Bokeh 101: A Guide to Aperture & Styling Your Depth of Field

Indeana Underhill, Lifestyle & Travel Photographer

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9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction to Bokeh

    • 2. Guiding Questions

    • 3. Principle of Photography Basics

    • 4. Comparing Focal Lengths

    • 5. The F Word

    • 6. Practical Approach

    • 7. Vintage Lenses & Bokeh

    • 8. Purchasing Lenses

    • 9. Wrapping It Up


About This Class

Once you have the principles of photography in mind, it's important to learn how we can apply the theory to our own work. Many of us starting out want to be able to create a beautiful blurred or out of focus background- also known as a shallow depth of field and bokeh. But, how do we create it and how do we style it?

Like everything else from lighting to composition, choices are made. What choices are we making when we choose our lenses and f-stops? Do we want our subject to stand out from the background, compressing the background with a shallow depth of field? Or do we want the subject to be apart of their background with more in focus?

Testing and shooting is the only way to find out! So, join me to learn how we can make the right choices for our own look.

In this class, we look at:

  • A general overview of exposure and the principles of photography
  • Creating your own look in camera
  • Choosing lenses to enhance and change your depth of field
  • The control we have over lens compression and its relationship to our f/stop and exposure
  • Choosing appropriate backgrounds to maximize our depth of field
  • Getting experimental with vintage lenses 



Be creative, daring and take great photos!

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