Book Binding: Create an accordion folded artist book | Charlotte Erichsen | Skillshare

Book Binding: Create an accordion folded artist book

Charlotte Erichsen, Is art better than chocolate?

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8 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • How to test the grain of paper

    • Plan out your pages

    • Cut the pages

    • Gluing the pages

    • Cut the covers

    • Wrap the covers

    • Assemble book block to covers


About This Class

This class is about art and the possibilities to "squeeze" a piece of art into a book. A book as a 3D object offers other chances and limitations as a single piece of paper to draw, write, paint or print on. You can tell small stories, that evolve over time and space. Use it as a museum for a collection to a special topic. Rebuild something from the real world to take with you in your pocket. Store each day of a holiday trip in it.

But first you need to build the book. For this you will be guided by me through each step of the assembling process. You will cut and fold the pages, which are then glued together to a book inside of any possible length. (Yes - even two pages make a book.)

This is quite the crafty part of the class in opposite to design and artwork, but the traditional technique from ancient asia I will introduce you to, gives you some great possibilities over normal accordion folds (made from one or two long stripes of paper): All pages are made from double paper. You can cut into the pages and stick something through without being visible on the other side. Thick pen lines, ink or watercolor won't shine through to the other side like in normal sketchbooks.

In the attachments you can find a list of the needed tools as well as a paper to help you find inspiration.

If you have any questions or need help, please write in the class forum. I am happy to help. 





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Charlotte Erichsen

Is art better than chocolate?

Arts and crafts are a part of my life since I was presented with a box of watercolors when I was about five. Sitting at the kitchen desk painting is one of my earliest memories. Since then I studied art and have tried nearly all techniques in existence, including printing in various ways, woodcarving, clay, jewellery making, engraving and kilncasting glass, felting and bookbinding. Just recently I started programming with Processing, a great and quite easy way to make art with the computer.

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