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Boost Social Shares and Traffic by 100% - Create Catchy Blog Titles

Paula Guilfoyle, CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner

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About This Class

There is an overwhelming amount of content produced online every day. Making it tougher for the average blogger, like you and I to get our posts opened and shared.  So how can we increase the traffic to our blog and increase social shares?

One answer is to look at the titles that you are creating.  How catchy are they?  Its the title that the reader first sees.  You need titles that people will want to open and want to share.

In this class you will learn how to create catchy blog titles that will both increase your traffic and your social shares. 

All of which will keep you blogging

Curious?  Hop into the class to find out more!





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Paula Guilfoyle

CPA, Online Educators, Lifelong Learner

Paula is a Qualified CPA with over 15 years' experience in the fields of Accountancy, Business Management,Process improvement, Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations management and Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in Accounting and business fields, Paula also has courses for those wishing to up skill, especially in the area o...

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