Bookbinding: Make an Accordion Fold Book | Caleb Sylvest | Skillshare

Bookbinding: Make an Accordion Fold Book

Caleb Sylvest, Designer, Developer, Maker of Things

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13 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Introduction

    • Gather Materials

    • Choose & Cut Paper

    • Fold & Tab Sheets

    • Connect the Tabs

    • Cut Board

    • Wrap Cover

    • Make Tabs

    • Glue Tabs

    • Glue Cover

    • Instagram

    • Clean Up

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

In this bookbinding class, we will craft custom Accordion Fold notebooks. Accordion Fold notebooks are a different type of book that you don't see every day, instead of have pages that you flip through, the Accordion binding essentially uses a really long sheet and folds it numerous times giving it the semblance of an accordion.

Accordion Fold books are a great way to present different mediums, like artwork, photography, card collections, drawings, writings, and basically anything you can think up. In this lesson, I will be crafting an Accordion Fold notebook to hold printed Instagram photos from my trip to Alaska.

Don't worry if you don't think you're a crafty person or have never tried bookbinding. This course is perfect for any experience level!


Example: Just completed my notebook and wrote the locations below the photos.


Example: Yup, I'm displaying my Alaska book on my fireplace mantle. You can do anything you like with an Accordion Fold notebook, but dang, it is really great for displaying photos!


Example: You can still handle an Accordion Fold notebook like a standard paged book.


Example: My book is 84 inches long. That's 10 pages at 7 inches wide each.


Example: Look closely at the backlit paper and you can see the tight ridges. For my book, I used a laid paper and the ridges you see are from the paper making process.

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I have taken Caleb's classes and have always learned so much. He explains each step clearly. Caleb makes wonderful books!
Very nice class. Very informative and easy to follow. Thank you for an enjoyable class!
Thorough instructions. However, the presentation is tediously slow.





Caleb Sylvest

Designer, Developer, Maker of Things

My name is Caleb Sylvest, I'm a guy that likes to make things. I am a Designer & Developer living and working in Dallas, TX. To me design is a way of life and I like to incorporate good design in everything I do.

Bookbinding is a hobby I discovered and have practiced for years. I love the process of taking everyday items (paper, glue, tape) and crafting them into a functional, beautiful book. I have spent years studying the art of making books and learned many techniques, including per...

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