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Boost Personal Branding by Coding Your Own Website (HTML & CSS Basics)

Aga Naplocha, Creative coder & designer

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22 Videos (1h 55m)
    • Intro

    • Tools

    • Materials

    • Websites’ Ingredients

    • HTML Basics - Part I

    • HTML Exercise - Part II

    • Send your website to the stylist - CSS Basics - Part I

    • CSS Basics - Part 2

    • Typography in CSS

    • CSS Selectors - classes

    • Deconstructing the layout

    • Building HTML skeleton - Part 1

    • Building HTML skeleton - Part 2

    • Bootstrap grid - Part 1

    • Bootstrap grid - Part 2

    • Typography & Colors - Part 1

    • Typography & Colors - Part 2

    • Layout tweaks - Part 1

    • Layout tweaks - Part 2

    • Layout tweaks in the bottom sections

    • Adding links to the navigation

    • Final word & other website versions

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About This Class


Have you ever wanted to impress newly met people with your website or portfolio?

But after that you realized that in fact it’s a boring site created on the template everyone uses?
Or maybe you dream of having a website?
However you’re confused when it comes to coding and all the materials you find on the Internet... It’s time to put an end to it and take care of your online presence and personal branding!
Your personal website is way more important than your paper business card!

Join my class and create your website without prior coding knowledge. Y
ou’ll learn how to style websites in CSS and build your own layout using already existing framework - Bootstrap.

We all suffer from lack of time, so in these classes I’m presenting only the most important front-end coding notions, which are necessary to achieve our goal - building an eye-pleasing, holding visitors’ attention, personal website.

Finally, you’ll be able to create website on your own terms - with the colors, typography, images and layout you pick and you like without spending long hours on it! Ready for the adventure?

The course is especially destined for:

  • Designers who would like to prepare online portfolio
  • People who have their own business and lack visually appealing websites
  • Everyone who wants to have fun while coding and that is interested in learning more about Web Design

My goal is to assist you while creating your own website.
So the end result is your website coded from scratch. Of course, we will need to get familiar with HTML & CSS, but we're not going to cover all theory - so don't worry if you're concern about your time :) Actually, we're going to save it! 

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Excellent class for someone wanting a quick refresh on basic HTML and CSS, or for a beginner to get stuck into. Aga is a very easy to follow and fun teacher. Unless I'm being very stupid, I think there was a section of coding missed out, how to make the Nav section go horizontally along the top of the webpage... Recommended class though!
As Aga mentions in her course, the purpose of this class is to code a website from scratch but not necessarily learn the foundation of HTML/CSS. Nevertheless, I feel as though I've walked away from the course with a significantly better understanding of HTML and CSS. I'm excited to start applying this knowledge to my career as a freelance designer and will definitely refer to it again in the future. If you've already got some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, this class will help you build upon that knowledge for sure. I never got bored throughout this course and found it challenging but easy to follow. Thank you Aga for such a fun and inspiring course! :)
I love this class for its lightness of tone, the cool looks, and great explanations and demonstrations by Aga. I haven't taken the whole class yet, but I already have a greater understanding of how to use CSS in my website. Thanks!
Lucy Lambriex

Photo & video teacher for the camera shy





Aga Naplocha

Creative coder & designer

Hello, I'm Aga! I'm a coding designer currently working at Adobe.

I love sharing with my knowledge and experience this is why I'm working on The Awwwesomes - an initiative, which encourages people to start learning coding and designing awwwesome websites!

You can visit me at:




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