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9 Lessons (37m)

    • 2. TAGS IN E

    • 3. TAGS IN G

    • 4. TAGS IN A

    • 5. TAGS IN C





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About This Class

Intros And Outros For Blues And Ragtime Guitar

Tags can give your blues and ragtime playing real style and panache! You can turn a simple blues or ragtime invention into something special by having a solid stash of tags up your sleeve.
Tags are commonly used at the beginning or end of blues and ragtime picking, and also to turnaround phrases or verses.

You can easily get stuck in a rut using the same old intros and outros, so I thought it about time to have a course dedicated just to tags which you can dip into and spice up your playing.
I've used four of the common keys to demonstrate tag examples. These are E G A and C. All the tags can be transposed into different keys, and you are encouraged to experiment and come up with your own variations.They are in no particular order of difficulty and came about as I sat down and played them.

In the following class there will be lessons as follows:

Tags In E
Tags In G
Tags In A
Tags In C
Inventions in each of the above key

So, if you want to grab the attention of your listener and add real style to your playing let's get started with Blues And Rag Tags

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rick Payne

Teacher And Performer


Rick Payne is an established acoustic blues guitarist with many national and international tours to his credit. He has become especially well known for his authentic acoustic blues finger picking, in the many traditional styles of the blues including delta blues, piedmont, ragtime and slide and has recorded several albums of this kind.

Often compared with Ry Cooder, slide guitar maestro Rick Payne’s performances have taken him to prime time TV, to festivals and theatres throughout the UK and on tour to Europe, USA, India, Scandinavia and the Greek Islands. He has provided music to a number of major BBC TV productions, for programmes on Radio 4 and the BBC World Service. He has also featured on The Paul Jones and Mike Harding's show on BBC Radio 2.

Rick has record... See full profile

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1. INTRODUCTION: Okay, Here's just a few of the blues and rag tags that you'll learn in my course. 2. TAGS IN E: Okay, so in the key of e on the cords for these tags based around a B seven, uh, most of the tags will live a resolve to the on, sometimes resolving to be in total, there's 17 tax, Any on all of supported by video. Of course, on power tab on. Also, don't forget to download. PdF So you got the tire and have that with you when you're watching videos. So let's start with the tags in E eso. Here's up for a stack. Pretty standard one. Selling on the seven. You can strong this one off. Pick it. I'm with the resolve to bay with the previous tag. You can arpeggio hate that causes what, of course, which sounds like this on then with a resolve to be here in slightly different ways. Um, just by changing one of the top notes, you can change the harmony and give the tiger slate from character something like this. Someone again, this time resolving Teoh be again. Here we go. Facet calls there on this only using the basin to create the tag. Sounds like this on with the result to be with this one, we're gonna change the base harmony. Little bit going from this. A nice variation. Sounds like this the same again with resolve and variation. A similar tack to the previous one, this time using the full chords on the base and this and then with slightly different. We're playing it on a resolve to the B To this goes like this uses the high end version. Sounds like this. The with variation and with the resolve to bay Andi even higher for all this time. Still, try and keep the base constantly. Like this way I am with a little bit more based movement on this one. A little tricky purse. Good. Nice effect, Theo. Resolution. Good. 3. TAGS IN G: I hope you did really well in this tags any. And now we're gonna look at the key of G. These tax based around G see on three key of G is quite lightened, right? So for ragtime lots of tax and cheese to come up now in the key of G uh, one Here, you pick it. I'm with the resolution to d seven on these little high and emotions in the queue GE could for funky soul on same tag again, just with a couple of different resolutions here. Anything A lot of strength on this one uses the Lohan chords. So this type is great for right time. Bit more finger start this time. Thats tag. It was a bit of a stretch here between the first finger on the little finger, but it does create a nice little banjo effect on the same kind of like with a bit of resolution, this time is gonna be a stretch on this one. Makes a great kind of country blues tag place 31st on trying this one because it's in the open strings down kind of boundary. Particle blues equals on with a different result. This one's going to do seven same time again, but this time was over into the high D on, like to say, one of the many variations for kind of Delta blues effects. 4. TAGS IN A: hello again. And this time we're in the key of a on the tags in the Cuba would've over on the smooth seven. Most thing about this kid's could involve central position of the way just four playing tags go up and down. The fretboard problem is staying in the open position, but also in the Kiva. You've got some ragtime style wants to, so I never get to download the PdF. So on the power tap on, let's go over the key of a someone again with a different resolutions in just a few ways. That's one use a little bit counterpoint tricky with the stress, but gives you a nice effect. Uh, similar kind of using a bit of based movement. This is ideal for right time. Once again, this one goes on and on with different results this time, okay, called simple but effects of using them pentatonic police scale, and you can come up with millions of variations of this one. Diminished arpeggios make really good tags again. You can use lots of very variations to these things. Just play this one slowly for you. You know, it's in the previous tack. There was a chromatic run at the end of it. And here's another wave kind of using chromatic runs. All right, so nice. Jazzy A bit more of the jazz blues flavor here on more dramatics with this one here more dramatics this time descending on. Also, you can change the last court just going Teoh Ah, with a little bit of moving base Now booby baseline The same kind of moving based, but this time introducing the cord behind the bass note. Same kind of thing this time, but just moving up the froth. 5. TAGS IN C: this time when the key of C for our final look attacks these course revolve around see one of my favorite case dio fresh stars of people at Big Bill Broonzy, Robin Garrow J. A lot of these tax came from that kind playing I don't get with all the tags trying putting together. Mix them around, see what you could make yourself, make it into some refs, put them into your blues and ragtime inventions. Well, they will enjoy playing them. I hope you've enjoyed all the tax lows alot, of course, but don't give up on take a time, and I'm sure you'll have a fine library of tags for yourself soon. See on the X Course on this fairly easy. Tagen Kids see eyes open lots of variations, the same kind of thing. But it's in an alternative position up here on the six books on using the wider into will See it just gives you a little bit more texture. Simple but well used. Tag this one. Do you remember? It's up to you now to try to spice up your tags with different results and different endings, but it's the same time as the previous one. But just with a good idea for results using these descending here's a nice variation. Two previous tithe using this thing uses the secret inversion in this one. Ah, that's nice, because you, including the steam minus seven shape fingers on. This is a nice Melo attack. This one. I've done this type with a couple of different endings. As you can see, I'll just play the 1st 1 first way with different tending way. Ah, slightly easy one, That's all, folks. 6. INVENTIONS IN E: Hi again. I enjoyed those tags in different keys in this section, in the following sections. We're gonna look at how to use some of those tags in different inventions. On the first invention we're gonna look at is in Kiev, E I think I've got four. Those coming up. So watch videos carefully copy some of the riffs and some of the stars of playing. And I hope you enjoy these ones in the TV. Okay, This first invention in the KUTV uses a combination of tags 12 and three, which you can see from your pdf. So I'm just gonna jam along a little bit, getting some of those tags. Here we go. Okay. The second invention and the uses a combination of tax seven and eight. Okay, here's a little of invention using tag number 10 from you. - Theo . Theo. Okay. His invention of before this uses number 16 7. INVENTIONS G : okay. Now in the key of G. Don't forget to check out the PDFs as well. So you can look at the tab for the examples I'm gonna play. So his three inventions in qg Okay, this invention in G's based around the the tag number full. So, uh, okay, this invention is based around number. What is it? Six little kind of country. - Finally , this inventions based around number 10 tag number 10. 8. INVENTIONS IN A : okay. And I were in Cuba, I think I think free inventions in the key of a So again, check out PDFs with style. Could be the riffs on you. See how they work. Okay, this invention basically works around attack number one. Okay, this invention uses tag. Number 31 of my face on this last election uses tag number nine less dramatic movements him . 9. INVENTIONS IN C : now for the last invention. Thes ones air in the key of C. Great. Pdf's out. Three inventions in the key of C. Okay, this person mentioned in C works around tax 123 way . Uh, this emergency uses its attacks. And six and seven. - Okay , this last invention and see uses tag number. Well, it's on. May be futile. Tax phone into, - uh