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Blues Guitar - Chump Man Blues by Blind Blake

Jim Bruce - SEO, Blues Guitar Teacher, Author & Marketer

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    • Fingerstyle Acoustic Blues Guitar - Chump Man Blues by Blind Blake


About This Class

The Blues Guitar of Blind Blake


Chump Man is a lazy flowing ragtime blues guitar song in dropped D with some hidden syncopation! It needs to be played with a delicate feel, as there is some tricky triplet work for the fingers and some of Blake's famous thumb jumps during the instrumental breaks.

Most of it flows along easily, but now and again he slips something in that is exciting and difficult to copy. This one is a challenge! Once you have it down enough to sing to, then you'll really start to enjoy yourself!

The key to learning how to play complex ragtime tunes is to slow it all down and don't try to memorize more than a small bite or chunk. It can be discouraging if you don't take the right approach, which at its core, is repetition. All musicians know that practice is absolutely necessary to practice, simply because we need t develop muscle memory. Without this we are not going to be able to make the music flow.

I sing and play the complete song at the beginning of the lesson before moving on to the chords we use, which appear in the top l corner of the video. Afer this, I discuss Blake's special fingerstyle technique and give tips on getting his sound.

The detailed tuition features slow motion close ups of both hands, and blues guitar tab at the bottom of the screen.

Often, I present just one verse and variation which is used as an instrumental break, but in the case of Chump Man Blues, I pretty much transcribed the whole song - there's so much genius in the variations that I wanted to include as much as possible!

It's possible to play this style of blues guitar with finger picks, but I prefer bare fingers - it's mostly a matter of choice and comfort.





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Jim Bruce - SEO

Blues Guitar Teacher, Author & Marketer

Online course creation seemed to be a natural step for me.

After making a living out of playing acoustic blues guitar in Europe for many years, I became interested in teaching online about 15 years ago, and began creating online courses. In 2103 I was voted N?2 top blues guitar teacher by users of

While blues guitar remains dear to my heart, the last year I've been concentrating on novel writing, movie script writing and internet marketing. It's all about creating ...

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