BoM Quilt Along - the Log Cabin Block | Zarina ZA | Skillshare

BoM Quilt Along - the Log Cabin Block

Zarina ZA, Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter

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3 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. BoM 2016 block four sewing the pieces

    • 2. BoM 2016 block four removing paper

    • 3. BoM 2016 block four constructing the block


About This Class

Thank you for coming back for the third instalment of my BoM quilt or quilt-along.

This class I will be introducing foundation piecing. You will need to print out the foundation piece sheet below showing the sequence of the piecing.





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Zarina ZA

Fabric Enthusiast, Thread Dyer, Quilter

I am the owner of Zarina Craft, the place where I sell my handmade items. Currently, my craft is more fabric based. My first wholesale 'partner' is with The Batik Boutique which I make for them baby quilts, bookmarks, snack pack sets, and table runner sets.

In December 2015, my first book VARIASI SENI ASAS JAHITAN QUILT has been published by Karangkraf. At the moment, you can only get the book from Malaysia. I am looking for any resellers outside Malaysia.

My vision for my small...

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