Board Game Design 101: Prototyping and Playtesting | Ben Panter | Skillshare

Board Game Design 101: Prototyping and Playtesting

Ben Panter, Alternative Photography & Game Making

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7 Lessons (1h 9m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Prototype Design Concept

    • 4. Prototype Making

    • 5. BONUS: A look at my prototypes

    • 6. Play testing Your Game

    • 7. The Game Design Cycle

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About This Class

Welcome to the final class in the Board Game Design 101 series. In this class, I'll be helping you make your first prototype and guide you through the process of playtesting your game. 

I know when I first began making games I wasted SO MUCH TIME making prototypes. I made too many pieces, spent too much time designing them or I didn't really know what game I was trying to make. And don't get me started on playtesting... I would subject my wife or brother to sitting through a "first run" of the design with no rules, missing pieces and no clear outcomes. It wasn't fun and it didn't really help.

So in this class we'll use a couple worksheets and I'll be giving you some tips so that you can quickly make a series of effective prototypes and then use them to gather all kinds of data to improve your game during strategic playtesting sessions.

Let's get that game of yours to the table!


This is a standalone class, however, I do reference some worksheets and principles which are covered in two of my other classes listed below.