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Book Arts: Interactive Mini Album

teacher avatar Daniela Mellen, Artist & Author

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Class Intro

    • 2. Class Supplies

    • 3. Album Preview

    • 4. Cutting the Paper Pieces

    • 5. Scoring the Pieces Part 1

    • 6. Scoring the Pieces Part 2

    • 7. Rounding Corners Part 1

    • 8. Rounding Corners Part 2

    • 9. Adding Pieces to the Album

    • 10. Adding the Belly Band

    • 11. Class Wrap Up

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About This Class

Create an inviting and engaging paper album to showcase photos, artwork, or calligraphy with the techniques shown in class. Cut and fold the base, either with elegant art paper or something as easy to aquire as a file folder. Then, add your interactive elements such as tags and pockets, a simple booklet, or a cascading card to involve your reader in your artwork. The finished size of the folded album is a convenient 5"x 4" that expands to 15 inches long, when open.

Customize your mini album with your selection of papers, in the colors and patterns you prefer. Then, choose the elements you want to add, in any combination. This class is designed for beginner and intermediate paper artists.

Other Book Arts Series classes include Watercolor Petroglyph Journal and  Recycled Cover Stab Binding

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Daniela Mellen

Artist & Author


I'm an artist and author living in coastal Florida and surrounded by plants, animals, marine life, and the warm sun - all things that inspire me.

I am drawn to creating things and love to get lost in projects. Each day is a opportunity to learn something new, build on existing skills, and branch out to new ones. I was formally trained as a educator which is my passion and incorporating art into teaching makes my life complete.

I upload art classes every Friday, here on Skillshare. You'll see handmade books, memory keeping, watercolor, acrylic paint, unique art supplies, and photography composition. Thanks for joining me and I look forward to seeing your work.

Check out my blog for additional info on my website or my YouTube Channel for additional c... See full profile

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1. Class Intro: Hello, I'm did your Melon, an artist and author here in skill share. Today's class is the latest in my book, Art Siri's called Interactive Mini Album. Today's lessons will demonstrate how to make a five inch by four inch paper album that is filled with tags, pockets, cascading cards and a small booklet. When we're done, we'll have created a book that's engaging and inviting. This class is designed for beginner and intermediate paper artists, even though the end result of our fold and tucks is a small album. We'll start with this project with a 15 inch piece of paper. You can purchase a large piece of paper at an art supply store, or you can use a file folder as the peace. Then you could embellish it with more standard size papers like scrapbook, paper and even give rap for your class project. Create your own interactive mini album by selecting the pockets, tags, books and cards you wish to add. You can download the class supply list as well as the Dimension sheet to give you a list of the paper parts that make up this album. I've also included a sheet detailing where to make score marks on your paper pieces. Think of that as a recipe to follow. Choose your colors and patterns for the papers, or choose a fund file folder and that some accent paper to it. Get started by making fun interactive elements. Then please take a photo of your work and posted in the project section. Please follow me here on skill share to get notified of future classes and consider leaving a review. Thanks for watching. Let's get started. 2. Class Supplies: the supplies needed for our interactive mini album include a ruler, pencil and eraser, a pair of scissors, a bone folder. This is a quick drying glue for paper crafts, or you can use some double sided tape. A very strong bond is good. I use a paper corner rounder. I like to use a scoring board to get nice creases on my folds. However, you can use a ruler and your bone folder and then a paper cutter. This cuts a nice straight lines again. This is optional, but I think it makes a nice, sharp line. You can add some embellishments. Either ribbon or Brad's will make a nice embellishment for your tag and an optional for the belly band on the book. I use some punches one inch round and 1.5 in scallop drowned 3. Album Preview: So here is the interactive mini album it's made from the file folder. Although you can use any size, paper it because it uses 15.5 inch long paper that's bigger than a standard size 12 and scrap of paper, which you can find that paper. Or you can use a file folder that come in many patterns and colors. I want to show you the prototype here. This is just the album made from just a standard Manila file folder with E Interactive tags . But go on either side, the waterfall cards and then a little teeny book. Now, on the one that I embellished that we're gonna do today, Um, I added a little belly band, which I'll show you how to make it the end. It's very simple. And then I just added different layers of paper to the book. So here's the book. When it's open and we have our little notebook in our tags, everything closes neatly, and then the belly band goes right on it. So this is just a standard Manila folder that I used in the prototype, which is right here, but you can use colored paper, or you could find some very interesting file. Folders with different patterns here have got some black and white one with the interior being black, This one with the birds and the green pattern interior or this one was is kind of interesting. The floral print with the interior being a pattern for today's project in class, I'm gonna use this one, and then I have a couple of pieces of paper that I'm gonna use beside to make the embellishment, and the next chapter will go over the cut pieces for our paper. 4. Cutting the Paper Pieces: So now I just want to cut the pieces out. So the first piece that we're gonna cut is going to measure 15.5 inches this way by five inches this way. So I will cut my five inch mark first. So I have that right here on my cutting board. Five inch mark is right there. Ah, hold the, um, file folder perfectly still. And this is a very thick file folder. So I want to make sure that cut goes all the way through. And if it doesn't go all the way through, I'll just turn it over, line it up and cut it again. Here we have that. So here we have our five inch cut. Now we'll go through making all my cuts. So I have all my paper set asides. We can start out creating the album because I want the crease to be right in the center of my 15.5 inch mark. I'm gonna measure seven and 3/4 inches from the crease on either side. So here's seven and 3/4. Mark it up here and mark it down here. I'll save my scraps, do the same thing over here, okay? And then I'll cut out the rest of my pieces 5. Scoring the Pieces Part 1: So now we have all our paper cut. We have the main page, which is gonna be our main album. Then we have the areas for our waterfall card, our belly band, our tags and our little booklet. Um, I've also punched a few of these just circles to one to use for the belly band, but we could use them as embellishments for the album as well for the tags. So let's get started. We'll start right now with our major album here. I'm just gonna leave everything to the side. We want to create our score marks. Here is the album opened up, and what we want to do is fold each side into the center, but just slightly off center just slightly. Maybe it less than 1/4 of an inch from the center. So we'll do this. Put a little crease in the center and then with my own folder, I'll crease it from side to side. I'll do it on this side as well. So just a little bit in from the center. The reason we don't go all the way to the center is this way. When it folds over, there is room for it to fold over without too much bulk. So here we have the basic structure of our album. You can choose which side you want to be, the interior in which you would like to be the exterior. I'm going to stick with this stripes as the interior. I'll move this up here just so we have a reference. So next we'll work on our booklet. So for the booklet we have that peace is the two pages the cover, and then I have a little spine here to attach it to the album. So the first thing I'm gonna do is score the fold down the spine, so I just take it on my scoreboard. It's about an inch, and so I'll just make a score mark in the half inch mark. Do a couple of times I don't want to pierce the paper, and then I could just fold it over just like this, and spine is all set. So now I'll take out my cover sheet 6.25 inches. So at the three inch three inches a little bit shy of it. So I'll go three and just one, um, Mark. So it's halfway between the three and a three and 1/4 inch. I'll make my crease. I'll take my booklet before old it in half and then emphasized that crease. So it's nice and sharp. Increase my cover. Set that aside, I take my pages. Just fold them right in half, matching corner to corner. I pressed down the center, my bone folder, Increase it and I do the same thing with this page, corner to corner, an increase. So we have our little booklet here, which will go in here just like this. 6. Scoring the Pieces Part 2: I'll come here for the waterfall card. So we have a long piece spine in the top piece. So on the spine, here on the long piece here it's nine inches long. I wanna crease it. Score it at the 4.25 mark. So him before 0.5 to 4.25 Good. Press that down. Then on a single page. I'm gonna scored at the one inch mark. This is gonna go right on top here and now for the spine. And I want to score it at the one inch mark have scored at the one inch mark. So this will look like this when we're all done. And now for the pockets and the tags for the pockets for the tags there. 4.5 inches. We're gonna score them at 2.5 inches, and then we're gonna score them down the sides at 1/4 inch. Go the length of the paper. So for this, I'm gonna fold my CAG straight up, increase it, hold it up, crease it and then increase those quarter inch lines we made. And when we adhere it to the paper, the taller spot is gonna be what's showing up front. So I'm gonna fold this down and with a pair of scissors to take the shorter end, and I'm gonna make a notch just like this. And with the shorter end, I'm gonna cut this piece off entirely, and that creates eliminates the bulk. So then, when I fold it over like this, I will fold over my pieces on the back here. It's gonna make sure that I cut this enough. I folded over and fold over the edges. I can adhere it to the page nicely and the tag will slide right in. Do the same thing here, I fold it up. I'm gonna notch besides here, right on the fold. And I'm gonna cut off the short side piece here and I'll make sure that folds in and I'll go back. Trim this and a little bit more and the same thing on the side. In our next chapter, we'll go over rounding the corners and adding adhesive 7. Rounding Corners Part 1: we'll start with the tags. First thing I would do is just gonna trim off the edges here to make it look like a tag. We'll do that in both tags. I'm gonna add a punch, a hole in the center of top and I can either use ribbon or I can put a little Brad through there. Think the Brad looks kind of cute. So we have our tags done, Then I'm gonna put the adhesive on the back here. So all I want to do is just go over the fold here, Gonna use my smaller at he's a I put it right on top of where I want the folds to adhere to the album. I'm gonna put it on the bottom as well. Now, to go back to the tags, think of it around the corners of the tags here. And then I think I'm gonna put thes little circles underneath the brad that I already put on. So I will go in here first and punch a little hole in the center and I'll remove the tie the Brad on the tag and put that right in just like that 8. Rounding Corners Part 2: now for a little booklet, I'm gonna take my corner punch. I'm gonna punch the corners and round the corners here on all the pages. I'll do the same thing to the cover. I'm gonna take my pages and I'm gonna stick it right in the center of the cover here and take my stapler and I'm gonna staple right on side just to hold the papers in place. So I have to staples holding papers in place, and I've got my little booklet Reinforce it again, and then I'm gonna take the little spine that we made and I'm gonna hear the top of the spine to the book. I believe the bottom un adhered, and I'm gonna put a strip of tape on the bottom to adhere it to the album. So I would hear it to the spine, to the book. First, make sure it's lined up properly, burnish the spine, and now just put it strip of adhesive on the back so that when we're ready to a put it in the album, it will be ready to go and I'll trim off any pieces that stick out for the water fall card . I'm going around the edges here, and I'm gonna first attach that top page. Just gonna put a little adhesive there. Put it right there. So now I have our pages, and now I have to add our little spine toe, hold it in place. Could adhere it on the top. And on the back here, just like we did with the booklet. I'm only gonna put the tape at the top of the part that sticks down here. And now put a strip of adhesive along the back here, and I'll actually connect these two back here. - Okay , so it's not attached here, but it will be attached this way. The next step will adhere everything to our album. 9. Adding Pieces to the Album: here. We have our album and we'll decide where we want to put our items. I think I'll put the cascading car here, Um, the booklet here and in the tags here in here. So I'll start here on the right hand side with one of these tags. Set it down here, press it down, slide the tag inside, do the same thing on the other side. Slight the tag in there for our waterfall card. I just want eyeball where I want it. Take my tape. It will go up just a little bit higher per slot into place, and then I'll just take a peek where I want to put this and I'll do the same thing here. Press that down. The next chapter will make the belly band. 10. Adding the Belly Band: So now that we have our album complete will add the belly band this point you can decide if you'd like to round the corners around the corners on the top pieces You could around the bottom ones too If you'd like, It's gonna leave the top rounded And now for the belly band I take took my strip and I'm just gonna kind of eyeball it I wanted to be snug but not tight because there's no lacks to take it off and put it on I think that's pretty good Make a little crease both sides So I know where I want the adhesive to go right up to the edge on the overlap here back in my book Remember the line up the band? So it's straight Then I'm gonna look for that scene and that's where I'm gonna put my little embellishment. So slide it back on the book back on the album to take my large piece Good. Put it there and then I just choose which, um, of these little pieces I want. I think I'm gonna go with the partial flower right there, my tape on. And then I'll put my tape on a little circle as well. And then I'll center that there. We have our album 11. Class Wrap Up: So here's our completed interactive mini album. We've got the belly band on it and all the different pieces we've got our tags, our little cascading card, a little booklet, an additional tag. The way it folds up is very cute. We started out just with the prototype, which you can use just a plain Manila folder for to make everything Manila covered with your tags and cards and what not before you can change it up and get a totally different look just based on the materials you used here. I use colored paper for the background and then pattern paper where I put additional layers on it. But it's the same basic pattern. I have the tags on the book and the cascading card. I modified the same template just a little bit and created this one instead of a belly band . I have just a little circle with a Brad in it and some string coming out the back. I have my sides that fold in with my tags. Here I have a booklet that I stuck in with a bottom pocket, and then here I took the booklet that we made, and I glued the sides shut, and I made a little pullout card instead of a cascading card coming down. I just did a simple one down here, and I used ribbon on the tags. That kind of creates a fun effect in that something sticks out from the album. When it's not in use, I hope youll try your hand at one of these interactive many albums and post your work in the project section or post your work on social media. And be sure to tag me. Be sure to follow me here on skill share to get notified of future classes and please consider leaving a review.