top podcast, which is located right here. I'll scroll down again to it so you can find it. The top podcast right there. Um, the 2nd 1 is the What's hot? Um, and it's located right here. What's hot? And the 3rd 1 is new and noteworthy. Those are the three areas we're going to focus on on this page and iTunes looking for interviews. So I'm gonna go come back here in just a minute and go into each one of those with a little more detail 5. ITunes Top Podcasts: Okay, The first section that we're going to be looking at is the top podcast. And if we'll go scroll down and we'll hit here where it says top podcasts, we're gonna click on that and it's gonna bring up another listing of podcast. These are the top 200 podcast under literature and are under arts and then under the subcategory of literature. This is the top 200. What I would say book podcast out there on iTunes right now. And they're listed in order. And this is based on iTunes algorithms, which nobody really knows exactly how it's figured. But it's based on the numbers of subscribers versus the numbers of subscribers that they lose. It's a very complex thing. Um, and like I said, I think iTunes has a safeguarded under lock and key. But as you can see here, the first, um, uh, the first line has the 1st 9 and it goes on down for their These podcast in the top 10 will have an extraordinary amount of listeners. They will even rank in the millions of listeners a lot of times, and that is because obviously their algorithms dictate that. But they also are presented to the general public more often than the ones as you go down. If we go back here to the top podcasts, you can see that it lists the top 10 right here. So you don't have to go any farther. So a lot of people are just going to look at the top tens. If they're coming to look for a book podcast, they're gonna come here and look these top 10 right off the back takes a special person to dive even even farther, looking for a specific group. That doesn't mean that you should only focus on the top 10. He should focus. You should look through all these and we'll get into more details as to why? Because some of these podcasts won't accept interviews on DSA. Some of them won't be the right fit for you, so we'll go through that in a little bit. But that's how you look for the top podcast on, and we'll be right back with another section to go through 6. ITunes New and Noteworthy: Okay, We found out where the top podcast are. Now. We're going to go to the next little section or area on this page that we want to look at and we're gonna go to new and noteworthy, and we can't click on new and noteworthy over here. We have to go over here to see all we're gonna click on that, and it's gonna bring us to another screen here in a second here. Okay, there it goes. And this is the newest podcast out under this us Ah, the literature category. And then, which is under art. So these air the most recent podcasts that are out there for this section. As you can see, there's a lot less than 200 where we saw the top podcast. But the thing about these that I like are these air, the newest and the most eager to get subject matter for their podcast. So you might find it a lot easier to get on to these podcasts to get interviews, um, for your book or for your product, whatever it might be because these people are again are just starting out. So they might have that same enthusiasm that you do about your book or your product. They have that same enthusiasm about their product podcasts, and they're wanting to make it a success and move it over into those into the top podcast section that we were just in. Pardon me, but you can see there's several different here. Um, again, this list is not as extensive. Andi. It'll change all the time. This one will change quite a bit. Top podcast. The bottom will change quite a bit, but it won't change at the top. This one will change a lot within a two week time. You'll see lots of movement in this in this new and noteworthy category. So it's It's good to come back and check this often because if you can get on one of these podcasts is one of their first episodes. You know, um, they will probably have you back over and over again. Um, and like I said, it's just it's just great place to start, especially if you're new. It interviews. This is a great place because you're gonna get people that aren't a skilled is interviewing , so they're kind of learning on their ways ago so you guys can kind of learn together. So that's a new noteworthy section. This is one you want to go back to and check over and over again. 7. ITunes What's Hot: Okay, let's go on to the third section, which is the what hot section. And if you can see, here's your news. No worthy. What hot? What's hot? Excuse me is right below it. Scroll up and again we have to click over here to see all. We're going to click on that button. Take it just a minute to pop up here. And as you can see, it's a little bit more than the new and noteworthy not quite as much as the 200. This can fluctuate greatly these air podcasts that are moving up the charts in that manner they are. They have a high rate of subscribers versus UN subscribers. Um, they have a high rate of new subscribers altogether. These are ones that are really moving up the charts, and you'll probably see them in the top 200 if not already very soon. So this is just another one place that you want to. These are the ones you want to get on because they are having that positive mo mentum going up towards the top. Um, to get on one of these before they get too big is a great, great idea for your to get an interview with them because they're not so big that they, you know, aren't gonna that they'll be a little tougher to get on. But they're they're small enough that it's like, Hey, I'm still looking for people to make my show better there, still wanting to improve their just not at the top of the platform yet. So, as you can see, there's lots of things in there now, with all these categories, there's there's gonna be, ah lot of these that you can wait out. There's There's a lot of these podcasts that don't do interviews that won't be a right fit for you. Um, and that's what we're going to go a little deeper in the next sections and tell you how to find out which podcasts are for you. Ah, and which ones are not? So we're gonna go on with the next one 8. How to tell if a Podcast is Active: Okay, now, the next thing we need to find out and this is going to start narrowing down those podcast for you is to find out which podcasts are still active because, believe it or not, people abandon their podcast on they don't follow through. They start a podcast. It never takes off. They ended after a short period of time or a long period of time, for that matter. But you need to know how to check those because you don't want to be sending out an interview request for your book or your product to a podcast that is no longer active. So let's just go into top hot cast here and let's go to fresh air right here. The number one podcast. We're gonna look in there and we're going to see that. And at the time of this, this is September the fourth that I'm recording this 2006. But at the time we see that they just put out a podcast yesterday and they're pretty consistent about every day or every other day. They're putting out another podcast. So this is one that is definitely active. Um, we see that they're putting out podcast regularly and that they seem to have some sort of plan as far as how, when they're putting out a podcast, it looks like there for a while. They're putting one out every day. Even so, they missed a couple of days in here, but it's still a very active podcasts. So, um, we don't have to worry about that one being off our list as faras to present to. But let's go back and let's see if we can find one that, um, might not be as active. We'll scroll down here. We'll go to this, um, nom, nom paleo podcast number 1 76 So we're gonna click on that on and it brings up the episodes everything. And here's the release day of the last of so many podcasts. I don't think I really splayed that out, but there it is. Um, and again, as I was saying, this this is September the 3rd 2006 And I look at their last podcast, which will be this one up here at the top. And I see that the last time they released one was in January on January 10th 2016 so they haven't released a podcast for about eight months and we look and see. And then we look because there's always the possibility that somebody only does a podcast once, every so off. But we look on down and we see that November 23rd was before that 2015 compartment. October 6 2015th. So they were doing them pretty regularly once a month, once twice a month, some sometimes, and it just started to drag out. And as we can see, they haven't done one in a long time now. So this would not be a podcast that you want to pit? Um, they are not consistent. They've obviously not put one out for eight months now, so we don't want to take our time and waste our time. Putting this podcast down is when we want to cut contact. So now good rule of thumb. Or, you know, most podcast will have some kind of, um, pattern to when they're releasing a podcast. Maybe once a week. Some do it once a day. Not too many of them do it once a day anymore. Some will do it once a week. Some will even do it once a month. So you gotta look for a pattern here and this one. Obviously, I had a pretty good pattern going in 2015 and then they just obviously for some reason, decided it wasn't worth it. And his January 10th with the last podcast that they I looked into. Now, as we go back and you might think, Well, I'll just step near the top, then this isn't always the case. I've seen several times where podcasts will stay up long in the top so many long after they have recorded their last episode. There was one podcast that I listen to that still up near the top, Um, that are category, and it's just because they got into that top 10. And people keep listening to those older episodes over and over again. So they keep having listenership is they keep having people subscribe to their podcasts, even though they're still not putting any new episodes out there. So you can't judge it just based on going into the top podcast and basing on their um, you know, the way their rank that that's not a good indication of the podcast is still active or not . 99 90% of the time they're going to be, but you'll still find some of those others that are not so you don't want. You don't want a ball yourself down with podcast that aren't active, even if they're up at the top of the top spots. So, um, you can go in a new and notable. Most of those will be a newer podcast that should still be active. But every once in a while you find one where smite did one episode of a podcast, and it's still in new and notable for some reason, and they haven't done any more for a while. So not very often does that happen. However, though, So now I want to make a special note here that, you know, do check because, um, sometimes podcast will go on hiatus. We just recently did that with one of our podcast, where we took a couple months off because we're moving on, and it just wasn't feasible for us to be recording a podcast every day trying to move across the country, no less. And also we had two weeks. We're staying with family, so it just wasn't possible for us to do a podcast. So look at that. If you're in any doubt, listen to the last episode and go, well, they were going pretty good. And then all of a sudden it stopped. What's what's going on? And a lot of times, they'll tell you in that last podcast, Hey, we're gonna be on hiatus. Ah, lot of podcasters won't if they have Children won't podcast when school's out because they're doing things with their Children, you know, during summer break. So you you need to look at that and see OK, this is a good podcast, and it fits my brand of my book or my product Very well, um, but I want to make sure that they're not, you know, that they're active and it doesn't seem like they have been Just look back and see. And then again, listen to that last show to make sure that that podcast is still active cause on pitching an inactive podcasts is just a waste your time on, and we don't have a lot of time to spare, so don't waste your time doing that 9. How to tell if a Podcast Does Interviews: Now, the next thing that we need to do is find out if the podcast does interviews on. And this is a little more tricky process because, you know, it's not clear cut a lot of times. Um, so first thing we're induce, we're gonna click on one of these podcasts, and we're gonna go to myths and legends right here at the number one podcast. Um, we're gonna open that up when we read through this on the description up here at the top. And as we're reading through that, I don't see anything that leads that there would be interviews. It looks like more along the lines of this podcast talks about mythical stories and legends of the past. So it doesn't look like they do any interviews. Ondas We look down the name of the thing. It looked the name of the episodes. We see that, you know, it looks like very much like they're going through in order talking about specific stories . Um, so I do not see any interview possibility on this podcast. So let's go back and go to another podcast. We'll go back and let's go to book review from the New York times and we see, um, right here in the description that the world's top authors and critics join, um, the editor, Pamela Paul, and lively conversations about their books, arts and ideas. So this one obviously does do interviews. Now again, we can look at this and we can see that obviously, they have very different people on there, a lot of people on there. So that's good. Another great way to look and tell is if you go to this little eye right here and when you go over it, it it has a little circle around it. You click on that and it gives you some show information, and it says, You know, This week, Heather Ann Thompson talks about blood in the water. Another author talks about something else. So obviously this one would be one. We want a pitch, so that makes sense to us to go even farther in depth with this one. So we want to make note of that one. Another good way to tell if a show does interviews is to look at the time frame the amount of time that the show is generally, um, 20 minutes arm or will interview that there. There's a possibility of there being an interview. If there is something, um, smaller, 10 minutes or under. I don't even think I would waste my time pitching that show of all their shows or 10 minutes or under, because you're not going to get adequate time by the time they come on and talk about their show. And by the time you add in the ending, you're only gonna have a maybe 1 to 3 minutes to say anything. So I don't think that would be a show as we're looking down this when we see that they have one episodes at two minutes and we look over and it's a a sneak peek at notes next week's podcast. So it was just a little trailer or a teaser for their podcasts, so that that's not a concern. But as you can see that most of their other podcasts are anywhere from 32 minutes all the way up the 54 minutes, so that gives you adequate time to discuss your book, your product, whatever you're pitching on their show. So make sure that always check that So that's one of those air a cup three of the ways that you can tell if a podcast does interviews and those are important because again, we don't want to waste any time pitching an interview to a podcast that doesn't accept them . And as once we find out they do accept him that goes in the good pile. That's one that we want to contact. 10. Listen to the Podcast: now here's an important piece that, um I think is is important to pass along once you find a podcast that you know it's active , takes interviews. I highly encourage you to listen to the podcasts toe, listen to an episode, maybe two or three episodes, to get a feel for the show and to make sure that podcasts a good fit. And I have to be totally honest with you guys. I don't do this as often as I should. I see a podcast that accept interviews, and a lot of times I'll go with it because I'm comfortable and I'm a little bit of a gambler in that sense of, you know, putting my stuff out there. And I feel like I can talk through any situation that anybody would throw at me. However, I have been burned a couple times, and we have gotten some really terrible interviewers. Um, 11 That was just a terrible interviewer, and the 2nd 1 was somebody that wanted to just It was one of those, like the Jerry Springer Show, where he just wanted to bash everything. It was like no matter what we said he was gonna bash everything that we said So, having the hindsight of the 125 we've done, we've had two that didn't pan out very well at all. So my numbers are pretty good, but still, I took those chances. I rolled the dice and I gambled with that. So to avoid this, though, you know, listen to the show. Um, you know, sometimes interviewers just they might not be very good, and you don't want to be on it An interview where the interviewer stumbling all over themselves and not speaking clearly things like that or have bad sound quality or constantly there shows constantly cutting out. So you want to look at the quality of the show for starters, and then you want to look at the interviewers. Personality doesn't mesh with yours. Like I said, I had the one gentleman that just wanted to argue everything. No matter what. We said he was gonna try to find something to argue about one of those Jerry Springer type of shows. And if that's not your style, then don't don't even bother pitching that show because the last thing you want to do is get in a situation where you don't feel comfortable, and your interview comes off a stiff and unimportant. So you, you know, you gotta look into those things. Also, you want to listen, Because how many commercials? You know, we talked about the time that the show airs and looking at that to see if it's a good fit. But you need to look to cause a lot of podcast will stick commercials, sponsorship information in there. And how much of that are they sticking in there? We were on a show. A big show one time, Um, you know, and they told us to section off 45 minutes for the show. And then we got to talk about 5 to 10 minutes, and the rest of the time they were playing sponsorships. They were cutting to commercial. Um, they had other guests on there that, you know, we didn't know we're going to be on there at that time. And again, That was one of those Where had I done a little more research? I have been like, Okay. Yeah, that this is what it's gonna be. So we would have been more focused in our in our speaking about our books on that podcast, But if everything still good. I don't want you to think this is all looking for the negative. You also want toe get a feel for this show. Get a feel for the person that's going to be interviewing. Do they like certain things? Are they personal? If you can bring up some personal topics that they might have brought up on an earlier show , like, say they like chocolate and you say something. Oh, yeah, I know. Um, Jim, that you really like chocolate That's gonna go a long way, and that's gonna show that interview that you did some of your homework. Two plus as your pitching the show, You could put some of those things in there say, Hey, I listen to such and such a show. I really like that you did this. Um, where I you know, I really would like to expand on this topic that you were talking about on the show. That goes a long way because if if somebody knows that you're listening to their show, their ears are gonna perk up a little bit more. They're gonna take a little more interest in what you're sending them to present, and that will go a super long way and possibly getting you on that show. 11. Finding the podcast website: Okay, so we've went through all the basics and you're happy with a podcast, and you want to send information to them to request an interview, um, to see if they'll put you on their show. So let's go back here to book review where they were, um, had their podcasts. We know they do interviews, and we're gonna look down here and we're like, Where can I contact them? At first thing that pops out is the links and a website. So you can click on that and that should open your browser. You're has minds bouncing down here at the bottom, but its opening my browser to bring me to their web page. Now it sounds like everything is simple, and in most cases it is. We're going to slide this over here so you guys can see make it fit in there. Um, it's bringing up their website book review. Uh, and this is a great one toe look at, because right here is another website that you'll have to go to so they don't have a direct link. I'll look down just in case, but they don't have a direct link to their podcast for you. to contact them. So you're gonna have to do a little more research into this when you're gonna have to go to this. A website here to find out this is most likely their pod, Their podcast hosting site. Um, it lists all there. They're episodes. And you could listen to him downloading and sharing from there. But yet it doesn't have the good contact information that we we need tohave eso. Let's go back. Let's close that one out and will go back to another podcast and see, um, let's go toe one down here a little bit farther. Ah, what's the Let's just go to beautiful writers here? Um, obviously, it looks like they do interviews judged by everything. Let's go to their website and see if they have something a little different for us on here . As you can see, a very nice website. Very beautiful website list of several great authors that are on their, um, a list of their podcast. See if we can get down any farther. Um, and right here, um, you can contact the host, uh, right there on Twitter and do that. Um, So there's there's some possibilities of getting to them. Not again, not some not great ones. Let's go. Let's go even farther down that list and see if we can find something a little bit smaller that, um, let's go to the liberal that librarian is in. Let's go click on their website and see what it brings up. Will slow Internet. As we can see, this is part of the New York Public library system here, uh, and weak and right here they have a connect, but so you can connect right there, um, and get in touch, probably with either the New York Public Library to talk to them about the possibility of being on the show. Um, right there, So many of these many of these websites will have a specific contact form that you can fill out right there. If not, they might have. You know, their email address right there listed. They might even have a call out for guests to be on the show. You just know each one will be individualized. So it's very important that, you know, you take the time to research, um, do some digging in, because sometimes the best ones that I found are a little bit more difficult to find. And this because so many people give up, Just say I can't find the email address or contact more. I'll just give up. Sometimes it takes a little more digging to find that email address or that contact information on the page. Now, Ah, lot of times you'll click this website, but and it will take you to like the 1st 1 we did where it was just their podcast hosting site. You know, we use pod mean for our podcast. And yes, it allows us to have a page up there, but we don't put a lot of information on it. It just kind of, uh, Ace, a menu of all our podcast that we've done. So we don't put a lot of information on there, Nor do we check the contact information from there on great regularity. So, um, if you you come to that situation where it's just like a listing service of their pod bat like on pod bean or lip sins. Another one, Um, that just kind of doesn't have a good contact information to it. Sometimes you'll have to go to Google and search of podcasts. Ah, lot of times Unfortunately, people forget the tie, their pot, their website into their podcast link here on iTunes. Ah, lot of times this happens when a podcast gets going bigger and better that they'll forget to go back and change that website linking, um, And so sometimes you have to do that little extra date digging of going into Google, putting the podcast name in there and and finding the website that's not attached. And that's just one of those steps. You know, if it's a good show and you want to be on, you just have to go through it to try to find that contact. And again I'll express it and express and express it. Sometimes the harder it is to find at find that contact information. A lot of times I have found that that is one of the better shows to be on because for one, it's not easy to find and people give up way too easy. And number two, you know, then it's kind of destiny, then it's kind of the you know, that law of attraction feel that Yes, I finally found it. This is going to be a good fit for so there's how you find the website and the contact information now for the podcast that you want to talk to 12. Contacting The Podcast: your next step is to contact the podcast. I'm I've are I have our podcast pulled up here. So you guys can kind of see the one that we're running great for. Authors. Feel free to contact us if you if you want. Um, as far as that goes for interviews, anything, you go to our website and find all that information out. But now, like I said, many of these podcasts will have a, uh, a contact form on their website where you just fill it out straight from there doesn't allow for a lot of extra information, name, address or name, email address, maybe a phone number and then just a little box for you to speak your piece in to get to be a guest on their show. Some will actually have a guest form separate from just a contact form. Those were the ones that are really looking for guests. I always suggest you if they have a specific guest formed, always fill that out Now, other times, you'll have to dig a little deeper and get an email address and then go into your personal email, An email. The podcast, uh, it and you might not be emailing the the host of the podcast directly, they might have an assistant or somebody that schedules their show for them. The bigger the podcast, the more people that you probably have to go through before you ever ever talked to the host. But one thing that I encourage, especially on this first email or short first contact, is to keep it short and sweet. I'm no more than a paragraph. I know if if I get a pitch of something that's very lengthy, you know, I just don't have time to go through and read all those. So be respectful of the person's time. Ah, lot of these podcasts are getting numerous, numerous offers or requests for people to be interviewed, and you don't want to be that person that wants to give up their time. So you want to keep it short and sweet. You know, you include who you are, why you'd be a good guest on their show, what you'd be pitching, your book, your product, your website, those type of things and how they can get back in contact with you. Obviously down at the bottom. You want to thank them for the time that they have given to, you know, to consider you for their show. And you can attach a one sheet if you want, in a document type of setting so that they can look at it if they're interested and want to go in more detail. I know Jenelle right now is working on another. Ah, you know me class that's going to show you how to create a one sheet. And I Oh, my God, She is the guru at creating one sheet. So you want to make sure to check that out? I'll put it into this. Show notes as soon as she gets it up and running. But, you know, double check all your spellings, make sure you have everything right. Check your grammar. And you know, this is just like writing, writing your book or writing copy for your product. You want to make sure that everything spelled correctly, punctuation is in plays. And I'm telling you, this is a an issue for me. I'm not the best that those so a lot of times I will have my guruji NLG over my stuff and check it before I send it so that I don't come across. As you know, I've rushed through, so we want to make sure it's good, even though it short and simple. Now. One other thing that I do before I send out any request is and I'm a very metaphysical person. But I closed my eyes and I send some positive energy into the message. Some of you might do a prayer, you know, send up, put a prayer with that message. This never hurts. It doesn't hurt anybody. It's a great tactic that I do. It's just too quiet my mind and allow some of my amazing energy to go into that letter. And then I hit Sindh. I hit send and let the universe and the forces take care of the rest. Now, one thing you do is once you send this out, understand that responses are not immediate. There's not somebody on the other end waiting for your interview request to come in and is going to respond the moment it gets in. Sometimes it takes weeks. Sometimes it can takes months. I've even had somebody contact me after six months and go, Hey, we finally got to your request and we'd love to interview you now. So don't get into that habit of checking your email 20 times a day to see if it's there. Relax and let it come. If it doesn't come, no big deal. Um, if it does come, who good for you, You're on your way to getting the that interview to help you promote your book, your product or whatever else that you're putting out there. So just have a little patience with that. That's a big thing I can tell you when you're sending out requests for interviews. 13. Don't be afraid to contact the big podcasts: Okay, Now we're onto the little bit of the pep talk portion of the course here, and one thing I want you to be prepared to do is to reach out to these bigger podcast. I don't want you to be afraid to reach out to the bigger podcast. A lot of people get into the process, and they have better luck with the smaller podcast or the ones that aren't as high on the hot list. They are on the on the top podcast, and they seem to have luck with that. So they kind of they kind of get stuck going. Okay. These pod Castle interviewed me. I don't get any rejection from them, so that that's where I'm gonna go, So but I want to say no, you know, kick your butt in gear and compact. These top podcasts, You know, they everybody here and everybody. That's a podcast. No matter how big they are, they started out somewhere. They started out at the bottom somewhere. Very few podcasters just started doing a podcast and it took off. You know, some of the celebrities that are already famous, those type of things are already having established business Yeah, they can do it a little better cause they already have a list to sit now and say, Hey, listen to my podcast. And but, you know, most of the others all started out where you started. They had a beginning, and a lot of those people remember where they began. You know, this This has stuck with me. I learned this from Jack Canfield reading one of his books a long time ago, and it said, If you don't ask, the answer is always no. And I want you to really think about that. If you don't ask, the answer is always no, and it's true. So if you send something and you get to know you have a definitive answer, But if you don't send something you'll never know, you'll never think back and go man. What if I would have got on that? You know, the Dr Oz show or whatever, and you know, where would my life be different then? You constantly have those questions so we don't want those. Those always knows, because we didn't send something to be eating away at us time and time again, you know? No, it's just it's just the chance you take and you cannot take any, um, of these not getting on shows as a personal swipe, and I'll get into more of that later. But you just can't take it on personally. What I love to do is I think that each each, um each request that I send out is like a little bird. You know, it's like one of those little carrier pigeons might not come back with. The answer I want might not come back at all. But you know what? I'm taking the chance, and I'm sending it out there. Not that I want you know, anything to happen to any of those carrier pigeons. They're beautiful and amazing creatures to. But wait, take a chance with everything we dio. And this is just another one that you've got to take chances on. Um, if you want to get out there and get out there big is you've got to take chances on this 14. What Happens Next?: Okay, What happens next time as you're waiting and you're waiting for those podcast interview requests to come back with an acceptance or rejection, I want you to stop right there. I want I want you to stop. It's not just exception, acceptance or rejection. I want you to think of it as acceptance or practice. Um, you know, if you get accepted, that's great. That's fine. Run around the house, Give your partner a high five. Whatever you need to do to be excited, do a little dance. I have several little dances that I do all the time. But if you get a rejection again, I don't want you to take it personally. Um, you know, I always x take any rejection quote unquote rejection practice thing that I've sent out in stride, and I I never take it as a rejection. Here's what I do I o. Often time turn it around. I get one of those rejection letters and I turn around. I get it and I read it and they don't say something like I we don't believe this is a good fit for a podcast or, um, we're not accepting things that at at this time, My first thought is Oh, I feel so sorry for them. You know, they just missed the best interview they could have possibly had on their show. And I do. I do that so often, and I'm like, how many? And that's that sucks for them that they didn't take the time to really dive in it to it and see how great of interview they would have got with me. Arjun L. On their show and it saddens me. I feel sorry for them, such a different dynamic. Most people get one of those letters back, and they're like how they're disappointed for them. I feel the exact opposite. I feel sorry for them because, you know, I have a lot of great information as well as I know that you out there have a lot of great information to share with these podcasts, and it would be a huge hit for their shows. But you know, we can't get on every show. That's just impossible. You cannot bat 1000 at this or you know it's impossible. You're going to get some rejection whether the podcasts, you know, and you never know the reason you know they might say, No, we do not. You you know, they might have some form letter. They send you back. Says not interested at this time. Thank you for applying blah, blah, blah. But you don't know the real truth. Maybe the podcast is going off the air. Maybe they The host, is gonna be having a baby soon. Uh, there's all kinds of reasons why it wouldn't be a good fit at that time. And you cannot take it personally. You can not take it personally if you're gonna take this personally, you need to stop right now and reevaluate um, where you're coming from, you need to, um, understand how great you are and know that in your heart how great you are. And then all these situations where something doesn't work out just seem to roll off your back. And that's where you know where you get to. Also, I want you to understand that doing this process is a numbers game. The more you send out, the more positive responses you're going to get it back. You know, you can even set a specific number two it, like for every 10 interview request you send out one's gonna come back positive. That's and that's a pretty good percentage for a lot of people. 10% are gonna be positive. So then you can start going. Okay. If I sinned 10 of these out, I'm gonna get one back and then you go And that can be some real encouragement for you could say you've sent out nine. You go away. I better send out one mawr, because that's the one that's gonna give me on somebody show. So remember that it's a numbers game, and there you're going to get some some nose and you're gonna get some yeses, and you're gonna get some that don't even respond back to you. And, you know, again, I just look at that is like, Wow, they're lost. No big thing. Your mindset is an important piece in this as you go through it, if you're timid, if you're worried when you send that email when you send in that request, they're gonna since that again, I'm a very metaphysical guy. They're gonna sense that when they receive that that I'm contact request, they're gonna feel that energy when it comes to them. So you got to go into this with a positive outlook, with positive vibes and sending positive energy through everything you send out to get interviews. I think it's vitally important, and I think it can make a huge difference as you're trying to get on these shows. 15. Bonus Keeping Track of Your Interview Pitches: I cannot tell you how much fun I've had presenting this topic to you guys today. It has been a real pleasure me to show you guys how that I go about getting us interviews, sharing that information. But there's there's one more piece here that I need to share with you, Um, because it's the planning piece that I set out with. You know, I gave you all this great information today, but trying to keep that information straight in your head is just It's impossible to do. Um, there's there so much and so many podcasts out there. As we said in the opening 250,000 podcasts out there, there's no possible way that you can keep track of all that in your brain or in your hip. So what I've done is I've got on the screen here my podcast interview request form sheet, and I'm gonna include this in with you guys. And basically, it's just so you can ride out. Um, you know, and keep track of when you set out podcast interview requests and when you got the results back and what they were, And as you can see, it's pretty self explanatory. You put the podcast name in here the day to Senate on. And then if you got a result back yes or no or indifferent or if you never got one back and the date of the result. So he had that and any note you could put on here like, you know, if the guy's a real Butthead, you could put that in here. Guy was a butthead, or if the lady you spoke with was really nice or send a really nice email back but sweet email back down here. So you have kind of idea of what you're dealing with when you're talking with them. Now there's there's several important ways. First important thing for this form is that so You don't double send out information, you don't waste time doing that. And plus, it looks back if you sent out a request to a podcasts and then the next day you send it out again because you just weren't thinking. So this helps you keep those in order there. It also creates a list for you going forward. Many of you are authors out there, and you're gonna be using this to promote your books. on trying to get on podcast. Well, you know, very few authors nowadays. Just write one book. You might write two or three books a year. This form right here, if you keep it intact, is gonna have a list of all the podcast that you were on or that you, um, had possibilities of contacting. So you can go down this list again, saving you a lot of valuable time from going through that process. Now, there is always gonna be new podcast popping up. There's gonna be podcast dropping off. But this can be a basis for you guys to start when used to have that next book or that next product come out so that you can start caught contacting podcast right away without having to do all the research that we talked about earlier off. So ah, very good tool here. I'm happy to share it with you guys. That look, you know, again, I am so excited that I was able to share this information with you today. It just fills my heart with joy. As you know, I'm very metaphysical guy, and I know that there's a lot of positive energy out there of people that have just taken this class and are going to put it to good use, and they're going to get a lot of great response says for their books, their products, whatever they're trying to get interviews on. And I do. I honestly believe podcasting, um, is one of those untapped marketing resource is that people just kind of shy away from because they don't understand it as well, or they think it's hard or they think it's a, you know, a trendy kind of thing. Podcasts have been around for a super long time, as we're talking about again in the opening, A 1,000,000,000 people subscribe to podcast. I know I want to tap into some of that market, and now you guys have the power to also have a wonderful day, and I will be back very soon again with another amazing, amazing way for you guys to market your books, your products of those type of things. I love you guys, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to send them to me. I would be happy and more than ecstatic to answer them