Book Marketing: Craft a Killer Plan! Learn 21 Fun, Effective Ways to Promote Your Book or eBook | Laura Pepper Wu | Skillshare

Book Marketing: Craft a Killer Plan! Learn 21 Fun, Effective Ways to Promote Your Book or eBook

Laura Pepper Wu, Founder of 30 Day Books & The Write Life Magazine

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11 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Intro to the class

    • 2. Tips 1 and 2

    • 3. Tips 3 and 4

    • 4. Tips 5-9

    • 5. Tips 10 and 11

    • 6. Week 2: Tips 12 and 13

    • 7. Week 2: Tips 14, 15 and 16

    • 8. Week 2: Tip 17

    • 9. Week 2: Tips 18 and 19

    • 10. Week 2: Tips 20 and 21

    • 11. Final video - What to do next.

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About This Class

"Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered -- either by themselves or by others" - Mark Twain

Spread the Word about Your Book:
You've finished writing your book. Congratulations! But now what? What comes after finishing the book is just as important - letting the world know about your new (or old) book! 


(Laura speaking to publishers and authors in Seattle at Book Publishers Northwest)

The WHY Behind This Class: 
The biggest challenge for any writer is to let people know their book exists. In this class, we'll cover actionable tips and techniques that you can use to find new readers in places far outside of your current network.

Who This Class is for:
This class is for writers who are looking to craft a plan of attack to promote their books, to give their books the best chance of succeeding in an increasing crowded self-publishing market, and to find new readers who will love their work.

What You Will Need:

  • a finished book, or one in the works. This class is for fiction and non fiction authors.
  • a basic understanding of self-publishing (ideally you have your book published on Amazon etc. already). We will not be touching on the logistics of publishing eBooks or print on demand.
  • to set aside 1-3 hours a week to craft your marketing plan.

What You'll Create: 
The class covers strategies and ideas that I have used to coach self-published authors for over three years on the launch of 50+ books, along with actionable insight on how to use them. The 21 tips we'll cover in class will help inform and inspire both fiction and non-fiction authors to come up with a fresh and creative plan to place your book in front of new, relevant audiences. 

We'll break down complicated topics and make them easier to tackle! My aim is to help you feel a new breath of life and to find a rhythm that makes book marketing enjoyable, and not at all like an uncomfortable chore you dread doing!

Taught by:


Laura Pepper Wu, founder of the award-winning book studio 30 Day Books, is a self-published author of several Amazon best-sellers and a publicist for both fiction and non-fiction authors. She also runs Ladies Who Critique, a site for writers looking for critique partners, and is editor of the new digital magazine, The Write Life. Laura's writing has appeared in CNN Asia, European Union publications, Graduate Magazine, and more