Boho Style Window Bling--In Under An Hour! | Lille Diane | Skillshare

Boho Style Window Bling--In Under An Hour!

Lille Diane, ~artist, musician, & human sparkler~

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9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Welcome to Boho Style Window Bling!

    • 2. What is Sari ribbon?

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. How to open your sari ribbon bundle

    • 5. Adding sari ribbon to your curtain rod

    • 6. High speed demo adding sari ribbon

    • 7. Hanging your Boho Style Window Bling

    • 8. Tips and tricks

    • 9. Bonus Video Dance Party That's all Folks!


About This Class


Create an instant splash of color for your windows or places and spaces using Sari ribbon, plus a few items you most likely already have--in an hour or less! When I tell you the possibilities of creative expression are limitless using sari ribbon, this hippie-hearted girl truly means it. Got an hour to invest some happy into your world? Cool. Put some groovy tunes on and come play with me today creating instant gypsy whimsy for your places and spaces needing a “WOW” boost.





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Lille Diane

~artist, musician, & human sparkler~

Colorado artist, musician and rock houndress. When I'm not creating art or making music, I'm mastering high altitude baking, chasing moonbeams over the Rockies or digging up dinosaur bones, crystals and other groovy rocks. I love and respect the Earth, people who live their dreams, Hatch green chilis--the hotter the better, and enthusiastic people who sing loudly AND off key. I have more creative ideas than I have time to implement all the beauty inside my head into being. Gosh, I love that a...

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