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Bookbinding: how to make a tiny book

teacher avatar Camilla Tønning, Bookbinder, papercrafting

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools and materials

    • 3. Cutting paper

    • 4. Preparing the signatures before sewing

    • 5. Sewing

    • 6. Cover making

    • 7. Attaching keyhanger

    • 8. Putting everything together

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About This Class

This class will teach you all about making tiny books. If you want to, you can make it as a keyhanger. Your teacher will be bookbinder Camilla, who will be walking you though this craft step-by-step. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Camilla Tønning

Bookbinder, papercrafting


Hello, I'm Camilla.
I'm a 27 years old bookbinder and paper artist living in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
I love to create everything related to paper and I love teaching! I'm very new to online teaching and not really tech savy, but I hope you'll enjoy my videos anyway :-) 

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1. Introduction : Hi guys, my name is Kamila and my book per panel. And then look. And today in this video I'm gonna show you how to make a tiny book like this. You're gonna make it like a key Hangout. You can just make the book. This is your choice. They will refund. I will give you a materialist and and also go over the materials and tools you need for, for making this. Ok, let's start. 2. Tools and materials: Okay, so I will just go over the tools and materials you need for making these mini books. I will also include a material list so you can look it up. So first off, you need a cutting machine minus1 remembering memory keepers and it has all sorts of fuses and allow it. But you don't really needed just a curried function. And you will need cutting mat minus symbol. Nothing special about this, but it works very well. And the new will be two pieces of paper. This is for what goes inside that book. You'll be cutting it. To. The right, says, I am using a regular printer paper. This is a four does what's goes in my printer, you can use what goes in us. And then we will be neat piece of cardboard to millimeters CarPart. This is for making the car. You can see it when we're done. But let's say for the front, the back. And for this fine, you'll be looking using elfin, a piece of cardboard. I have this. I have because I'm a propounded this is something that's specially made for making spines. You don't meet that for making this many books. If you are going to make a lot of big books, you will be, you will want this, this is really good. But this is something I cut off from assay red box, and it works well. We will just use this. And then we will be needing a piece of paper. I have this. You can use whatever you want with him. This is, this is to suggest some regular paper that I have in my left or paper fan. You can also use a book club like this. You can use a piece of leather. And yet this is Vincis wallpaper actually. And you can use everything you don't need, need. A lot of it is just a small slice. Then you will be using some Fred likes lining Fred. It's very good for books because it will lock itself in place. So we'll put Clippy nesting like favour. Again. If you're only going to make one mini book, you will just use this your infrared you have at home, but makes landing Fred is, is perfect if you are going to make a love books. And we will be using a needle for pursuing. This is just a standard non needle. I'm using an owl for punching holes in my books. Before I show you, this is to make this union Pat easier. You could perhaps your homes with your needle to this is, this is nicer to, to hold in your hand and you can use your needle you want. And then you will be using a knife. Just standard has knife for this. Yes. Yes. What you have. And you will be using a ruler in centimeters and this is what I will be working with. Because this is what I know. I know some of you are probably work in inches, but you can you can actually work in what you, what you want. And it's not really that important that we make the same sizes. Okay? If you are going to add this key hanger, you can also just leave it out. This is your choice, but if you're going to add a key, Hannah, you will also be needing. I happened like this. This is something funny jewelry making and yeah, we're clearly to the spine and the new will be attaching this key hanger. Yeah. Okay. Until polluters to the span you will be using. I can run. This is what I find is the most desirable thing to do it on with. Yes. And for gluing the cathode and the car together, you will be using ACLU like this. This is a bookbinding glue. Pva, non-toxic skew. It's really nice for people working. I will give you a link. Alright. So this is everything you need. Let's get started. 3. Cutting paper: We will start by cutting the paper. We will cut each paver into as peace. That is 7.5 sensing AM. So I will have all pieces of data that we will be saving them. To answer my daughter's language semi and affords us leaving C sub m In writing up Jain, that socket with Sammy will be falling like this. E occurring m. These are size will be occurring in five centimeter pieces. So you will be getting chosen of synthesis. This is what we need for capital. If you are working in inches, this is two inches. But you can just make them a big page, Pig Pit, small u, final book will just feed at the Baker, our big smuggler. It doesn't really matter if it's a liquor and size. And this is the size I yes. Now you have this St. Peters in the bookbinding world. Wherever we are calling this a signature, we have ten pieces of sequences. You can collect them into. Just can you see this? This will be the middle part of our book. 4. Preparing the signatures before sewing: So now we will start with simple put together. And for this we will need a needle and thread. I'm using the X line that you would just use. Whatever we have. I have an hour from Holtz and now you don't have and we'll just go into MAC on the span where the whole set going. I will start by collecting auto cities. And just we just go into Mac radicals would be, so you're not going to close with this. And then you'll take your needle I preferred out because it's really good to hold and hence, you will go through all of them. Meeting rooms, spin system to make it a lot easier for assuming pad. You're just going through them. I'm just going to take a little while. I do the making bigger codes as well. Slowness upon places. They can be a little half C. You could have used to. I'm not certain about. 5. Sewing: Now you're ready to begin, Siri. Start from the flip side. You could take the next one. Psi. It's important to try to keep tends to, Fred won't get loose. And to lump these together, you will take the middle and go between the last two or three engineers to make sure that the fittest side. I'm just continuing this way. And this is also how viable sue, big book. But of course, times sine mine next sideways instead of going up here if you can, I hope they will break very easily. You're going like this. Okay. Last one. So just a couple of times Newman, go between this 2 second and you don't have to cut them off entirely. This will not be visible. In the final book. 6. Cover making: Now we're reading for meaning making the code start by cutting off the cathode. Cathode would be 4.5 centimeters. Said. It's smaller than the book, will show you why. By carnitas. I got this cap or an anion is calling for a three times something plus. And then it's going to be five centimeters side, which has been achieved. And this is going to be Rokia is five centimeters, there is going to be a big, bigger softmax and thus will be tiny bit smaller. I'm sure you're why when we do, we'll give a little further. Again, if you are working in inches, you wanted to be the size of your book. Bit bigger on all sides and not because I'm a bit small on the side. So now I have these two pieces. Then we will need to call off the spine. So we will start by measuring how it this time span when it's a centimeter. And this could vary according to what kind of paper you're using. So you should measure your own list. This will be the same side as the carpels. You're going actually just measure this. And this would be something like that. This is just used to squares and cutting mat because chances are great for measuring squares SMED services, this is perfect. Now we have three pieces here. A piece of paper. And this is, this doesn't have to be 100% correct. This is just, so you'll be going along like this. So minus a bit sort of base size of a human, you will warned at least the centimeter enabling women have. So when you're clearing this on, you will want to do and let me hold between helping make the book will make the kid the book this yen. So you can tell that open adopt and without breaking anything. This is this is our mexico. So if you don't want glue on your current map, once you use a piece of paper. Now, now we are going to use to clue. And this is the bookbinding glue that's perfect for where you went and mixed smile a bit with water sorts, it's quite fin now. You just want to add a Finley of Cl2. So this really long, less than you would like this. I'm always going from the middle and two edges. This is because if you are going like this, you will easily get some glue on the other side of the paper and you don't want that? Yes. Just folding. But there were ways that we can get a pretty sight. And then I'm just doing this. My, I'm measuring cuz it's some people like to measure to make sure is that size matters. You decide what you want to measure it. So now we will be coming off the edges. You could also use the columns. And you can also use a series of other's. Mind probing a little bit, but as well not be visible. So we still have in us. So we will start by folding each. So let's nano-size. Noone wants to make sure you are getting here, shaft line here. Then it will be falling in the corners. You just turning it in my bed. This cone and this is, this is the toughest part about making covers. You will learn and when you make a fear, but to get them pretty I can take can take a while. So this is your cover. Will relate to move on. 7. Attaching keyhanger: Okay, in this video, I will show you how your day to keeping a path. So if you don't want it to be a king, and justly it is very easy. I have attached a cookie yesterday. Today and I hope we will do this on the spine. Giving it a bigger pizza. Haven't just been using my clue hang my glucagon is yes. Coat you are with hot glue. You might want to pay a bit more careful than I am. Yeah. I'm not turning my fingers. Okay. So this is a and we will move on to the finishing path. 8. Putting everything together: Okay, so now you have your column and your book, and we're going to glue them together. First, I'll be able to start shaking if if the group actually fit in the cover. Us, maybe around the book is perfect. So you would be putting glue and this only on the carpet weaving and people eat low and I don't want that to preclude. So again, I'm going from the inside and out from the middle. The carport models. It's like your book, LP closing. And now it's actually TEN. Book banning glue is drying best if this has a pressure on it. So you will, you leave it under pressure for our iron. I'll just be using somewhat clear at a time in books and have unusually lead them to drive on them and sure it's completely dry, prefers that to open. And so this is a business. It, we are done with the book. And now you have made your fanny book. I hope you loved it.