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12 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. The Curriculum

    • 2. The Savannah & Social Value Theory

    • 3. The Biology Behind Body Language

    • 4. General Low Value Body Language

    • 5. Low Value Analysis

    • 6. General High Value Body Language

    • 7. High Value Analysis

    • 8. Romantic Body Language

    • 9. Romance Analysis

    • 10. Body Language in the Boardroom

    • 11. Business Analysis

    • 12. BONUS - Public Speaking Essentials

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Project Description

Congratulations on reaching the end of Body Language - The Scientific Way!

The point of our course is to be able to apply concepts in a practical manner - I want you to walk away from each video with real, actionable skills (and not just dull theory).

With that being said, it's time for a short assignment: the critical self-evaluation. This will help you internalize and better understand how the concepts you've learned in the last hour apply to the real world. There's a difference between passively watching and actively thinking. The latter is what helps cement the knowledge and ideas presented in this course in your mind.

A disclaimer, though: in order for this assignment to mean anything, you have to be willing to be completely, 100% honest with yourself. Don't let your ego get in the way of your self development. If it helps, pretend that you're critically evaluating someone else - a friend, a coworker, or even a random person on the street.


Having just finished watching an hour's worth of videos on body language (including the analysis sections) you should now have a relatively intuitive grasp of what constitutes high value versus low value body language behavior.

Think back to the last few social interactions you were in. These can be in romantic, social, or business contexts. What was your body doing? Do you typically cross your arms when you talk to people? Did you stand face-to-face, or at an angle? What kind of image are you presenting to the rest of the world?

Assess the body language behaviors that you commonly adopt, and critically evaluate - in a text document - whether or not these behaviors are high-value or low-value (reference the PDF, re-posted below, if need be). 


Share the document in your gallery. Include:

  • Body Language behaviors that you adopt that demonstrate high-value
  • Body Language behaviors that you adopt that demonstrate low-value
  • What you're going to do to maximize high-value and minimize low-value body language

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