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Blossoming trees, Rocks and Boats in Chinese landscape

teacher avatar Olga Sumarokova, Chinese painting

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Land INTRO2

    • 2. Landscape painting - main technics

    • 3. Landscape painting village -and rocks by the lake

    • 4. Landscape painting -lake islands and boats

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About This Class

Hello again!
Welcome to draw one more landscape.

This class is also about nature painting in traditional Chinese style.

The composition and technic is more suitable for skilfull artists.

The first lesson is about the composition and natural objects it consists of.

Other two lessons are devoted to drawing a classical Chinese landscape with quite lake or river, old stones and rocks with spring blossoming trees on it and small boats far away.

You may try to draw your own landscape, of your homeland nature.

The composition is quite complex with many details, but so beautiful. And you will get at the end of this complete course really good art picture.

Do not hesitate to publish it here to share your gorgeous result!


.The materials you will need:

-The biggest  brush you have for xe-i,  universal (goat hair or mixedr)

-Middle universal brush (wolf hair or mixed) - 3- 4 cm

-Paper for xe-i/sumie for drawing with medium fluidity
-Chinese ink for painting and calligraphy
-Felt mat
-Set of mineral paints MARIES palette of 12 colors, or another brand of mintral paints for Chinees/Japanees painting.
Most Red 54, Stone Green, Tea Brown, Orange and Blue you will need. And some white if you wish in the end.


Meet Your Teacher

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Olga Sumarokova

Chinese painting


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1. Land INTRO2: Hello, my name is Olga. I invite you to the new set of pair of shirt but exciting classes. Let's draw a landscape using many features and cigarettes of traditional Chinese painting. This wet painting style is easy to study for the beginners. Experiences artists may find many interesting and exciting, improved their landscape drawing skills. You will obtain you knowledge. Perfect mood. I have few different additional landscape pictures right from the end of the first class. That technical styles are various and options are endless. This merge creation, let's begin. 2. Landscape painting - main technics: Hello again. One more lesson of our Chinese landscape class for advanced artists. Now, before I go on to start with composition, I offer you to practice in drawing stones. More than Chinese landscape requires quite emotional drawing. Free for fast, expressive strokes to rebuild the impression of this tones, the most important part of the composition. I take the biggest brush and soak it with ink from the base to the tip. Any tone of ink less or more dark. But dried before drawing a little. Our paper have enough fluidity and here we need to draw this tones with dry structure. Now the rock, draw it very fast to keep your drawing dry. Any direction. I make the form and shape of my stone with no preparation at once. One side is more dark to show the form like this. It's not too easy. Again, much ink and the brush, dry the TPP and draw this tone you have originated expressively that one's draw from any direction and position. Try to learn this before we start with color. Before we colorize our stones, we need to wait a bit for drying. It's almost dry now. We have a plate with colors, tea brown, stone, green, blue. Let's mix it all with the sound like ink. Now need to dry the brush too much. The movement of your brush have to be remain the same. Active foster expressing. One single move for one stone, nave sound whitespace. Now I will show how a dreaming grow on this TO I drive this same brush or you may take another smaller, the same fruit trees as in the beginner's class. First, I draw branches and dry the page again. That adds small blossoming Crohn's active pink color. We use very nature for adding points to the sides. And I add more active color to show inside volume. You may use another color to autumn leaves or some agreed, but this tale of drawing is the same. And some small boats we need to train to draw it for our composition to on the background with no details. Very easy. Middle side draws and middle gray ink. Dry enough was true for the mast and the trunk, less detailed. But many builds a crowd of Sam close to each other, some distant illegal. Now equal. And the deflection under the each wrote very light ink with some blue. Start drawing with Longboat, very small. The mosque, the desk with a cabin. And that's, it's an off only the main details. Finally, we have prepared the group of boats tones, and some trees growing upon. It. Tried to draw your sketches and sent me to analyze and discuss before we begin our composition. 3. Landscape painting village -and rocks by the lake: Now let's begin drawing the composition. Mark the middle of the page. The foregrounds toes have to be here, lower than central line. The middle plan with a group of villages, cottages is opera the central line and legal. Small enough, avoid dominating on the front plan. Better to sketch it to be sure in the right place on your composition. The cottages. We have training in the beginner class, like boats small with minimum DTLs. Draw it at once, one phosphate line. And it is quite essential, mark the place the boats in the water and some small islands would be. Now your composition elements are clear in its position. Let's begin with the amigo, the village. Green ink. Dry brush, take it in vertical position. Different caught Jews, some smaller or bigger in a group. Do not worry or something is not correct. In the lecture week, our cottages are not particular. Like a symbol only. Show that the rows are Thailand and the windows are on the same line for each house. Okay. The village on the top of the hill. Now the foreground stones, like a previous lesson, the big brush full of ink and dry tea properly. If you fast movements, imagine the stolen advance and draw rapidly. Now the distance TO where my village is, better to take another plate and mix more water and ink in it. The same style of rocks. It's base, just like enough, like in their midst. The same about trees. More darkens intensive, the front stones and more light and last detail by the village in the middle part. Different groups or the trunk and branches. But made it also simulate one speech or fruit trees. It have to be smaller and lighter trees now, some year or between their houses. Little bit more details to the front trees. And now we've ink. Now, color will dry the page by the plane. Hair dry before. Now we will use Mary's 54 color to prepare the same as before. It's better to use brush with goat hair. Light and transport color before some space, some wide between the pink blossoms. As sucrose goes out to the page, it is, OK. It's hits that your picture is just a small part of how landscape with Atlas, beauty of God and in Dropbox. The first thing color is similar for both gardens on the front and the middle space. Later, I need to add more concentrated pink for the DTLs to make my foreground more saturated. Mind that your painting is getting more pain when dry. Now another color, stone green, MT brow, maybe also with orange. They are on the ground with some blue to the remotest parts. Make you mix less bright. You may add some ink transparent enough. Do the sports, different islands. It is various forms natural. While it is wet. Add some graphics by dry, brush with ink. Try not to make our islands too dark. It is naturally dissolves into the wet colored spaces while drying. If you like your picture now, let it dry. We'll finish this composition the next lesson. 4. Landscape painting -lake islands and boats: While the upper side of the picture is drying. Let's add to the front stones more color. Stone green and Tim Brown as we have mixed before. Wishing it less bright, add some ink. Tried to repeat the direction of the lines. You draw stones by in before. Complete this graphic by color. Now, very light and watery color to the heel in the middle. If your pink blossoms have got pale when drying, restore or the car adding modern threat. More contrast, bright flowers to the foreground. You may even add Y to the flowers. Now, a group of boats on the background. Some Closer, some I beat far. Each bot begin drawing with mast first, just one vertical stroke. And a couple of lines to show it's desk. Barriers, position, perspective. The boats have to cross each other. And the smallest to the far horizon. Ed by light ink with blue reflection under the boats from each desk and mast. Very light. Now wait, when the composition completely dry ice. That is how we'll see what to add. Orange and T Brown will use for the roofs to make such a bride column duties.