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Bold Abstract Flowers in oil Painting

Nasim Abaeian, Fine art illustrator

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15 Lessons (1h 52m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Start Painting: Underpainting

    • 3. Adding Initial Red Flowers

    • 4. Initial Background

    • 5. Initial Dark Stems

    • 6. Day 2 Red Flowers

    • 7. Flower Lightening 1

    • 8. Flower Lightening 2

    • 9. Flower lightening 3

    • 10. Second Layer of Background

    • 11. Dark Stems and Blurry background

    • 12. Overal lightening 1

    • 13. Overal lightening 2

    • 14. Last details Inside The Flowers

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class students will learn how to paint beautiful big bold flowers using oil paint without focusing on details. students will explore how with minimal colors and simple shapes they can paint extraordinary flowers, suitable for any interiors. Apart from the fact that traditional oil paint or water soluble oils take about 3 days to fully dry, the painting and blending is super easy, fast and enjoyable.


1. Class Introduction: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another class of scale share. This is Massey Abayat, professional artists on illustrator Living here in Toronto, Canada. Welcome to my art work into my art studio, as you have seen, probably my previous but previous classes on scale share mixed media artist, usually for media's. But today in this class, I thought, Let's do something very traditional, very classical. Usually we're gonna do a nice flowers on die. Get requests for a lot of people to paint flowers for their houses as it works. Very nice with every types of interior, every color on there's so much variety, different types of flowers you could find. I think if you just spent some time on metal, if you are a flower passion person, if you do some gardening, the options are limitless. So in this classroom show you have a beautiful It's gonna take about 5 to 7 days to Russia drying. Actually, that takes time doing it super easy and super joyful. So feel free to use that you references that I put on the references photos or if you have a photo of your own, any flowers to make sure that the hand of size candles, former properly with your picture, and I would also advise not to choose to many colors. So maybe one or two type of flowers, both at the same time is enough. You can see even on my blue one. I kind of keep it that same harmony, the same unity that one type of flower has. He makes this kind of are much nicer, and it works with the style with the abstract baldness. Known detail flower very nicely, so let's get started and see you in the classroom. 2. Start Painting: Underpainting: So the solvent is more in here to me, so I know I'm gonna use it much more. It's just what? An under painting. And you're gonna see that you have a lot of your solvent in here with a little paint. Whatever. It is lighter. I'm gonna use more. Solve it. Whatever is darker. I'm gonna use more paint. This is gonna be very rough, very quick and should be drawing very fast. Don't put time and details on it. Okay? You will see the ones I do. It's gonna be super basic. And it's just to make your cameras a little moisturize like primary. Do you add to your skin before makeup and to show a guide? Mop aware is dark somewhere lights. Okay, so I'm just gonna do that so I can t lord office. Okay, So, going back to this, I can see that my stems were quite dark, so I'm gonna go care to color DVD. Doesn't matter. Imagines is just dark lights and shadows. So deserted parks that I'm gonna have more off the paint. See how bold I work, how no details at all is gonna look like a quick watercolor painting that child has done. Actually, it's fun. I like help. I think I added a little too much painting there. Whenever you feel it's too dark, so easily, equity, race up where the raft, Just the beginning state. Or you could just simply add more. Wash more of your Yeah, I'm so our yourself in because, you know, this area is gonna be a light area anyways, you could always remove it. These are life again. So I'm gonna make it. Super washes nothing. Areas that the red flower is. You know, that's gonna be something like a medium tone color. And again, we are not going to replicate the exact same flower. Super realistic. The beauty off This kind of painting is the kind of blurring a study, kids. And that's what I enjoyed about the specific medium on flowers. They are super good to add your own touch because of the beauty of this oil paint, how far authorities have nicely blends. That's what I love about it. So I kind of added all my lights and dark areas. Now we need something medium for the red flower location. Right now, I'm gonna use more of my paint less of my solvent to go tiny. Be darker, tiny bit, because if you interpret red color red flowers, it's kinda like a medium grade. It's not super Dorcas Blast. I think it really depends how the size you want to be, but I would suggest you really want to have more fun to make something more stylized. Don't think about precision in this kind of technique. Really enjoyed the brush. Enjoy the smell of paint, how nicely moves and, for now, again, very washing. Okay, we are not doing anything, they tell you. Not think super DARPA's. It's gonna take longer to dry if you make it thick and dark, we want That's probably like, what, 20 minutes, 30 minutes to drive? Because it's an under painting. As we said, we just want to make the page moisturized. Just have a location where the flowers are where things are like a guide map for yourself. Just gonna make this stems. Little doctors to pray if you want to use a smaller brush again. At this point, I do not like to, because it makes me super detailed, and I don't like to be detailed at this stage at all, so I know that I have to read flowers in here proof it's too dark. Just add more solvent toe. You know that this area is much darker. Yeah, you only toe bland. Really? At this stage, nothing is supposed to blend now. Just died March. So I know where the flowers are, where stems are, where is light and wears dark, Super dark in here. Try not to drop my imagination. Have decision really need a reference? At the end, I would say Yes, you could go more fun being a little more imagina Torrey Remove a flower, Another flower somewhere. But at this days, really try to squint your eyes, look at your image and see where is dark homewares liked. So I see there's another stamp here that should be dark, so it's very roughly might be dripping because it's a little washy paint, but that's fine. I notice. Here is gonna be flowers, flowers in there, here, maybe and again. So I'm gonna let this dry, Let's say, half an hour. I think I'm pretty good with it, except the part some party Kinsey's left white white. I'm just not some washed away to make sure that that period is my strikes. It's just wash no pain, you might say. What the hell is this? That doesn't look like flowers at off. Oh, yeah, it will she later on, you know, where is what? So let's get this to dry, and we're going to start it back, like in half an hour, CNN. 3. Adding Initial Red Flowers: Okay, so it's almost half an hour past. I don't think the under painting is totally right, but as you can see, it's dry enough, especially on the big parts. You will feel it's more green, so feel free to stay longer to drive. I don't mind some of it, and I liked working like in speed. Generally speaking, oil painting is not supposed to go be done in one day or in a fast way, especially if you want a brick, layers and layers. So I would say something like that. Let's have three days, four days if your baby begin or probably a week, that would be good. So don't read in Russia. But I've been doing this for a while, so I'm used to it. So it's fine, especially for the demonstration right now. So I love this. Most of it is dry, I can see is pretty nicely dry. Yeah, it's just probably this thick parks that is not, and that's not a big deal. We will worry about that later when we're creating our colors. So as you can see the reference are flowers or kind of pinkish rat on. This is just the first layer, So I'm not really worried to make the exact red. I just wanna have an indication off my red flowers where they are. We'll make sure if you had to use the green before, uh, make sure you clean it very well with your solvent, but because if you don't the green on the new rather gonna make So I'm gonna turn brown, and that's actually normal because you're gonna have more layers anyway. But this cleaning, it's good. And I'm just gonna started now, try to clean it very well, but we might see, because some of this green is still hear them. I still get mixed together, so it's fine. You're gonna get a little brownish rat at first. But then it's just the first lady. Oh, it's gonna be covered anyways. So if you just see the reference again, I'm just gonna put what flowers are just an indication of red. Nothing precise, no lights or shadows. So now no more walks. You can see I'm using a much thicker like buttery right. So the indication I see flower in here Yes, they're mixing, creating some browns. That's fine. I actually like some of these accidental fields. I don't think about perfectionism at this stage at all. Everything is not a very bold and junkies, I said. I wasn't planning to do this in one day. There were not working in one shop, so don't worry about that. More and more paint now you can see how much thicker paint you want, and it's not as fast as your own. They're planning. I'm using some Scarlett right now, but feel free to use any red because this is not the final layer anyways. Plus, you could change colors. If you love this red, keep it. But I think I'm gonna have more pinks, more whites and some yellows when we come to the top players. But right now, I just wanna put Indication where all my red flowers, that's all, where the paddles are having done any lights or shadows yet. So don't worry about back at this stage, either. Again, my drawing is not exactly like the picture, and I'm fine with it. You could change the colors, so if you have a client or if you want to do something for your room in a different color with the same technique, go for it as long as you have it on their painting first, and you kind of follow the steps that I do with the proper color. Medium light on dark. That's fine. I think the left area is mostly reddish. Gonna need more lights later. Space is a little dry if you don't like it, or if you like to move your hand a little more freely, feel free to add some linseed oil. I'm gonna show you after this or any kind of oil. It doesn't have to be painting old. You could use coconut oil, almond. So anything I like linseed. It smells great. You can almost fetus and it's nice. So I'm just putting indication of my rats. And although there's some remember getting mixed with the green, the Ark, it's fine. Generally speaking, we start with dark mediums, not enough contrast. And as we go on, we keep adding dark darks and light lights to add more contrast. So don't freak if there's not enough contrast in your drawing right in your painting. Sorry, right away. Try to have variation in the size is off flowers, even if you don't have in your picture. Variation is nice. It's interesting keeps the viewer entertained, so I always advise adding variation of sizes and directions. These were supposed to be two flowers that's mostly in the background. I'm not worried. Little touch a rattle. There's a little touch of right here, too. And again, whatever you don't like. Because either let it drive paint on top or right away, grab a rag and remove it like in here. I don't think there's anything I don't like, so I'm just keeping it. It's just, I think, have to be patient in this. And if you want to really take your time, it's a nice summer day, or like now in Toronto is an ugly Grady, and I just want to enjoy my time. I think oil is the perfect idea, so don't rush it. We can still say the first layers are there, you washy washy. I mean, you could see all those like the inside off strokes, and that's fine. First wash usually has that field toe wet. It doesn't matter if we have green in the background. You will be covered anyways, so don't worry about that, so you can't do much on the flowers. Today. I will let it dry tomorrow that they are usually X marks a more three days. They say it's finding my flowers here look like roses. But its most flowers that have the same basic shapes, just the details that are a little different. So I'm gonna let this drying here but me and why I want to start adding a little color in the background, which is like a grayish bluish gray. So, meanwhile, that's gonna dry. I'm gonna work on it, and I'm gonna have some darks in here too. So let's get prepared on those and see you in the next video. 4. Initial Background: Meanwhile, we're waiting for the right flowers to dry. Probably two days, 1.5 2 days. I haven't used paint very thick, so it should be drying quickly. Meanwhile, I wanted to show you this linseed oil like antiquity was any kind of natural oil as well. I could find this most all part shops and it's actually smells really good. And it's not, um, poisoners or something. So if you have cats or kids around, actually, I added a tiny little drop. I'm not sure if I can show it to you in here. Well, they felt moved away. So a little bit of it, You don't need much. I think I need to make the background little more grayish. And I don't like to use any blacks at this stage to start with. So I'm just gonna have blues and whites, as you can see, just to get the greenness away of it. And again, it doesn't really matter because it's just the first lady here. So I'm gonna have a little bit of blue I lost of white. You don't make it to sky blue. Awesome lead if you want. Oh, it's just the first layer. So I gotta reach this one, which is not exactly exactly a little fact room. But again, remember, this is the first lady, so let's see what colors? Oh, to purposely So they have more life so more yellow whenever there's so much of one color. So if you feel that there's too much purple going on having a touch of yellow with help things yellow. Roker, where is my yellow? Where's my oak? By the way, yellow and green are my least favorite colors. I don't use them much too. I Yeah, actually, is much better because he goes nicely with reds, so I just need to clean it off. Okay, Tiny little bit. I'm adding to my purple. Yeah. So we're back to the bluish grazier effect. That's nicer. You can see that. And again, it doesn't matter. It's not very precise at this stage. Callers not precise. We just want to give coverage on indicates. Where is what? Tomorrow. The greenness of the backgrounds already getting covered, Which is nice. Okay, if you suddenly mix it with rat, remember, when you are still the first layer, we have about a week to finish it. So try to enjoy. I'm not trying to get. Besides, just want to make sure everywhere is being covered. Somehow that red move more things to go back to the blue sky blues. Too much fruit for paint definitely is thicker. That's my under painting, but it's not super tick. We just want to cover it a green on, differentiate the foreground and the background again. If your paint is not moving usually out a little bit of your oil plants it on which I have it in this corner. I'm not looking for precise colors. Part off. Close the mouth off for around the background. You something like that happens. You feel your rats are moving. I would clean the brush with Dr. I haven't added any solvent. Now go back to your blues again, a little more purple. They don't want to show you the the joy off painting kind of lose big strokes like that. You see, it's all of my other works. I'm a supersized illustrator, but the joy that I find doing something like that it's super super hive, and I really advise everyone to try it. You're gonna feel and locating it. Try it. It's gonna be dark in there, so I'm not gonna go too much with the white, so this area is gonna be dark. Dark. This is gonna be Donald. Except that part. No details at this stage. Maybe half you about again. The wreck of messed up, having more. My stride blew with the wife. Okay, that's pretty good. So the last step for today that we're gonna leave the whole thing dry is to have the darks on the steps. And again, I don't like to out black right away. The minute you are black, it's until your whole painting gets polluted. Very smoky. So try to avoid that. So let's see, Maybe some brown on purple or mix your red and purple somehow. Don't use black. Something dark green and purple is great. Something dark just to indicate where your branches are in the next video 5. Initial Dark Stems : So this is the final step. Let's add the dark stems. I know when the picture kind of looks black. It's like a dark brown. And today we said they were not into details, just adding the stems. Groups that stand up. So I noticed the hard green blue red on my parents will see you. Let them exalt them instead of having some browns, because I just want something dark, right? I'm having my reds, my black. Let's see how dark that gets. If it's not dark, you know, we have some purple. It's a lot to bluish. Might be nice to have some orange. Just added some rats with green do on my losing the shape. It's open if it makes sense. If the stem kind of makes sense to you, it's okay to use the shape. So I have to make sure this continuation of that goes in here. I slam it was a smaller brush because I have more control in the smallest areas. You don't have to if you have not from for with the brush, you could use the side of the big brush mules and reds. It was something hair. We know it's Super the worker. So let's go have some dark green on that. So it's going to automatically give us brown, moribund or crew. What about Super done? No shoes in that. And I haven't used any black food. A little reddish brown. I agree, you know, red and green or compliments. So whenever one of them is too much, feel free to use the complement of it, which is to read at Green. You'll see. We'll keep getting mixed with a little white of the backgrounds. Okay, we said colors are not finalized now. There's chunks in here, some darks in there. But that's inside the flower. I don't want to do it now. So little smaller start moved about quite dark. I think my flowers got a little big in their second, uh, two of these Just get blurred anyways. Here. I know. Cheaper, dark, I think. A little bit oil. Where's my words moved around? You don't have to again. I like especially for small areas. Have smooth pain. I don't know what this area is gonna be. The door dorm working here on the left side. One off the flowers is off to kind off part of a stem we can see in here. It's Bob. I'm not having any details trying to use all the green unwrapped that I have, so I'm not leaving any paint to draw. Nice short definition. Next to here. This flower hand. I'm pretty sure he was a bigger brush. If you think you don't like strokes, who makes a little bit with your light? Black wrong, which is open? We didn't have too much white, so it's good. Never years. Too much black or too much white of the beginning stages of your painting. They are very strong, kind of risky, trying ever more. Mixing right away give you more natural. Look more freedom and you can easily go back. Groups kind of this shape, but that's fine. I think that's about it. Be more background should have been covered in there but not worried about that. I just change brush to the background brush. It's nice to have, like a background brush flower branch. Four Clean brushes in between. I usually have to like three at the same time, making sure that everywhere kind of cover the on their pain doesn't show anywhere. I got a sweet shows. It's not a big deal again. It's not the end of the world. Just the first stage. We are. I'm already out of my She Yeah, I think here because it's gonna be blended because of the stemming here is not very clear. So for more with black, I gotta like this mixing of the stem and buck from they go together. Great. Let this dry and we're gonna continue working on that tomorrow. Of course. My next video is not gonna be tomorrow. You can see it right away, but, uh, I'm just gonna give it a rest because I need it to dry and make nicer. Take your paint without the Lord layers to get mixed. So see you next video. 6. Day 2 Red Flowers: All right, Welcome back. So you can see the painting is drive The very first painting not told to the 100%. I wouldn't say it's 100% drive, but it's as dry enough for me to be able to work on it and at second layers. And you can see also mine. Someone this back in here on my images in here to make sure you're looking at your image because I have a hard time moving back and forth. But I want to put more of the camera here to focus on the painting. So today I'm just gonna work on the flowers, mostly. And remember, this whole thing was how toe have big, bold flowers, flowers that are kind of considered very big. And we don't want to focus on details. So what I usually dio let's step back to the flowers itself. What I usually do is to divide kind of medium many month, three parts in the flower as you can t. So if we kind of squint our eyes, let's say we're working on that one. This is the dark area. This is the medium area, and these are mostly light areas. Of course, you could have lots off other tones in between so you could have super dark, little bit lighter, a little lighter, a little bit darker. But the whole point is to have a bone and junkie not to have so many of them. Same thing in here who squint our eyes. Well, apart from the stem that's quite dark in here. We see that this is the dark area, dark area, kind of medium medium. Let a dark, very light here. Very light there. So we don't want to have all those details. Maybe I have a few off this kind of dots at the end. Let's see how that goes. Nothing. That's actually a good example of it to show off because the camera could already blurred in the photograph. So if it's winterized, this is the dark area. Medium dark, medium dark, light light towards white light and towards yellow. So I'm gonna have four the front categories. None in here. So we're gonna have dark medium Brad, medium red, dark, yellowish, light, white. It's white light. So but first I want to have I think having the medium term, which is this one, is more important that one of these parts that are mostly the medium parts are super important. So why we have that one first and then on the top we can have the dark ones and the very light ones always after the variant. So let's start. I think that's a good size to start with for the flower. It's a little bigger if we want to do with those who have to grab a little smaller brushes . But let's start with that one. As I said. So I'm just gonna slowly shoot camera to our painting where the painting is. So I got yeah again. I usually don't like since we're being on the top players. I don't like to use one rat only. So I like to have a little bit of orange on a yellow little pinkish red to create the effect to create a nice read. So I'm just gonna makes these a little bit together and see. And of course, I have a little oil as well on it has already moved. It's not visible here, so let me create a medium red, which is a little bit pink, little bit reddish, that visible reddish orange, kind of like a medium tone and use paint quite thick on battery. Definitely enough. So said we're gonna work on that flower. So the medium tones I can see it's down here. You see how brighter discolor discomfort to the one with the that they of the under painting? Because it is not mixing with a background anymore, trying to follow the shape off the pedals itself. So if there's one here, I'll do my lines like that. There's one like that I'll do in line like that. I keep playing between pink, red on orange, so trying not to have the same. That's actually the beauty of this technique. Don't worry. If you make a mistake, you could always cover it on the top. A smaller brush, I think touching here and again. This is just your medium tone. Okay, I haven't added the dark darks, and I haven't added light lights, so you might still look flat. I know it's gonna be slightly later, someone to use more of my orange, just kind of to prep it for later on adding more of the whites and the yellows. I was gonna everything, so that's good. Good enough, I think was a shape, it's automatically. This looks quite darker from before, but anyways, I'm gonna have more darks in here, too. So let's go to the other flower now, this one. So I know there's a lot of medium tones here, darker there, but other ones were not much dog except in the center. So I do a lot of medium tones in here a little bit in there, Mitt a touching their. The rest is just lighter. So let's grab. Come on, we don't again. I think I use one color alone. Try to have colors that are close to one another on the color wheel, so you don't see big, drastic changes from them. So that long. But this little higher because I'm working on that. Here we go to meeting Total hopes. Keeps moving more gentle, made him tones mostly on the lower part. Said here, I think it will be better if I make the brush a smaller brush. Can you see it? I think just that menial he makes you are some of the background here much. Daughter Curry gives that impression, which is very true again. Resist the temptation, all being super detail and a lot of you are dying to grab a smaller brush now, but it's really not the point. Trust me. Once you have your white darks, this one on the top, it's actually very easy. So the medium tones are mostly in there on in there. Then it's gonna be light. So here, I'm gonna work of that one. Made him Tong there. That shape there. You see, there's a not drastic difference between, like pinks and reds and oranges. They're quite good. Not sure What's the name of this flowers I'm working on? But if you are looking to photonics and flowers trench of something that you like, some people like the very small fuzzy ones. So I just have in my medium tones. And once we're gonna have the light once in here, it's going to make the whole thing look later in there, so it's gonna create the contrast. So go ahead and add the rest of the or medium tones. Whatever it's, they're also trying to follow the shape off the pedals, so I'm gonna continue doing that, and then we're gonna add the light ones in the dark ones. In the next video 7. Flower Lightening 1: so no, the medium tones are all done. We're gonna go over them with the light parts on the dark parts again. Please make sure you are looking at your references, cause it's a little hard to have this by imagination. 8. Flower Lightening 2: So for the light ones I've pulled definitely orange again, some yellow orange, lots of white. This is particularly a nice yellow. It's called Naples yellow. So I find whatever. So it's that one I find whenever you want a light on up reds, oranges or even blues and greens. That's perfect without using white. But in case I still have some lighting hair. So off looking back at my reference picture, which is again on that side. So I know I got lighting here. Lights in there, Um, some lights in here lights in here. I have also slightly changed my brush size. You can see before what they have medium for the medium areas are using something a little bit bigger, but now I'm using it smaller so I can have a little bit more control. It's up to you. So again, I like to start the slowly. I don't want to jump to big suddenly white, so let's start some orange First on some areas that has some lights, we can't please make sure you're looking at your reference cause I have a hard time moving back and forth so I can see uh, some of the lights in here. Yeah, I like this size now, so I'm definitely being more precise now, but because your medium toe it's still wet, So please expect some mixing to be happening, so that red that you have under is definitely gonna turn your orange a little darker. But again, we're doing this slip by step. It's not fast. We don't want to jump drastically. Suddenly, to a light, light or dark dark. I'm still kind of orange in that I'm gonna have the harsher part. So having you can see how how thick and bold I'm grabbing it, So there's a lot of paint. I will go even bigger if you want. So like that to have more getting there. Try not to press your brush much just kind of put the painting there without putting details, but definitely the mid tones. Gonna want to make everything like darker again. But this is just an accent, and that's what's the nice beauty of it. I think here where I'm gonna use a bigger brush because it's a big area. But for the rest, one was smaller. Just used the small one stroll. Let's go back to the warm again you can see it white lighting there and again. I think of them like like my It's actually very dark dates. Almost getting dark. Colors are not showing much, but definitely daytime would have been better to do that. So expect tomorrow morning. If you're working at night, your colors be a little different, and that's why we say Try not to do it all in one shot. That's the beauty of oil. So tomorrow you could have some revision off color, some revision off tones, so don't worry too much about that. We're slightly later. I can teach again. Remember, I haven't still added White order maple. It's just the orange parts of others. That's the kind of lost me flowers. Beautiful JP with pedals. Don't feel tempted to. I really do all details on each pedal. And I know law of artists have that. Lot of beginners want to make every single pedal, but that's really not the point of painting like this. I'm just putting whatever it's like that I'm not really being super process because that will change my painting style totally tiny bit longer, but rather do it with the bigger brush. But since I have paint already on my brush, so let me just use it. But we know that we have to go over much later. It's not a big deal. Okay, Touches there. Another kind off for some variation to the direction of your strokes. Nothing now? Well, slightly later. But I actually wanna wait till see it tomorrow. How light are this lights? And so I will say, Let's stop adding the lights now I'm gonna have the dark areas, which was mostly here, here and some of the stem. And I would rather have more of the highlights when arm having better lighting in the room . So I just wait for that. You could always add some extra external lighting, but it's still gonna be different. So I'd rather wait for that. My experience of seeing how things change in the daylight So hopefully tomorrow it's gonna be a sunny day. So I'm gonna have a better option or having highlights in there. So, yeah, I think there's air, not super super highlight medium to light, one just adding some maple, yellow and orange. So let's just have the darker areas like the darker reds here, Doctor, is which it is already here, but it's so light on washi, I just rather make them more accentuated. So see you in the next video with the doctor, Tom. 9. Flower lightening 3: so we decided to stop the lights, so we'll do that tomorrow. Meanwhile, I'm gonna have the dark parts of darker parts off the flowers again. No details. I saw that I have some green left on my palette on some red. So I said, let me just mix them to create a nice brown for the door from here. Yes, and again. Knobs to small brush. Still flat, but still quite bold. So I'm gonna add it to the parts off the flowers that is darker. Not talking about this them just the flower. Bold and chunky. He put our little directions. If you want, do some landing, I'd rather to do some blending where the different brush the has no paint on it again. I feel this brush is a little too precise flats and so have paint on it said Let me use it . And then I'm gonna go chunk here with a bigger brush. So can you see how the flower shape it started slowing to shape up without really having any details? That's what I love about this. I find it very hard to do it in acrylic or oil ease doing a much better job for this purpose to me. And I know there's little salty things in here are not exactly what we have in there, but they still help define this shape off the flower. Tow us the stark want we notice I haven't use any black. Really? Tell me you didn't hear. I think that's too much to cover. That got a little more right thing made that too dark Go. It's much better again. Not trying to make exactly the second was gonna blurred in the background. That's still screen some New York. And here we say you're gonna have all those strokes. Wouldn't use a small brush if it's something you don't want to go back to the big brush. But sometimes I got a, like doing that creates this fluffy effect. But in the small areas, definitely. I think I need a small brush even though I'm not doing any details so soon. Darks in here, darks down there. I think after this really adding to the very highlights, it's gonna make a big difference. So, yeah, I felt this is little too short. Let me blended. I just grabbed it. Brush that's clean. You could just clean your brush. Do it. See how kind of fluffy effect gives more blurred moving, buttering things around. It's pretty good to me. Looks good to me. Some person. If you feel it's hard or something that turned too hard, I need to bring some of the lights back. So when when I use my Naples yellow to be a little stronger them in order to see how strong that is, it has a big part of white. So yeah, nothing. I would have Marge more lights. I feel I'm having a little too much brown on my brush for my highlight is gonna clean it off. I'd rather not. He was a cell phone because it's gonna make my pain too little more washing and I don't want I think I need toe look a medium red. There are some kind of orange red because they look like they're so attached together. Just a friend. She aiding them. It's much better. It's good, of course. Yeah, oil paint, because it's thick on. We're painting fake. It finishes quickly, actually, so make sure you put it's really not a wash. My painting is in the heart of big, but still I feel the need to have go again. You can see my shapes are no super. Besides, they not meant to be super precise. That's the beauty of this kind of painting. So try to enjoy it. Maybe I can start adding some lights in here will be best if the orange waas a little mix a little dried, so it wasn't moving this much. So again, I'd rather do with tomorrow in a two day. I just wanted to get a test with my neighbor Yellow. Pretty good in here. We know that this one in the back waas pretty I don't want to march to make it stand out too much, just turning the whole flower and they feel a strong. And here I'm not really thinking petal by petal because those flowers blared in the back. I'm just falling lights and darks. Where is dark and light? Good. Turn off to cover all the nice kind of peachy orange you had before, even if you want out some light. I think this peachy orange is nice to keep it so you can see the shape he's got on lightening up, and the picture here is very blurred. But I'm kind of liking this Luffy shape that I'm seeing in there. So I said, Let me keep it that way. Nice round bowl. Some light in here without being too light. There's reading the background. It's not focal point, so actually, doing this kind of painting is really fast. It's just too drying. The takes long. There's no precision to be going on. There's no from lots of measurements. It's just drying that takes longer. But I usually work on something, and then why this one is drawing work on something else that's super fun. So if you're having looking exhibition together, you could do a lot of them. Bunch of them, meanwhile, waiting them to drive. I think people experience of using all that super pleasant here. I think we need to start blurring it with the back room because it starts to look very junkie, not liking. But I'm gonna blend it with background more once a month blows. So let's see how those this look in the light. Last thing. We need more highlights, but we're not having a clear view because of the bad lighting right now, especially here I'm not sure is that when I want something. I want more. So let's continue tomorrow with nice sunshine and see you in the mix with you. 10. Second Layer of Background: So meanwhile, we're waiting for tomorrow, so we're going to see some nice highlights tomorrow. I said let me add a little bit to the background Some blues, some purples So I got blue and white for now And let's see if it's too blue I'm gonna make got a little orange toe to get out of the bonus But I think I would Marge, More white. Generally speaking, blue is darker than white. So if you want a light blue, you need to have a lot of what? So I added extra white to it. I also added some oil, my pain. So it's gonna move for year. So I see here is one of the latest report I'm having blue. Why, General? But I think I'm gonna make some parts more greenish. So someone either. Maybe little yellow. So it turns little more greening in some parts. Not everywhere. Yeah, If it's too much, I don't have it. I just needed a little bit, so I'm gonna make some more get last noticeable. The authority strongest part just to differentiate my flowers from the background a little bit. So I'm taking a big parts first, and then I'm gonna do some blending with foreground together. Such a pleasure doing this, especially once. You know, you don't have to pay so much attention. Details. I find it super satisfying. All of the details of Stan later off. Don't be worried about for size again. I want someone I reach here throughout some layers. I'm going to use a clean brush and let the to kind of blend together to make this flower just just much blade here right now they're a little too sharp. A little lord here, also a wrench. So it doesn't look too blue Blue with dirtier blue from the little mini show. Yeah, I think in this kind of technique, you have to let yourself really explore some some mistakes, what you like and what you don't like. So don't be super judgmental on every single move. We're still the myth stage. I think at the very end you have to be more precise. Well, that's now is not the time. You can see added a little bit of blue on orange made it last blew compared to that, of course there's less whiting here. Definitely. You can see some of this Red is getting makes, but it's not a big deal. You don't want to get mixed. He was a bit smaller. Brush on. Be more precise, but stage I'm already being. I know I have to go much darker in here. So not putting too much of my white light blue on Stam . Slowly start, get thinner on a smaller brush. For Tony, it's nice about or that you could easily move between four round on background. I got a little too thin, little darker again on it. And again, I'm really letting myself three to make mistakes. That's where enjoying your and if it's going to make me longer to finish. It's not a big deal to me. My experience of seeing some accidental effects that happens are usually nice at the end. It's a small position. This flower jumped a little more higher down what I have in there, but it doesn't bind. Composition looks fine to me as long as I like it, but if you want to make it super precise, you should have done it precisely from the beginning. But he was not my point. I just wanted to see the lights and shadows locations. I mean here I think I'm gonna let some of this that So we want to be so sure Positives and Steve can starts being in the middle of the foreground. Oh, probably that got too much. So for the different brands shrinking, either move it or just put more blow away. I'm here to do you want to? Could it this to be? You can see some other red moving here, my dear blue. A little less intense. I returned it nice already planning for it, but it happened. It's a nice accident. A little bit more detail work. No adding too much more paint. Just making things a little sharper Whenever I need. They're still read on my brush tryto well, if you know I don't want it to be reddish just wanted to be bluish light through sky. Huge is the latest part off this kind Here. There's a nice short bench going to shop next to the stems because I want to add some dark on the stems and then do that. So don't worry about that part here. I know we have to go stand there, But again Wait. Maybe something you just here more Gracia. Facts are its, um, origins here. You know, it's gonna be dark because of the stone. It has to be darker too. So I'm trying to make use of all this light blue that I have on my brush word. It's gonna need them small pain, so it gives him moving. Usually it's easier to when you have a bigger bending and moved less. So. Feel free to work on a table, not uneasily. It's up to you how comfortable you are for smaller painting. I actually advice to go on a table, but make sure you're covered table. And I think I'm happy with my background at this stage about heading over small details. She not kind of time to go, Do you, too, with a softer brush? And not everyone require just a party you wanna blend. I think I have to bring some of this pedal back lost in the way. It's nothingto worry and but some blue and orange Let's get a clue. Bach. So I think it here with the same darkness that we got here. We should go more darker. Ex police is not dark enough. No. Yeah, well, the self brush you could do smaller edges. Sharper edge is much better, but don't start a painting with a soft, pointy brush and actual isn't very point to you, but it's definitely more presided in eight Number eight. So it's not super, but it's not flatter things more of a flip. Bert, I think I want to make this. Sometimes I like toe get this kind of darkness going into, so I might. We'll give it on, explained Since we have some brown on this brush and said, Let me try Yeah, and I know that I should be having some of any here. A little reddish. I don't think I'm out of my green brown. Never mind, although that lady over some brown more mixing greener. So if you like this car, the facts go for it. So, small dog, I don't think I want a love that, but some dark colors in the box will be nice. Here we were making a little street may be a little bit, but don't Kareen. I think here I have to make that much. Although we have to make a dark A labour definitely needs sharpening and cleaning, and I know there were two pieces in here I just decided to have a one piece. I think it's nicer again. This is not a realistic painting. It's more about enjoying forms, paint textures, mixing of colors. I was a lot of white if I want, but I usually do that at the very end. No, there's no matter how much weight you add, it still doesn't get white. White, if you're backgrounds, not wet is not dry. Sorry, much, much until more, especially on this paintings at all. Kind of blurred flowers. Strong piece. But again, if it's too strong, let it out. We don't want to sell me to have a way of meaning Yeah, I'm gonna let this dry and I'm gonna continue tomorrow. So I'm over the highlights on the flower and having more darks to the stems and then the signing which parts? I want a blur with a background on which parts I want to keep. So see you in the next video tomorrow 11. Dark Stems and Blurry background: Hey, everyone, welcome back. So it seems that today we're having a nice lighting better than yesterday. Um, when I reach this type off this stage off painting, usually I would you have more of my on artistic skills. I would say we have to stick. I and I would stop kind of looking at the original picture because definitely from the part , except from the part that I need some more whites. Someone likes. Yes. Touch. Appear dark wants will be just my cat passing that. Yeah. Otherwise, I'm gonna see What are the things that I don't like about it? What are the things that I do like about it? I think there's a little bit too much of a contrast between the foreground and the background, especially where the stems are these ones. So I might just remove that one or making blaring much, much lighter, go much more to the background. Yeah, I think some of them are a little too sharp. This definitely I would blend. That's a little bit more with blue. And here I don't like the fact that it's kind of finishing so sharp in there, and definitely the picture is the same. So I'm gonna add more darks in there, too. Little more pedal in here. I think when you took up, he looks a little too sharply finished. So at this, they don't really look at hey doesn't really look like the original, does it? Not you Just try toe, use your composition scales and just use your eye. What is it that you like about it? I think I need more jet white ones here in the background. Just a little bit more. Um, and finished. So let me just add some darks first, Some of the dark parts that in here that I wish to continue a little darker. And let's blend some of this to blur it out with a background. So I'm just gonna add some darks getting something smaller. I could grab brown or a quick just meeks. You what? Brown, it's we haven't use any brown Britain number. I burned Dumbo, but or the other one could be, uh, rental markets. That is ranked number. So again, feel free to use green and red if you want something dark. But I'm quite fine to explore with a little bit more of a brown and if it's not green enough, citing a touch more off this linseed oil. If you want special for the big areas, I need little small areas. Doesn't need much, but so let's grab a little just a little bit. So the parts that I felt it kind of finished little accordingly in the dark. So I need a little bit of that a little bit more. Yeah, a little drive from one of the more oil, and you will feel usually when you use one single color, just like the burned number that I'm using them out. The light blue conceive. It's still a little wet from last night, so it's still makes it with so you would feel like whenever you're using one single color, the texture is a little different on mixing two or three. So definitely it's better to mix. But today I will say, You know what I mixed yesterday. So let me just use some bring tone bridge straight. I want to create some blurry effects not as sharp as what I have done yesterday. I'm gonna go with the blue background to go a little bit in it as well. Some other stand looks a little perfectly, which I don't mind, but if you don't want it, just go over it. You could go, Ladies, if you wanna have this sharp effect, you I would grab a smaller brush and softer one toe out the little pristine details if you want, but I'm not there yet. So yeah, the back there. So that's quite good. Some of the red from yesterday keeps movie because it hasn't Dr yet on. That's normal. No words about I think we need to go with some darks touch of darks with the inside the flowers and at some of those dogs, the very, very end. I don't like to do it now, and I know a lot of you are tempted to are those details. But that's not what we're doing in this painting. Well, let's blur that night, I'm gonna grab it. Described a different brush that has no pain to nothing. If you want to do this nice blaring, it's better. God never doing makeup. You're adding with a blush someone's face. Nice, fucked thinking. Here I have to do a little more. Let's go back with the door. I just to much darker, so I'm just gonna have some green Make your brown a little bit even darker and more harmony . Remember dark green we used before That will sap green. And this is prevail. Repeal brand. Um, I don't feel a lot of difference when I join you. Brands Oil. So I'm what I like. These are prices really good. Get a whole box. The very reasonable class. So I like that. But if you want to go something more professional with Georgia and are you Windsor and Newton feel free, but it works pretty fine to me. Just darkening some off the darkest parts, which before was either on the training wheels. It's not broken off. And here I wanna blurred most. I'm gonna use more off the blue toe. Blair, this really strong one. And I do not like that. So I think with the blue, we have to go here all the way and cover that That doesn't quite look natural curve that it's in here. But let me just add my dogs first. So green and brown, definitely thinking a lot of it. Just getting a little more definition to this pedal by adding the dogs here here. I think I'm gonna have a mother rat pedal. It seems like there's something missing, so I definitely need some bread and there not really looking at my reference of the stage. I'm just What do I like, what it's bothering? Leave. What is too sharp? What is not sharp enough? Where do I need some more blaring? So that's what I'm focusing on, mostly right now, a smaller brush. If you want to make this super sharp, I will better softer brush. And that turned to around it. That's not what I want. I want it to be more sharp and pointy. So I will Jeffrey me do that with from brush again. I think there's still a little bit No. Yes, Maybe just change brush or weak in nicer, softer, more precise. Finished. So I grabbed something smaller later, a softer, more precise. Yeah, some of the blue is still there from last night back, so you will keep mixing, but I'm just gonna use more more paint to overcome. Okay? That's what they're here. But it seems that there's a lot of rad cooling, so never mind down and read to go nice and dark in here. So in here. I want to need to stand out. It's why didn't blurry much back here. That's part of Lord Part off the blossom. And I know the shape has been a little changed from the original picture. If you really wanted to look like that, please go ahead. Do it. I wasn't looking for anything precise. You just put my brown. It's quite Schorpen here. It's gonna be looking nice focal point because I know I'm gonna have a lighter background in there as well. Snubs calling my civil weapon this painting so it doesn't really need any highlights, much going on blurring up. Actually, there's none here, but it's very blurred to the background groups too much. We will out some of the stems. The word about blurted out, starting them on. They were getting mixed with the blue that it's still wet from last night. I think I need to make a little short scraps the problem of swallowed brush whenever you grab it to keep grabbing more pain because it finishes. So far, I think I'm gonna actually some black in here to make this super dark, but get not every just touch it so. But I will have it at the very end. I want to use black. You have the see. You would feel the urge to have blocked everywhere. So pretty some red with help. Writer orange. This needs to be fixed as well. So, as you can see, I keep adding some parts much sharper. Some parts, much more Blair. And they keep doing that until I reached a point that I'm quite happy with. So if you're free to explore what you like, what you don't? So if you don't like it, either wipe it off or letter, draw and paint on it on top, just like in here I painted told Brown myself. I need toe the pedal. That's something later in there. I gotta like the way it mixes with the block with a brown, actually. So why not? What's wrong with that? Okay, so do a little bit of place like God in the next video. I'm gonna more of the highlights. See other 12. Overal lightening 1: So now for some other highlights, I think I need a few more up here. One here. This needs a little more work. I'm just using a softer brush on the top layer so you can see these were much softer. Um, don't want something to around it, because again, it's going very pointy. We still want to keep this style junkie and bold. So I think I'm gonna go with that one. Let's see if it's too small, we will change it. But as one does it soft, I think on the top players, it's better to control all this. Meanwhile, I worked a little bit on them and I have added some black. I'm not sure how to show that the camera I felt I need some jet dogs, so I add a touch of black to the Browns. So now I'm just gonna add a little highlights in hair, softened up, little more darks in there and then where I'm gonna decide which top of the stems I wouldn't sharp. Which one? I want a blur. So I want to add something blurred in the background. Some stamps, maybe like this kind of facts in my so that the better the best time to do that is really Meanwhile, your background is wet and yeah, what I don't like about backwards a little to almost the same color. I would give a little more that tradition so much more. Just whites in here. Um, I I wanna fix that because you can see Scott. I'm looking known Natural. So let's fill those highlights. So I think they look pretty good in here when I have them. If you want out some jet blacks here, it's fine. It's really up to you. I don't know. I think I like it this way. But I might decide later. Wrong toe at some dots. Jet black. We'll see you. So I have added some orange yellows, Naples yellow as well. If you want white white too. But just warning your white. Usually one getting makes with Reddick creates a lot of pink rosy pinks. So if that's not something you want, just use like in April yellow. It's better. So let me just make my father a few parts. I needed to be a little more for energy, so I think I got lost the orange before here, so let's bring it back. You can see how their friend of soft brushes, then the Nam soft you kind of dig seem to hate. So it's better to not put so much pressure on it. Yeah, I think once added weight, I lost some of the clean. I got a little blue on my brush on it keeps mixing the orange, creating some ground. And that's not something I want time. You notice I haven't really used much off the center because whenever I wanted to brush to clean my brushes. Otherwise you so I did some oranges. They're yellow. Orange. Listen here. No last in there. So this is the most detailed part off the truth. Repeating little here. I think touches are nice just to balance all the oranges here. I think we need some of it on the left side of the painting to and was regional formula. I just Well, hey, I need some more into that site. Maybe having too much already on the right side. I mean, here needs more definition again. I'm gonna more red if you want to change brush. It's fine if I say it's not giving me too much coverage. I'm definitely gonna change my brush. You can see what I will go back to the harsh one specially here just to have that extra paddle that we work on a missing in here. And I know when it comes to the ashes is usually trickier. Good to hold it if you think it might fold, you know, I think hope. See, that's the Hopefully you can still see that needed the pedal in hair. Still, we were looking wash, but go right. He even went out more. Let's see how it looks. No, let's go back to the small brush again because I want to fix some of the here to got some yellow orange More Naples Yellow show Cleaning my brush I didn't have to reading case. Let's go orange in late. So grabbing orange and my Naples yellow just to have this yellowish highlight. Oops, Jesus, Stop pinning. That's why working on a bigger painting is easier. What? No lightening as much as I want because the red was still what's on the extra white. Now you can see how strong white is. So bees Ruber. Careful. I think once you add in here, you kind of needed somewhere else to. So either I have to tone that down or some of it somewhere else. I think it's still too much. So let's go a little darker, Tiny bit on. Yet that's problem off using wife community law. Did you feel like, Hey, I need everyone else. It looks like a big point on Dr My Red Brush. I would like to have brushes that Wanda has read one. The house like highlights, one that has a background color but better, a little more precise. No, again, it's all right to have different brushes, multiple colors. I know some people that keep cleaning the brush. I just rather have few that keeps the color in each one. She felt this is a little too awkward rounded, so I think we need some little more darks and messing up here with the Browns. Let's worry about that once this is finished. Clouded enough. Frat, uh, harlot Long may pull again. We don't want it too much. She kind of polling. Otherwise, it's gonna make too much of then with the brush. Doesn't paint blended about its way to job? Touch off the yellow here, too. So let's go somewhere no need. That's usually Turkey just to decide how much highlight you really mean? Do you need that? Do you not need that? You like that out. So it's usually struggle for me when it comes to highlights, although they're beautiful, but have to make sure they don't stand up way too much. Otherwise, that's the only thing. The first thing that you were keep seeing you don't want I wonder viewer to see. I mean, listen, this painting, you don't want to have a big focus point. I'm missing wherever I need a little more. Let your light. I felt I need a little more just only around in there been here. Maybe so more. And if you want against something just light, it will be good. I'm just using my own yellow maple. You need Jet White. I would wait till the whole background drives through the whole thing drives and then your butt. The final judge White. Unless there's a reason. Yeah, I think that's a little bit. What better you see? I'm not putting anything on detail. So not lads take care of that background. 13. Overal lightening 2: we said We want some just white from last night I remember. So let's put some jet white, um, out. You could have different colors. It's up to you. But I think this Jet white in the background is needed at this point and not everywhere. Jobs in the center I like E think my white hot a little oops rat, But it's fine. Get next. No, it's the reddish. Let's make pure jet wait. Doesn't look a pure to me. A little bit more oil, lots of paint soon. Sure, I put my white in a somewhere on my palette That is really just like don't freak out. If it's too much, you will blend with the blue They already have, cause it's not drive from last night yet if it's a dry, if you have done this a time that is dry while you need to make some blue too mixes with some blue. But because mine was not I I'm fun, just adding in just on the areas that I want and that blue will kind of melted down. So how if it's see me, I'm kind of losing it here. I don't like this grazier fact that stays, Marie said. Here was a little too around this, just moved around a touch the top layer time using slightly softer bridge. But to start something like that would have been a nightmare because it keeps a lot of paint. See how little I need to grab pain from a pallet, since the beauty of the A soft brush and it's good to use it on the top players. I make sure I keep seeing this from far every once in a while, and I'm sure tomorrow that I wake up, there's gonna be, have there's something I want to change. So that's why usually give it a nice a week to the final decision. One of those nice winter blossoms snow we great day here in Canada. I love too. Some of that red move again. It's not bothering me. Oops. So I put most off my concentration off white feeling here. Then as it goes in there, I'm gonna make it a little more bluish creation, just how it was before. But again, don't freak out. If something more I think it has a nice touch to it. This, as he goes, gets blueish right around remember we said, We want a blurred It's too strong. So let's just go mix and mesh that's in here. So go out of just white here. Doesn't really look like Jet White. Just looks like her the way we have for me, it's a nice differentiation between the color we have yesterday and now on here we blared up that stimulus. Do you think here brushes too white for doing that? Just grabbing your brush in. Just move up and down paints without having any pain. You just want them to be less sharpen. Blur, Blur, Blur. Yeah, that's what I like to I think you're still looking toe jet white on my brush on Mount. Gonna make sure using it who seizes? We're not really Just wait. Make sure you're using it in the right place again. It's too wife for the errors you're doing just gravity from brash the husband just Blair things together greenish yellow, which is also nice that I did yesterday. Although I remember I mixed blue and orange. But some agree tournament there. Yeah, a little reddish. I think I want to fix that read and I was because my brush was not clean of that time to you could also wait paint on top again. Wait until the drive and then you could do. But it's not bothering me here. I think I want this looks just junk. Looks too fat, my son. Short Yes, like a real step. Got a little to fend. Let's go back with Dr Brush. Grab somebody. Why? See how flexible liberals, even if you make mistakes, can easily go backwards? Well, that can undo button. Been Photoshopped or illustrator Dark years brushes. Let's go back to the background brush that I had. I was just being with. And it's not just waiting here, so that's pretty good enough Storm in here. Look to might wanna short e need some of the brown, but I have just don't make some glittery effects in hair Wassen there. Remember, I wasn't planning to make the exact picture, so I just wanted to use it as a reference because there are parts of it that I like. I'm doing. This is gonna create high there some stems at the back, but they're not very close to us. We're seeing it blurry, simple brown, and there's not much of my brush just little compared to the white grab is not much more Reddish brown here did learn. So I like to keep it sharp in here. So that's much. I'm not gonna have this chick chicks around there. Justin here may do. That's something dark on using the same brown. But don't use a new color. Suddenly you will grab so much attention. You don't want that. So I don't keep your pilot. Most of it the same. So part in here felt I need a little deep black. I was gonna go to my dark brush that I had darks brown touch on B block to make that call. Get my car. Trust blood. Do you guys like that don't want? And if we want to do all the dirty things, we have to wait for the paint to dry. Otherwise, it will be very hard to show the tick tick tickety You can see that because the paint on the red capes sucking it in. So I wasn't original lining, but I don't mind. But I used to have to wait. So how do you think about their blurs in the background? You guys like it? I think this is still a little bothering. Let's make a tiny bit smaller in the picture. Looks fine, but not everything when you painted looks fine the same way as a picture again, I might just get rid off. It's a little too wide in here. Yeah, look calm. Just clean. Brush right dryly. Iwas brown. Yeah, let's just more wife like the bluish white, grayish white. We have so clean my brush cause that Brown kept moving on and off. They don't want that. So I'm having a little blue and white. Let's see if it's to bloom without more what so buck to they like come but also way too much extended. I think it looks a little better now. Wait, that will touch glass here. Fix things that looks much better again. The rest. I think I'm just little things that has to do with personal tastes like, Do you want this to be this long? Do you want to be sure Dirty wanted to be thinner, endless possibilities. So it's really up to you. I think I have Richard pointed. I really like it. And the whole thing. What took me 2 to 3 days doing it is really doesn't know it's gonna take a long It's just driving takes, look, just having someone nice brush effects. I love brush affecting oil and it's not just white. It's bluish, grayish a little bit of orange with the blue Just if the blue is too much of a sky blue if the maybe one here to create more blur And again, this is really up to you If you like the black out front I need batting here Uh, now we just noticed, But it's a little too much Get no precision. This is not a precision drawing. So I think at this stage I'm quite happy with us. I'm gonna let this dry on when it's tried. I'm gonna the little thing with smaller brushing their the little circles in their on again You don't need, I think explained the way it is. But if you really love that, go for it. Touch of dark here, but not all the way. So try to enjoy some other messiness. The technique is offering. I love that gonna looks like as if I'm looking at things would have blurred glasses and I I'm loving it. So we just have one more video to add the little dots inside the flower, and it's gonna be done in the next video 14. Last details Inside The Flowers: we'll come back to this final video, which is all about final touches. And the little thing is that it is in the flowers. I have no idea. What do we call them? Please look at your reference. The red flower photograph. So first of all, my paint is still wet from yesterday. So if you wanted to totally be dry and add them so you would have to wait probably another day or two. But I don't mind. I don't mind, actually, some of the back to be mixed, so why not? Let's give it a shot. And if it doesn't work, we do. You could always wait for you to let it drive. I am using a smaller brush, but they're non soft because you really want to put paint thick and bold. If you go out the soft ones, you cannot so make sure it's small. I think the sizes are again different. Brands are different, but 23 something like that and the non self ones. So we want to have a nice mix of darks and lights, and here, especially on the parts that is dark, I'm gonna have some light one. Some, like peach like orange ones on the dark sides and on the parts. That's quite later. Let's say for here we're gonna have thoughts of darks. So, um, I like to have the darks first, so I'm gonna have to brush is one for my darks. You could use the dark brown that you hade and again, it's not a soft brush. So you kind of be stippling with it a little bit. You could have brown. You could have some red makes to it if you think it needs some rent. So some black as well. I think the black is no bad. I can make sure you're using it as a stupidly like by stippling. I mean, like that. Yeah. So I'm gonna grow up Brown. I had a few on some parts that it needs very little good not to money. Here's already dark, so I don't think he needs much. But what you can see because you're not putting a lot of paint, you have to paint again. See how so? Don't let us How scattered it ISS Then I went out the lighter ones here. We don't have any. Here's in the back row. We don't have maybe one or two there and again. Yes, it's still mixing with but ground because it's still wet. Okay, so added dark ones. Now let's add some of the light ones. So when I have some of these yellow orange and probably it's not gonna be enough, I would need dark, lighter one. So I'm using my nipple yellow and, uh, more of them. Who here? Natural way so much. So be careful if you don't want too much of it, understanding more orange to it. Eso told that a little bit down saving here because I said Napley alot has a lot of white and white oil is quite strong and you could decide maybe have them all on the left side of the flower because the light socials on the left. But again, we're not doing a very precise painting. So it's up to you. I like to have it more scattered. It's gonna get more orange that Napley low. So it so much liking it so much touches over it in here. Mary, stop Elish. Yeah, I can see it goes into the white and it makes us so you just need toe. I don't think you need in there, but I think that's pretty much enough for me. That's pretty much it. I don't like the street line here. Let me just moved straight blindness of it with some more orange. It's interesting how every time it makes this, either. In April yarrow, yellow, orange and red I get new shape, which is still in the same tone. Ality. That's what I would say. It's a nice beauty of working in a limited color palette. You get a nice range but still variation over the colors. But more darks in here filled See, I cannot dry and stupidly I work. Nothing precise, and I dont really rob my brush. I really do it in a 90 degree and with the lights back again. Some staples don't do too many of them because otherwise we're gonna lose. They're gonna blend together. So I think this three turned much best on that one. So friends for you to experiment. I think for me that will be fine. That's all of it. I'm just gonna let it dry probably two days, and that will be it. You can always paint the edges, or if you want a frame, it is not a big deal. I like to have. The edge is the same color, like the light blue of the back room. But it's personal. I'll leave it up to you. 15. Conclusion: Okay, So are painting is finished. Nice and dry culture. It took about two days to finish, totally to dry. And me, I hope you enjoyed the course. I cannot wait to see all your works. Different flowers you got. I'm sure they have different ones. But if you just want to start with this one, you're more than welcome the pictures in the references. You could grab that. And, uh, thank you so much for choosing this cores. I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I do. Showing it to you guys. Can't wait to see your art. Um, let me know. How was your experience? See you in the next classes.