Book Publishing Chapter 2 - How to Promote a Self-Published Book | Dan Grijzenhout | Skillshare

Book Publishing Chapter 2 - How to Promote a Self-Published Book

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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11 Videos (46m)
    • Amazon Book Promotion Overview

    • Getting Book Reviews

    • Using Social Media Sites To Market Your Book

    • How to Promote Your Books on YouTube

    • Building a Book Promotional Website

    • Getting Your Book Listed At Major Retailers

    • How to Use Kindle KBoards to Promote Your Book

    • Online Book Marketing Overview - A Checklist of Ideas

    • How to Use GoodReads to Promote Your Book

    • Promoting Your Book Online

    • Congratulations


About This Class


Book Publishing Chapter 2 - How to Promote a Self-Published Book

You have just self-published your first book and/or E-Book and you are wondering how to promote it and make money from it. Self-publishing the first time can be a daunting task, but promoting your book to potential buyers is both a larger and more long-term effort.  Many of us shy away from trying to sell things to others when we are in one-on-one and/or physical situations.  It just is not the comfort zone for many.  I have as a result, seen many books offered for sale on Amazon-Kindle that show no sales yet they are obviously high-quality achievements; worthy of purchasing and reading.

Well for those of you wanting to obtain sales for your book but feeling the queasiness at your core in trying to market it, know that there are many ways to market your book to reach 1,000's if not 10's of thousands of people globally without having to get in front of someone to directly sell something to you.

This course will tell you how to do that.  But do remember as you look for ways to sell outside of personal physical contact, the closure rate when you are one-on-one with a person has a much higher sale closure rate. So get out there physically as well if you are up to it.  It will help your sales.

In any event, this class will teach you many ways to get your book in front of people - taking this course is a very good use of your time if you have a book to sell.

See you on the inside!

Best wishes,
- Dan Grijzenhout - Class Creator and Published Author (5 books and climbing...)






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Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience

About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Revi...

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