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Blue Fish Watercolor Painting

teacher avatar Umberto Zanoni, nerodivenere

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Colors Setup

    • 4. Fisrt Step Painting

    • 5. Second Step Painting

    • 6. Third Step Painting

    • 7. Details

    • 8. Final Result

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About This Class

watercolor painting, step by step

it's a complete paint, with detailed description, from the color palette preparation, to the final result 

stuff, brushes, colours, i tried to explane everything at the best of my possibility

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Umberto Zanoni



Hello, I'm Nero di Venere,
[well my real name as you can see is Umberto :D ]

I am fro italy, but i live in the UK, and I started to be a professional artist, in march 2000.. :O long time ago

I am specialized in airbrush painting, and watercolor techniques, about traditiona Art, but I also started a couple of months ago, to do some Digital Art, Digital Illustrations, and Digital Watercolor on iPad, and in particular on Procreate

I'm also a photographer, in fact most of the time, i paint from my picture.
I really like to paint some of my friends and model :)

I actually can't live without Art :)
Be creative is the real center of my life, and I think this feeling is the same of any other people love Art, so this is the main reason about I really love t... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hello, artist. How are you? Everything's good. Forget that. But for the first lesson today, I'm going to pain this dish. Got a couple of off image, different details. So I I will get a fusion off this image on these big 100% Cottam would people Okay, so now we start to fix the paper on the background. And then we do a trace kind of stencil. Trace off the fish here big. More or less. Yeah, this size, 50 centimeters, more or less. And then we will set up the cars will do what I understand. Of course. Probably I would use the brush as well. So I hope you will enjoy this. This can be a long lesson. Probably one hour in total. I try to be more fast, quick and clean. It's possible to show you sorry for main dish stick Italian. So this is my macaroni Cool assumed, but hopefully things will talk for me. Okay. Go to fix the paper. 2. Materials: Okay, this is this a top I shoes. The basic set up I used to shoot. I decided to use the this image. So as you can see here, I got more details in the body. But here I got more highlights and more details in the tape, so I would do a fusion off this also, I will never use the black here. Probably I do. I use a kind off that blue, so I don't I don't really like black. A strong black on the on the background. Anyway, I am going to use an airbrush as well. Not too much. OK, you can do everything with brushes if for you is better. But I use the airbrush. I start to use the airbrush 19 years ago. So for me, this is still the main style. So this will help me out me more. But anyway, most off this paint will do with brushes. Anyway, for the for the airbrush, I will use a critic ing. So this is acrylic. Okay. This is not a watercolor. This is a critic Inc is liquid you can use like watercolor, but actually they are acrylic ink. This is the doctor PR Sorry, Liquid X because of my favorite brand and thes new watercolor Inc. Dr Ph Martin's. I got the entire set, but of course, this is the color, the right color to the days. And also I will use this part off the Pull it. These are M. Graham. I really like this car because they are made with a little bit off, honey. So they still really creamy for ages, seriously ages. This as you can see here. Still see, it is not dry and is here. I left here for months. This will be the brushes are we use. Of course, the pain would be huge. So I need a big, big brush for the extra for the for Dexter, for the background, for the outside, off the paint, and maybe for the tail. Because because these would be 50 centimeters more or less mope again. Mop number two and number zero. All of these brushes are da Vinci cousin You I really, really love these brushes because they are completely under percent synthetic, but they works seriously like, um, a natural hair. I can't find the difference seriously. And these again again, da Vinci has a nail. Different kind. This is not mop. This is a more similar toe. Normal paint. Sorry. Number brush, but still in synthetic style. Okay, we have everything, so we're ready to start. 3. Colors Setup: Okay, As you can see here, just finished. Trace the first, like layer off the paint. As you can see it. I used before most off the party airbrush. So I've got the base, the first lady of the background layer in a critic. It's really, really is moved. But if if you use a credit, you have no way to remove the first laid off Carl. When you go over with the next layers and precious and the most important things, you have to save on the paper, the eye lights in white. So don't over the white because that's the most big ski. So now we go back here to set up, so I need a good brush. Clean water, keep the color and create a good rage Pigment. Remember, rich pigment is another important thing, because if you get a reach pigment in every moment, you can add water and you can do it. But if the color is not reach, you just go over and over and over and over and lower. So rich pigment. This is the light one, and then I continue to set up only be darker, close so I can mix easy this pretty much broke would be the main color. Reactivate these calorie needs. Really One second. I m Graham deed of really, really amazing job. This is pains. Great. This is a really important color. I think probably is the most important color I've got in my life because you can do pretty much everything with this card. Taylor blue was God as well, Really Reach blue in to go. And, um um or dumb ultra marine blue. Okay, let's stop. 4. Fisrt Step Painting: So the key is go really, really light. So don't take. So I told you before do are each pigment because now I can actually use the pigment to go over and over with layer on layer. And also, when you place the pigment here, you can just do with these Ping. I mean, give me one second, please. I'm not doing wet in wet because they need to get the stripes off the tape. So if we do wedding where it will be just a big, big mess, the paper is just a little bit humid. If you do wet in wet in this part off the pain, this stripe just a large and do a big, big mess, - this is another method. Another way to do this work is absolutely faster. But you are really, really good painter. I mean, you have to exactly know what are you doing? Because these method is pretty much I can't see the considered the correct word. Anyway, it's faster. As you can see, here is definite faster. But you have You have to do a master of brushes kind off. Okay, because there's no way to the mistakes. I mean, with this. You carry a lot of paint and a little off water as well. So you have to be exactly sure. What are you doing? - Of course, If you like, you can use this method. This is just kind off Rickover or fix fix an issue. 5. Second Step Painting: - I finished the tail and the rest off is outside of the body. Now I have to start to do the body eso The body is full of fools off flakes. And also there is a lot off smoove shading. Right. So, uh, did this, Kate, I try here on the paper. I don't know if you can see one off these brushes. Is it OK? Probably I will. Probably I would use this one just because this case in this case already is not sharp skeins like this. So with this brash, at least I did this caves with this brush, did these skills. And actually, I prefer this one. So I'm going to use this for the flakes or escape for the rest of the body. We need to move everything. So we've got two options. You like the round brushes. You can use this 10 we got another. Actually, I prefer this system. So I would this one with this shape was appointed or I don't know in English. What's name this? Because I assure you look at this. It was just a random call so that you can see here is easier. Does move to blend good are good shades from pretty much is like on their brush sharing so from dark to light. So I'm going to use these other brushes. Maybe in this case. OK, so this one this is a Prince Prince. It, um Knapton another brand I really love since it this is another really good friends. No, indeed. The flakes a little bit dark, so way go over with, um, like, core. We still to see between the new car Because this stuff transparent the old scales so we can pay attention to the body and do our goods move and late do the scales. Because I think we still to see the scales the flakes through the new players. Right. So start to do this. Okay, Uh, also I meet I start to use that Dr Carlo mixed with the medium call. 6. Third Step Painting: right now. I told you before, you can see the flakes through the layer Just with it. Now that needs a little bit dark in a few plays will be really dark. So we start from dark to lights exactly like the body in this way. 7. Details: time to start the background now. So I'm not going to use I told you before the black I would you Sorry, I will use the Paynes. Grey is really the paints graze. Probably the best Kahlo for me to get the dark site because you can see here is a great but he's a little bit blue. And also you can get a really dark dog shape close to black, but is not strong. Black, black. So in this case here, we, uh uh a blue paint. I'm not going to kill the rights of the car with the black More brush here for the details and then was which to use a big, big brush. - Okay , in this point is you can see here I'm doing. I'm redefining the shape. I correct some little mistakes. I'm leaving some white highlights lines. So the background is important because you can get the final shape off the pick off your main design. If your main some your main subject now we need to start to expand the background on the paint. So we need to create the fluid and reach color rich off pigment. I mean, cooler because we're too we're going to do a wet in wet. So first this is black. Have to clean a little bit of black Payne's gray here because this is the color close to the edge. So with this car we redefined the edge off the fish. So this is indigo. No, this is a pressure. Lose or so pressure blue Taylor blue Tell a blue is a rich is a really rich pigmented call . I love Taleb. 8. Final Result: this will be the final result. I'm waiting the completely dry off the paper. Uh, I get to a year's worth on what? So the first layer will be complete, and then the second layer again wouldn't work just in this area. I'm so sorry I didn't record that passed because the battery of the camera actually gone. So, uh, I charge a little bit just in the last past, but I can show you here. Water did pretty much kind of things. So full color in there. The color is transparent, so I can go over the black one. And then I what? The Russian And just shade the color. Most of them impossible. Dry the brushes and then broken the hard edge just was moved yet And Steve to get there wet on wet effect. Then again, I can do the same here like this. So is well color. You can extend here. So now we have to remove these hard edges because it's not really good to see. So driving brushes broken the edge? No, just let dry. It is nearly finished now. So what meat we need now again, The last bus is some more details and I lies so clean water, a mop brush and a little bit off pure white on his way Adjustables. Start to pull some I lights on the top of this legs. Give more three dimensionality to your paint. I made it this stuff okay, You can use socks and rise on the stick so your hand will be on there and no on the painting. - Okay . When you remove the tape on your paper be careful, OK? Don't rush. You just take the corner here outside off the paper. You fix here 45 degrees here and pretty much seem See what happened? Because if the tape is too strong, you can destroy your paper is a little bit. Here is not too much. So we careful. OK, don't rush. And there we go. This is the final result. Our final paint. As you can see here big over. You can see everything go down for some details. Everything is right. Still pretty good. Good details. I love these paying. Hopefully you enjoy these. My first lesson here again. Other lessons. Of course. If you want to do if I want, I do some lessons. Some classes, some specific things just let me know. Contact me and say me and asked me if you can do something for you. I'll be happy to to do that for you.