Bookbinding: Make a Japanese-stitch album! | Olga Riebeling | Skillshare

Bookbinding: Make a Japanese-stitch album!

Olga Riebeling, Book maker / Art director

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Bookbinding materials

    • 3. Simple stitch

    • 4. Simple stitch with a twist

    • 5. Tortoise stitch

    • 6. Assembly book binding

    • 7. Now you have a new album!

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About This Class

In this class we will learn how to make three different yet easy kinds of stitches to sew a Japanese album. Japanese stitching can vary in its form; it can be as complicated or simple as we want it to be and with some patience, we could even create our own kind of stitching. This kind of binding comes in handy when we have lots of single paper sheets that we want to bind together, but not fold into each other.

We will start by reviewing materials and some examples of stitches and books, later we will practice each one of the stitches and at the very end, we will assemble an album with the stitch each student likes the best. Japanese stitching is the best way to start learning how to book bind because the stitches are on the outside of the structure and not on the inside. Also, the stitching can be done with different textile materials and be used as a decoration element for the cover.








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Olga Riebeling

Book maker / Art director

I am a book binder, art director and over all, a maker of things. I love taking pictures, joining embroidery projects and even watercolor a bit. In real life, I am in charge of the media and communication area at an academic publisher where I learn about editing, as well. I also teach book making and design at my studio Acampando en la sala, a cozy place that lives inside a cultural and educational project I share with my best friend in Guadalajara, M?xico: Casa Teodora.

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