Boost & Increase Your Productivity, Efficiency, and Stop Wasting Time. | Joeel and Natalie Rivera | Skillshare

Boost & Increase Your Productivity, Efficiency, and Stop Wasting Time.

Joeel and Natalie Rivera

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13 Videos (1h 30m)
    • Introduction Productivity and Efficiency

    • Happiness: How Happiness Boosts Productivity

    • Taking Breaks

    • The Importance of the 80/20 Rule

    • Getting in the Flow

    • Playing Your Way to Productivity

    • Technology Tip: Digital Productivity Tools

    • Efficiency: Personal Time Wasters

    • Efficiency Tip: Business Time Wasters

    • Technology Tip: Mastering Email

    • Delegating Tip: Delegating Your Work Life (for Entrepreneurs)

    • Efficiency: Personal Time Wasters

    • Next Steps


About This Class

Welcome to Increasing Productivity and Efficiency

If hours, or even days, go by and you don’t feel like you’ve made any progress, you’re probably not making the most of your time. Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels? Do you ever feel like you’re working really hard but there always seems to be something hanging over your shoulder? Or, do you feel like you’re constantly distracted, overworked, or unproductive?

We understand! That’s why we’ve created this course to provide you with quick and simple tips and tools that you can easily implement in your life that will help you get more done with less effort.

You’ll learn how to avoid common personal and business time wasters

You’ll learn strategies for mastering your email and using technology to increase efficiency, instead of waste time

You’ll discover how you can delegate your personal and work life to free your time to focus on making progress, going for your dream, or spending time doing what you love.

So who are we?

We are serial entrepreneurs who know what it’s like to feel like we’re constantly working but not feeling like we’re making any progress. We’ve learned and practiced these exact methods to boost our productivity and increase our efficiency and delegate our life, freeing our time to travel, spend time with loved ones, and be beach bums. We’ve had almost 40 thousand students take our courses from over 170 countries around the world. I also have a Masters’ in Counseling and have almost completed Ph.D. in Psychology, with a focus on happiness.





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Joeel & Natalie have had the pleasure of having over 20,000 students from over 147 countries throughout their career. They are powerful, passionate, and REAL! They take students beyond the typical online course experience by evoking deep, emotional reactions that transform them from within. Rather than simply learning information, students finish each course with a clear, immediate action to take and practical tools to stay empowered and achieve success.

Joeel & Natalie's goal is to c...

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